Hard Work Pt. 02


This story is a work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18 and consenting adults. Any likeness to any real person is entirely incidental.

Linda and Brian spent the entire summer fooling around. They loved each other deeply, and the plan of stopping their mother-son relationship was turning out to be more difficult than expected. It was the last day before winter break at Brian’s college. Linda decided to drive up to the school to pick Brian up and spend a couple of days with him. She knew that they shouldn’t do anything together while at school because of Brian’s roommate. However, that did not stop Linda from dressing up like a college schoolgirl, with a short plaid skirt, high white socks and a university sweater. She also put her hair in pigtails and wore her glasses for that extra schoolgirl affect.

She drove to the college, parked on the street close to the campus and walked into Brian’s dorm. The door to his room was open and she could see Brian sitting at his computer reading something. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw her son as it had been an entire semester since they were together. Linda closed the door behind her and locked it.

“Hi sweetie!” Linda said. “What are you doing?”

“Hi mom!” Brian responded. “Wow look at that outfit, you look amazing!”

Linda smiled back at him. “Well, I thought this would be sexy! You like it?”

“You’re right! I love how you can show off your legs.” Brian said.

Linda stood next to her son and looked down into his eyes.

“Mom, check this out, my grades were just posted for the semester!” Brian was ecstatic. “I got a 4.0! Who knew I was so smart?!”

“That’s great honey!” Linda couldn’t help herself from smiling and hugging him. “I’m so proud of my hard-working son, now stand up and give me a kiss!”

Brian stood up and kissed his mother on the lips massaging her tongue with his. Then began to kiss her neck. “Mmmmmm that’s good!” Linda moaned. Brian picked his mom up while kissing her and put her on the computer table. She felt the strength of his arms, which made her very wet.

“Brian, I think your arms got bigger.” Linda cooed.

“Yeah, they have, I worked out all semester!” Brian exclaimed as he pulled his mom’s sweater over her head.

Brian took his shirt off and flexed his muscles for his mom. She licked her lips. “I bet you’re getting a lot of attention with those big guns.” Brian went for his mother’s panties and tried to pull them off.

“Wait! What if your roommate comes back?” Linda asked.

“No worries,” Brian replied, “He’s probably going to be drinking all day, so he won’t notice.”

“But what about the RA? They’ll hear us.”

“Don’t worry, we will be quiet.” Brian said as he pushed his mom against the wall and shoved his tongue into her mouth.

Linda was shocked by the suddenness of Brian’s move but quickly returned the kiss. She grabbed the back of his head, pulling him closer. Brian pulled off his mother’s panties and threw them behind him, then took off his pants and underwear exposing his huge cock.

“Oh Brian, I need you to fuck me right now.” Linda whispered. She pulled her son’s cock towards her and aimed it at her sex. He slowly entered her and moaned.

Linda wrapped her legs around her son and pushed him deeper inside. Brian fucked his mother harder and faster. With each thrust, Linda grunted loudly. Their bodies slapped together as they moved against each other. Linda could feel her son’s balls slapping against her ass.

“Fuck this feels so good mom!” Brian yelled. Linda moaned louder, digging her nails into his back.

“Oh yes honey, fuck your mommy!” Linda replied.

“I’m gonna cum!” Brian gasped.

“Yes honey, fill me up with your hot cum!” Linda screamed.

Brian kept pumping his cock into his mother until he came. His body shook as his cock exploded inside her. He pulled out and sprayed his cum all over his mom. They continued kissing after he finished.

“Wow!” Brian breathed. “I didn’t realize I was that turned on.”

“I know, me too!” Linda replied.

The door unlocked and Brian’s drunk roommate barged in. “Hey guys, where’s the party at?”

Linda and Brian froze. Brian covered himself up with his arms and tried to act calm, but Linda was terrified.

“What the… I don’t even…” Tim stopped talking, noticing the situation.

“Sorry, buddy, I’ll let ya get back to your drinkin’.” Brian said.

Matt stumbled away and fell to the floor sleeping.

“Ugh, I hate him!” Linda said, shaking her head. “Did he see anything?” Linda quickly took some tissues and wiped off all her son’s sperm on her body. Then she put on her sweater and panties.

“Probably not, and if he did, he won’t remember.” Brian answered.

“Brian! Tim knows me! He knows I’m your mother! If anyone finds out about us it will be terrible!”

Linda yelled. “My heart is beating like crazy; I think I’m going to have a panic attack.”

“Relax mom; I got this. Just lie down and rest.” Brian said, holding his mother’s hand.

