Holiday Extended Ch. 3


A school of yellow and black striped fish cautiously but curiously neared the new comer. Watching them, by the dozens, in their silent formation. Making my movement as docile as possible, pushing myself deeper into the azure. The tightness in my chest is only a twinge as I first reach the coral. The colors bursting out, the light from above filtering in and the darkness in the crags fading in and out. Looking back up, the sun appearing as a faceted jewel shimmering just past the surface.

A shadow to my left captures my attention; too far out to determine what it is I stop. The air starting to burn in my lungs. I thought to myself, just a few more seconds. My curiosity held me there on that rock, gazed fixed on the growing form, slowly making its’ way closer.

Gritting my teeth, waiting patiently, my breath searing inside. A dull ache that I had in my head a minute ago has quickly turned to a pounding that throbbed with every beat of my heart.

Ready to make my break and race to the border of sea and air when it came in to view. In utter awe I bore witness to the beast. The pain deep in my bosom now forgotten. Impelled by its’ majestic and peaceful presence, I remain motionless. Huge wings moving painfully slow, displaying a grace only beheld in this environment. A body relatively flat, save the two jutting features akin to horns, a perfect depiction of balance. Top black as pitch, the underside white like the sands it soared over. Its’ maw gaped, feeding as it continued on its’ life long journey with no destination

In mere seconds the manta was reclaimed as a shadow by its’ endless home. Feet firmly placed on the textured stone, I launched upward, and releasing what was left of my air. Bursting forth, a spray of water and a loud gasp, taking what felt like my first breath. Quickly the ache disappeared and I float for a moment, laying still, the only sounds, my panting and the gentle slaps of the sea against the boat we rented earlier that day.

The rope ladder lay closer aft than bow, on the port side. Easily climbed and a quick pat drying, I made my way forward. Wordlessly I sat on the deck. Upon a white towel, La Fay in the royal blue bikini basking. Her skin already kissed by the sun, covered by a thin layer of lotion, gaziantep escortları a golden tint. Wickedly I thought of the several shades lighter beneath the blue.

My mind returned to the day before when she and I had gone shopping. We happened upon a boutique for swimming apparel. Browsing and making a few selections, soon I was in a chair in a back viewing room connected to the changing booths.

La Fay first emerged in a red one piece, not unlike the kind worn in a popular lifeguard television show. Though it was nice, I said, “It’s covering too much,” with a wink I tried to recover by playfully adding, “Your tan will suffer.” She surprisingly agreed with me.

The leopard print seriously wasn’t really a choice. Another one piece with a floral print and skirt was added to the ever growing ‘I-don’t-think-so’ pile. The dismissal of the black one with the thong didn’t disappoint me as much as other may have thought.

She then came out in the royal blue. I blinked and then again to be sure. I don’t know what it was. I don’t know if it was the contrast of her newly bronzed skin and brilliant blue, or the sparkle in her eyes, the bounce in her step. I don’t know how it came to be, but at that moment, I could only think of one thing.

I wanted her.

Selfishly and wholly, I wanted her. It was not something I was ready for, this unexpected hunger and need.

She had already turned once for me and then looked in the full-length mirror, as it had become custom. From my chair I moved quickly, I closed the gap between us. By time she faced me, starting the question,” How do you like thimm, mmm, mmm..” interrupted by the pressing of our lips, which quickly parted. She was surprised, but pleasantly so. Her hands slide up to the sides of my face. . A combination of a slow and sensual massage between tongues, which, when the passion fires were stoked turned to a dual of parrying and thrusts.

Breaking free for a second, my breath already heavy, gasping in her ear, my plea for her, my want, my need. My hands already tugging at the strings at her side. My arousal more than evident than before throbbed with my utterance. Though the thought of the clerk would come in, filled her mind, she immediately pushed it aside, cooing a sultry “yes”.

Drawing the ties open, flinging the bottom away. Her own hand undid my zipper and belt, freeing me. In almost a wild manner I leaned in taking hold on the back of her thighs, and lifted her bodily.

Her eyes became wide, but only for a second. A crooked smile formed as she could see my desire for her. Clasping her hands behind my neck, fingers interlocked as she hovered there.

Gently I lowered the angel, carefully, trying to keep some control. She shifted her hips in anticipation. The first contact caused a shutter and I fought the urge to let her own weight carry her down. Her arms retracted, and my face was against her still covered bosom. Amazed by her action, and even more so at how excited she’d become in manner in of seconds. Pressing herself already to the point to almost accepting me beyond the edge and to the deepest of her womanhood, enveloping the head. Starting to rock back and forth, bobbing all on her own, inching her way down. Changing my grip, to open palms, lifting, her wetness coating me, letting her down a little faster this time, and allowing a moment for my hardness to fill the space of her softest and most intimate of places.

Our breaths caught in our throats, both yearning to cry out, but only allowed to whisper and whimper. A dozen times her name passed my lips to her ear and a dozen times more. Each with the retraction and the driving of my hips, each with the lifting and the lowering, the joining of our sexes.

Going further, and further still. Placing her back against the wall. One of her legs curled up and around me, the other outstretched. Hands atop my shoulders, nails digging slightly. Her lips brushing my ear, between whispers, gasps and tiny bites.

Later that night she revealed to me it was at that time when she spied our reflection in the mirror across the room. How she became enthralled at the scene, watching me taking her selfishly, so wanting. Seeing how much I had to have her, the way my body moved to rejoin her. The swiftness of my movements, my hips. The way my bare bottom tensed on each thrust. The muscles of my legs taunt like cables, standing strong and solid, determined to hold fast. Whispering to me this confession in the shadows of the bedroom we shared, confessions of the excitement she felt then, the way I took her with fury and fire, for me, to make her mine.

Each collision bringing me closer. Every impact a soft thud against the wall. Through gritted teeth, a growl that I could not hold on much longer. Her elation stunned me, with tender whispers calling for my release. The look of satisfaction for the ecstasy she had instilled, for the knowledge that had caused this desire, this hunger that almost drives me past the point of control.

Sensing the shutter that takes me well beyond, she clings to my body as the storm she caused inside crashes through. Her sweet folds, contracting tightly, over and over, overlapping one another, milking me as I yield and bare myself fully unto her.

The waves of passion that threaten to drown me only minutes before slowly ebb. My hunger sated and thirst slaked, but I knew they would return soon enough.

Gently I kissed her lips, and cheeks as she lowered her legs. Hands cupping her face, her face with a smile and sparkling eyes. I said through grin and blush that I couldn’t help myself. Her reaction gave me the impression she liked the sound of that. Quickly and quietly we got dressed.

When we left the modeling room the clerk asked if we found anything we liked. La Fay merely handed her the royal blue bikini and said, “I’ll take this one” with a nonchalance that took my breath away. Another insight to this amazing woman, whose stare wouldn’t waver where others might.

My focus came back to the sun soaked angel. How calm and at ease she seemed, not unlike the sea we were adrift in.

“Excuse me Captain,” her response once her eyes opened and she rolled over on to her side was a suggestive and seductive one. For a moment I had forgotten why I disturbed her, then it came back to me. “If we want to make Venezuela before night fall we have to get underway.”

“Are we still going dancing tonight after the dinner meeting?”

“If you like.”

As if recharged by the sun, she jumped up with the agility of a cat and made her way to the wheel. Even as the ship rocked, every step placed with confidence. How I love to watch her move.

After setting sail, I found myself standing behind her. My arms under hers while she steered, I wondered what pleasures and excitement the evening would bring.

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