Cowgirl Position

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In Diana’s Double Bluff I explained the situation I found myself in at my Godfathers home. This is a continuation of sorts and explains my last comment in the story.

The party had been so boring, and not knowing any of the females present and also feeling a little out of sorts I had departed dispiritedly and discreetly upstairs to my bedroom. Relations between me and my guardians eldest daughter Rita, were distinctly icy. She was a pretty blonde, a real mantrap who thought that she was the most desirable female alive and that any man should be instantly captivated by her. But so far I had resisted all the temptation she had put my way.

Her actions, and dress sense, frequently in my opinion, bordered close to the ridiculous and I had unfortunately embarrassed her, by laughing out loud at the mishap that had occurred at her morning parade that morning. She had in her fury at the time, promised revenge on me, but in the meantime, her actions had shown that I was definitely in the “dog house” until my sins had been paid for.

Despite her sometimes outrageous behaviour, I really liked Rita; she was basically a nice girl, and I would not have done anything deliberately to hurt her, and I did really fancy her. I knew she fancied me and her deliberate almost nude parade that took place daily as she walked from her bedroom to the bathroom each morning was purely for my eyes only. Each day she would check that I was watching then open her gown, lift her nightdress and give me a flash of her naked body I usually responded by standing in the open doorway with an erection which she could see and obviously enjoyed looking at while I fondled it. It was all good clean fun and we both knew where it was eventually going to end.

We both knew that it was only a matter of time and opportunity before my resolve slipped and we got our act together and had sex. We were both young and reckless and we knew that we would be taking a big risk. I knew that, if her parents caught us I would be out on my ear straight away with no second chance. I had up to now been very reluctant to take advantage of her obvious play for me, out of respect for my Godparents. But Diana my current girl friend was away and I knew full well that my resolve was slipping.

Anyway that morning during her usual parade,she had tripped and landed on the floor with her nightdress round her ears. Unfortunately I could not help myself and I had laughed out loud at her misfortune and for that, I knew that I would not easily be forgiven. The icy look that I received when she stood up told me that revenge would be heading my way soon.

That night after leaving the party that the girls had previously arranged and reaching my bedroom I undressed, not fearing that my privacy would be in danger, I had undressed and lay down on the couch in front of the television, and fallen asleep. I awoke some time later at the sound of whispered voices, and some subdued giggling. The room was dark, but the door was open and in the flickering light of the television screen I could see a cluster of female figures.

A voice said. “This is his room.” I called out rather aggrieved at the interruption. ” Do you mind this is my bedroom?”

” No darling, we don’t mind at all.” Came the response from a giggling female, accompanied by a series of giggles, from some of the other girls who had been at the party. Now, I rationalised that it was entirely impossible to maintain any form of dignity while I was naked. I would have preferred to have started the fun, if that was what it was to be, from an equal state of preparedness, but my clothes were all too far away. I made a futile attempt to reach my dressing gown on a nearby chair. But the chair was quickly whisked away with a cry of “naughty, naughty” from one of the girls.

Simultaneously, two pairs of hands pulled me back down on the couch from behind, while other hands, successfully prised mine away from covering my cock. Now I was not a fool, and I had quickly surmised stonehouse izle at first that the girls just wanted some innocent fun at my expense, and they were comparatively harmless. Now being handled by several young attractive females brought my cock to an instant erection, which was certainly a signal to the girls that I was more than willing to join in any fun they had planned.

I decided only to put up only sufficient resistance, necessary to maintain a little dignity. But I soon found that any resistance was not possible I heard little murmurs such as. “He’s lovely isn’t he?” and “What a pity he’s going to waste” and “Isn’t it a whopper?”.

Then quite quickly one girl, someone referred to her as Gloria, sat on what would have been my lap had I been sitting upright. She had at some stage removed her panties and my cock was rubbing against her bare warm, wet vagina. She leaned over my torso, put an arm round my neck and started kissing me.

I could taste the alcohol on her breath, and as she was pressing me down, so I could not have tossed her off even had I wanted to. As she kissed me, I could feel her lipstick rubbing off on my lips and face. Their was a strong smell of perfume and her well developed bust was pressing against me. I will always remember clearly the necklace she was wearing that night was very cold as it drooped on to my bare chest. As she kissed me she took my hand, thrusting it gently inside her now open blouse on to her bare breast. I knew immediately I felt them, that she was aroused, her nipples were hard and very firm. I knew then that this girl meant business.