Linda bursa escort lay down on the bed and Brian hugged her. “It’s okay mom, everything will be fine.” Brian went over to Tim’s unconscious body; he lifted his arm and dropped it to the floor. “See mom, he’s out cold, he won’t remember a thing.” Linda giggled which made Brian laugh as well.

“Mmm, it was really hot getting fucked on the table by a handsome young man. I felt like I was back at college.” Linda cooed.

“I know mom, I love you. I wish I could have done that to you every day.” Brian kissed his mom.

“I love you too baby, I always have.” Linda ran her fingers through his hair.

Linda and Brian spent the entire weekend making love. Linda especially loved the thought of carrying around her son’s sperm inside her and insisted he cum as deep as possible at every opportunity. She especially liked thinking about getting fucked in the dorm room. She loved roleplaying as a college girl getting fucked in the dorm by a big strong jock. She tried to think of some other scenario’s they could try together.

Linda was sad on Monday when she had to return to the office. Brian said he would clean up around the house while she was gone. She expected that he would do a good job and need a big reward for it when she returned home.

At the office, Linda’s boss and an HR person called Linda into a meeting. When they were alone, they sat across from each other at one of the conference tables.

“Linda, I’m afraid your time at Shuster and Shuster has come to an end.” Linda’s boss stated.

“What do you mean? Isn’t there another option?” Linda asked, confused.

“We don’t have any other options, sorry.” Linda’s boss replied. “Your contract is terminated effective immediately.”

Linda started tearing up. “Why? Why is this happening?”

“As you know, because of macro-economic conditions, we are downsizing the company. I’m very sorry to have to do this. We will give you a month’s severance for your hard work.” Linda’s boss seemed to be set on the matter.

“Thank you.” Linda sniffled, “I appreciate that.”

“Now Linda, I want to go over a few things for you before you leave.” Linda’s HR rep said.

Linda opened her front door of her house with her box of belongings. Tears were streaming down her face.

“Mom your home early!” Brian then noticed his mom crying. “Are you alright?”

“Ahhh babe!” Linda sobbed. “I’ve lost my job! I’m so sorry!”

“Shhhh, it’s ok mom. We’ll figure something out, I promise.” Brian hugged his mom.

Linda sniffled and dried her tears. “I’ll be in my room. Let me collect myself.” She went into her bedroom and took a nap.

The next month was very hard. Linda wasn’t able to save much because she was paying for Brian’s college, and since there was a recession, she was having a very difficult time finding a job. She had no idea what to do.

Brian and his mom were eating dinner when Brian came up with an idea. “Mom, since you won’t let me get a job to help out, I was thinking of some ways we could make some extra money.”

“Well, maybe I should take a part-time job,” Linda said. “I could tutor students or teach music lessons.”

“Ok, that could work.” Brian cleared his throat, clearly not confident in what he was about to say. “Have you heard of OnlyFriends dot com? It’s a website where you post pictures and videos, and people pay you money for them. A lot of girls at my college do it to make extra money while they are studying.”

“Really?” Linda asked. “I haven’t but let me look at it.” Linda logged onto the site on her phone and looked at the list of available categories. “Brian, this is porn!” she exclaimed.

“No it isn’t, it’s just pictures and videos.” Brian defended.

“Not quite, it says here they have a ‘sex’ category so that means these people are paying for actual sex!”

“They don’t have to be. They can just be sexy pictures and videos.” Brian replied.

“Come on, Brian, this is totally different than a mother helping her son with homework. People would look at us see our naked bodies! How do we know who’s watching us? There aren’t any protections on the website!”

“Mom, it’s fine! These people are paying for pictures and videos of hot girls, they don’t care who the people actually are.” Brian tried to be as convincing as possible.

“I don’t know Brian. What if someone recognizes us? What if they tell everyone else?” Linda argued.

“We can cover our faces, maybe wear a wig and glasses.” Brian reasoned.

“Or we could just not do it and find ourselves a real job.” Linda said.

“No, we can do this mom.” Brian insisted. “You’re beautiful and sexy. You could make a lot of money doing this.”

“I don’t know Brian, I’m not sure I want to go along with this.” Linda sighed.

Brian grabbed his mom by her shoulders and gave her a passionate kiss. “You have to mom, please. I want to make it work.” Brian begged her with his eyes. “Please mom, this is our ticket out of this mess.”

Linda gave in. “Alright, bursa escort bayan but if I end up hating it, or something bad happens, I’m out.”

