Hazel gets a helping hand


I’d just graduated from university and I was temporarily unemployed. So I didn’t turn down the offer of cash in hand from Mr. Williams, the proprietor of our local general store, to spend a few days helping him tidy up and shift stuff back into his store while it was briefly closed after a recent refurbishment. Mr. Williams was a slightly built mild-mannered guy in his early forties and said he would appreciate the help of a big muscular lad like me.

I’d been spending a lot of time in the back yard giving Mr. Williams’ wife Hazel a helping hand shifting stuff back into the store. My first day had been a hot sunny day and I’d taken my shirt off and had worked bare chested in my jeans and trainers in the back yard. I quite soon picked up that Hazel had her eye on me. I guess I wasn’t surprised. I was aged twenty two, I was fit and muscular from the gym and well tanned with a thinly haired chest.

I was enjoying her thinly disguised interest. I also fancied her. From eighteen onward and through my student days I’d had part time and holiday jobs at Mr. Williams’. I’d had my own eye on Hazel even then. She was a slightly shy and nervous woman, normally anything but a flirt, but there was something erotic about her apparent innocence and vulnerability. She was probably just my side of forty, average pretty with grey eyes and curly brown hair down just above her shoulders with a front fringe.

I was in the store room shifting boxes when I heard Hazel behind me. I turned. She was in a cream coloured short sleeved blouse. Its thin taut cloth bulged over a decent pair of breasts. Down below she was in faded blue jeans tight over her shapely legs and her well rounded bottom. She came up close to me and I saw she had a mischievous smile on her face.

As I stood there looking at her she reached down and unzipped her jeans. They opened far enough to show she was in light grey silky panties with a white lacy hem. She slipped her jeans a little way down her thighs and spread her legs a bit. She stood there for a moment as if letting me take in the sight of her underwear. Then she hooked her thumb over the top hem of her panties and pulled the front down to display the bush of dark pubic hair between her legs. She nudged her hips toward me.

“Touch me!” Hazel said excitedly.

An instant later my hand moved almost involuntarily down between Hazel’s spread legs to cup over her pussy mound. I’d felt plenty of girls’ cunts before but only single girls. Another man’s wife! I still remember the electric shock of sexual excitement as I felt the forbidden fruit of Hazel’s slightly moist pubic hair and the soft smooth flesh of her thighs against my hand. My hungry exploring fingers found her vagina slit and slipped between her vagina lips. Then wandering further my fingers found the tops of stockings and slipped a little way down inside them. Hazel gave an excited little whimper and nuzzled her pussy against my palm.

“I know you want me,” Hazel said with excitement in her voice. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed how you’ve been looking at me. I’ve put stockings on for you.”

Hazel lifted my tee shirt, sliding her hands smoothly up my sides. She began gently caressing my bare chest with her fingertips, playing with my nipples. Then her hand slowly went down my front, slowly circled and tickled my belly button, then went down to my jeans. She ran her fingertips along the bulge of my jeans over my penis and balls.

“You’re up hard for me aren’t you?” I certainly was! “Go on! Show me what you’ve got!”

I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down round my thighs. Underneath I was in light blue cotton briefs. They were quite skimpy, not as brief as Hazel’s panties but they showed the outline of my erect cock shaft and head in detail, something I’d found girls liked.

For a moment I let Hazel admire my briefs bulging in a big cone over my erect cock. Her hand went down and she purred as she fondled my penis and balls through the thin cloth. Then I slipped my briefs down below my balls. My penis bounced out fully erect and swung stiffly. My sex kit was nothing to be ashamed of. I was displaying nearly eight inches of hard muscle with its big round purple head fully out, big balls hanging below my cock and a thick bush of dark pubic hair. I thrust my cock forward toward her.

Hazel purred, her hand went down and started to caress my naked cock and balls. She ran her hand right under me between my legs to my arse and I spread my legs in response. She caressed my bottom, running her fingers along my bum crack and reaching under me from behind to tickle my balls. She fingered my straining hard penis, gently stroking my stiff shaft up and down and playing deliciously with its lust and erection sensitised head.

Her hand was firm and confident and I knew immediately that in spite of her shyness and apparent innocence she knew exactly what a guy liked. Needless to say, in response my hand was down inside her panties exploring her soft smooth bum cheeks and the valley between them.

