Fun after Work


Patti stood in front of the full length mirror and checked her appearance. She didn’t look too bad in the French Maid outfit, stockings, black crotchless panties and black heels. Patti, Kate and Stacy had a great day together. First they had went to the local Adult store and bought a few items. It was Stacy’s first time in a place like that. She was going to fit in just fine. Later they all went bck to Patti’s house and had a wild afternoon of hot sex. Stacy was starting to enjoy being with a woman, she was getting used to it.

Kate and Patti had taken turns licking, eating and fucking Stacy with a dildo. Stacy had tried to eat pussy and she was finding out she liked it. Kate and Stacy had left about 4:00pm, knowing Ted would be home in about an hour and a half. Patti had straightened up the play room, changed the sheets on the bed and then went upstairs and took a shower. “Not bad, I hope he likes this.” she thought to herself as she sprayed on her favorite perfume.

Ted was stuck in traffic for some road construction. He might be here a few minutes so he took out his phone and replayed the videos Patti had sent him. Damn this was so hot, there was Patti lying down between Stacy’s spread legs. Patti was licking and eating that pussy, sucking on Stacy’s hard clit as she pushed a dildo in and out of Stacy’s very wet pussy. “Ooohhh yes, fuck me with that dick.” Stacy begged. Kate was straddling Stacy’s face. Stacy grabbed Kate and pulled her pussy onto her mouth and licked her. “Looks like Patti has a second best friend.” Ted said as he unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out. Thank God they owned an SUV, it sat up high enough no one could see him stroking his cock. “That’s it baby girl eat and fuck her pussy.” he told Patti.

If it was one thing Patti loved to do is eat pussy and make video’s. Ted knew what he was going to be doing tonight. He might not even wait until after dinner to get some pussy. “I’m goin’.” Ted said as the people behind him honked their horn, the traffic had started to move again. “With any luck I’ll be home and fucking in about twenty minutes.” he said putting putting himself back together.

Ted found a note from Patti. “Ring The Doorbell.” He rang the door bell, wondering what was up. He was sure she had something in store for him. She has been super horny lately, well she is always that way but really horny the past few days.

From the two videos Patti had sent him at work they had a VERY good time. After watching them he found it difficult to concentrate on his work. He had made it through the day and rushed home.

At first the house was quiet, then he could hear her heels clicking on the tile floor. She opened the door and stood there in a very low cut black French maid outfit, black stockings, and black heels. She didn’t say one word but took him by the hand and pulled him into the front hall. She shut the door and before he could say anything she went to her knees. Unzipped his pants and reached in for his cock. She liked that his cock was already hard for her. He could tell he was in for a wild night. She licked his cock all over before swallowing it as deep as she could. Bobbing her mouth up and down on his cock, taking it deep.

“Ahhh.” he moaned as she came back up to the head and sucked on it, flicking her tongue all over the underside. “Hmmm, yeah baby.” He stood there and looked down at her as she sucked his dick. He grabbed her head. Damn! She was good at sucking cock, how did he get so lucky. He had friends who couldn’t get any type of sex from their wives or girlfriends. He was lucky enough to have a woman who LOVED sex any time and any place.

She stroked his cock, looking up at him. She took the head of his cock back into her mouth and gently sucked on it. She stroked him at the same time, loving the feel of his hard cock in her mouth. He grabbed her head as she continued to suck him. “Ummm, yeah.” he says as she flicked her tongue across the head of his cock. She thought she was in control tonight, Ted thought but he was going to turn the tables on her.

Ted’s cock was so hard. All day he had wondered what was going on at home. The video’s of Patti, Kate and Stacy were very hot. Stacy hadn’t had any experience with having sex with other women until the day before.

The three couples Ted, Patti, Jack and Kate and the new neighbors Phil and Stacy had swapped yesterday after the BBQ. Patti had ate Stacy’s pussy as Stacy sucked Ted’s cock. So Patti and Kate had planned a girls day out with Stacy today, sort of help her get used to playing and swapping.

From the two video’s Patti had sent him during his lunch break, Stacy was liking being with other women. The video’s were short less than five minutes each, but showed Patti fucking Stacy with a dildo and Kate straddling Stacy’s face. Stacy seemed to love it. Then Stacy tried eating Patti’s pussy while Kate straddled Patti’s face. Patti did love eating pussy almost as much as she loved sucking cock.