“You’ve got lovely smooth hands” She murmured. I pinched her nipples gently, drawing a slight moan from her.She now had me very excited and I was ready for a good fuck if it was being offered.The other girls had moved closer, intent on watching the action, and assisting wherever they could. I was overwhelmed by groping hands as some of the other girls decided to feel what part of me was easily available. One girl started nuzzling me round my neck, another was sucking a toe. I could also feel wet sticky lips on my exposed ear, and one hand was attempting to pinch my nipples.

I could do nothing to defend myself, even if I had been inclined to do so. My loins were burning with suppressed lust and I was experiencing the feelings and a sense of delight, that had been missing from my life recently. My penis had become so rock hard, that I thought it would burst out of its skin. Gloria could feel it and was obviously encouraged by my response.

As Gloria slipped off my lap. I was not struggling, I was waiting in anticipation hoping that despite the audience, that she would finish what she had started. I was hoping that Gloria, or perhapsanother girl would take me inside her and relieve my mounting frustration. At this stage I was not at all fussy what girl had me.

From the giggles and conversation, I deduced that some of the girls were worried in case they had gone too far, and it seemed that at least two of the girls were seeing a mans private parts in the raw for the very first time. I was now I knew, uncomfortably close to ejaculating. But all was not lost,Gloria had decided to work her bare buttocks over my mouth. My mouth was quickly being rubbed by her very moist vagina as she climbed aboard. I briefly saw her pink slit opening between her vagina hair as darkness descended as her skirt covered my eyesight, plunging me into instant gloom. I inserted my tongue right inside her and my nose was buried in the wet smelly hair surrounding her vagina.

I knew what I was expected to do and now I was more than willing to do it. Simultaneously, to my great delight Gloria had also leaned forward and taken my penis in her mouth. I could feel her teeth rubbing up and down my shaft, as she worked her head up and down. My tongue was now exploring her love tunnel with great enthusiasm. I quickly found her little magic bud, the clitoris which I started to tease with super junior the last man standing izle the tip of my tongue. She was moaning as though she was in pain, and obviously thoroughly enjoying the experience. As she rocked her hips, she was pushing down hard on my face. My tongue was in as far as it would go, my nose was now gently penetrating the cheeks of her buttocks and rubbing against her anus as occasionally she rocked back on me.

This excited her even more, and she was now making sure that she was getting the most enjoyment from her movements. I had done my job so well, that she had her orgasm all over my face, but she still kept moving; she wanted even more from me. In the meantime, she was working away well, on my cock. I could not control myself, any more. As I was in the process of coming, all activity suddenly ceased. The girls stood up, as I struggled up on my elbows, I was surprised to see that Rita was standing in the doorway, not speaking. The girls now quietly and not speaking, slid past her one by one as they made a hasty exit from the room. To my dismay alas my cock spurted my juices high into the air.

Rita stood there for a moment after the girls had left; switching on, the light she looked down at my now limp cock covered in come. “Whose laughing now?” She said, with a sardonic look on her face, as turning quickly, she left shutting the door behind her. I was furious and frustrated. I was furious at Rita for taking such a petty revenge on me, and frustrated because I was still not totally sexually satisfied. I felt that certainly I didn’t deserve to be humiliated like this. I determined then that I would not spend another night in this house. I would, pack my bags and go.

Pulling my suitcase from the wardrobe. I packed some clothes, and quickly dressing. I descended the stairs to make my way to the front door. I could see both Rita and her younger sister were busily engaged in clearing up the mess from the party. Turning almost simultaneously, as I appeared in the hallway, they looked up with astonishment written all over their faces, obviously, at seeing me dressed and with the suitcase in my hand.

” Her sister asked, anxiety written all over her face. “Where are you going”? I’m leaving this house and I will pick up the rest of my belongings in the next few days.” I told her. told Vikki. ” Rita knows why, she planned all this to have her revenge on me. She can explain that to your parents”. Both girls seemed completely taken aback. Rita said. “What do you mean?””That was a low trick to arrange those girls to do that to me”. I told her

Rita rushed over putting her arms around me and hugging me she said.” Oh Tony, I would not do anything like that. I meant that you had obviously been having a very good time, while our party was so boring” I pushed her away roughly, too angry now to be mollified. “So you conveniently say now.” I looked at her sister, she was crying, and I was sorry she was so upset. I told her.