She Balıkesir Escort wrapped her hand loosely round my shaft and started to stroke my penis rhythmically up and down with her hand sliding right up over my cock head. I thrust my cock forward, clenched my buttocks, gripped her bottom and braced myself for sexual pleasure. I assumed she was going to masturbate me to a cum. I certainly wouldn’t have minded that! But she only stroked my cock a few times before she suddenly stopped, leaving my straining penis feeling hard enough to snap with my cum starting to rise and me feeling desperate to jerk one.

“Shall we go upstairs to our bedroom?” Hazel said, giving me that mischievous smile again.

I guessed she was right. The dusty, box-filled store room was hardly the place for a sexual liaison. Hazel and Mr. Williams her husband lived in a flat above the store. I was desperate to shoot a load, either from Hazel’s hand or into her body and the bedroom sounded like a much better place for a tryst. I pulled up my briefs and jeans and followed Hazel up the stairs with my eyes locked on her jeans-clad legs and bottom. She led me through the bedroom door and I stopped dead in my tracks, frozen with horror. There in their bedroom was her husband Mr. Williams. I hadn’t given much thought to where he was and had assumed from Hazel that he was safely out of the way.

In my shock it was a few seconds later that I realised Mr. Williams was almost naked. He was just wearing a tiny thong, deep red, with fishnet lace sides and a narrow strip of smooth cloth at the front only just big enough to cover his penis. His cock was very obviously fully erect. Its head was almost peeping out of the top of his underwear and the thin cloth showed its outline in much more detail than my briefs. His thong was so brief that for a moment I thought he was wearing his wife’s panties before I realised it was the kind of sexy male underwear you see in adult shops and catalogues.

Mr. Williams looked at me.

“Get your clothes off lad,” He said with a lewd grin. “Then get her knickers off and lets see you have some fun with her.”

By then Hazel had slipped off her jeans and she was kneeling wide legged on the big wide bed arching her back a bit so her breasts thrust up and forward under her blouse. Her blouse didn’t come quite down to the tops of her sheer tan coloured stockings.

“Go on,” Hazel said softly but with that same excitement in her voice. “Get that big cock out and get your hands on my pussy again.”

As she spoke she fingered her pussy through her panties, wobbled her blouse-clad breasts at me and grinned. I got the message. Mr. Williams was into voyeur sex and wanted to watch me undress his wife and play with her, and she was up for it too. I quickly stripped naked. My cock was still hard up erect and as soon as it was out I noticed how Mr. Williams’ eyes were instantly on it.

“Nice cock, lad,” Mr Williams said. I’ll bet that feels good being wanked while you think about my wife.”

I didn’t reply but I felt my face go red. I still occasionally masturbated thinking of her.

I joined Hazel on the bed. Rather than strip her quickly I decided to treat Mr. Williams to a raunchy show. As she stayed kneeling wide legged I started by feeling her pussy through her panties. Then I slipped my hand down inside her panties to ruffle her juice moistened cunt hair and stroke the lips of her vagina slit. Hazel gave a little cry and nuzzled her cunt against my hand.

“That’s what you want, isn’t it, you dirty whore!” I said as I felt her.

The look in Hazel’s eyes made it was obvious that was certainly what she wanted. Glancing at Mr. Williams, as I’d guessed, hearing his wife called a whore was just what he wanted to hear too. He’d taken off his thong and was naked with his own exposed cock hard up. It was smaller than mine and less hairy but looked just as upright and stiff. I also noticed he’d picked up my briefs from where I’d tossed them on the floor. He was sniffing them and brushing them across his erect cock and between his legs. I’d always thought Mr. Williams was a mild mannered inoffensive fellow, but I was fast picking up that he was a serious pervert.

I undressed Hazel slowly, her blouse first to reveal a thin strapped grey bra matching her panties and with cups only just big enough to sling her breasts. I saw her panties were just a thin thong strap nestling between the smooth round cheeks of her bottom. In fact her bra and that thong looked like they’d come from an adult catalogue too. I fondled her breasts, pussy and bottom through what little there was of her underwear. I ran my fingertips slowly down the thong strap from behind and reached under her to stroke her pussy through her panties. Hazel’s long soft moan and the way she spread her legs told me she certainly liked that.

I quickly got her bra off and had a good long play with her breasts. As I did I poked and brushed her bare flesh and her nylon clad legs with my hard Balıkesir Escort Bayan erect cock. In response her hands were all over my naked body, lingering on my cock, balls, between my legs and on my backside. I pulled her thong off leaving her stockings till last.

