Grandson/Grandfather Ch. 03



This story contains incestuous content.


Brandon came home from school and found me in my home office. His face was slightly flushed and glancing at his crotch I could see the beginnings of an erection.

“Did you talk to Myia today,” he asked in way of greeting.

“She called me this morning,” I replied. “Let me finish what I am doing here and I will join you in the bar.”

Brandon left, I finished what I was doing and joined him in the bar about five minutes later.

I entered the bar-room. Brandon had a drink in his hand and a drink for me was sitting on the bar.

I sat on a stool, picked up the drink he had prepared for me and as I took the first sip he excitedly asked, “Did you tell her? … What did she say?”

Looking at Brandon, it was plain to see that he is anxious about his mother knowing that he believes himself to be gay.

“Brandon I have not told her yet.”

Seeing a crestfallen look overtake his facial expression, I hurriedly added, “I talked to her on the phone and I want to tell her face to face. Tom, (her husband) will be leaving tomorrow morning and she is coming over here then and will be staying the week … until Tom returns.”

Brandon raised his glass to his mouth, took a big gulp of his drink and then asked, “How do you think she will feel about my being gay?”

“Brandon, you are her son and she loves you and will accept you for what you are. It makes no difference if you are gay, bi or straight, it is your life and your happiness is what is important.” I stood from the stool I was sitting on and moved to where I was standing in front of him.

I reached out with both arms and took hold of his shoulders. As I gripped his shoulders he spread his legs and I moved against him as I embraced him. I brought our lips together and gently kissed him. When I broke the kiss he frantically took my head in both of his hands and locked our lips together. His lips parted and he worked his tongue into my mouth.

As our tongues danced with each other I felt Brandon’s cock getting hard. When we broke our kiss I dropped to my knees. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped the fly on his trousers. I pulled his pants down around his ankles and his cock popped free, slapping his belly.

I teased the head of his cock with my tongue and licked the pre-cum from his slit. I cupped his bare balls in one hand as I guided his cock into my eager mouth. I held the head of his cock locked in my lips as I flickered my tongue over it. I sucked more of his cock into my mouth licking the shaft as it slowly penetrated deeper. When he was balls deep in my mouth I continued licking şişli escort his shaft and sucking as I bobbed my head up and down on his stiff shaft.

His cock head was in my throat when I felt the first quiver as he prepared to deposit his seed. He took hold of my head and started fucking my mouth like it was a pussy. I grabbed his ass cheeks in my hands and I furiously sucked his cock as he fucked my mouth-pussy.

He suddenly rammed his cock as deep as he could. His cock tensed and the first rope of cum shot down my throat. I backed his cock out of my throat and received five more ropes of his seed. I locked my lips around his cock as I licked and sucked it clean.

He started going limp and I dropped his cock from my mouth and stood up.

Brandon wrapped his arms around me and locked our lips together in a very passionate, open mouth kiss. His tongue swabbed the inside of my mouth searching for and cleaning all the remaining cum.

He broke our kiss and held me close. Brandon whispered in my ear, “Will you wear some lingerie for me?”

I leaned my head back, looked into his eyes and nodded. I planted a loving kiss on his lips and went to my room to do as he wished, after all I am his slut.

When I got to my room I hurriedly undressed and then put on a pair of lilac colored lace panties, with a matching bra, ( my tits stretch a B cup) and a flowing lavender see through robe. I then donned a pair of lavender open toed shoes with a three inch heel

As I strutted back into the bar, Brandon gave me a wide smile of approval as he held his arms open. I walked to him and he pulled me into a very passionate embrace.

Later that evening Brandon slowly undressed me as he kissed his way around my body. When he removed my bra he softly massaged and suckled my tits.

He left my tits and kissed his way to my cock he kissed up and down the shaft then sucked my bare balls into his mouth.

Brandon dropped my balls from his mouth and kissed the head of my cock and licked the pre-cum from the slit.

He took the head of my cock into his mouth and slowly sucked it. When he had my cock balls deep in his mouth he began slowly bobbing up and down. He gently sucked as his tongue licked the shaft.

When he felt my cock quiver in preparation of shooting its seed he picked up the tempo and my hips began bucking against his mouth. I shot three ropes of seed into his hungry mouth. He held my cock in his mouth and licked it clean. As it started going limp he dropped it and moved back up my body.

