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Gingerbread Boy and JiuJitsu Boy continue…

For now, Gingerbread Boy and JiuJitsu boy will stay merged. The crew has grown and they are now more of a family than just friends. Both stories have gone much longer than I had expected, and I appreciate the feedback. There will be a few more chapters of them camping and I will decide what”s next for the stories. I do appreciate your feedback and really look forward to it. If you like these stories, please look at Andrew”s Misplaced Trust – link at the bottom. It”s a very personal story to me, taken from journals and from the boy”s perspective. Readers tell me it has a different tone than these two have, but I hope it shows the loving relationships between men and boys. Andrew”s journey has some very difficult times, but in the end I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have sharing it with you. Now back to Gingerbread JiuJitsu – GingerTsu – whatever…

“Boy”s, let”s go for a quick walk before dinner time and find all of the cool things out about this campground. Tomorrow morning, I want to hike down to the falls and we can have a picnic and swim in the small lake down there.”

“That sounds fun!” Brian said as the crew went off to explore the campground.

As the gang explored the area, they came across the tent camping area and discovered the trailhead for the three trails that began at the campground. There were big boards that outlined the trails, the sights to see, information about what they would see along the way, and suggested items to take with them.

“Look, dad, I want to go on this hike! It takes us down to the bottom of the falls, and it says you can swim under the waterfall and that it”s shallow. Can we do that?” Jamie asked.

“It”s up to the group, boys. Who wants to do that?” Mark said.

Every hand went up. “Can we take a football? We can play catch or tag in the water. Look at how big that is!” Taylor added.

“Let”s do that first thing tomorrow, guys. We can take lunch down with us and spend the day there. What about the other trails?” Liam said.

“If we can, I”d like to go on this one. That is, if it”s OK with everyone. This one says you can see butterflies and wildflowers, and according to the dates, they should be out right now. I think that would be pretty.” Brian said timidly.

Bruce jumped in, “That would be very fun to see. We can get pictures, and maybe there will be some hummingbirds or other wildlife!”

“It”s only a half mile hike from here too!” Sebastian needed to add so he wasn”t left out. Taylor didn”t look like he thought that was so much fun, but he didn”t say anything.

They continued on through the campground and came across the group campfire site. There was a sign board that said the campfire was tonight at 8 PM. Everyone was encouraged to bring items to make and share S”mores. Thank goodness Liam had thought ahead, he had a ton of supplies back at the campsite.

On the way back toward their campsite, they passed by a little general store. The boys all ran in to look at the trinkets that were for sale. There were local crafts and the typical souvenir items. Pocket knives, license plates with names on them, from Grizzly Valley. The boys gravitated over to the necklaces. There were a number of wooden bears cut out and strung from a simple leather necklace. There were little cubs, momma bears with their cubs, and grizzly bears, each with their own personality. The shop had a laser that could personalize them. The boys moved on to the mixtures of local gems and rocks and were playing with them while Liam walked over to the boy who was running the store.

“Do you have any more of the necklaces with the four cubs?”

“Yes, sir. I think I have four or five in the back. How many would you like?” The boy asked.

“I need four of them. Do you have any grizzly bears with cubs? I need two with a single cub and one with two.”

“I think I do. Let me go check.” The boy ran into the storage area and came back all smiles. “Here, I have them all.”

“Great, could you personalize them for me?”

“Sure, I can have them done tomorrow.”

“Perfect. Let me draw out what I want.”

Liam had each of the four cubs engraved with the initials of the boys. On the bottom, there was room to write “brothers.” For the adult bears, he just had the initials laser engraved on them.

“Come this way and you can pay for them. I can bring them to your campsite tomorrow or you can pick them up.”

“I”ll come and get them. We”re going to hike to the falls tomorrow, so I don”t know when we will be back.”

“That”s an amazing hike. Be sure to Çorum Escort take water with you so you don”t dehydrate. We don”t need another rescue team called out.”

“About that, have you heard anything?”

“Nothing official, but I hear the father of one of the missing boys flipped out and there was some sort of shooting between him and the parents of the other boy. The boys are still missing.”

Just then, the scanner in the back of the store went off with a message that the boys had been found.

“That”s good news, I hope they figure out what happened and have a happy reunion. We need to go. I”ll see you tomorrow.”

