First Time Started at the GH Pt. 02


As we entered the bathroom I noticed how huge the shower was. There was enough room in there for an entire football team. There were three different shower heads and other spickets sticking out at various levels. He reached in and turned on the shower as I walked over to take a piss. After I was done I noticed he was already in the shower. He opened up the door for me.

“Get that sexy ass in here,” he said. As I started to enter I noticed his 8 1/2″ cock was already at full mast. There was a bench that ran along the back wall. He led me over to it and stood in front of me with his beautiful cock staring right at me. I took his cock on my hand and slowly started stroking him as I stared up at the sexy man. I stick out my tongue and licked the head of his cock. His precum tasted so delicious as I swirled my tongue over his thick crown. I then pushed his cock up against his belly as I leaned forward licking the underside of his thick phallus. He had such a beautiful cock as I took in its beauty. I ran my tongue from his balls up his shaft to where his crown began. I took that part into my mouth abd slowly sucked on the head as I massaged it with my lips and tongue. He was moaning out loud as I was worshipping his cock. He ran his fingers through my hair as he slowly thrust his hips forward. I felt his cock hit the back of my throat and I relaxed my throat letting him seat deep in my throat. His pubes were smashed against my lips as I used my lips to massage the base of his cock.

“Ahhhh, fuck yeah,” he moaned, “Suck that fucking cock.” I slowly pulled back as the head of his cock massaged my throat. I then started to bob my head up and down the length of his cock. I slurped his cock like a starving kitten. I played with his balls as I kept on sucking. I loved the feel of a mans cock in my mouth. Once again I let his cock slip from my mouth as I held it straight up as I licked and sucked on his hairy balls. I slowly sucked on one then moved to the other one giving it the same treatment. His precum was leaking onto my forehead. As I glanced up I noticed he had this head thrown back in sheer delight. I could hear him softly whispering.

“Oooooo yeah, that feels so fucking good.” I then reached behind him and grabbed his ass pulling him deep into my mouth.

“Mmmmm, you sweet fucking cocksucker, that’s it, deep throat that fucking cock.” As I sucked his cock I ran my fingers up and down the crack of his ass. My middle finger found his sexy starfish as I slid my finger up his ass.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned as my finger slid up his tight hole. As I moaned it sent vibrations through his cock as he grabbed the back of my head shoving his cock all the way in. I started finger fucking his ass as his breathing started to come in short gasps.

“Ahhhhhh, holy fuck, oh fuck I’m going to cum, oh fuck, fuck, fuck. Here it comes, ahhhhhhhh, swallow that fuck cum bitch!” I started sucking his cock harder and faster deep throating him each time. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh fffuuucccckkkk, I’m cumming, ahhhhhh fuck yeah!” I felt his cock starting to expand and then the first blast went straight down my gullet. I wanted to taste his cum so I pulled back as he filled my mouth with his hot creamy cum. It tasted much better than I thought as I pulled his shooting cock from my mouth as I swallowed his cum. I let it drip down my throat as it coated and soothed my raw gullet.

“Mmmmmmmm your cum tastes so fucking good,” I moaned as he shot the last few drops of cum on my face. He rubbed his cock head all over my face rubbing it in. Each time he passed my lips I took the head in my mouth as I gently sucked on it. He stroked from the base up to Erenköy travesti the head as he squeezed out every last delicious drop. I stuck out my tongue as his last drop was clinging to my tongue. He then reached down and pulled me up as he kissed me. We shared what was left of his sweet cream as we passed it back and forth. As we kissed he grabbed my ass and played with my hole. After a few minutes he pulled back and smiled at me.

“Where’d you learn how to suck cock like that?”

“I just did what I thought you would like,” I said as I smiled at him.

“That was fucking amazing,” he said. I then walked underneath the shower head letting the hot water run down my back. It felt so good. I then felt him step up behind me as he wrapped his arms around me and pushed his limp cock against my ass. As he reached around I turned my head sideways as we kissed. He ran his fingers up along my torso as he grabbed my nipples and pinched them. I moaned into his mouth as he did this. He twisted and pulled them as he rotated his hips against my ass. I couldn’t believe it but his cock was starting to get hard again. I reached behind me as I rubbed his cock. He broke our kiss and whispered into my ear.

