Heat in the Kitchen


It has been a sultry muggy July day and we are feeling the effects. Although the house is air conditioned in some rooms, the kitchen can become unbearably hot. To try to keep cool, you are wearing only your loosest shorts and a loose tee shirt while I am similarly dressed. I placed the large fans in the two doorways of the kitchen to create a bit of a flow even though it is warm air.

We sit in the cooler living room while we decide on dinner. It has to be one that requires no cooking so I suggest a nice cold salad with fresh seafood – chunks of crab, shrimp and lobster – along with a chilled bottle of Chardonnay. Noting with no small degree of pleasure how the air conditioning has caused your nipples to press hard against the thin cotton of your tee, I hold out my hand to help you to your feet, assuring in the process that I brush over those delightful nubs. You grin at me, “Like what you see, bud?”

I lean in to kiss you as I murmur in your petal-like ear “Most assuredly, babe. Hope to show you just how much a little later!”

We head into the kitchen and are hit by a wall of heat; the fans just aren’t pulling enough cool air from the rest of the house. I open the fridge to get the salad fixings and your come over beside me and wrap you arm around my waist as we both enjoy the cool air flowing from the open Frigidaire. Wishing we could just bask in that refreshing flow all night, we finally pull out the lettuce, peppers, onions and the bags of fresh seafood I purchased at the sea mongers just yesterday.

You started to break up the heads of lettuce under the tap while I finished peeling the shrimp behind you. I looked over at you and saw istanbul escort how your tee shirt was plastered to your skin in the heat and had turned almost translucent as your skin glistened through it. Drops of perspiration trickled down your spine and into the waistband of your shorts. I licked my dry lips as I stood and approached you from the rear. My own tee was soaked through so I pulled it over my head and dropped it over the back of a chair at the table.

Reaching out for you, I pulled you back into me as my lips ran along the base of your neck and over your almost bare shoulder. With one hand, I slid the shoulder strap of your clinging wet shirt over your shoulder and down your arm. I licked the sweat off your skin and then blew cool breaths to evaporate the sweat and bring down your temperature slightly. You shivered deliciously in my arms as you snaked your hands behind my neck thus thrusting out your bountiful breasts. I stretched the other shoulder strap down off your arm thus exposing your hot breasts to my gaze and hands.

Your loose tee shirt was now around your waist and it was so stretched by the moisture that I was easily able to push it down over your hips taking with it the waistband of your shorts. As the pair pooled around your ankles, you kicked them to one side while my hands lovingly cupped your full heavy breasts and I thumbed your nipples to a state that brought growls of arousal from deep within your throat.

While one hand continued on your breast, I dragged you away from the counter just far enough; you knew instinctively what to do next. You lifted one leg until your foot rested kadıköy escort against the counter edge and you leaned back into me for leverage. With your legs so parted, my fingers stroked the outer lips of your pussy – now so wet with your excitement mixed with the droplets of sweat.

Your hands continued to circle my neck and you craned you head to the side allowing me to kiss you tenderly on the lips. As you sucked my tongue into your mouth, I plunged two fingers as deeply as I could into your warm and welcoming cunt. I was so hot that I felt that when you clamped down on me in orgasm that I was a prisoner for life. What a glorious life that would be!

You pushed my hand away, dropped you foot to the floor and spun in my arms. Dropping to your knees, you yanked my shorts to the floor and captured the head of my raging hard on with your full lips. Your hand wrapped around my shaft stroking slowing as you lapped and sucked in alternative time on my sensitive glans. Your other hand gently massaged my full and heavy balls until I felt like I would explode.

Not wanting it this way, I pulled you to your feet and twisting you around, pushed you face down the edge of the kitchen table. I spread your legs and positioned my dripping cock at your pussy lips. I ran it slowly up and down your outer slit – only briefly touching your hardened clitoris on each trip. You were trying to push yourself back onto me as I held your hips captive.

“Please, please; I need that hard cock inside me”

“What do you want me to do?” I teased.

“Fuck me! Please, my darling husband! Fuck me hard and deep!”

“And where kağıthane escort shall I fuck you?”

In my pussy! No! In my cunt” you cried.

I slowly entered the first inch of my cock into you steaming cunt; Lord I wanted to hurry and slam it in harder and harder! But I wanted to draw this out to take you as high as I could.

“More” you begged. “I want it all”

Another inch and then another; I dragged out the entry for at least five minutes although it seemed like an eternity. It was all I could do to steady your hips to keep you from impaling yourself onto me all at once. Finally though, all my 7″ plus were buried far enough that I could just feel myself brushing against your cervix. I reached around your hip to rub your clit but found your hand furiously taking care of it yourself as I start a slow – then faster and faster – pistoning of your pussy. With each stroke I slapped against the creamy skin of your bottom and with my hands on your hips, I was pulling you hard to meet each thrust.

I could feel the twitching of your cunt muscles as you came over and over and I very quickly add my own seed to the spraying of your cum. Our combined juices dripped in great amount to the tile of the kitchen floor as we continued to move slower and slower together. Small quivering orgasms caused your pussy to tighten around my softening cock until I fell forward over your back letting my sated cock fall free. I kissed the back of your neck before standing on shaky legs and helping you to your feet.

“Let’s have a cool shower together and then we’ll try again to finish dinner,” I suggested as I led you from the kitchen. I ran back long enough to put the salad makings and the seafood back into the fridge so they wouldn’t spoil and then we headed upstairs to the master bath for that erotic shower together.

Dinner was amazing once we finished making it – we ate it in the cool living room as we watched a romantic movie on the tube.

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