Her Punishment of Ecstasy


A small, 5 foot 1 inch woman approached the front desk of her coed dorm. Her hair was a messy river of ember red curls, sitting atop her head in a half-assed bun which bounced as she walked enthusiastically towards the receptionist. Behind the desk were two women, probably around 20 years old, both staring down at their phones until the red head started her over-eager introduction.

“Hi guys! Um, my name is Amber Hunt. I’m a sophomore, a-a transfer actually from Evergreen State! I was supposed to be getting my room assignment today.” Her voice wavered with excitement as she nervously tucked a stray hair behind her ear.

At the sound of the young girl, one of the women behind the desk looked up. Her eyes lingered on Amber’s large chest, slowly making their way up to her lips before finally stopping at the appropriate eye contact.

The woman, Amber noted, was quite attractive. She had smaller breasts, around an A cup, which were obviously not contained within a bra. Her nipple piercings pushed hard against the thin fabric of her tank top. Black hair cropped into a choppy pixie cut framed the sharp angles of her cheekbones, red lipstick tinted her lips like a popsicle stain.

The black haired woman popped her bubble gum. “Oh? I wasn’t aware that we had any transfers. Isn’t it only like a week into the first semester?” With that she turned towards the woman near her, a more voluptuous woman with huge breasts and long brunette hair that hung in straight shiny locks to her lower back, and put her hand on her forearm, squeezing hard.

The second woman addressed Amber. “Yeah, let me consult with the head of the residential life committee real quick. My name is Erin Renner. And this girl next to me-” she motioned towards the black haired girl, whose smoldering kohl lined eyes were fixated on Ambers nipples, which her slightly hard under her ratty t shirt. “-is Margo. She and I are actually Alpha Kappa representatives. Our job is to guide new students and recruit them into the sorority.” With this, she pulled out a flyer from her back pocket with a flourish and handed it to Amber, who stood there stunned.

Amber decided to speak up. “Well, I’d be more than happy to wait for assignments, how long do you think it would take?”

Erin waved her hand in the air. “The Res Life president is also the Vice President of Alpha Kappa, so she is pretty busy at the moment. I mean she should find you secure housing within a week or two.”

Amber’s eyes widdened with panic. “Oh gosh I don’t really have a place to stay or any backup plan or money. Could I speak to her personally?”

Margo licked her lips as she spoke to the nervous red head. “I mean I could see if I could set up an appointment for later today. She’s my sister actually-” she laughed as she stared this, swinging her legs off of the desk “-so it shouldn’t be too hard. Just bear with me as I try to recruit you today. We are all supposed to have at least 3 people interested in the sorority by the end of the week and I have like, none.”

Erin glanced over at her friend, a sly smile pulling at her lips. She pulled Margo to the side for uşak escort a second, and they whispered in each others ears in a giggling tone.

Erin turned back around, crossing her arms around her chest and pushing her breasts together. “Yeah, Margo will take you to see Avery, that’s the President of Res Life, and we will see what we can do.”

Before she could consider her options, Amber was knocked off balance by Margo as she wrapped her arms around her, pressing Amber’s breasts into her chest.

“This is going to be so much fun!” She exclaimed, exhaling into Amber’s ear before pulling back and grabbing her hand. “Let’s get going! I’ll give you a tour of some of the campus on the way to the AK house!”

And they were off, Amber being dragged behind the petite girl. Amber felt a little self conscious around Margo. Margo was thin, all hip bones and cheek bones and collar bones. She had thick lashed eyes and full lips that Amber found her eyes drawn to. Amber herself wasn’t ugly or anything, but she wasn’t skinny by any stretch of the imagination. She was average, lacking a flat belly and her thighs touched each other as she walked. Her more curvaceous features weren’t necessarily a bad thing though. She was blesssed with breasts that baaaaarely fit in her D cup bra, and a large voluptuous ass with hips that curved inwards at the waist.

Her face was soft and round, and she had large doe like green eyes and a button nose that was dusted with freckles.

Her glossy lips opened as she tried to stimulate a conversation with Margo.

“So…how’s Alpha Kapa?”

Margo shot a glance at Amber and slowed her gait until she was right next to the girl, wrapping her left arm around Amber’s waist casually.

“Well it’s great and all. Positive nice sisters and all that crap. But the real draw of it is the power that comes with it.”

They rounded a corner and Amber could spot the large sorority house in the distance. Margo’s fingers walked their way further down on Amber’s waist, finding themselves at her hip bone. Amber tried to pull away casually but found herself pulled back in towards the black haired girl.

“The Macaluso’s, the family that’s spearheaded the sorority for generations, are INCREDIBLY well off and way up on the political food chain. They have their manicured talons dipped in almost every industry in North America and Europe. Basically if you find favor within the sorority, they can place you in any position in any career that you want. I mean, not everyone gets to be a favorite but everyone sees some benefit from the Macaluso’s generosity.” Margo bit her lip as they made a stop by the oak tree in front of the house.

She positioned herself in front of Amber, backing her into the oak and leaning in a little more than what social norms deemed appropriate.

“Anna Macaluso is a giving woman. She always makes sure that her favorites get what’s best for them. You’ll definitely be intrigued by her when you meet her she can be quite…convincing.” Margo slid her hand down Amber’s hip and turned it inward between her thighs, van escort pushing slightly upward but not…quite…there.