“Lean up against the wall,” he instructed, “I want to taste your sweet asshole.” I place both hands on the wall rested my forehead against my hands. Without being told I widened my stance as he could have easy access to my man pussy. It was then that I felt a soapy wash cloth being used on my back. He started from my shoulders and worked his way down.

I moaned softly as he rubbed the wash cloth tenderly over my well fucked hole. I was still sore from earlier and he was being very tender with my hole. I could hear him drop the wash cloth as he moved behind me. He grabbed one of the many nozzles in his shower and started rinsing me off from my shoulders on down. He placed the nozzle up against my hole as he thoroughly rinsed me clean. I could hear the nozzle as it hit the wall when he let go of it. He then parted my ass cheeks as he took a huge whiff of my asshole.

“Mmmmmm, your pussy smells so good,” he said. I then felt the flat part of his tongue lick me from my balls and up along my ass crack. My body shuddered as his tongue passed over my asshole.

“Push your ass back more,” he instructed. I stepped back a bit then bent over more. “You know the fucking drill,” he said. He parted my ass cheeks apart and started flicking his tongue against my tender ass bud. I could feel his tongue trying to penetrate my hole.

“Fuck that feels good,” I said. This only spurned him on more as I felt the tip of his tongue penetrate my hole. I pushed my ass back at his face as I wiggled my hips. His tongue felt so fucking amazing as he licked and sucked on my wet hole. Even with the water running in the shower I could hear him sucking and slurping on my ass. With one hand on the wall I reached back with the other as I grabbed the back of his head ad I pulled him tighter into my ass. He pulled back slightly as he spit in my asshole then shoved his tongue even deeper. I could feel him licking my ass walls which sent electric shocks through my body.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh fuck yeah,” I moaned as he ate my ass really good.

“Mmmmm, your pussy tastes so fucking good,” he said then went back to sucking on my hole. He was sucking my hole with such intensity I thought he was trying to suck my insides out. He then pulled his face back again and slid two fingers insides of me. My cock was rock hard the entire time. He started twisting his fingers inside of me and I think he hit my prostate which caused my body Beşiktaş travesti to shiver. Then out of nowhere I started cumming like crazy. He turned me around and took my cock into his mouth. I kept firing rope after rope of hot cum into his mouth. He was staring up at me with smiling eyes as he sucked every last drop of my man juice from me. My body was so weak I had to sit on the bench to recover. He say down next to me tilted my head towards his as he kissed me. His kiss was so gentle and caring. Our tongues slid lazily over one another as we kissed for about five minutes. Eventually he broke our kiss and stroked the side of my face as he smiled at me.

“Ready to go back to bed,” he asked.

“Yes,” I said hoping that we would rest a bit. I reached for the towel to dry myself off and he smacked my hand.

“I’ll do that for you,” he said. He took the towel from me and dried me from head to toe and saved my ass for last then gave me a playful smack on my ass. Leading us back into his bedroom he pushed me so I was leaning over the bed. He then moved up behind me using his feet to separate my legs. From this vantage point I could look into the mirror at his reflection and I could see a raw hunger in his eyes. He glanced up and noticed me staring at him as he smiled at me. He placed his cock between my ass cheeks as he started to thrust his cock between them. I loved how that ridge on the underside of his cock felt as he went back and forth. He ran his fingertips up and down my spine sending shivers through my body. From this position I raised up on my hands and pushed my ass back meeting him thrust for thrust. Reaching up he pushed me down onto the bed. I watched as he reached over to his night stand and grabbed a bottle of astroglide. Squeezing some onto his fingertips he then reached down and rubbed it around my asshole. He squirted some onto his cock and rubbed it all over his cock. As he placed his cock at the entrance of my ass he sexily licked his lips.

The head of his cock pushed against my hole. I totally relaxed my ass as I pushed back at the same time. His cock head entered my hole swiftly. “Ahhhhhh fuck,” I said as he let his cock head just rest right at my opening. I felt his hands grab onto my hips as he threw his head back.

“Oh fuck, such a tight fucking hole,” he moaned out. He started to slowly enter my hole again. I dropped my head onto the bed as I enjoyed feeling his thick cock opening my hole up again. The head of his cock felt exquisite as it tunneled its way deep inside my hole. It seemed like he took forever to bottom out. Once he had his cock completely imbedded in me he started to grind his pubic bone against my ass. He moved from side to side and I could feel him flexing his cock.

