Good Girl


When she opened the door she could tell that something was wrong, but he didn’t say a word. She closed the door and tossed her keys onto the entryway table. Before she could ask what was wrong he embraced her, seeking out her neck and waist. His mouth enveloped hers as he hungrily kissed her. His left hand gripped her neck as he rested his forehead against her own.

“Open your legs,” he breathed. When she parted her lips to reply his hold tightened. His eyes focused upon hers. “Open,” he ordered, “your legs.” She did as she was told and felt the hand around her neck squeeze and release approvingly. “Good girl.” Her body responded to his praise and her pussy throbbed to the quickening beat of her heart. He reached between her legs and pinched the growing thickness of her labia; he could feel the heat of her sex through the pants that she wore. “You like it when I touch you like this…” She nodded as his finger continued to pinch and slightly twist her sensitive skin. “Tell me.”

“Yes,” she whispered. There was an animalistic gleam in his eyes and she felt herself relax into his grasp. She acquiesced willingly. Whatever was bothering him he wanted to fuck it out. She pawed at his shoulder. “My pussy is getting wet…” And it was.

He clutched her neck and labia at the same time. “Yes…my good girl has such a little wet pussy – such a tight pussy.” He kissed her deeply as he used his entire hand to cup and squeeze her sex. “Unbutton your top.” As she did she felt a cool emptiness between her legs as he removed his hand to stroke himself through his pants. He sighed heavily as her breasts came into view. “Did you wear it all day?” he asked of the lace bra she wore. She nodded. “I bet all of the men in your office wanted to fuck you today. I know I would. My cock would be rock hard all day.” She reached out and slowly stroked the searingly warm outline of his cock. He moved his hand to her breasts and lightly touched the lace covering her nipples and watched them harden.

“My pussy doesn’t belong to anyone in my office,” she purred, brushing her lips upon his. He pinched her nipple and rolled it and the lace between the pads of his fingers. “Nnngh…”

“Who does it belong to?” She answered him with a taunting look. He tilted his head. “Who does your pussy belong to?” She heard the smack of the spank long before she felt the burn of it.

“You,” she almost pouted, her hands still stroking him through his pants.

He swiftly removed her that 90s show izle hand from his erection and seized her neck, his thumb tracing the line of her jaw. “You haven’t forgotten, have you?” Her eyes sparkled and sucked his thumb into her mouth. “Do I have to remind you?” She shook her head without breaking her gaze. “Take off your pants – keep sucking.” She did as she was told. He moved her, still suckling his thumb, to the back of the couch. “Sit down and spread your legs – all of the way – open up for me.” He took in the view of her open and waiting for him. “Yes yes yes…oh look at that sweet…” he ran his fingers over the fabric of her underwear, “oooh, so wet.” He pulled her into him and kissed the crook of her neck, then gently bit at her scented skin. “So wet for me…” She felt his thumb rub lazy circles through her underwear – the slowness was excruciating. All she could do was pant. She loved what he was able to do to her. “Tell me, baby – it feels good doesn’t it?” Her hips bucked and he held fast. “No no – don’t move. Let me – I want to hear you say it.” She groaned as he pulled the fabric of her underwear aside. “Is this why you wear panties like this? So I can pull them aside and slip my fingers inside of you?” His fingers slid along the length of her swollen slit. “So I can fuck you?”

“Yeeesss…” she moaned, “…please…”

He kissed her and slid the length of two fingers into her. Her cunny was creamy hot and so smooth…so soft. He watched her face. “Please what?” He began to slowly fuck his fingers in and out of her.


He suddenly stopped and she opened her mouth to protest. He brought his slick fingers to her lips. “Taste yourself,” he ordered as she obeyed. “Good girls ask to be fucked.” The feel of her tongue twisting over his fingers made his balls ache. “Are you a good girl?”

“Yes, I’m a good girl,” she echoed when he moved his hand to untie the drawstring of his pants. She bit at her lip and slipped her bra off, allowing her pale breasts to hang free. She pinched her nipples hard and cooed, “Please fuck me.”

He could smell the clean, musk scent of her and resisted the urge to plunge his cock into her. She was so open and creamy wet – so obedient and playful and utterly his. He adored her. “Fuuuck…” he growled as he pumped the length of his shaft. “You want my cock in your pretty little pussy?”

