Haitian King of New York

Double Penetration

The name is Ted King. I’d like to tell you about some of my most recent adventures. I’m the kind of guy who loves to travel. Ever since I inherited four million dollars from my deceased mother, I have been able to indulge my craving for new places and new cultures. These days, I lead a life like no other. I fly my own private jet. I have been to many countries and enjoyed a variety of experiences across many cultures. What can I say? I am a fortunate son.

My life wasn’t always that way, though. I was born in New York in 1980. Jennifer Albright was my mother, and she was to become the owner of Albright Enterprises. She was married to a man named Jason Kilpatrick. He was a wealthy and powerful man. They were at the top of the social ladder in New York city. My story began when Jennifer Albright had an affair with a man named Jacob Dorvil. Could you imagine? A wealthy Irish American socialite having an affair with a poor Haitian man from the Bronx? Well, I was the result of that affair. I was given up for adoption as soon as I was born.

I never met my biological mother or my father. They’re both dead. I grew up in foster care. I was adopted by Mitchell and Marie King when I was only twelve years old. They were a nice couple. Mitchell was a doctor and Marie was a law professor at NYU. I care deeply for them, and I am forever grateful for the life that they gave me. When I was nineteen, a man named Albert Winston approached me. He was a lawyer and used to represent Jennifer Albright, my biological mother. He had been told to contact me upon her death. Jennifer Albright had named me in her will. I was to inherit four million dollars. I couldn’t believe it. I was rich! Winston also told me about my biological parents. I was fascinated by what he was telling me. Jacob Dorvil, my father used to work as a security guard for Kilpatrick and Albright. He was a police officer and had died ten years ago. He didn’t know he had a kid. My biological mother had never even told him.

Man, this was so confusing. I was discovering who my biological parents were, after their deaths. I didn’t always like what I found. I can’t say that it didn’t bother me. But hey, I had a lot of money to take care of myself for the rest of my days. I was determined to enjoy life and do all the things that I couldn’t do before. I had grown up in foster care, without anything of my own. I didn’t have toys or anything of value.

I was destitute. Now, I was fabulously wealthy and determined to enjoy it. The first thing I did was buy my parents a new house. The rest of the money had only one purpose. That purpose was traveling. I was determined to see the world.

I wasn’t a rich guy, prior to inheriting the dough but I did well for myself. I had a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management from NYU. I worked as a regional manager for Troy Boutique.

It’s a chain of Greek-owned stores. I was the first Black male manager

they ever had. I liked what I did. It was a good job. Now, I didn’t have to work anymore. Just find ways to spend my money and have as much fun as I can. I had already been to Brazil, the Dominican Republic and France. I was considering a trip to China. While making up my mind, I decided to stay in Manhattan. Yes, I was living in a townhouse in Manhattan. The kind of place that I could never have afforded before. The perks of being rich were fantastic!

Believe it or not, even the rich get lonely. So, I decided to call up some of my people. Kids I knew growing up. I invited them all to gaziantep bayan escort the crib.

I figured we’d chill for a while. I hadn’t called my friends in a while. I guess that being rich was starting to turn me into a snob. I really hoped I wouldn’t turn out like those snobby rich people I used to see walking down Manhattan avenue. They pissed me off, all of them. Each and every single one of them, from the men in the fancy suits to the women in these ridiculously expensive outfits. I hated them all. While deciding who to call, I came to a realization. I had used my wealth to distance myself from my people. I had been traveling all over the world and yet I hadn’t been hanging out with my people. I thought of them. The young people who used to stand by me through thick and thin. I wasn’t about to forget where I came from, or who helped me along the way. I was going to be there for my people. That’s what’s up.

I called Stacy, Paul, Kyle and Nina. I told them I would meet them at Burger King. I didn’t want them to get funny looks from those nasty rich people from Manhattan. No one was going to look down on my people, not while I was around. I stepped into the shower and stood under the hot water. I loved hot water. When I was a teenager, my father had so many bills from medical school that sometimes we didn’t have enough money for the boiler. That sucked. I remembered days when my Haitian American booty went to bed with nothing but my body heat to keep warm.

