Gwen Lured By Ethan


Sitting at the bar I notice him. He’s beautiful. Gorgeous eyes, dark brown hair, and a tan complexion. I try not to keep looking his way as he is with a couple of men, but I can’t help myself. As I turn to order another drink I catch a glimpse out of the corner of my eye and see him walking my way. I quickly start to suck down the drink through a tiny black bar straw and then I feel a hand on the small of my back, barely… but there. I turn to see his face and he leans in and introduces himself. “Hello, I’m Ethan.” I’m completely taken back as his eyes penetrate deep into my core. His smile is amazing, and his cologne is intoxicating not to mention he is more gorgeous up close.

“I noticed you sitting here alone but wasn’t sure if I should say hello… but right now, I’m sure it was worth the risk of being rejected.” His smile so mesmerizing that I forget to speak. “And you are…?”

I smile nervously and introduce myself after gulping hard. “Gwen, my name is Gwen.”

“Well, I was thinking of going for a walk, do you want to get out of here Gwen….. go for a walk with me and maybe talk a little?”

“What about your buddies Ethan, aren’t they going to miss you?” My eyes darting to the group of guys he was with.

“Nah, they’ll manage” he says, and he flashes me a smile. Hi teeth so perfect with his beautiful face.

The next thing I know my hand is in his and I am following him out the door and headed toward the park. The old brick sidewalk clicking beneath my heels as the smell of his cologne fills the air close to me. I can’t help but to follow him, lured in by everything about him.

It’s a nice evening. The sky is beautiful, and he is so full of compliments. I get sucked into every word like a familiar song playing on the radio. As we turn onto the park’s brick pathway he stops me, turns me to him, and leans in to kiss me.

As he tilts my head upward, his lips press to mine and I go weak with desire. “Why are you kissing him!!?” my mind screams. But my lips continue, melting so effortlessly into his. He breaks away and smiles down at me.

“That’s exactly what I had hoped for” he says, causing me to blush. He pulls me into him as I walk alongside with a silly grin on my face. As we approach a park bench he stops me once more, pulls me close, and kisses my neck.

“Oh God, that’s my weak spot,” I nervously blurt out.

“I want you.” His words bostancı escort so serious and growling into my ear causing the fine hairs on the back of my neck to rise. His hands seem much larger than before and they were getting firmer against my body. Pulling me to him. His teeth grazing my soft delicate skin and suddenly sinking down into my neck. I try and push him back but he holds me close. As I moan out in pain he withdraws and looks at me.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you Gwen. You have me very excited.” There is no space between us now as he wraps his arm tightly around me and squeezes. “Let me make you feel good Gwen.”

Again, his lips are on mine and his hand travels up my skirt eagerly and then suddenly a pause. Waiting for me to answer. “Yes” I whisper into the evening air. Quickly he spins me around so that I face the park bench and his hands ravage my body. Groping me, grabbing me everywhere and all at once. I’m so turned on my panties start to soak through with excitement. I want him, I want all of him.

His hand presses between my shoulder blades and he pushes me down onto the park bench. He rips off my panties and I can hear him unbuckling his pants. The metal clasp clinking together like sleigh bells causing my heart to race. It’s pounding in my chest and into my ears. Within moments I feel the tip of his cock pressing against my tight pussy. Rubbing it back and forth teasing me as his hands are tightly wrapped in my skirt. He pulls me backward onto his hard cock. It’s amazing how wet I have become but I feel my pussy juice dripping onto my thighs as he begins to slide his cock inside of me. Inch by inch he spreads my pussy wider and wider as I clench down tightly against him.

Finally, his cock has bottomed out and he fucks me so hard the entire park echoes as I scream out in pleasure and pain. His cock is at the perfect angle and I have never felt such an amazing feeling. Taking me in the dark in front of that park bench. My body thrusting forward and my pussy on fire as my tits sway back and forth with his rhythm. My eyes go blurry as he shoves his cock into me so hard I hit the back of the bench with my chest, knocking the wind out of me. I try to take a deep breath and it stings causing me to feel a little lightheaded. Relentless, he holds onto my hips and drives into me over and over büyükçekmece escort each time harder than the last. “Give it to me Gwen, let me have that tight little pussy.” And then suddenly I hear something and its getting closer. No! It’s someone!