“Stand up.” he ordered her, she did as she was told. He grabbed her by her shoulders and pushed her up againsted the wall. He kissed Marmaris Escort her hard and deep,rough. Pushing his tongue into her mouth, she sucked on his tongue like it was a cock. She loves it when he gets like this makes her so hot. Pulling away from her he tells her “Somebody has been a little slut today.”, he reaches in the bodice of her maid outfit and finds her hard nipples. He caresses her tits, squeezing them, pinching her nipples hard.

He unbuttons the top and pulls it off of her arms, so he can get to her tits. He bends down and takes her right nipple into his mouth biting down on it, sucking it hard.

“Ummmm.” she moans, she grabs his head and holds him down on her tit. Flicking his tongue across her nipple he pulls away from her.

“Let’s go.” he told her holding her by her arm and takes her downstairs to the playroom. “You were such a slut today, eating pussy and playing with Kate and Stacy.” Ted undresses and sits down on the sofa. “Get down on your knees my little whore-slut.” he ordered her. She goes to her knees in front of him. “Suck me, now.” he tells her as he got comfortable.

Patti reached for his cock again, stroking him, feeling the hardness, she loved sucking his cock, fucking him. She licked her way to his balls, swirling her tongue all over him.

He was loving the way she was making him feel, she knew how to make him hard. “Nibble my cock slut.” he told her as he reached down and took the hair clip from her hair. Her long hair fell down her back. He took her hair into both hands and held her down on his cock. She was nibbling his cock all over, from his balls to the head, licking and sucking. He pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. “Awww so good slut.” he tells her as she starts to bob up and down on his cock. She loved it when he got a little forceful. She sucked his cock and caressed his balls, feeling herself getting wet. She reached between her legs and felt her wet pussy. She hoped he would like her black crotchless panties. Patti rubbed her pussy, getting her fingers wet.

Ted could tell what she was doing, she loved to finger her pussy. “Did you buy a new toy today?” he asked her, wondering what she had bought. She nodded her head yes. “Show me.” he told her letting go of her hair. She took one final long hard suck on his cock before standing up. She got up and went to the cabinet where the toys are kept. She took out a 9 inch very life like black cock. She walked back over to him. She had already taken it out of the package, but hadn’t tried it out yet.

“Try it out yet?” he asked her getting up and taking her by the hand and leading her over to the Queensize bed. “Lie down.” he told her taking the 9 inch cock from her. “Nice choice, sure you haven’t tried it yet?”

“No, I was waiting for you to come home.” she told him lying back on the bed getting comfortable. He was getting a bit forceful she liked when they played like that.

“No panties, they get in the way.” he tells her reaching down and taking her panties and pulling them off of her. “Hmmm nice shaved pussy.” he says reaching down and spreading her legs wide. “Did you like eating pussy today?” he asked her.

“Y-yes.” she answered him like the good little slut she was.

“Good girl.” he reaches for her slit. She is very wet, he rubs her pussy, rubbing the insides of her pussy lips. She raises her hips to take his fingers inside of her.

“Don’t move.” he tells her as he pulls his fingers away. He leans over her and pushed his fingers into her mouth. She gently sucked on his fingers. She could taste herself, pulling away from her mouth he kneels next to her. She just watches him, she needed him to touch her. Ted spreads her pussy open with one hand as he starts to finger her slit. She raises her hips once more, wanting him. He knelt next to her head so she could suck him.

In and out he fingers her wet slit, deep and rough. She is gasping and whimpering. “Ahhh, yes.” her pussy was so wet around his fingers, he pulled his fingers from her pussy and slowly licked her juices from them. “Please?” she asked wanting a cock in her pussy.

“Be patient, you’ll get fucked I promise.” he told her as he took the 9 inch black cock and started to push it into her mouth. Watching her licking it, taking it deep, sucking on it. Flicking her tongue all over the head. He pulled it out of her mouth and started to push it into her pussy.

“Mmmmm” she moaned, it was going to be a tight fit, he took it out of her and he licked it, taking the head into his mouth.

He took the black cock and pushed it back into her pussy slowly, making her take as much of it as she could.

“Suck my cock my whore-slut.” he tells her watching that black dick opening her pussy. He fucked her with the black cock the harder she sucked his cock. Taking his cock in and out of her hot,wet mouth. Making his cock so wet with her spit. He was loving it.

Damn! He loved the sight of that black dick slipping inside of her wet hole. He fucked her slowly, in and out, he could hear how wet she was getting. She was going Marmaris Escort Bayan to town on his cock. Licking and stroking him, nibbling his cock head. She was in heaven, sucking and licking his cock as he fucked her with that black dick. “Awww…yeah just like that, swallow my cock.” he tells her as he takes the dildo away from her and he gets down between her spread legs. He licks her pussy, tasting her juices. Spreading her pussy open he gently sucks her pussy lips into his mouth. That makes her tense up, she loves the way it feels.

