Hockey Playoffs


Carmen got up that Saturday after a good night’s sleep. She spent the day cleaning the house, doing laundry and sorting through old papers of hers. Then, she went and got groceries. She treated herself to a nice steak that she could cook on the b-b-q. Before dinner, Carmen took a nice long shower and dressed up with a skirt and blouse. After dinner, she turned on the tv and set it to the channel where the hockey game would be. She watched the pre-game show while doing dishes.

When the hockey game started, Carmen was on the couch, watching and cheering for the Wings. Carmen wasn’t really a Wings fan but her team, the Canadians, had been eliminated in the first round and she’d picked Detroit for the cup. Close to the end of the period, Carmen’s cell phone rang. Carmen picked it up and looked at the display. It was her work division director, Daniel.


“Are you watching the game?”

“Of course I am. What a question!” Carmen laughed. Daniel was a die-hard Wings fan and they’d had numerous conversations about hockey.

“Can I come over and watch it with you?”

The question took Carmen by surprise. Before she could answer, Daniel continued “My wife is upset with me and won’t let me watch it. But there is one condition.”

“What’s that?” Carmen thought it was odd that the person asking to come over would set conditions but he was her director so she wasn’t going to argue.

“No shop talk. In fact, pretend I’m not your boss at all.”

Carmen could live with that “No problem. But the rule applies to you too!” Carmen gave Daniel directions to her place and after they hung up, she quickly went to brush her teeth and her hair.

When Daniel arrived and rang the door bell, Carmen greeted him with “You must be Dan. The escort agency said they’d sent you over to my suite and that you’d requested someone who knows about hockey. Come on in.”

Daniel was speechless as he walked in. Carmen just continued “They’re just about to show Coach’s Corner. You’re just in time. I’m sure dear old Don Cherry will have comments to make about a certain play earlier in the game. Here, have a seat on the sofa.”

Daniel had a bag in his hands when he walked in and he took out a six-pack of beer. “Would you like one?”

Carmen shook her head. “No thanks.” She then sat left of him on the sofa, tucking one leg under the other so that her right knee was close to his leg. Her skirt was wide and long so she wasn’t showing anything.

On the tv, Don Cherry started his commentary and soon enough was talking about the one play “This is the one!” Carmen said “Watch this hit!”

Daniel watched and then said “Wow. Lucky my guy didn’t get hurt on that one!”

“My guy? How about our guy? I’m cheering for the Wings too.”

Daniel looked at her “Really? Since when?”

Carmen put her hand on his shoulder playfully “Well…. Normally, I’m a Canadians fan but they got knocked off in the first round so I had to pick another team and see, I have this boss at my day job that really likes the Wings, just like you do and I figured I could maybe earn some brownie points with him by cheering for his team.”

“And how’s that working out for you so far?” Daniel was finally playing along.

“Most days, that boss is too busy to even notice I’m there so it’s not great but not bad either. But enough talk about my day job and my boss. How did you get to be a Wings women at war izle fan?”

And Daniel told her about growing up in Michigan.

The second period started and they both focused on the game, having a lot of fun. Carmen could tell that Daniel was finally relaxing and that he needed it.

During the second intermission, Daniel asked “So, tell me about this second job you have with the agency, how did you start that?”

Carmen just shrugged “I started that on a whim. Thought it would be different.”

“And is it?”

“Well, I’ll find out tonight, won’t I? You’re my first customer.”


“Yes. So forgive me if I’m a little nervous about this.”

“Well, it’s my first time too so I guess we’ll figure it out at the same time. What are your expectations of what’s to happen after the game?”

“I don’t have expectations. I’m not the customer here, you are. So you set the tone.”

“Anything goes?”

“I’ll let you know if and when you get close to any of my limits.”

“How about this?” And he leaned over and kissed her. Carmen let him and when he pulled away, she said ‘That’s entirely fine.”

“Even though I’m married?”

“That’s part of why customers call the agency, isn’t it? Because things aren’t great at home?”