As he moved up my body he hooked his arms under my legs. Holding my legs in the air taksim escort he bent down and kissed me as he lined his cock up with my ass pussy. He stuck his cum coated tongue into my mouth as he sank his cock into my cunt.

Brandon tongue fucked my mouth as he worked his cock back and forth in me. He fucked me for a very long time, giving me several anal orgasms.

I felt his cock swell as he got ready to give me its seed. He suddenly rammed as deep as he could get and started shooting his cum into me. After shooting seven ropes of seed into me and held his cock deep in me until he started going limp.

After his cock popped out he dropped my legs and we lay in each others arms, basking in the afterglow of our love making. We fell asleep in each others arms

The next morning I sucked Brandon’s cock and swallowed the large load he deposited in my mouth. After assuring him that I will talk to Myia about his being gay he left for his classes.

About ten o’clock Myia called and stated that she was on her way over. I finished up what I was doing and went out to the bar to wait for her.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and added a slug of whiskey into it.

Myia soon arrived walked up to me and gave me a very passionate kiss. Her lips parted and we explored each others mouth as we tongue probed the other. She broke the kiss and after pouring herself a cup of coffee sat beside me at the bar.

As we talked I changed the subject to Brandon. “When Brandon came home Friday evening he told me that he is gay. He wants me to tell you that he is gay because he is afraid how you and Tom will feel about it.”

Myia just got that mysterious smile of hers and said, “That does not surprise me. I have thought that he might be for awhile now.”

“Really,” I stated, I never thought about it but in hindsight I can see several indications that he might be.”

“Well, a mother does pay closer attention to her son than others do and she picks up on such things.”

“I am not so sure that he is totally gay,” I replied, I think that he might be bi. When I asked him if he had been with any girls he said no and that the few times he dated one that it just did not feel right.”

I continued, “There is something else you should know. … He looked me straight in my eyes and stated, ‘I want to make love with you.”

Myia smiled that mysterious smile again as she raised an eyebrow and stated, “mmm like mother like son. What did you do?”

“I was taken aback a bit and stated that that would be incest. He said that he did not think that incest bothered me. That he knows you and I fuck nişantaşı escort each other.”

“Wow, he really unloaded with you didn’t he? Then Myia continued, “I kind of thought he knew about you and I. So what did you do?”

“Well the short version is, he is very experienced in man to man sex. .. and I must say he is very good. When he asked me to tell you I told him that I would if he will promise to at least try being with a woman.”

“Is he a good lover,”she asked. “Did he agree to try having sex with a woman,” Myia asked.

“Yes, he said that he will if he can find one that is as hot as you. He also told me that he often masturbated fantasizing that it was him making love to you when he knew that you and I were together.”

“What do you think we should do? Do you know any hot young women that he might like?”

I replied, “No, I do not. The only hot lady I know is you. Would you consider your son making love to you?”

With a smile she stated, “I don’t really know. To be honest it has crossed my mind but that was just a fleeting thought a few times. Still …”

I got off the stool I was sitting on, stood in front of her and pulled her into my arms. We kissed and somehow wound up on a pile of cushions on the floor. We kissed and caressed each other as we removed the others clothes.

She massaged and played with my tits as I suckled hers. I left her tits and slipped down her body to her mound of heaven. I kissed around her pussy and opened the doorway to her love tunnel with my tongue. I flicked her clit with my tongue as I licked around the area and then tongue fucked her.

We somehow moved into a sixty nine position and she took my cock into her mouth and sucked me as I tongue fucked her. She soon started sucking harder and bucking her hips as her orgasm approached. Suddenly she clamped my head between her legs and had a gigantic orgasm. Her juices flowed out of her and I started shooting my seed into her mouth.

I continued licking her cunt as she licked and cleaned my cock. When she was satisfied that she had all of my seed she let my cock fall from her mouth. We twisted back around and lay on the cushions holding each other in our arms. We kissed and just basked in the after glow.

We both dozed a little laying there. We heard the back door open and close. I said, “That must be Brandon getting home.”

Myia jumped up, grabbed her clothes and ran for her room, naked.

I grabbed my pants and put them on, then sat at the bar. I thought that Brandon was home early but when I looked at the clock I saw it was a little after three.

Brandon came into the bar. “I saw Myia’s car outside. Have you told her yet?”

“Yes, I have,” I replied. Then added, “she said that she thought that you might be gay for a long time now.”

Brandon’s face flushed a bit as he asked, “How did she take it? What did she say?”

“She took it very well, and asked if you are a good lover.”

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