Holiday fun with a stranger


Holiday fun with a strangerDay M and I where on holiday in Spain and whilst sunbathing around the pool we met you, It was a surprise to us as we generally don’t see many people around the pool at this time of year, it is usually quiet and especially don’t see younger single women it’s more of a couple place. You instantly made us feel comfortable in your presence with you friendly smile and bubbly personality, and of course you being pretty and having nice tits also helped me think of you in a different light. During our time around the pool you asked M if she would rub suntan cream onto her back and she obliged, you reciprocated and started to rub cream in to her back however I noticed you paid particular attention to her sides glancing you hands on the edge of her breasts and slipping your fingers under the waistband of her bottoms, As you moved onto her legs rubbing the cream all over her thighs you glanced at me and noticed I had a lump forming in by shorts and smiled knowing full well I could see right down your bikini top you continued to rub cream into M rubbing all the way up to her pussy but not to far as to touch. This was quite fantastic for me to watch and it was repeated several times to which I had taken note of, M doing the same thing to you, both of you canlı bahis teasing the other with your hands. This was driving me mad and I had a hard on for most of the afternoon. Finally we decided to leave but agreed to meet later at the local bar for some food. During our separation and whilst getting ready for the evening I mentioned to M about her flirtation with you and she admitted she found you attractive and sexy and that if she where a lesbian you would be her type. I had an instant hardon thinking of you and her and she noticed straight away and asked me if I would like to watch you and her fool around I told her fuck that I wanted to join in and fuck you both. She laughed at my suggestion and we continued to get ready for our later meet all the time I was thinking, was my luck in? As we arrived at the bar you were already waiting and greeted us with your sexy smile and kissed us both on the cheek pausing a little longer on M’s than necessary. M gave me a knowing look and I just smiled at the thought of you two together. The meal was great and the night full of us drinking and enjoying each other’s company you and M constantly touching each other’s hands and flirting together. M at last invited you back to our apartment and we all arrived, a little tipsy bahis siteleri and all as horny as fuck. As you went to the loo M got some drinks together and suddenly turned round to me gave me a very deep kiss clamped her and on my cock and whispered to me that she was wet as fuck and wanted to feel your pussy on hers. That was it for me game on I could not wait for the night to really begin. Things started slow at first; same as the bar, chatting, flirting and touching it was driving me wild watching you to on the couch, short dresses and beautiful shapely legs each time you both started laughing I caught a glance up your dresses seeing your panties. I was getting desperate. I decided I needed the loo and left you both chatting and laughing. On return I noticed how quite things had gone and upon entering the room I was faced with you and M engaged in a slow deep passionate kiss with M’s hand pressed hard on your boob squeezing it through the material of your dress and you with your hand right up Ms dress rubbing her pussy through her panties. I was paralysed, stood with my eyes wide, instant hard on wanting to dive straight in. However I sat down in the chair opposite pulled my cock out and started to wank off watching. You stopped, looked at me and started laughing güvenilir bahis and you just said to M let’s give him something to wank about. With that you both stood up removed your dresses and started to kiss each other again. As I watched you both kiss and touch each other could not contain my frustration and told you both to get on with the show. With that you both entered the bedroom and continued to remove your underwear. Now you were both on the bed you wasted no time in running your hands down Ms legs and parting her legs , it was a shock to me to watch how quick you buried you face between her thighs and began to lick and suck her pussy. Ms face was contorted in the pleasure you were giving her she looked me directly in the eyes and moaned she was cumming . Instantly you pushed two fingers into her dripping pussy and started working her clit with your thumb kissing around her pussy and caressing her inner thigh with your other hand. M looked and me again and shouted to me to fuck you. I came right at you from behind ramming my cock deep inside your dripping pussy, you moaned with pleasure as I thrust my cock harder and harder inside you whilst you rammed you fingers inside M pussy. With both of you moaning and screaming with pleasure I could not hold back as I felt my cock throb inside you I just held on to your ass and started to cum deep within you moaning all the time and watching Ms face looking directly at me both of us completely satisfied thanks to you…to be continued

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