I grinned when I thought of myself as Haitian American. Ever since I discovered so many things about my biological parents, so much had changed in the way that I saw myself. I thought I was just a light-skinned kid, but it turned out that I was actually biracial. Also, I wasn’t just Black. I was also part Haitian. I read up on Haiti. The Haitian people were a proud Black nation living in the Caribbean. They had gained their independence from their French oppressors back in 1804.

This small island was full of political turmoil. It was a strange, fascinating land. It was also the land where my biological father was born. Haiti was the land he called home.

I stepped out of the shower, and looked at myself. I liked what I saw. I stand six feet two inches tall, and I weigh around two hundred and twenty pounds. I have caramel-colored skin, curly black hair and pale green eyes. Yes, naturally green eyes. I’ve always kept myself in good shape so I looked like an Olympic athlete, if I dare say so. A golden brown stud.

I admired myself, and ran my hands over my physique. Flawless. From my broad shoulders and well-cut abs to my flat stomach and strong legs. I held my cock in my hand. Eight inches of long and thick black cock.

Uncircumcised and semi hard. That’s me in a nutshell.

I walked through the room. It was only twelve thirty in the afternoon and I had planned to meet my friends at Burger King around four. What was I going to do for four hours? I looked at the computer

in the living room. A very fast PC with reliable Internet service. I logged on and found Google. I had an idea what I wanted to see. I typed the words Big Black Girls. A lot of results came back. One of them was a hot porn site featuring large Black women engaging in sex acts with members of both sexes. I grinned and clicked on the Enter button. What I saw amazed me. I saw a big, beautiful Black female going at it with two men. One of the guys had her on all fours and was

drilling his hard cock into her asshole from behind. She was backing up against him and rubbing her pussy furiously. I could tell that she liked it.

I clicked on the picture and it began to download on my PC. It would come onto my Windows Media Player a few moments later. I sat back on my chair and watched the video. The two men and the large woman were going at it like crazy. I held my cock in my hand while watching.

The chick was getting double-penetrated. A muscular black dude was fucking her pussy while a slim white guy was fucking her in the ass. She was bouncing up and down and screaming while getting fucked. I smiled. I could tell she liked it. She was freaky that way.

I stroked myself as the action went on. The two men drilling into the Black chick’s holes. Now, a Latin guy joined the mix. He stuck his cock in her mouth while the Black dude and the white guy slammed their cocks into her holes. I watched them go at it. They changed positions. Now, the Black dude was fucking the fat chick in the ass while the white guy fucked her pussy. The Latin guy stroked himself while watching them, clearly loving what he was looking at. I watched a close up of the scene.

I saw two dicks going up inside a woman at the same time. A black dick in the ass and a white dick in the pussy. I saw a third dick spitting cum all over the chick’s face. That’s when I came. Man, I love watching porn videos where dudes cum all over a chick’s face. I don’t know why. I simply think it’s hot.

I clicked out of the Big Black Girls web site. Even though I recently came, I still wasn’t satisfied. I went to another site. A Strap On web site. I looked at it. I clicked on one of the MPEGs. A video downloaded itself through the system. I watched a vivid sex scene. A tall Latin stud walked into a room where a skinny white female was waiting. As soon as he walked in, she kissed him and they began undressing each other. She knelt before him and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked his cock and licked his balls. Then, they started fucking. He bent her over the table and took her from behind. I watched as he slid his cock between her butt cheeks, fucking her in the ass. I grinned. They fucked for about a few minutes, then the action switched dramatically. The Latin stud bent over a bench while the white chick came up behind him, wearing a strap on dildo. She lubed up his ass and slid the dildo into his asshole. He screamed. She fucked him hard with her strap on while stroking his cock. Moments later, he came. She pulled the dildo out of his ass and took his cock into her mouth, sucking him dry. The scene concluded with them kissing. Man, that was some weird stuff but I still wanted to watch something freakier.