The boys had all managed to convince Mark to get them ice cream out of the Good Humor freezer, so they each had their snack for the short walk back to the campsite. Mark offered Liam a drumstick or a big stick. “Take your pick. I didn”t know if you preferred chocolate or fruity flavors.” Liam took the drumstick and enjoyed it on the way back to camp.

The boys all sat around the campfire ring on beach chairs while the men went inside to get things ready to cook supper. Taylor followed them in. “What can I do to help?”

“We need to get the barbecue ready to grill the steaks. Can you get the wood chunks out and get that going for us?” Liam said.


“By the way, I saw you grimace at going to see butterflies, and I appreciate you going along with it.”

“It”s not that, Liam. I think it would be fun, but I wanted to take you somewhere private. It”s OK, though. I saw on the posters for the butterflies that there are a couple of secluded walks you can take while down there. Maybe the two of us can go for a walk.”

“You know, that”s why I love you. You”re a hopeless romantic, or an insatiable slut. Either way, it keeps me happy!”

“Ugh, I love you too, old man!”

The three men pulled out steaks from the cooler, and Mark had some special rub he brought to put on them. Bruce sliced up some zucchini, summer squash, peppers, and onions. They put everything on platters to take out once Taylor got the fire ready.

Mark was standing near the window with his phone, taking a picture. “Look at them, typical boys. Start a fire and they”re like moths.” Each boy was doing something different with the fire while Taylor was trying to get the wood chunks to turn to coals for the steaks. Brian caught a small stick on fire and was holding it for Sebastian to light his own stick. Jamie was just standing side by side with Taylor. The two seemed to have an unspoken language.

“Boys, keep the fire in the pit or in the barbecue, please. We don”t want a wildfire.” Bruce yelled out. The boys moved to the fire ring while Jamie just stayed glued to Taylor.

“Dad, the coals are ready!” Jamie called out. The men came out with their trays and utensils to cook the meal.

“Boys, set the table, please.” Liam asked. They were all very helpful and got the picnic table set up in no time. Dinner was cooked and served, and they all sat around the fire pit chatting until it was time to go to the campground campfire. While there wasn”t a fire in the pit, the conversation was lively about what they expected to see tomorrow at the falls.

“Come on, guys, it”s time for the campfire!” Sebastian called out. He saw others walking toward the gathering place.

Mark grabbed the S”More supply and followed everyone down to the campfire. He handed each boy a stick and dumped the marshmallows into a small bucket. Bruce and Liam were busy unwrapping the graham cracker packages and Hershey bars. The boys were already burning their marshmallows, and poor Mark was trying to instruct them on how to get them warm and gooey without becoming flaming missiles.

The boys were all having fun and eventually made a couple of S”mores each, but gave up due to the amount of work. The ranger arrived and looked pretty worn out. He got up to the front to talk to the group.

“Hi Campers! My name is Ranger Charlie!”

The crowd responded, “Hi Ranger Charlie!”

“I hope you have all had some fun today. How about someone tell me where you”re from and who you are with.”

Various families explained where they were from and what they had done during the day. The boys were eager to share who they were, and they were very enthusiastic.

“We”re here with our brothers and mentors. We”ve all been pulled together by circumstances and have bonded. This weekend is for us to all bond stronger. Bruce, is our JiuJitsu and Kick Boxing master, Mark is Jamie”s dad, Liam is my best friend and partner. These little guys are all my brothers. Jamie, Sebastian, and Brian. I”m Taylor. We may not be blood, but we are one big family. This is our guys” weekend.”

Liam was proud of his boy. He was very composed and matter-of-fact. There was a bearish dad across the fire that was eyeing him pretty much the whole time, and as he watched Taylor, he pulled his own son into him to hug him from behind. Taylor”s speech moved the man. He saw Taylor and the crew all being openly touched and hugged. He leaned in and whispered something to his boy and then kissed him on the cheek. The boy turned around and hugged his dad.

After the campfire, they all returned to the campsite. “Guys, we all stink from the fire. How about we use the camp showers to Çorum Escort Bayan go get cleaned up?” Taylor led the charge.

Brian ran inside the motor coach and got body wash and shampoo. Sebastian grabbed the stack of towels so tall he could barely see over them. The guys trotted to the group shower. The adults followed along to shower as well.