Amber gasped nervously. “What are you-”

“Shh shh shh.” Margo put her finger to Amber’s lips, smiling. “Let me finish. And if Anna’s persuasive skills are ever a little rusty, her political and economic power will definitely make sure she gets what she wants. It’s a good lesson in the food chain out in the real world, and how to climb up it. She will-” Margo leaned in close near Amber’s ear. “deeeeefinitely take care of your situation. That is, if my sister can’t figure out your whole housing situation. And Avery is quite serious about getting the opinions of her higher ups before making any decisions so, you’ll be meeting Anna sooner or later.”

Margo pushed grabbed the hairtie that held Amber’s hair up and pull it off, sending locks of hair cascading down the girl’s back and shoulders. “Better, my sister and I both like the color red.” She winked and pulled on Amber’s arm.

“Come on don’t be shy! Let’s go in!”

Amber was walked into the large stately building, past many whispering girls walking around in loungewear (or their underwear), and up the stairs to the top floor, which seemed to hold a large office.

Margo stopped at the large door and cracked the door open, talking to someone who was supposedly behind it.

“I brought the girl I texted you about Avery!”

With that, Amber was shoved into the room, Margo making sure to push her forward by touching her shapely butt before shutting the door behind her.

The red head found herself in a room with walls lined with books, awards and trophies.

As she stood there, trying to process the near sexual assault that had just transpired, she heard a woman clear her throat and jerked her head upward.

“So, we haven’t found you a room yet huh?” The woman who spoke was a couple of years older than Amber. She sat on a large mahogany table, arms crossed in front of her C cups. Her dark black hair was pulled back into a tidy ponytail. She was wearing a shorter, tight skirt and a shiny black blazer that covered a deep v-necked shirt.

“Yeah um I was pretty sure that I signed up for the coed Lion Dorms online but maybe I didn’t submit it or something? Your sister told me you could help.”

The woman, Amber assumed she was Avery, nodded and pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

“Okay well to my knowledge you have made no payment towards on campus housing.

Furthermore-” she flipped through a Manila folder. “It seems you were several hundred dollars short on your tuition.”

Amber stuttered, shocked. “A lady over at financial aid said that-” she was cut off abruptly.

“I don’t care what some lady over at financial aid said. You’re short and you’ve made no payment towards your housing bill either. So, to my knowledge. You have no business attending this school yet.”

Amber began to tear up, rubbing her temples with her hands. “What do you mean? I’ve saved up for years so that I could transfer to this school. There is just erzincan escort no way that-“

“Anyway,” Avery uncrossed her legs, lingering just long enough so that Amber could see her lack up underwear underneath before crossing them again. “What I can do is talk to Anna. If you became a pledge at AK maybe we could work out some way of helping you with housing. And, if you are obedient and Anna takes a liking to you, we could possibly get you some financial assistance.”

Amber shook her head. “I’m sorry but I have no interest in joining any sororities!”

Avery rolled her eyes, “then you have no choice but to be suspended until you can pay all of your tuition and housing payments. And of course you’ll fall behind on your coursework. And I doubt that Anna will be happy to hear that you aren’t so fond of her sorority. She has quite the pull with the administration here, seeing as her uncle is the president of the university and her aunt is dean.”

Amber’s eyes widened. “Please ok I’ll do it, I’ll become a pledge”

Avery tutted at her, wagging her finger. “No no no you can’t just go back like that. You’ve offended me, pet.” She threw head back and laughed. “You’ll have to prove yourself to me before I beg your case in front of Anna.”

Nodding eagerly, Amber approached the desk. “How can I do that? I’ll do anything please.”

Avery’s eyes narrowed. “Anna should be back soon. Strip.”

Confused, Amber stuttered back a response as she blushed. “Excuse me? To my underwear?”

Avery’s smile grew. “Don’t be silly, I know that you aren’t wearing a bra, and probably not panties by how nice your ass looks in those yoga pants. Strip naked, pet. Trust me it’s nothing to be scared of. We are quite body positive and sexually liberal around her.”

As Amber hesitated, Avery narrowed her eyes further as if to signal that her patience was growing short.

Quickly, and with a slight whimper, Amber threw off her shirt and pulled down her tights, stepping out of them.

Avery’s eyes dragged over the girl’s body lewdly. “Nice breasts, tight ass. Nice to see someone with hips finally. Now get over here and lay down.” She jumped off of the desk and patted the spot where she once sat.

Amber meekly made her way over and sat down.

“Lay down.”

Amber did as the older girl commanded. Avery walked around the table and pulled chained furry cuffs up. The cuffs, seemingly connected to the desks legs (was this pre-planned? How often did it happen?) were attached to Ambers wrists and ankles, locking her in a spread eagle position, gazing at the ceiling.

“Now,” Avery’s voice was sickly sweet, and Amber could almost feel the woman’s breath drag over her body. “we are going to wait for Anna and be a good girl. Until then,” Amber felt Avery twist her nipple and let out a whimper in response. “Let’s have some fun!”


Hey guys, author here. This story is basically just a collection of all of the fantasies I had as a freshman girl at a large university (where I was always surrounded by incredibly hot women haha).

Let me know if you’d like me to continue, I’m not a very confident writer, and this is my first erotic story so I’m a little out of my element. I know it’s slow to get to the sex, but it won’t always be that way haha sorry.

Please comment if you’d like me to continue, or any tips you have.




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