“Ahhhhhhh, that cock feels so fucking good,” I moaned out.

“You like that cock don’t you,” he said.

“Ohhhhhh fuck yeah,” I said as I pushed my ass back making sure every last fucking inch was buried deep inside of me. He let go of my hips and ran his hands up and down my back slowly and sensuously. He slowly started pulling his cock out. I concentrated on feeling his cock head scrapping my ass walls and my body started to shiver. His cock was hitting my prostate as he pulled back but then pushed it back in as he sawed his cock over my prostate.

My cock was rock hard the whole time and It felt like it was ready to explode. He started to pick up his speed and I felt my body tightening up. I started squeezing his cock with my ass as he started to pound me. The echo of skin on skin sent me over the edge and I started cumming.

“Oh fuck, mmmmmm, fuck yeah, Avcılar travesti I’m fucking cumming,” I yelled out, “Ahhhhhh fffuuuccckkkk.” I could feel my cock scrapping against the comforter as I shot rope after rope of hot cum all over his bed. He was now pounding my hole mercifully as I kept shooting my load. I don’t remember ever cumming so fucking much in my entire life. He was literally fucking the cum out of me. I finally collapsed on the bed as I fell forward as his cock slipped out. I just laid there completely spent. My asshole was throbbing. I felt him climb on the bed next to me as he ran his hands over my back and pulled my body back against him. As we laid on our sides he ran his hand over my chest and then moved it down to my cock. He delicately squeezed my cock as he squeezed out what little cum was there. He then brought it up to my mouth and I licked my cum clean from his fingers. He then took my right leg and brought it over his right leg. I felt him scoot down the bed a bit as he lined up his cock with my ass. He then slowly entered my ass. I reached back and grabbed the back of his head as I turned my face towards him. He smiled at me then our lips met. He kissed me tenderly as he slowly pulled his cock out only to shove it back inside.

“Mmmmm, my cock belongs in your ass baby,” he said as he broke our kiss. He must’ve fucked me like this for a good 30 minutes before he started breathing hard. He pounded me so good. I remember reaching down at one point and place two fingers around his cock as he exited and pushed back in me. He stuck his tongue in my ear as he started fucking me harder.

“Ohhhh fuck, here it cums, Oh fucking shit I’m fucking cumming, ahhhhhhhh,” he moaned as he buried his cock inside of me and started filling my hole with another load.

“Mmmmm, fuck yeah, give me that fucking cum lover,” I said as my body slumped against his. After his cock finished spasming inside of me he slowly expelled his cock. I could feel his cum leaking out of my ass and a rush of cold air fill my well fucked man pussy. I could feel him stick his fingers up my ass swirling them around. He then brought them up and smothered my lips with my cum. He then rolled me over facing him as we stared into each others eyes.

“You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had,” he said as he leaned forward and kissed me. Our tongues slowly swirled over each other in our post coital bliss. We slowly ran our hands over each other while we continued kissing. He finally pulled his lips from mine as he stroked the side of my face as he stared at me. He pulled me tightly against him and I could feel our hearts beating against each other. We ended up falling asleep like this and woke up a couple of hours later to him sucking my cock. It felt so nice being woken up this way. He sucked me to completion as I came in his mouth. We shared my cum in a long sensuous kiss.

We laid there in each others arms lightly kissing each other before he finally spoke up.

“I have to get up early for a flight to Chicago,” he said, “I hope you don’t mind letting yourself out.” I normally would’ve been pissed if something like this had happened with a woman but I got what I wanted out of this. I was thoroughly fucked and thoroughly spent. As I was getting dressed and after using the bathroom I walked back into the bedroom.

Next to my jacket was an envelope. I thought it would be rude to open it there so I put it in the inside pocket of my jacket. He was already crashed out and I walked over and kissed him on the cheek before I left. As I walked outside I pulled the envelope from my jacket and opened it up. There was money in it along with a short note.

It read, “I have to go back to Chicago to see my wife and kids. This can never happen again but I’m glad it did with you. I’ll never forget our time together.” Love, Cal…

Tears streamed down my face but I knew I’d meet another Cal some day.

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