“Mmmm.” he moans as he licks her pussy from the bottom all the way to her clit, swirling his tongue all over her clit. She jerks and presses her pussy into his mouth. She can’t get enough of him and the way he fucks her and eats her pussy. He pulls away from her and gently inserts two fingers deep inside of her. She moans loudly when he does this.

The more he licks and sucks her pussy the more she jerks and moans. “Mmmm.” she moans as he fingers her slit. Ted turns around so they are in a 69 position. Patti grabs his cock and takes it into her mouth. God, she loved his hard cock in her mouth. Bobbing her head up and down on his dick. Wanting to make him cum, wanting to see and watch him spraying his cum all over her tits, watching it dripping off of her nipples. She lets his cock slip from her mouth, “More please more.” she begs him. They lick and suck each other for several minutes. She knew just how to make him feel good.

Ted moves away from her “Take this off.” he tells her, as he reaches for the skirt of her outfit.

She pulls it off and is naked underneith except for the black stockings and heels. “Take these off too.” he says pointing to the shoes. She does as she is told. Ted reaches for two pillows slipped them under her ass, raising her up so he can get to that pussy. “Hold your legs back.” he instructs her. She holds her legs back, opening her pussy up. “good girl.” he tells her as he kneels between her spread legs. “You’re my little whore-slut, aren’t you baby?” he asks her as he gently teases her pussy lips with the tips of his fingers.

“Yes, I’m you’re whore-slut.” she tells him, needing him to touch her, fuck her.

“Would you like me to bring a black guy home for you to fuck?” he asks, picturing a black cock fucking her, watching her swallow that black cock. Seeing her enjoying that black dick.

“Yes.” she whispers wondering what it would be like. She would love to video it and later watch herself taking that black cock in her mouth and pussy. Hearing Ted encouraging her to take that dick, to suck him good. Then telling his friend to fuck her, make her cum.

“Close your eyes.” he tells her as he gently caresses her clit.

“Oooohhh” she moans at his touch, wanting some release and soon.

“Ssshhhh.” he tells her as he bends down and licks her pussy again, fucking her with his tongue.

Patti bites her bottom lip to keep from crying out, he can be rough with her when they play but he can be so gentle also. Licking deeply into her pussy with his tongue, he can taste her juices. Damn! She is so hot and wet he thought as he reaches up and grabs her hands and they entwine fingers as he eats her.

“Mmmmm.” Patti moans as he continues to eat her pussy, “Please don’t stop.” she begs him.

“I won’t.” he tells her slowly licking her slit all the way to her clit, sucking it into his mouth.

“Mmmmm” she moans as he flicks his tongue over her sensitive clit.

“Don’t move.” he tells her as he gets up and adjust the camera for the best angle to video. He wants to video her taking that 9 inch black cock. “You ready to get fucked with this black dick baby?” he asks as he lies down next to her spread legs.

“Yes please.” she tells him as she feels him gently rubbing her pussy, speading her open with his fingers. Ted sucks and licks that black cock making it slick. She loves watching him sucking it in and out of his mouth. “Do it.” she whispers watching him. She needs a cock in her pussy.

“Close your eyes.” he tells her, he gently slips the head of that black cock into her pussy, not deep.

He wanted her to feel every inch as he pushed it into her. She raises her hips trying to take it deeper.

“Oooohhh yes, give it to me.” she moans as he bends down and licks her clit again.

“Please!” she is almost begging to get fucked. He pushes that cock a bit deeper, in and out. She reaches for her tits, pinching and pulling on her hard nipples, twisting them. “Give me that black cock baby.” She tells him needing to be pounded hard.

It takes him a few minutes of steady fucking to get most of that cock inside of her. He is just amazed how much she is taking in her pussy. He is loving this, his cock is throbbing, leaking precum.

He reaches over for the flavored lube and pours it all over her pussy, watching it dribble down between her legs, over her pussy lips. “You like this black dick baby? Hmmm?” he asks her as he starts to pound into her deeper. He can hear the wet sounds of her pussy as he fucks her. He Escort Marmaris loves to watch that black cock spreading her open as he fucks her. She is moaning, trying to lie still, getting louder.

“Fuck my pussy with that black cock.” she tells him wanting and needing to cum. Ted pounds into her as hard and deep as he can. He can tell she is close to her climax, moaning, grabbing the bed sheets, lifting her pussy off of the bed, trying to take it even deeper.