I went to a thumbnail gallery. Basically, it’s a huge archive of porn web sites. Anything you could want. Amateur sex. Anal sex. Big Beautiful Women. Black Sex. I stopped when I found the term Bisexual. Curious, I clicked on it. I found myself in a new web page. I saw some MPEGs and clicked on one of them. I was suddenly looking at a new video on my screen. The video started with a sexy, big-booty Hispanic girl and a slim white guy making out. They were both naked. I watched the Hispanic chick suck the white guy’s dick and then straddle him. She was bouncing up and down on him as he slid his cock into her pussy. They fucked like hell for a number of minutes, then suddenly there was a newcomer on the scene. A tall, good-looking Black guy joined them. That’s when everything started to get weird. The Hispanic female and the white male started sucking the Black guy’s dick. They sucked him until he came all over their faces.

I had never seen anything like this. This stuff was hot! I stroked myself furiously as I watched a sexy Black man fucking a pretty couple.

The Black dude bent the white guy over and took him from behind. I watched his hard black dick pounding into the white boy’s puckered asshole. The Hispanic chick fingered herself while watching, clearly turned on. They went at it like this for some time until the Black dude pulled out and came all over the guy’s back. The Hispanic chick sucked the cum out of the Black guy’s hard cock. Next, she was bending over with her butt cheeks spread. The Black dude slid his cock into her asshole, and started pumping it into her hole. He fucked her like this for some time before he came. The scene finished with the two studs shooting their load all over the chick’s face and she sucked them both.

I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. This stuff was hot. I usually watch straight porn and check a little gay porn on the side but this Bisexual Porn stuff was seriously hot! Hotter than anything I’d ever seen.

Man, I needed to get myself some of that. For the next hour, I checked out a lot of Bisexual Porn sites. There were quite a few on the web. Unfortunately, few of them featured Black people. Damn! Oh, well. Before long, time flew and I had to get ready to meet my friends. I went to my bedroom to get dressed. I picked a red silk shirt, black pants and black Timberland shoes. I looked at myself once I was done. I looked pretty damn good!

I headed to the Burger King joint that was in lower Manhattan. I went inside and waited for a few minutes. Before long, my friends were there. I noticed Paul first. Paul was a slim black guy, standing around five-foot-nine, with a small mustache. He’s currently studying Business, with a focus on Advertising. He’s a nice guy and he’s been there for me a lot of times. I walked up to Paul and gave him a manly hug. I shook hands with my boy Kyle. Kyle was a tall, light-skinned dude. He’s wicked good-looking and a player too. We shook hands. Next came the ladies.

Stacy was this tall, brown-skinned, big-booty BAP whom I met during my second year of college. She was something else, man. A very sexy girl. Also, one of my closest pals. Finally came Nina. Nina was a slim,

bronze-skinned girl with dark brown hair and golden brown eyes. Half Mexican and half Irish. She was a cute tomboy I met in my college library a while back. Those were my friends.

After greeting each other, we sat down at a table together. I wanted to know everything that had happened in this past year. Stacy told me that she finally earned herself an Associate’s degree in Psychology and she was considering going to Massachusetts to get her Bachelors. Paul started his own online Advertising company, refusing to become a “company man” even after getting his Business degree. Kyle was studying Criminal Justice and hoped to become a cop someday, like his old man. When he wasn’t in school, he was chasing everything that moved. Especially pretty ladies. Nina was still studying Entertainment Management. She had recently come out to her parents and told them that she was bisexual. They threw her out. Currently, she was living in a small apartment with her gay friend Edward.

Man, I had missed out on a lot of things. After chatting for about an hour, I decided to show them my new home. A five-hundred-grand townhouse on lower Manhattan. We had a lot of catching up to do. So many things had happened to my friends. Back then, they took care of me. Now, I was going to take care of them.

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