Holding Out for Perfection Ch. 04


In the months that followed, I had dinner with the family every few weeks at Linda’s insistence. It was awkward at first because of course I continued to have sex with Linda on the side. I found our that Ron was absent-mindedly gracious and somehow able to earn incredible wealth while not being ostentatious. John proved to be a neat kid who was preoccupied with his own world. Ashley was home from school but our one-night hotel rendezvous didn’t seem to affect her in any way other than that she hugged me affectionately each time I came over. She had a serious boyfriend that she’d been dating for some time. This surprised me, but in a way it didn’t surprise me at all things considered.

Being single, I wasn’t prepared to compete with Linda’s cooking but on the Fourth of July, I hosted the neighborhood barbeque and good harmless fun was had by all as we lit off fireworks. Linda was particularly radiant that night in a cute t-shirt with an American flag adorning her massive breasts. Her lipstick was bright red and matched the vibrancy of the stripes in the flag as did her sandals. We were able to sneak in some hot kissing that night while hiding in the bathroom.

On many warm nights, ‘the boys,’ as we were sometimes referred to by Linda, played catch in the street between our houses at dusk as Linda and Ashley sat on the curb watching and talking. Periodically, I also attended church with the Samuels family.

It began one day when Ron called to invite me to a service with the thought that I might meet someone. He actually told me that there were some “hot eligible young tarts” in his congregation. I agreed to go for a few obvious reasons but mainly to see Linda dressed-up. I wasn’t disappointed the next morning when she greeted me at the door in a fashionable jacket and skirt combination made of a textured pink and white multi-colored fabric. She was putting on a pearl necklace as she ushered me into the living room to wait for everyone.

When everyone was ready, we loaded into the Samuels’ Mercedes sedan. Ashley was apparently going to church with her boyfriend’s family and Linda let John sit in the front passenger seat which allowed her to give me an eyeful of thigh as we drove along. She also played with the buttons on her jacket so as to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I imagined that she wasn’t wearing panties either and she confirmed it at an opportune moment before we entered the church.

I squirmed through the entire service thinking about Linda but she just sat there facing forward with a sly grin on her face. I was worried when we had to stand to sing but after a quick adjustment, my bulge wasn’t too noticeable and I found myself immersed in the joy of song. Linda’s voice was as angelic as the rest of her.

When the service finally ended, Linda took her husband’s arm and exchanged pleasantries with several people. I felt a little pang of envy as I watched her, she was so glamorous and beautiful. I noticed that every time Ron was around, Linda would take extra care to make it known that she was married to him. I took this opportunity to talk to Ashley with the hope that we could get together again at some point. Ashley was playful and flirtatious with me but told me about her boyfriend and wouldn’t give or take an inch. The day ended when we returned home, said our goodbyes, and parted ways. Ron stayed behind for a moment and said he’d hoped I would join them regularly and that perhaps I’d seen someone who’d interested me. I said that I would as I watched the Samuels women strut into the house.


At work, I’d finally earned the right to convert my schedule to flex-time. This resulted in frequent opportunities for Linda and I to enjoy morning quickies as well as long hot fucking in the bright afternoon light. During one of those mornings, we fucked in her house for the first time. It was a little savage and happened on the kitchen counter. I’d wanted to go to her bed but Linda became so aggressive that we never made it there.

I walked right into the house when I saw the coast Marmaris Escort was clear and Linda kissed me in a crazed fury. When I tried to pull her to the bedroom, she raised herself to the counter and opened her robe to reveal her naked body. I went wild, devouring the hard nippled flesh of her quaking tits.

Our frenetic sexual efforts sky-rocketed into a screaming orgy. I was pummeling Linda from behind, our bodies blazing with lust. “OH BABY! I love it! Right here in the kitchen! FUCK ME!!!” She held the counter for leverage as I pumped her to a quick explosive orgasm. “AAAWWW!!! I’M CUMMING PAUL!!! OH YES!!!” She collapsed away from me to the floor.

My virile cock was still unsatisfied so I laid down on top of her and re-entered her glory hole. I quickly resumed the hard-driving fuck. Linda responded by spreading wider for me and urged me on. I was grinding my hips and grunting, “Cum with me Linda, cum for me baby!” I began thrusting in earnest and Linda met my thrusts with her hips. Our bodies were slamming together and her ass was slapping against the tiled floor. In a final flurry of gut-wrenching banging, I deposited my cum into her as she locked her legs around me and shook in delight.

“OH GAWD! SWEET JEZUZ!” She shouted. I was breathing hard against her neck but managed to reply, “You’re amazing. I love being inside you.”