“Whoo-hoo! You got her!” I hear the words and immediately I pull away from him. Terrified I turn around to have a seat on the bench and cross my legs to try and cover myself, but Ethan makes no attempt to hide. His cock at full attention glistening with my pussy juice in the dim park light.

Then I see the men from the bar. “Man, she is pretty!!” one of them calls out to Ethan. I can feel them staring right through the little clothing that I have on.

“Her pussy is tight, you’re going to like fucking this one!” I turn my head to see Ethan nodding my direction. He had a wild look in his eye and his face seemed so different now. Looking at the man that I had been so enchanted by I become a little frightened and move behind the park bench so that it is now between us.

“What do u mean? What is this?” I start to panic and begin to fix my skirt and my blouse as I eye my shredded panties on the ground in front of the bench.

Ethan flashes a smile at me and waves me closer. The look on his face growing softer, more concerned. “Gwen, come here… It’s ok, I promise I will take care of you.” I hesitantly maneuver around the park bench and can feel everyone’s eyes on me. Ethan puts out his hand and I slip mine into his. He pulls me close and runs his strong fingers down both sides of my slender body as the rest of the group watches. “I want to make you feel good Gwen. I want to take you where you have never been. But to do that, you have to trust me.” He pulls me closer and whispers in my ear “Trust me baby.” He lifts up my skirt and slides his hand over my warm, wet pussy. I lean my head back onto him and give a nod of approval.

Ethan takes my hand leading me a few steps back to the park bench. He once again puts his hand between my shoulder blades and pushes me forward. I get up onto my knees and press my forehead against the back of the bench. He strokes my face softly as he walks around to the other side of the bench so that we are face to face. “I want you to be a good girl for me Gwen, can you be a good girl for me?”

A harsh whispered yes escapes çekmeköy escort from my lips as a tall man lines up behind me and rubs his hand over my ass causing me to whine quietly. Immediately my pussy begins to react. An ache I have never felt before zings through me as though my pussy hasn’t been fucked in years instead of moments before. The man grabs my hips and slides his cock into me. My juicy pussy from all the excitement causes his cock to slide inside of me with most ease. He’s not as patient and starts to fuck me hard right away. My body rushing with excitement as my nipples harden and I stare into Ethan’s eyes as he has a wide smile on his face.

“Good girl Gwen, let him fuck you hard, make him cum inside your tight, wet pussy for me.” The tall man fucking me begins to blurt out just how wet my pussy is and that he is going to fuck me until he cums deep inside me.

“Please no, don’t cum inside me… please, I’m begging you!” I start to plead for him not to cum in me but he pulls my head back and his mouth is already on mine, his tongue plunging deep and I can’t speak anymore. My back arched, and his cock buried deep into me. Suddenly I have the urge to cum. I need to cum more than I ever have in my entire life. Ethan reaches out and pinches my nipples hard and I scream as an orgasm radiates through me. My pussy tightens against the mans cock causing him to cum, emptying his balls into me. Once finished he slaps my ass and pulls out.

“Come and get some of this pussy!” He yells out.

I see another man approach me and I begin to plead “No, no more pleaseee” I beg. But he’s already behind me, spreading my legs wide. My juices and the previous man’s cum sloshing around as he beings to penetrate me. His cock is thick and pushes against my pussy walls. I feel another orgasm building right away and my eyes dart to Ethan as he stands in front of me. He knows it’s happening. He leans in and kisses me hard sucking on my tongue and I cannot speak.

“Fuck her hard, make her beg.” Ethan says firmly. Again, my hips buck against the hard cock inside of me and I need to cum.

I scream out “Pleaseeeee make me cum!!” as an orgasm rushes over me. My legs begin to shake and I start to pant heavily. A few more thrusts and he too cums inside me, holding me firm to him by my hips. His cock pulsates as the warm gooey cum fills my pussy. After a few moments he slides out of me and I hear him zip up.

“Good girl Gwen.” I hear Ethan whisper into my ear. A smile crosses my face and he comes around the bench and softly kisses my neck. “You’re so fucking sexy” he whispers in my ear. Helping me steady my balance he helps me stand and fixes my skirt for me, pulling me into him before taking my hand and the four of us make our way out of the park.

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