Hall pass


Hall pass*disclaimer: This is my first time posting a story, hopefully you enjoy it, as I did. This is an event that happened in my past. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.*It’s 12:50pm, Everyone made their way into the classrooms, the halls were now empty I managed to make it into class it’s computer graphics, 30mins into the class I received a text, what are you doing? I reply in class, what about you? A few minutes later I get a text, walking the halls I skipped class but my ride sold me out. Can you come meet me? Sure. I grab the hall pass and make my way another floor up and meet Jessy. She was wearing a spaghetti stripe shirt a white skirt and some dress shoes. We start talking and I my hand made it’s way into her skirt before I knew it, her pussy was shaved and fethiye escort already wet, we start kissing and she grabs my cock. We make our way to a teacher’s classroom, which I knew was empty because the teacher had quit a few days before and no replacement had been found. I close the door behind me and we go back to kissing. Unskillfully I manage to remove her bra, lift her shirt up and start sucking on her perky tits 34B. I could suck on those things for hours but though I was lost in the ecstasy of having sex in school I still knew that I am in school. I unzip my pants and she quickly gets on her knees and puts my cock in her mouth she can’t swallow it all but she tries to deepthroat it as much as she can, gagging on it and choking. Slurping on it and playing with my balls I lean escort fethiye back on the teacher’s desk and enjoy. Next I grab her and put her on top of the desk, I slide my dick in her wet pussy, nice and tight I felt like cuming right then and there, but of course I should get some enjoyment first as she is gasping for air the feel of my thick cock inside is a lot for her but she is enjoying it. I thrusts faster and harder as she grabs onto the desk. She moans loudly and starts digging her nails on my back, I turn her over and prepare to take her doggy style, when she surprises me with the words I want it up my ass. I lube her up with saliva, and begin to insert it oh man she is tighter than I could imagine, she is taking it like a pro I force the head in and slowly go in, she puts fethiye escort bayan her hand on my thigh and I pull back to were only my tip is inside, I drip more saliva on my dick and thrust in all the way she moans and puts her head on the desk reaches over and grabs the other side and holds on. I begin to fuck her it feels so good, I start getting more speed and she is enjoying it, in and out as I spank her ass she keeps moaning and I cant take it anymore I pull out and she already knows she turns around opens wide and I unload on her face first shot directly in her eye, next goes in her mouth followed by a long shot that goes over on the desk her hair and forehead, and bit more jerking and the final drops land on her tits as she swallows what made it in her mouth and starts sucking on my tip and jerking it making sure I was done cuming. I get dressed and make it back to the classroom; 35mins had gone by needless to say my teacher told me I had no hall pass privileges any more, but I was too satisfied to care.

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