“Vikki, I know that you were not to blame, but I can not stay in this house any longer. You must see that.” I rang for a Taxi, while the girls harangued me trying to get me to change my mind, but I was so angry I could not be moved, even though I now had doubts about my accusations. I left the house to wait in the pouring rain, then I became aware of the figure of a young slim girl, also waiting. She was wearing a green plastic mackintosh and was sheltering under an umbrella. She looked to me as though she had been crying.

Sixth sense told me this was Gloria. I asked to be absolutely sure. “Is that you Gloria?”

“Yes Tony.” I heard her whisper. “Can I shelter under your umbrella? I asked. I joined her at the same time putting my arm round her, as we sheltered from the driving rain. “What are you doing here? I asked. “I asked if I could see you, but Rita would not let me in. So I was waiting for a taxi. I thought we had caused you trouble tonight, super league the war for football izle and I really am sorry if I have. But where are you going.?”

“I,m going to a Hotel for the night, and then I will have to find somewhere to live I guess. I will not stop here in this house any longer.”

“You can come home with me tonight Tony? I owe you that” She said in a low voice. I guess we never did properly finish what we started.” Just then a taxi arrived and we snuggled together in the warm dry back seat of the taxi. We were soon at her home, where she lived alone and after a hot coffee we were soon in bed. It was a wonderful feeling to hold this girl in my arms again. She had been most apologetic all the way home in the cab and nothing I said would convince her that she was forgiven.

After a few minutes of hugging Gloria turned and wrapped her arms around me pulling me close to her, our heads close together and our lips touching on the pillow. Her warm body pushed against me and her bullet hard nipples pressed into my chest. Within seconds I had straddled her ; her arms came round my neck, her hot wet lips placed themselves passionately on mine, her tongue pushing and probing inside my mouth.

I responded with fervour, savouring the feel of her lithe young warm body under me. Her hands were roving up and down my back exploring my body, with an urgency that was quite erotic, and showing her impatience. I kissed her neck and nibbled her ears, enjoying the feel of her lovely body moving in excitement and impatience underneath me.

She was moaning now Tony pleeeeese, I want you now please Her lips suddenly became demanding in her urgency, then she pulled her head to one side as her hands moved to my groin, not willing to wait any longer, she impatiently guided my cock inside her. The lips of her swollen wet vagina pressed back against my balls, I watched her mouth open with a slight gasp, as I pushed hard inside her, then her teeth bit on to my bottom lip, only to release it with another gasp as I pushed even harder.

As I pushed into her, enjoying the wet warmth of her vagina muscles grabbing me and massaging my cock as it passed through to the depths of her love tunnel. I suddenly realised that this girl was something very special. I started to move relentlessly but slowly, slowly withdrawing and pressing home as far as I could go. I saw her gazing up at me with such passion in her eyes, I could feel her body tensing and relaxing beneath me each time I moved inside her.

I could hear her laboured breathing, suddenly like a wave breaking over her entire body she began to shake. I could feel her muscles tightening round my cock as suddenly she lifted her hips off the bed as she ground her hips against me. Harder and faster I moved and I could almost feel her orgasms building as I too, neared the climax of our passion, then I could feel a series of small orgasms one after another, wave after wave of feeling sweeping through her body, she shuddered violently underneath me as her climax started to overwhelm her.

She continued to press her groin upwards into me, her legs locked round my thighs, gripping me hard, as I started to come inside her Far away I heard myself moan as I started pumping my juices into her. It was a long time before we could both relax, covered in perspiration from our frantic love making,our bodies leaking the product of our love making on to the sheets I held her gently, kissing her gently on the lips and running my hands through her damp hair, as she gazed back at me.

I realised that I had only known this girl for a few hours, she looked so beautiful, yet so vulnerable, she had made me forget Rita, Gloria and all the other problems in my life. Her beautiful silky skin, and the feel of her large smooth breasts as she lay against me, holding me close would stay with me the rest of my life. I knew I could easily fall in love with this girl in fact I was sure that I had already done so, as once again she pulled my head down and kissed me with such tenderness. Gloria looked up into my eyes. Then she spoke shyly.

Tony dear you don‘t have to rush away. I have plenty of room and you won‘t need a separate bedroom will you?. I feel we still have a lot of unfinished business.”

Postscript: I never ever did collect the rest of my belongings, nor did I go to medical school as I had planned. We now have six children and we are deliriously happy.

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