She opened her legs wider and reached the 1619 project izle down to pull aside her panties to reveal her aching cunt. She dipped her fingertips into the wet cleft between her legs and inhaled sharply. “Ooohh…please…fuck me. I need it…”

He closed the space between them in a stride and rubbed the swollen head of his cock through her wet folds. She clung to him, anticipating his thickness pushing into her. She needed to feel him within her, expanding, driving his way inside of her. She trembled and kissed his chest and neck.

Poised upon the rim of her wet little hole he paused to take in the look on her face as he first slid into her. It was his favorite moment – where the head of his thick cock slipped, pushed, her stretching – that look upon her face as she climbed high upon his desire. “Look at me.” She submitted. “Good girl.” He buried his cock deep into her and watched the gush of arousal radiate from her face. Pupils impossibly large, still and dark like two rooms and rouge colored lips slack and lewd as he rut up into his good girl. His sexy baby with the sweet pink pussy that was all his.

She was lost in him. The rhythm and stroke of his throbbing cock assaulted her with ecstasy. It was in this state, deeper, harder, sucking his cock inside of her that she was completely his. She wanted him everywhere – in her mouth, filling her ass, pounding her cunt. “Fuck…fuck…you’re…you’re so deep in…side…”

He slowed his thrusts and watched his cock disappear into her. “Yes yes…oh god yes…so tight for me. A good girl likes to get fucked, doesn’t she?”

“Yes,” she whimpered, nearly begging, “I’m yours…”

He pulled out and drug her from the edge of the couch only to bend her over it. “Stay down,” he snarled as he pushed hard on her back. He spread her ass and manipulated her pussy with his fingers spreading the wetness from her pussy the length to her asshole.

She stiffened with apprehension and it made his cock twitch. “Yes…you like that.” She mewled like a kitten. “I want to hear you say it.” He pushed his index finger into her ass and she moaned. “Ooh, yes…I know you like that.”

“I love it,” she breathed.

He raised his eyebrows. “You love it…oh how astute you are,” he praised with a slap as he slipped his ring finger along side his index.

“Ooooh god…oh yes…”

He shook the hand seated in her ass and the 7 lives of lea izle she shouted an unintelligibly “yes” laden response. Once again he slipped his cock into her pussy and thrust into her, removing his fingers and hooking his thumb into her ass; it pulled the tight hole into a trembling yawn that he wanted to fuck. “You want to get filled up?” She didn’t answer. He spanked her. “Do you want to get filled up?”

Her voice sounded far away as the sound of it was absorbed by pillows, “I want…your cock every…where.”

He hummed and grunted as he fucked her, feeling a slight tingle at the base of his cock. He removed his thumb and held onto her hips with both hands and thrust like a desperate man. “My little hot, tight pussy,” he pant in time with his thrusts. He spanked her several more times. “Fuck…you’re so sexy…my sexy good girl.”

Her limbs seized and she grasped at the fabric of the couch. “I’m…gonna cum…oh god…” He slowed a bit giving her long thrusts of his cock. She felt him drag his big cock the length of her pussy and let out a moaning sigh. “You’re so good…so good…your cock…oh I’m cumming – oh!” He grabbed onto her hips and kept pumping into her as she contracted around him and covered him in a warm wave that coated his erection and threatened to drip onto the floor.

He pulled her back toward him and she arched backward. “Yes yes yes…my little baby sweet pussy cumming all over me,” he urged in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her tightly. “Now I’m going to cum in you…deep in you…fill you up.”

“Use me – I’m yours – your little fuck toy…fill me up,” she pleaded.

He brought her arms behind her by her elbows and fucked her hard. The smack of their skin vibrated in his head. He looked down to watch his cock piston into her and he pushed her back over the couch. “Fuck…you’re going to make me cum,” he groaned. It was then that she felt the excruciatingly exquisite hardness of his cock as thick streams of cum filled her.

They were still for a moment, each heaving for air. The clock on the wall ticked loudly. He backed slowly away from her, watching his softening dick slide out of her followed by a trickle of cum. He wished he were still hard so he could fuck it back into her.

He reached out, caressed her ass and helped her to stand. “Come here, come,” he whispered as he brushed wild strands of hair from her face. He kissed her.

She combed her fingers through his hair. “Rough day?” she asked quietly.


Her hand lingered on his cheek as she kissed him again. “I love you,” she said looking into his worried eyes. “I’ll make dinner and open a bottle of wine,” she said as she moved toward the bedroom to undress.

He watched her long after she had left the room. “Good girl,” he whispered.

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