When they got to the shower, they stripped off and ran into the group area. As they rounded the corner to the showers, they noticed the man and boy that were at the campfire that had noticed Taylor”s speech. The boys found the closest shower heads and all bunched under them, scrubbing and helping each other. They didn”t care that the man and boy were there watching. Liam walked over to the shower head next to the man and boy. “Hi! I”m Liam. I noticed you when my boy Taylor was talking at the campfire.”

“Pleased to meet you, I”m Charlie and this is Mattie.”

Mattie had beautiful blue eyes and smiled at Liam. “Hi!” He fist bumped Liam. He looked to be about eight.

“My son and I are here, because, well, we needed to get away. My wife, Mattie”s mom, passed away about a year ago, and we have been fighting and things were getting really bad. My therapist said we needed to get away and bond with my son. I don”t know how to do it, but when I saw your boys touching, hugging, and hugging with the adults, I realized that I hadn”t touched my son in ages.” Charlie said. “Son, why don”t you go wash up with the boys? They look like they are having fun.”

“Boys, Mattie here needs some help showering. Could you guys make sure he”s squeaky clean?” Liam yelled over to the crew.

The boys had a quizzical look on their faces. What did Liam mean? “What did he mean?” Brian asked.

“Dunno. Let”s just treat him like we treat each other. ” Jamie shrugged.

“You mean, touch his stuff?” Sebastian giggled.

“Guys we”re here to clean, not have sex, so yeah, just help him clean.” Taylor said.

“Hi Mattie! Good to meet you.” The boys all introduced each other and fist bumped. They began washing each other, and Mattie seemed to be into it. He started to bone up like the rest of the boys and was giggling so loudly. He had an infectious little boy laugh.

“He seems to be enjoying it. I suggested it so we could talk. What”s the issue?” Liam said.

“Mattie, he just reminds me of his mom. I miss her and when he”s around I feel sad.”

“Do you hug him? Tell him you love him?”

“No.” Charlie looked down and began to cry. “I can”t. I don”t know why.”

“How does Mattie react?”

“He blames me for his mother”s death. We were in an accident. A drunk driver broadsided us, right into her door. I held her as she breathed her last breath. She told me to love Mattie like I loved her.”

“I”m sorry for your loss. That had to be horrible. Why can”t you love Mattie like you loved her?”

“Because, no, I can”t tell you. I can”t tell my therapist, fuck, I”m such a bad father.” Charlie walked out of the showers into the changing room. Liam followed. Taylor looked over, and Liam just held his hand up to say, stay put.

As the men got into the changing room, Liam grabbed his shorts and told Charlie to put them on. They walked outside and sat on a secluded bench.

“Charlie, I don”t know at all, but I see you DO love your son, and I saw something in your eyes at the campfire. You can tell me. As far as I know, we may never cross paths again. That could be a good thing. I”m not your counselor, so there”s no patient privilege, but I”m also safe. I won”t tell a soul. I have an idea what”s bothering you though.”

Charlie leaned over and put his head on Liam”s bare shoulder. Liam could feel the warm tears from Charlie dripping on his chest. It was actually a bit erotic, but the situation wasn”t sexually charged, so Liam continued on.

“You love your boy, right?”

“Y…, Y…, Yes.” Charlie stuttered.

“Your wife told you to love him like you loved her. What does that mean to you?”

“I, I, I don”t know.”

“Do you think she would want you to hug Mattie? Tell him how much you love him? Tell him how much his mother loved him?”

“Mhumph” was all Charlie could get out.

“Then why don”t you? I saw you hug him at the campfire.”

“Promise you won”t judge me?”

“I promise. I”m the last person allowed to judge anyone.”

“Well, when I hug Mattie, I want to do more. I want to kiss him, cuddle him, and then I get hard. I mean, I”ve never, I wouldn”t ever, shit, I don”t know. It”s so confusing.”

Liam chuckled a bit.

“I knew I shouldn”t say anything.” Charlie said.

“No, that”s not it. Look, you”re a guy, and you”ve had that thing between your legs for your entire life. When have you ever known it to react properly?”

“You have a point.”

“We never know when it”s going to pop up, so to speak, but there are certain emotions that make it react the way it does. Just because you are holding your son intimately, in a hug, or a kiss, doesn”t mean you want to do anything inappropriate with him. I”m sure the feelings are love, and you said it yourself, he reminds you of his mom. Maybe it”s just the love for his mom that makes you bone up.”

