Games Night Pt. 02

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For the next week everything seemed to have carried on as normal and the games night experience was never mentioned by either James or Ryan, but Ryan had been replaying the scene over and over again in his mind and was wondering what would happen this games night.

Games night started like every other games night and both guys quickly settled into their gaming, but Ryan couldn’t concentrate fully on the game, he secretly hoped for a repeat performance of the last game night, but also was confused over his feelings from the night.

Ryan’s thoughts were interrupted when James casually said “oh I hope you don’t mind but Holly asked if she could pop round again and I said that would be fine as long as we don’t have to stop the game, hope that’s ok with you?”

Ryan looked over at James and replied “no prob mate,” he hoped he sounded casual as he suddenly had a rush of excitement and didn’t want to let James see.

They carried on gaming for about 20 minutes when there was a knock at the door.

“Can you get that mate?” James said.

“Sure thing” Ryan replied moving to get the door.

Ryan opened the door and their stood Holly, with a cheeky smile she gave Ryan a quick peck on the lips “Hi Ryan, hope you don’t mind the interruption.”

“Not at all” Ryan managed to say as Holly breezed past him.

Ryan sat back down and picked his controller up as Holly this time went straight in front of James and knelt down, with a sly glance over at Ryan she immediately reached for James pants and unfastened them, this time she removed James pants completely along with his boxers.

Ryan had given any pretense of watching the game and was watching wide eyed as Holly took hold of James cock and slowly started to pump it, she did this for a few minutes until some pre cum started to leak from the tip, she then stared right into Ryan’s eyes as she slowly lowered her mouth over the head of James cock Anadolu Yakası Escort and with a slurp sucked up all the leaking pre cum.

“mmmmm” she murmured as she slowly started to slide her mouth up and down, James had now also given up on the game and had his head back eyes closed enjoying Holly’s ministrations.

Holly was really getting into this now and was determined to give Ryan a show, she slid her mouth off his cock and started to run her tongue up and down the shaft and at the same time caressing James big balls.

She started to lick the head was now leaking pre cum is a steady stream, again looking at Ryan as she let him see the juices on her tongue before swallowing with a wink.

She went back to bobbing her head up and down and the room was filled with the mixed sounds of Holly moaning and Ryan groaning, and all the while Ryan couldn’t tear his eyes away.

All of a sudden James let out a deep groan and started fill Holly’s mouth with his cum.

Holly tried to swallow as fast as she could, but like last time there was too much and some ran back down Ryan’s cock and onto his stomach and balls.

She continued to slowly suck Ryan’s now deflating cock and slowly slid her mouth off and started to lick up all the spillages, once again making eye contact with Ryan who was couldn’t take his eyes from Holly as she finished her clean up.

Holly sat back with a look on her face looking like she was high on James cum if such a thing was possible.

James pulled his pants up and said “need to visit the loo,” leaving Holly and Ryan looking at each other.

Holly moved over to Ryan, “thanks Ryan” she said moving up to give him a kiss.

Ryan expected and looked forward to a little pick on the lips like last time as was shocked when Holly covered his mouth with a full blown kiss and was even more shocked when she pushed her tongue into his mouth along with Bostancı Escort a good portion of Ryan’s cum.

Ryan froze for a few seconds and suddenly responded, sending his tongue searching for more of Ryan’s cum.

“Mmmmm” he moaned and Holly continued to thrust her cum soaked tongue into his mouth.

Ryan couldn’t believe what was happening and suddenly felt Holly grab his cock over his jeans, her touch was all that was needed and with a groan into Holly’s mouth he started to cum in his pants.

Once again Ryan experienced a cum like no other and once again James cum was involved.

Holly moved her mouth from his and whispered in his ear “Now you know.”

As she moved away James came back into the room, “alright mate shall we get back to the game.”

“Sure thing, let me nip to bathroom first though,” Ryan replied as he went to the bathroom to clean up.

When Ryan came back James ” said ” Holly’s gonna stay over tonight, she’s got some uni work to do so will be in my room out of the way”

“No prob” Ryan said picking up his controller.

The rest of the night carried on as normal and eventually they called it a night and went to their respective rooms.

Ryan showered and did some uni work for a bit and eventually got into his bed and laid there replaying the nights events.

He couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed tasting James cum from Holly and as he replayed it in his head he started to slowly wank his cock.

He could feel himself getting to that point when there was a soft knock at his door.

“What the fuck” he muttered, grabbing a sheet and moving to open the door.

To his surprise Holly stood there wearing one of James football shirts.

“I have something you may want” she said moving into the room.

“What the fuck Holly, what are you doing and where’s James?”

“James is asleep and as I said I have something for you, Ümraniye Escort but it’s a surprise,”

“Trust me” she said, “Lay down on the bed and close your eyes.”

Ryan was a bit unsure but at the back of his mind he thought Holly might kiss him again after being with James and that exited him, so he lay down on the bed with his eyes shut.

He felt the bed move as Holly climbed on it and he started to feel excited as he could smell cum.

“Open your eyes” Holly said.

Ryan opened his eyes and was rewarded a close up of Holly’s pussy which was all puffy and glistening with what looked liked cum.

“Surprise” she said as she pushed her pussy down onto Ryan’s mouth.

“Mmmmph” Ryan panted as he was suddenly pressed up against Holly’s pussy.

“Thought you would want to clean this for me” she said, “”am I right?”

“Mmmmmm” Ryan replied as he stuck out his tongue and was rewarded with a glob of Ryan’s cum.

Ryan groaned in pleasure and started to eat Holly’s pussy like a starving man.

Holly couldn’t believe her luck, she suspected that Ryan showed an interest when she sucked James last week, and when she saw him taste James cum on his lip when he didn’t think anyone was looking she decided to push it further.

Meanwhile Ryan’s attention to her pussy was pushing her closer to cumming, and she decided to return the favour.

Ryan had sucked all of James cum from Holly’s pussy and now he was getting a steady stream of Holly’s love juices and moved his tongue to lick her clit when he felt the sheet removed from his lower body and a warm wet feeling descended on his cock as Holly started to suck him.

It was all too much for Ryan and with a groan shot what felt like a gallon of cum into Holly’s mouth, when Holly felt Ryan cum it pushed her over the edge and with a moan exploded and gave Ryan a mouthful of her cum this time.

Holly climbed off the bed turned round and once again gave Ryan a kiss, this time sharing his own cum with him.

She then stood up gave him a wink and left.

Ryan laid on his bed completely drained and left with the mixed taste of his Cum, James cum and Holly’s cum in his mouth.

End of part 2

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