I wanted to spend the entire day with her but knew I had to leave. But I didn’t go home to clean up, instead I went straight to my car to drive to work. On the way, I called Linda, catching her before she got in the shower. When I heard her voice, I said, “Remember you’re my hot beautiful slut.”

She giggled and answered, “I do, you big stud.” And hung up.


A few days later, I was writing in my office at home, enjoying a warm afternoon when I heard the door slam shut. I assumed it was Linda and she appeared at the door seconds later. She in her bare feet and was wearing a sleeveless sheath dress with silver hoop earrings.

“Whatcha doin’?” She asked in a girlish voice. She was also chewing gum.

“Just a little work.” I lied. I was actually trying to write some poetry for her.

“Can I see?”

“Nope.” It was the first time I ever denied her anything. I turned over the paper and put down my pencil.

“Pretty please.” She mocked in a begging voice as she came to my side of the desk.

“No, it’s a secret.” I repeated.

Linda got on her knees between my legs and unzipped me. “What if I do this?” She licked the tip of my cock causing me to gasp, then flashed me a naughty smile and continued. Linda was siphoning the pleasure through my cock. When I was rock-solid, she used her tongue and lips to spread her gum over my cockhead. She pulled back and looked at it laughing. I burst out as well and pulled her up to kiss her.

“You’re so funny baby.”

“I have a surprise for you.” She took the gum from my cock and threw it away. Then she turned from me and pulled the dress over her head to reveal my surprise. “You’ve already seen most of my lingerie so I started a new collection. Maybe if you’re good, I’ll buy more to keep you happy.”

She was wearing a seamless bustier with matching white lace v-string panties. “I loved the way my breasts swelled over the top so I got it. I thought you might like it too.”

I did love it but when she climbed into my lap, I was more struck by the way the light played across her face. I’d never fully noticed how completely flawless her skin and facial features were.

We kissed slowly, lip-sucking and tongue-twisting, the textures of our mouths synchronized. Overwhelmed, I didn’t notice until I opened my eyes that Linda had reached for my papers and was reading the poem I was working on. I tried to wrestle the paper from her but she kissed me harder, causing her teeth to scrape my lip. I pulled away in shock more than pain and she laughed as she sat on the floor reading.

“It’s not finished Linda.” I pleaded. I couldn’t be mad at her for anything. I was Marmaris Escort Bayan only a little nervous at how she might respond to it. I laid down with my head in her lap as she read.

For L.

across the desert landscape of my mind
you came to me.
an undulating mirage
in the sweltering heat.

the open geography of your being
quenches my senses.
rolling hills voluptuous with sunlight
your flesh untamed.

this road we travel together
reveals new dimensions in the topography.
sweeping horizons
forged in the gravity of our being.

“Paul, it’s wonderful. I don’t know what to say. No one’s ever written anything so beautiful for me.”

“I don’t have a title yet.”

“It doesn’t need one.” She held the paper up to hide her face. I think she wiped a tear out of her eye. She took a deep breath and said, “Kiss me.”

I gave her lips a gentle peck and we gazed at one another. There was a transcendent feeling in the room. I turned my head and licked Linda’s thighs. Then I shifted position to suck her pussy-lips through her panties.

Stroking my hair, Linda moaned and spread wider. I pushed what little there was of her panties aside and let myself go on her. Feeling my intensity grow, she rolled over so my head was between her thighs.

I looked up and our eyes met as my tongue found her heavenly hole. Her tongue danced around her mouth as she bounced gently on my mouth. Linda had a big smile on her face. Her hands pulled on her nipples as she rode me in pleasure.

Through her breaths she said, “I need to make a call.” She reached over an grabbed the cordless handset and dialed.

“Ron, hi. How’s work? Oh! I’m on my way to the store. It won’t take long but I have some other things to do.” I was licking her harder to try to throw off her conversation.

“Oh…I was going to pick up some take out to eat.” Linda covered the mouthpiece. “Careful honey. Please wait a second.” I held my tongue against her clit as she finished the conversation. “I am. That’s good. Oh, that’s later than I thought… I don’t know… Do you want anything else? No, I don’t think Paul will want to come over but I’ll ask him. Bye.”

I took the phone from Linda and clicked it off. She smiled down at me, “You bad boy. I almost came while I was talking.”

“You like it when I’m bad though, don’t you, you hot little slut.”

“You know me very well Paul.” She kissed me and then turned around and straddled my torso so that she could undo my pants. I had a beautiful view of her from behind, the string that held her panties in place was tight across her asshole. She pushed down my pants and released my cock. I was throbbing and wanted Linda to mount me but something else came to mind.

I got up and took Linda by the hand and led her to the window facing her house. With her hands on the window sill, I told her, “Look out the window as I fuck your sugar pussy.”

