Her Mother Told Her


  I was startled when the phone rang. I went over and picked it up, “Hello?” It was my youngest step daughter. We had always been very fond of each other. Her mother and I, having been married for 13 years, were separated for the last two and a half. You know where that was going. At the young age of 17, she had moved out of our house in Phoenix and had gone to LA to seek fame and fortune. Well, not exactly. She was cute, but certainly not star material. She knew that. She was petite, maybe 5”2, really trim, a huge mess of Dolly Parton style blonde hair and had a saucy attitude. At least she had when she left our house. We had visited her once shortly after she moved, just to see if she was OK and not into any trouble. She had been living with my oldest daughter in Studio City . When she found her job at a clothing store on Sepulveda Blvd. and had become the assistant store manager after only 2 months, we were suspicious. Not surprising, she told us she had moved in with the 38 year old store manager. Just great, her Mother and I knew there was nothing we could do. She was on her own.   Well, the months had passed, and now two years later she was calling to see if she could stay with me for a few days. Why, she was moving to Texas with a new boyfriend. Since she was last home, I had become separated, sold the house and bought a cute small 2 bedroom villa in a close by neighborhood. We talked for a while and of course had to allow her to come, and then she told me that her boyfriend would come and join her in about a week and then they’d go on to Texas. I picked her up at the airport two days later and after hugs, and kisses, we drove to my home. Along the way, we Göztepe escort caught up on everything and we answered a lot of questions we each had for the other. She had definitely grown up some. She was almost 20 now, and seemed to be a lot more sophisticated than when she left at 17. At 17, she was a perfect ‘bimbo’. Even her speech was better and she actually completed thoughts and sentences. She looked better groomed, more mature, maybe even sensible, and appeared to dress in a casual and presentable manner much more so than when she left. We went out for dinner and continued our ‘updates’. Turns out she had left the ‘live in’ 38 year old shortly after our visit, and applied for and was hired as a marketing salesperson for a large LA ad firm that had offices all over the country. She was well paid, and had enjoyed many successes. I was impressed. I still had my telecommunications company, and she thought she could help me grow. We got home and the first thing she wanted to do, was jump in the pool. This is Arizona in the summer. Obligingly, I flipped on the pool lights, and the filter and told her to enjoy. I heard her splashing around. It was a nice pool, crystal blue water, and the neighbors always came over and we often would barbecue pool side. An hour later, she came in from the pool, jumped into the shower, and was toweling herself off when she called out to me. “Yeah, what’s up?” “Could you come here for a minute?” So I got up from the TV and went to the bathroom door. She had the towel wrapped snugly around herself. For the first time ever, I saw the top mounds of her breasts and some distinct cleavage. She was pretty well built, Caddebostan escort bayan just like her mother.     “I need to ask you something.” she said.     “OK, shoot” I replied.   “Well, I know you’ve been with many women beside my mother, and I want your opinion on something.”   “OK, what is it?” I said.   “Sean, my boyfriend, wants me to shave all of my pubic hair, should I?”   Whoa, this was not a conversation that I had anticipated. How was I going to answer this? Every man has different tastes and has a different opinion on every facet of a woman. I happened to like pussy hair. Some men like the shaved look. Some women try to accommodate in different ways. The landing strip, trimmed on the lips, with a little above, heart shaped, many ways. I didn’t want to go here. As I hesitated to form an answer, she opened her towel and let it drop to the floor. Oh oh, I was in big trouble. I was staring at her. She definitely had her mother’s tits, not huge but ample, a little heavy, big light brown aerolas, small nipples, that were quite hard, and a small dark brown patch of light hair on her pussy. Not thick, not wide, just a small triangle. Shit, my cock was stirring. This was not good.     “So, what do you think, should I?” she insisted.   “Listen sweetie, you have an awesome body, but this is not a decision that I’m going to make.”   I started to turn and go back to the TV, when she grabbed my arm and pleaded, “Please, tell me.”   Turning towards her, still holding my arm, she said, “Just feel Escort Bağdat Caddesi it and tell me.”   No way was I going there. She forced my hand to her pussy and said, “Just feel it and tell me.”   I felt the light texture of her fuzzy pussy hair, sighed audibly, and said, “Sweetie, it’s very nice, but it’s between Sean and you.”   “Don’t you like it?” she questioned, seemingly very hurt.   “Of course, sweetie, it’s just great. But you have to decide. Not me.”   “I don’t like the idea of shaving down there, and besides, Sean never eats me, he just fucks me.”   This was more than I wanted to know, but she persisted. “You remember Ralph, the store manager I lived with. Well, he loved to eat me, and loved my pussy hair. If Sean doesn’t ever eat me, why does he want me to shave.”   I had no answer for her. Dumbfounded I said, “I have no idea sweetie, but if you love to be eaten, then the man in your life wants it hairless, that’s for you to discuss with him”   I walked back into the living room with a raging stiff cock in my shorts. She followed me and as I sat down, she said, “I can see my hairy pussy turns you on, you have a stiff cock don’t you?”   “Yes, I’m not dead yet.”   She bent down over my lap and with her tits dangling within inches, she said, “Let me see your cock.”   “Oh no, we’re not going there.” I said emphatically.   “Oh yes we are”, she said as she ran her hand over my stiff cock. I didn’t have time to voice my objection when she had my shorts unbuttoned and my cock exposed. I never wear underwear in the summer. “What are you doing?” I implored.   “I want to suck your cock. My pussy’s dripping wet from you looking at me, and I want you to eat me.”   “You must be joking” I said   “Watch me” and she bent her head down and engulfed the head of my cock in her mouth.

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