I brushed her panties over my hard up cock and ran them back and forth between my legs just like Mr. Williams had been doing with my briefs. I had an idea.

“Here’s your whore’s knickers!” I grunted, and I tossed Hazel’s panties so they caught on her husband’s erect penis and hung there.

“Kinky boy!” Hazel said with a laugh. Her husband grinned, swinging Hazel’s panties on his hard up penis.

Hazel lay back, spread her legs wide and folded them up for me to take her stockings off. I took my time peeling them off. I had a long feel of her pussy before I savoured every inch of her long legs as I slipped her stockings off. As I pulled her last stocking off Hazel flopped on her back on the bed.

“Get your legs wide for him you slut!” Mr. Williams ordered his wife. Grinning at him Hazel spread her legs as wide as she could. Then he ordered me. “Lick that slut’s cunt and kiss her pussy!”

I saw Mr. Williams was fingering and stroking his almost vertical penis and his balls. I got my head down between Hazel’s spread thighs with her cunt hair against my face. I kissed her on her vagina, licked her labia and ruffled her cunt hair with my tongue. Hazel thrust her pussy against my face, gasped and moaned as I pleasured her. Then with an excited cry she frantically grabbed me and we were instantly wrapped round each other.

Hazel and I wrestled together on the bed frantically exploring every inch of each other’s naked body with our hands, lips and tongues. Hazel squirmed and writhed in my arms, getting her naked body into the kind of kinky erotic spread legged, bottom thrusting and tit swinging poses I’d ogled women in as I’d masturbated over porn. Hazel’s gasps, cries and her body pressing against mine told me my fingers between her legs stroking her vagina lips and reaching into her juice sodden slit to tease the hard aroused button of her clitoris were steadily taking her toward orgasm.

I was too engrossed in Hazel to take much notice of what her husband was doing. But I soon realised that as well as watching us on the bed he was running his hands over his wife’s body. I also noticed how often his adventurous hands slipped off Hazel’s body onto mine. I felt his hands sliding up my legs to stroke my thighs. His hands were on my backside and exploring my bum crack, reaching under me to tease my arse like I’d been doing with Hazel. I also felt his hard cock poking and rubbing against me, sliding along my bum crack, prodding my own cock and balls and even against my face and mouth. His exploring fingers were in my pubic hair, caressing my balls and feeling and stroking my penis.

He was trying to make it seem his hands were only accidentally on me, but something about his touch told me he’d played with men before. I guess I should have been shocked at his gay interest in me, but I was even more shocked to discover I was enjoying his attention. I found myself deliberately spreading my legs and thrusting my penis toward him for his exploring fingers. His fingers on my cock were working me toward orgasm, and I struggled not to cum in his hand.

I was getting more and more desperate to shoot a load. I didn’t know how far Mr. Williams would let me get with his wife. I was tempted to get astride her and masturbate over her. From his obvious interest in me I guessed Mr. Williams would have taken over and jerked my cock off over her for me. By that stage in our romp I wouldn’t at all have minded him doing that. But Hazel soon answered the question herself.

She rolled me onto my back so my erect cock was arching up hard over my belly. A moment later she was on top of me with her soft smooth thighs astride my head. Her hairy pussy was right above my face with her cunt hair brushing my nose and she bent over me so her breasts swung above my belly. Anticipating what was to come I spread my legs wide for her.

She bent lower so her breasts squeezed against my belly and I felt the unmistakeable sensation of her tongue on my cock, licking it along its full length and across its lust and erection sensitised head. I almost involuntarily arched my hips to thrust my cock up, and at the same time reached up to grab her bottom to pull her pussy down against my face. I felt her take my cock head into her mouth then roll her tongue over it and massage it.

At the same time I felt light fingers fondling my cock and balls, reaching down between my legs to tickle my arse, and to lightly caress my so erogenous groins and inside thigh tops. With my face buried between Hazel’s thighs I couldn’t tell whether they were Hazel’s fingers or her husband’s. But right then I didn’t care who was deliciously pleasuring my sex kit. Whoever it was knew just how to work a boy’s cock up to the peak Escort Balıkesir of erection stiffness and pleasure sensitivity and I certainly wasn’t complaining!