“Things are downright pathetic at home. I’d rather not talk about it and focus on the game if you don’t mind.”

Just then, the third period started and both Carmen and Daniel went back to watching the game again. With the Wings ahead 5 -0, Daniel was quite content and confident they wouldn’t let it slip away. However, without saying it, both were hoping the goalie would get his shut-out. They couldn’t say it because it would jinx it and both knew it.

When the game ended and Osgood kept his shut-out intact, Daniel and Carmen both cheered. And then, Daniel reached over and hugged Carmen. Then, he kissed her. At first, the kiss was tentative but when Carmen didn’t pull away, Daniel kissed her more deeply. Carmen responded and it seemed to her that she was responding with every fiber of her being. It had been a while since she’d been with anyone.

Carmen, wanting to get closer to Daniel, put her legs over his and scooted over. Dan took it as an invitation to let his hands roam. He caressed the outside of her leg, up under her skirt. Then, he took his hand from her leg and went under her blouse and up to her breast. Carmen moaned softly. Encouraged, he hooked a finger into her bra to tease the nipple.

Carmen broke the kiss and gasped, showing her approval. She arched her back and Daniel kissed her neck. He let go of her breast and nipple and started undoing her buttons. When the top two buttons were undone, he pushed the blouse aside and caressed the top of her breast with his lips. With his hand, he reached behind her and squeezed her bra until the hooks came undone. He then lifted the bra to obtain access to her sensitive nipple. Carmen moaned and held his head to her nipple.

That freed up his hand again to explore what was under her skirt. This time, he went for the inside of her leg and when he got to the top of the leg and gently bumped against her core, Carmen moaned even louder.

Daniel then pulled away from her nipple and asked “Think we could go to your bedroom and A – be more comfortable and B – not be in front of the windows for wong winchester izle all to see?”

Carmen smiled and swung her legs off Daniel, forcing him to withdraw his hand from her inner thigh. She stood up and grabbed his hand and pulled him up. She then silently led the way to her bedroom.

Once in there, she quickly removed all the decorative pillows and cushions from the bed and pulled back the covers. Then, she turned her attention back to Daniel and, putting her arms around his neck, kissed him. He put his arms at her waist for a minute or so and then, when Carmen pulled back and finished taking her blouse and bra off, he took his own t-shirt off. When Carmen took off her skirt and undies, he finished stripping too. Once they were both naked, Carmen looked down at his cock and licked her lips. “Mmmmmm, you look good enough to munch on.”

Carmen sank down to her knees and wrapped her hand around Daniel’s cock. It was a full 8 inches long and almost 2 inches in diameter. Its purple head was slightly bigger than the shaft and Carmen kissed its tip, making Daniel moan. Daniel wrapped his hands in her hair but didn’t pull. He let her set her own pace. Carmen took the purple head into her mouth and licked it all around. Then, she took as much of him in her mouth as she could and slowly pulled back.

“Ahhhhhh….. yes!” Daniel hissed.

Carmen continued her back and forth motion on his cock, at times pausing to twirl her tongue around the head or using the tip of her tongue on the sensitive spot where the shaft meets the head. She also alternated between the movements and some sucking, all the while, gently caressing his balls with her hands. Daniel made appreciative sounds and while his hands were still in her hair, he neither pushed nor pulled.

After a few minutes, he bent down, pulling her head away and, letting go of her head, grabbed her arms and pulled her up to her feet. He then kissed her deeply and pushed her towards the bed. Carmen fell backwards on the bed and within seconds, Daniel had his head between her legs, licking her at her core.

Finding her absolutely wet with desire, he said “Wow, you have one deliciously wet pussy.” He then licked her and sucked on her clit. Carmen replied “It’s because I want you so much baby. Oh yeah, suck my clit!” With one hand, he reached up to play with her nipple while with the other, he held her lower lips open for his tongue. Daniel alternated between sucking and flicking his tongue on her clit. Carmen reached down and pulled his head in closer with one hand and put the other one on the arm that was playing with her nipple. Within a few minutes of this wonderful attention, Carmen started feeling her first release building.