“Do it slut, come on, cum all over this black dick.” he tells her, he can see her white juices pouring out of her pussy.

“Yes!! Ahhh, don’t stop baby fuck me.” she moans loudly just a little more, she reaches for her clit and rubs it hard and fast. “I’m so close.” she whispers as she continues to rub her clit faster. “Now! Oh God baby now, cumminggggg!!” she screams as she cums all over that cock.

“That’s it baby cum, cum all over that big cock.” he encourages her as she moans and grunts through her climax.

Falling back onto the bed she is gasping for air. “Oh my God, Oh God, fuck.” she says as she lies back on the pillows. He gently pulls the dildo out of her and moves up on the bed next to her.

“Damn babe, cum was just pouring out of you.” he tells her as he pulls her close to him. “Are you alright? I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asked, reaching for his still hard cock and stroking it.

“No baby, you didn’t hurt me.” she assures him as she leans up and kisses him. “Let me catch my breath and I will take care of you.”

“Mmmm, I like that idea.” he says as she reaches for his cock, stroking him.

Patti moves down between his spread legs and she takes his hard cock into her mouth, sucking him.

She loves the feel of his hard cock in her mouth or pussy. She flicks her tongue all over the underside of his cock, nibbling it all over. He is loving the feel of her hot, wet, mouth on his dick. He is able to reach for the dildo and he takes it and slowly licks it all over. “Mmmmm.” he moans as he can taste the edible lube and her sweet pussy juices. Licking it slowly, he licks it just the way she is licking his cock.

Patti moves down, licking her way to his balls, hearing him moaning around that cock in his mouth.

She looks up and sees him taking that black dick in his mouth. She is so turned on by this, watching him taking a cock. Knowing he likes licking and sucking it. She looks up at him, “Damn baby that is so hot. Watching you suck that cock.” she tells him as she carefully takes his cum filled balls back into her mouth one at a time. Swirling her tongue over them, stroking his cock. Patti nibbles and licks his cock, seeing all of the precum he has for her. She licks his cock with the tip of her tongue, licking all of that precum up. Licking to the tip of his cock she takes the head into her mouth, she sucks him.

“Ahhh, yesss.” he moans loudly as she deep throats him. Taking his cock as deep as she can, almost gagging on it. Feeling it in her throat, bobbing up and down on it. He grabs her head and pushes his cock as deep as he can down her throat. “Suck me!” he orders her, fucking her mouth. She is like a wild woman sucking his cock as hard and as fast as she can. Suddelny he pulls out of her mouth. “Come here.” he tells her, she moves back to the head of the bed. “Lie down.” he tells her, making sure the pillows are under her hips, raising her up. “Lift your legs up.” she does as she is told, he bends over her rubs the head of his rock hard cock across her slit. “Hold your legs up baby, open that pussy.”

Holding her legs open and as wide as she can, “I can’t wait.” he tells her as he buries his cock inside of her. “Yeah!” he moans as he feels her tight pussy walls around his cock.

“Ummmm” she moans as she feels his cock filling her up. He fucks her slow and steady at first. Grabbing her hands, they entwine fingers, looking at each other. “Fuck me!” she tells him as he starts to pull out of her. “I was a naughty girl today, I need you to fuck me hard.” she tells him as he starts to pound into her, showing no mercy.

“Yes, you were naughty.” he tells her as he slams his cock into her. “Playing with the girls and eating pussy.” he slams into her again and again, harder and harder.

“I want to make you cum, do it fuck me like the whore I am baby.” she begs him.

“Ahhh, yeah, you are MY whore, you will fuck who ever I tell you too.” God, it was feeling so good, fucking her tight pussy, pounding into her. He loved it when she called herself his slut and whore, it just added to the excitement.

“Do it! Fill me up with your cum baby.” she pleads with him wanting to make him cum. Wanting to make him feel as good as he made her feel. “Mmm, I love you, I love you, I love you.” she chanted over and over again as he continued to fuck her. She couldn’t help herself he made her cum twice more from the pounding he was giving her.

“I love you baby girl, always and forever.” he tells her as he grabs her ankles and places them on his shoulders, going as deep inside of her as he can. “Fuck, awww, I love your tight pussy.” he tells her as he can feel so close to cumming. “Ummm, gonna cum, so close baby.” he moans pounding her into the bed. “Yeah, yess, awww, here it cums baby, take it.” he tells her as he explodes into her pussy, feeling his cum spurt into her again and again. “Fuck! So good.” he moans, looking down at her.

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