Linda must have been quite a spectacle to anyone who noticed although the neighborhood was always quiet in the afternoon. Only one car passed by for our little show and the driver didn’t even turn his head.

We fucked with fervor. Linda bounced her ass back against me as I worked my hips tenaciously to penetrate her as deeply as possible. Grabbing the back of her bustier, I used it to buck her back and forth. Our bodies were shaking hard as we worked urgently for release. The pulsating rhythm of our love-lock finally erupted and we came together with loud gratifying screams.

As we laid there spooning on the floor, I flexed my cock inside Linda. My eyes were closed and I focused on the creamy liquid grip of her inner muscles on my cock.

“I don’t want this to be a sporadic thing anymore Paul. I want to be with you on a regular basis. I want to be your slut. I do love Ron but he can’t make me feel like you do. I want you to have me whenever you desire.”

“Linda, anytime and anyplace. You know how I feel about you. I don’t want to cause any problems Escort Marmaris for you but I want you all the time.”

“I love it that I can be a slut with you. I need more. I want to know how it feels to give myself completely to you but….”

Linda rolled over to face me. My sticky cock fell against my thigh as we held our hands together in between our bodies. I kissed her before she continued.

“I could never leave Ron and he can’t find out about any of this. But we can keep doing this can’t we? I want to know when I can have you. We need some sort of schedule. I don’t mean to sound stupid.” She paused. “Paul, I think I….”

I stopped her despite wanting to hear her say it. We both felt it but it wasn’t the right time to express our deepest emotions. “I know Linda. We share beauty together and I want to continue being with you more than I can say. I just want to be careful sweetheart.”

“Thank you for that Paul.”

My lips met Linda’s and we share the most intimate of kisses. Our mouths and tongues melted together as our hands and fingers groped and caressed. We teased each other for quite some time as we became highly aroused in our new unspoken revelations.

Linda was more intense now and she crawled down between my legs. She licked and sucked my cock, leaving a sloppy wet mess on it. Then she said, “I want to watch us make love. I want you back here again baby.” She pointed to her ass and spread her cheeks open for me to see. I couldn’t resist her invitation.

We got up and moved to the bedroom. Linda had me lay down next to the mirror on the closet door and crouched over me facing our reflection. “This is special between us Paul.” She worked my cockhead into her asshole with some effort and then let go of the shaft. I wasn’t as lube up as before but neither one of us wanted to stop. Linda grunted her way down in short thrusts. When she rose up a little, I licked my fingers and added some slickness to our union. She did the same using both saliva and her own juices.

As her ass opened up, Linda was able to plunge up and down in short tight thrusts. The friction was electrifying and we again fucked ourselves into an overwhelming frenzy. Her rippling asscheeks bounced on my stomach and her tits shook wildly.

“Look at us Paul. Watch me sit on you. My tits are shaking. We’re so good like this.” She panted.

“Yes baby, you’re so hot. Look at how beautiful you are. It feels so good Linda. Keep riding me. Let yourself go, be a nasty whore for me!” I used my hands to support her ass as she bounded up and down.

“I love it. I love fucking you! Tell me that I’m yours Paul.”

The clenching short pumping action on my hard cock was milking the cum up from my balls. I wanted to hold back and knew I couldn’t last much longer. “You are mine lover. Play with your clit! Cum with me! I’m almost there!” I ordered. Suddenly she sat back on me and wailed, “Oh gawd! Yes! OOOWWWEEE!!! I’m cumming! Cumming with you in my ass! Fill me up! Don’t stop! Fuck my slut ass!”

I was there and began shooting ropes of hot cum into her. When she felt it, Linda howled and pulled away. She bent down and jerked my cock toward her open mouth. She swallowed my juice and licked her lips before collapsing on my chest. I looked into the mirror and could see her asshole oozing my cum.

Linda was quite the spectacle as she licked my cum from her lips. She was savoring the taste. She smacked her lips together and got up with surprising energy. “Let’s take a bath together honey.” She didn’t wait for me and went to run the bath.

It was luscious and I relished the feeling of playing with Linda’s breast in the silky water. We soaked for about fifteen minutes before Linda said she had to go. She told me to stay in the tub and gave me a nice wet kiss. Before she left, she told me there was a gift waiting for me in the closet.

It made me happy to see Linda’s lingerie occupy a place in my closet. Over the weeks and later the years, we had quite a collection of sexy clothing at my house—high heels, stockings, panties, teddies, camisoles, you name it. We also kept a growing variety of sex toys in the drawer of the nightstand—a few vibrators of different sizes and other novelties that Linda had sent to my house as surprises. It only got better after we went on vacation together late that summer.

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