“Maybe, but, well, Mattie sleeps with me and he has nightmares. When he does, Escort Çorum I spoon him from behind. Hugging my boy in bed, well, that makes me hard instantly. He feels it, I know. He even wiggles his tiny butt into my crotch. I”m scared. That”s not right.”

“Has he said anything to you about it?”

“No, just that he likes to cuddle with me. I guess that”s the only physical contact we have.”

“How old is he? Eight? He doesn”t even know about sexual intimacy. In his little mind, he knows when he rubs against you, it makes you hard. He also knows when his little dick is hard, it makes him feel good, so it”s all innocent.”

“But, what if I cross the line? What if I, nevermind.”

“What if you, what? Touch him? Give him pleasure? Just let him lead. He needs intimacy with you. He doesn”t think it”s sexual. If he pulls your hand down to rub him, or humps you, go with it. Just make sure you never do anything he doesn”t want to do. Let him be in control. Trust me, it works.”

Charlie looked up into Liam”s eyes. He saw that Liam meant it, and that he knew it first hand. “You mean?”

“I will neither confirm nor deny, but my boy gets the attention he needs and wants after losing his mom. We express ourselves freely.”

“Wow. But that”s wrong. It”s not right.”

“Why is it wrong? You”re showing your love for your boy and reacting the way both of you want to. I didn”t say that you have to have sex with him. You can just hold, touch and make each other feel good. If you do more, and you both agree, what is the harm?”

“I guess. You don”t know what a load you”ve taken off of me. I mean, I”m not gay, I don”t want to have sex with my boy, but I don”t want to feel guilty for whatever happens between us.”

“Then don”t. Speaking of the boys, I”m sure they are waiting for us.” Liam stood up, pulling Charlie up with him, and they went back in, shucked their shorts, and wandered into a soap fest in the showers.

“I thought you boys would be long done.” Liam said.

“We waited for you.” Charlie and Liam were attacked by five boys, all scrubbing and washing them. Taylor took on Liam”s private parts and directed Matty to do the same with his dad. Charlie didn”t know what to do, but immediately got hard. Charlie looked at Liam, who just smiled back.

“Let your boy clean you. Open up to him.”

Liam let Taylor clean him as well. The two men stopped looking at each other, smiled, and then looked down on their boys, who were spending a lot more time than necessary cleaning their cocks.

Sebastian leaned in to Mattie”s ear and whispered something. Mattie grinned ear to ear and leaned in to kiss his dad”s cock.

Charlie wasn”t sure and backed away.

“Charlie, let your son explore. This is all innocent fun. Let him in.”

Mattie looked at Sebastian, then at the cock he had been kissing and licking and opened wide.

“Remember to watch your teeth!” Sebastian said.

By the time Charlie realized what was happening, it was too late. This was all too new, too public, too wrong, too right; he shot load after load into Mattie”s mouth. He lifted his son up and was crying. “I”m sorry, son, I”m sorry.”

“Dad, don”t be mad at me.” Mattie started to cry.

“I”m not mad, son. I”m just, surprised. I love you, son. I never want to hurt you and this is wrong.”

“But, it felt right. I love you, dad, and I wanted to make you feel good.”

“Oh, you did son. You did. It”s OK. We probably shouldn”t do that in public, but I loved it. I can”t wait to return the favor.” Mattie locked lips with his dad. They stood there while the other boys rinsed the last of the soap off of them and turned off the showers. They all moved out to the dressing area to dry.

“Mattie, I didn”t ask you to do that. I hope you weren”t pressured to.”

“No dad, like I said, I wanted to. I saw Sebastian and Brian do it in the shower and asked them about it. Brian sucked on me, and it felt amazing, and I wanted to do that for you. Are you mad at me, dad?”

“No son, I love you more than anything. But don”t feel like you have to do things like that. I”m sorry I haven”t hugged you and kissed you enough since we lost mom. I promise to be better.”

“I know, dad. The boys told me how lucky I was to have you. Did you know that both Taylor and Jamie”s mothers died too? They told me about their lives and how much they loved their fathers. They tell me that they constantly hug and kiss them. I”m sure they probably do what I did to you too.”

“I promise to be better, son.” Charlie hugged Mattie again. They finished dressing and headed off. “Thank you again, Liam.”

“No worries. Hey, we”re going to the falls tomorrow if you want to join us.”

“I”d love to, but I think Mattie and I are going to make up for a lost year. We will probably just stay in our camper all day.”

Liam winked as they walked off to the motor coach.

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