Hazel’s thighs and pussy began to rock rhythmically against my head and face. I felt her warm wet lips squeezing my penis as they slid smoothly up and down my cock shaft from her face brushing against my pubic hair to her lips almost sliding off my cock head and sucking my cock on the up stroke.

From between Hazel’s thighs I heard Mr. Williams’ muffled voice saying things like.

“Suck him hard girl! … Get your cunt in his face!”

In response to that last comment I felt Hazel’s moist furry mound grind against my face. She knew how to make a boy wait. All the time she sucked me I felt those light fingers teasing me between my legs just the right way to get my cock feeling stiff enough to snap.

After what felt like ages of intense sexual pleasure my cum rose. I pulled Hazel’s pussy hard down against my face and rammed my hips up, involuntarily trying to force my straining, exploding cock as far down her throat as I could. Finally my long-awaited orgasm came. I let out a muffled grunt from between Hazel’s thighs as exquisite release swelled and exploded in my straining penis and I spurted my load into Hazel’s mouth.

After I’d come Hazel stayed above me with my still half erect penis in her mouth. Then as her lips slid off my shaft the smooth friction sent a last spurt of semen splashing over my belly. I lay there looking up her body between her legs at her breasts swinging above me, savouring the warm post-orgasm glow and feeling my semen trickle down my side.

She was still astride my head when her husband moved in close and knelt next to us. I was looking up between his spread legs at his arse, cock and balls from underneath. His shaft looked rock hard with its veins standing out and bending up almost vertical to its big purple head. He’d obviously enjoyed watching his wife give me sixty nine, and I guessed he’d also enjoyed playing with my sex kit.

With one hand playing with his cock, he briefly fondled Hazel’s bottom with his other hand. Then his hand slid under her between her legs, right above my face, and began to caress her inside thigh tops and of course her pussy. I felt Hazel tremble above me and heard her give an excited cry. She was obviously hot and aroused from the attention we’d both been giving her.

“Yes! … Want! … Pleasure me!” I heard Hazel cry out.

Her husband began to rhythmically stroke and massage her between her legs. Looking up between Hazel’s spread legs I saw her pendulous breasts swinging above my belly with the rhythmic motion of his hand. He shifted to stroking her vagina lips. I saw his fingers slide into her slit. I’d pleasured girls enough times to know he was working on her clit. In response Hazel moaned and her legs spread wider above me. Hazel was enjoying a rather different kind of helping hand!

“Coming!” Hazel shrieked from above me.

I felt her body suddenly tense, her legs strained even wider, then she rammed her pussy against her husband’s hand between her legs. She let out shriek after shriek as her body shook and juddered and her breasts bounced above me. When her climax subsided Hazel stayed on all fours astride me with her husband’s hand cupped over her mound and her breasts swinging above me as she panted in her afterglow.

“My turn now girl! Spread ’em for me!” I heard Mr. Williams snarl from above me.

He moved in so close that his cock head was prodding his wife’s bum cheek. He gripped her thigh with one hand and wrapped his other hand round his shaft. I saw his penis was glistening from some lube, probably some cosmetic cream from the bedside cabinet.

Then he began to masturbate, rhythmically and methodically stroking and tugging his shaft full length, getting his big hairy balls bobbing, and grunting noisily with sexual pleasure. This time her breasts swung with the rhythm of his pumping hand. His spare hand roamed over Hazel’s bottom and thighs, and reached between her spread legs to play with her juice-sodden pussy.

In his final movements before he came his hand started to go frantic and he moved so he was right astride my head. He poked his cock head into the valley between Hazel’s bum cheeks. I was looking straight up at his cock from beneath. As he franticly pounded his cock his hand sliding over his cock head on every up stroke his hand patted his wife’s bum cheeks. I realised with sudden horror that he was going to shoot his load right above my face, but with my head clamped between Hazel’s thighs there was nothing I could do about it. He didn’t edge or hold back but wanked himself straight through to his cum.

He made that strangled half grunt, half snarl sound guys always make when they shoot a load. Big spurts of creamy white semen shot from his cock head and splashed into Hazel’s bum crack, over her cheeks, and onto my face. With a long, deep throated grunt of satisfaction he moved back a little after he’d cum. I lay there watching his semen trickling down Hazel’s bum crack, catching in her pubic hair and dripping onto my face. His still partly erect penis was still swinging above me but the dangling strand of semen dripping from his cock head fortunately missed me as it fell onto the bed.

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