“Don’t stop Dan, don’t stop baby. I’m so close!”

Daniel continued his assault on her clit and soon, he felt Carmen’s grip on both his arm and his head tighten.

“YEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Carmen cried out her pleasure.

Daniel eased up the pressure on her clit and let her ride the waves of pleasure. He then lay down beside her and asked “I don’t want to get you pregnant, are you on the pill or do you have protection?”

Carmen pointed to the night table “Second drawer”. There, Daniel found condoms and took one out of the box. Carmen held out her hand and said “I want to put it on you, it’s part of my fun.” Daniel yakamoz s 245 izle didn’t argue. Kneeling next to her, he opened up the package and handed her the condom. She turned to her side and gently grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times before easily unrolling the condom onto his hard cock.

“I can’t wait to have this inside me” she said. Then, she scooted up the bed and put her legs on each side of his legs so he was kneeling between her legs. She then trusted her pelvis up and said “Come in, baby. Fuck me.”

Needing no further invitation, Daniel grabbed her hips and pushed his thick cock against her opening. Knowing he was big, he slowly made his way in, giving Carmen time to adjust to his size. Once in, he felt the wet heat of her core and felt how tight she was around his cock.

“Oh God, you have such a hot and tight pussy!”

Carmen teased “You like?”

Daniel closed his eyes in ecstasy and said “oh yeah.” And he started slowly rocking back and forth in her pussy. After a few minutes, he sped up the movements, then stopped and said “I really want to fuck you doggy style, can we turn you around?”

Carmen said “your wish is my command baby, you’re the customer!” and as soon as Daniel had pulled out, she swiftly turned around and presented her backside to him. He wasted no time and plunged into her wet pussy. He grabbed her hips and fucked her hard for a minute or so. Then, he slowed down slightly and reached past her belly to put his fingers on her clit. At first, he made slow circular movements that made Carmen moan deliciously. Then, he stopped moving and simply applied pressure on her clit and pussy lips while he fucked her deep. That was new to Carmen but very pleasurable and within seconds, she could feel a second orgasm build up.

“Oh yeah, that’s good. Don’t stop, please, don’t stop.” Carmen said hoarsely.

Daniel asked “you going to come for me again baby?”

Carmen barely had time to get a first “yes” out that the orgasm took over and she cried out “Oh, yesssssss!”

Feeling her pussy contract around his cock got Daniel to exclaim “Oh God, you’re so tight!” Letting go of her clit, Daniel grabbed her hips with both hand and fucked her fast.

“Yes, fuck me Daniel, fuck me.”

Daniel did as he was told and fucked her until he came with a loud moan. He slowed down and gave her a few more pokes before withdrawing.

Carmen said “There’s a washcloth and towel on the top rod in the washroom there for your use.”

Daniel washed up and came back into the room, looking sheepish. “I really hate to do this and run but I really should go.”

Carmen pulled the covers up over herself and propping herself onto one elbow, said “I didn’t expect you to stay the night. It’s fine. Go. But there is one very important thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Nobody ever hears about this, not even your best friend, okay?”

“That’s funny coming from you. I’m the one with a wife and family at home.”

“I know and that’s part of what we need to protect.”

“And the other part?”

“My reputation as an ice queen! Seriously, people at work know nothing about what I do after hours and I want to keep it that way.”


“Can I count on you to lock the door handle on your way out? I kind of want to stay here and enjoy the afterglow for a while.”

Daniel went over to the side of the bed, kissed her and said “Sure thing. Thank you.”

“You might not thank me when you get my bill.”

“Wait a minute! Are you seriously an escort?”

Carmen laughed “No, I’m just pulling your leg. You’re not going to get a bill. Now get out of here! Have a good night.”

Daniel left and Carmen drifted off to sleep with a big smile on her face.

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