Brian smiled. “Thank you, mom. Thank you so much.” Brian hugged his mom again.

“Okay, let’s do this!” Linda cheered. “Where do we start?”

“First we need to set up a profile. Once that’s all setup, you can do whatever you want.” Brian explained.

Linda logged onto the website using her phone. She was surprised how many different types of people were on the site. There was everything from couples to singles, young and old, black and white, and even some transgendered people.

“Look mom, one of the most popular categories is MILF. That stands for mature women. There are tons of people looking for older women.”

“Oh wow, really?” Linda said. “Now I understand why you are all over me.” Linda giggled.

“Yeah, I bet you’d be a big hit.” Brian smirked.

Linda was feeling excited about making money, and she couldn’t wait to see what type of material they could create.

Brian and Linda spent the next few hours setting up their profile. They decided on the name “MommyDearest”. Brian suggested they keep a taboo theme since that was an extremely popular genre that included older women.

“Ok, the profile looks pretty good now. So, ahem, when should we start?” Brian asked, realizing he didn’t want to sound too desperate.

“I guess we could try it now.” Linda said, getting a little aroused at the idea of her son taking naked pictures of her.

They both sat for a few seconds. “What should we do?” Asked Brian. “I never really planned this far ahead. I thought you would have said no.” They both laughed.

“Hmm, I have an idea. I have a mask in my room. How about you record me in the bath with the mask on?” Linda suggested.

“That sounds like fun! Let’s go.” Brian said smiling.

In the bathroom, Linda took off her clothes, removed her bra and panties and laid down in the tub. Brian soon came in with the mask and his phone. He gave the mask to his mom and she put it on, then he recorded his mom in the bathtub. She looked amazing with her large tits hanging out and her pussy exposed.

“Wow, you look great mom.” Brian complimented her. “You’re really hot and sexy.”

“Mmmm, thank you honey. I’m glad you like my body.” Linda moaned in response.

Brian started touching himself. “Do you want to touch yourself mom?” He asked.

“Yes, I do.” Linda answered. “If you want to watch me, I won’t mind.”

“Oh god yes.” Brian groaned as he recorded his mom masturbate. He also began playing with himself through his pants.

Linda kept rubbing her clit until she exploded in orgasm. “Ohh yeah, honey, that feels so good.” She moaned. “I love watching you play with yourself.”

“I love watching you too, mom. You are so damn sexy.” Brian pulled down his pants and started stroked his cock harder. “I can’t believe I’m doing this with my own mom.”

Linda was cumming again. “Ohhhhhhh fuck yeeeeesssss.” She screamed as she orgasmed.

Brian continued to stroke himself as he watched his mom masturbating. He was close to cumming too. “I’m gonna come!” Brian yelled.

Linda stopped rubbing herself and grabbed his cock with her hand. “Just shoot it in my mouth, baby.” She moaned as she sucked his dick and milked it for all it was worth.

Linda swished her son’s sperm around in her mouth. She loved the slightly sweet flavor and how thick it was. Brian filled her mouth with his jizz and she showed the camera how much she had on her tongue. “Mmm, it tastes so good. I love tasting my son’s sperm.” She gurgled.

Linda continued to suck on his throbbing cock, milking every last drop and swallowed it all. Brian turned off the recording after a few more seconds.

Brian kissed his mom passionately. “That was wonderful mom. Thank you.”

“Of course, baby.” Linda responded. “You’re welcome.”

Linda got out of the tub and brushed her teeth. As she was toweling off, she realized she had cum twice while Brian watched her. This made her feel incredibly dirty, but at the same time she liked it.

“Mom, I’m going to go to my room and edit the recording.” Brian said as he put on his clothes.

“Ok, baby, just make sure my face is covered the entire time. We can have anyone find out who we are.” Linda said, concerned that this was a huge mistake.

“I’ll make sure I promise.” Brian assured her.

Linda lay on the bed and waited for Brian to come back and show her what he had done. She was nervous to see how it turned out.

Brian came to his mom’s room. “Here you go mom.” He handed her a USB drive. “I edited the video.”

Linda took the device and plugged it into her computer. She was surprised to see that Brian had added music to the video.

“How did you do that?” She asked.

“I used Final Project Pro. It’s an editing program for videos.” Brian explained.

“Oh, ok.” Linda said. “It’s really good, Brian. I can’t believe how sexy this looks. You’re incredible.”

“Thanks escort bursa mom.” Brian said.

“Let’s watch the whole thing together.” Linda said as she sat on the bed next to Brian. “Would you like to watch it with me?”

“Yes, I would love to.” Brian agreed.

“Alright, let’s turn it on.” Linda pressed play and the two of them watched together. They both enjoyed the video immensely.

After they finished watching the video, they talked about how things went. “That was really hot! I guess it makes sense we went with incest right off the bat.” Linda said.

“I agree, I love the way the story goes. The acting is excellent too.” Brian agreed.

“So what do you think, should we try another scene?” Linda asked.

“Mom, I would love to but we’re porn stars now. I think I should recover and save up another big load!” They both laughed.

“Ok how about for the next scene, we try to think of a roll play scenario?” Linda suggested.

“Sure, let’s try that.” Brian agreed.

“Ok great! Post the video, then tomorrow let’s share our ideas for our next scene!” Linda said.

“Sounds good!” Brian agreed.

“Good night mom!” Brian said as he went to bed.

Brian woke up and checked the profile. The video was a mega hit, it already had hundreds of thousands of views. There were tons of comments on the video too. Brian read through them.

“This is fantastic! I love it!” A user commented.

“I totally love this video!” Another comment.

“This is the hottest video I’ve ever seen! Are you really a mother and son?” One more comment.

“I love this video! Please make more!” Someone else wrote.

“This is perfect! Keep filming and uploading!”

Brian ran downstairs to tell his mom about the amazing feedback. He found her in the kitchen making breakfast.

“Mom, there are so many comments on our video. We are blowing up!” Brian exclaimed.

“Is that so?” Linda asked without looking away from her eggs.

“Yes mom, look at the comments. People are saying they love the video and they want to see more.” Brian replied.

Linda looked at her son. He was very proud of himself. “Really? Wow, well that’s amazing news. I’m glad people like our work.”

“Me too mom, you know I love making videos with you.” Brian smiled.

“Awww, that’s sweet. I love making videos with you too. I’m glad you enjoy it.” Linda said.

Linda knew she was falling for her son. He was so handsome and kind, and he treated her like a queen. Linda felt the same way about him as well. She loved making videos with him. “I’m going to go check on our profile.” Linda said, trying to hide how happy she was.

“Holy shit! We already made $300 from all the views we’ve gotten!” Linda did a little dance around the kitchen. She was so happy to see her son’s work doing so well.

“That’s fantastic!” Brian said, smiling.

“We need to post a new video soon. I have an idea of how to top the last one.” Linda suggested.

“Ok, that sounds good. What is it?” Brian asked.

“I want to try a role play scenario.” Linda said.

“Oh yeah? That sounds great! What kind of role play?

“How about I’ll be the maid, and you be the guy who owns the house.” Linda suggested.

“Wow, that sounds pretty hot. Ok let’s go with that.” Brian said, nodding his head.

“Great, I’ll get dressed and grab my cleaning supplies.” Linda said.

“Ok, mom, but don’t forget the mask!” Brian reminded her.

Linda went upstairs to change. When she came back down, she was wearing a jeans, a white shirt and tied her hair up with a band. She also had on the black lace mask which kind of ruined the scene but there was no other option. She was very excited! She never realized how kinky she was until her relationship with Brian.

“Honey, are you ready?” Linda asked.

“Yeah mom, I’m coming down now.” Brian responded.

“Ok, sweetie, I’ll be waiting on you.” Linda replied.

Linda watched her son descend the stairs. Her heart was pounding hard as she anticipated the scene they were about to film. She could barely contain herself. Brian stepped down onto the floor and walked over to the Kitchen. He was carrying a phone tripod he used for a school project as well as his laptop. He was wearing a button-down shirt tucked into his khakis. It was the best he could do to look like a working man.

Linda looked at the two of them. They both started laughing. “Well, maybe for the next scene, we may need to go to the costume store.”

They both laughed again. “No, I think this is perfect.” Brian argued.

“But it’s not realistic at all.” Linda countered.

“What does that mean? It’s just a fantasy.” Brian argued back.

“Fine, you win.” Linda conceded.

Brian set up the camera and started to record a third person scene. “Ok, so I was thinking for this scene you would be cleaning the kitchen and I would be sitting at the table working.”

“Sounds good.” Linda agreed.

“And I’d be looking at you and admiring how hot you look in your maid outfit.” Brian added.

Linda giggled. “That’s even better.”

“Then I zoom in on your behind, and you have your panties showing. Then you bend over to clean the floor and show off your ass.” Brian explained.

“Ooh, that’s hot. I love when you watch my butt.” Linda sighed.

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