First Time Chastity Cuck Pt. 02


This picks up where pt. 1 leaves off, having listened to my wife being fucked by a bull, and eating his cum off and out of her.

C grinned. “Good boy” she said, deftly tying my hands to my ankles, leaving me bent over and exposed. I was rock hard, aching, and both excited and scared of what she had in mind. She lubed my ass, while she continued. “Now, what is going to happen is this.” she said, inserting the plug in my ass, slowly. “Z told me he has one more load of cum for me tonight. He’s going to give it to me. ” I gasped both in excitement and from the sensation of the thick plug now fully in my ass. She slapped my ass, then I felt the cane tracing across my skin. “He’s going to watch me tease and torture you, first. Then, you are going to watch while your wife gets fucked and filled with cum for you to eat. ” She snapped the cane across my ass. Her hand traced down my cock softly, giving it a couple of strokes, then another slap of the cane. I moaned.

She continued. “In a moment, there will be a knock on our door. ” SLAP, a harder stroke of the cane. “If you ask me to let him in, I will. And then he will watch, and he will fuck me. ” SLAP! “If you tell me no, we will stop, but you will not get to cum tonight. ” SLAP “Is that understood?” I nodded. She continued with istanbul escorts her teasing of my cock, tapping occasionally on the plug, making me moan and wish I could cum.

There came a knock at the door. She paused. After a moment, I spoke. “Can you please let him in, ma’am?” I asked. She said nothing, walking across the room and opening the door.

“What a good bitch husband” he said as he laid down in front of me. His cock was soft, a situation I knew would change soon. “I’m going to fuck your wife, right in front of you, and you’re going to watch, and clean up the cum.” I nodded. I felt the cane resting on my ass. Without warning, C started caning me, harder than before. I grunted and moaned with each stroke. My ass felt like it was on fire, but it still felt amazing. Without warning, Z knelt, and as I opened my mouth to moan again, he slid his soft cock into my mouth. “Suck, bitch.” C picked up the caning, and I complied, sucking softly at first, then harder. I felt C’s hand on my pony tail then, pushing my face down further, more or less fucking my face with his cock, as it grew harder.

Without much in the way of warning, she pulled my head back, and he scooted away. She got on all fours in front of me. “Eat me, bitch.” she said as she istanbul eskort started to suck his cock. I obliged, though the neck strain was starting to set in. She moaned on his cock, her wet pussy already quivering and close to orgasm. I traced a line with my tongue from her clit to her ass, and back, ending up sucking on her clit when I got back to it. She started to moan furiously, and I got another face full of her cum.

She laid down for a minute or two, letting the orgasm wear off. Z spoke to me. “Now I’m going to fill your wife’s pretty little cunt with my cum, bitch.” His cock was just a little shorter than mine, around 7″, maybe a little more, but thicker. He had big balls, holding the seed he was about to fill my wife with.

C rolled onto her back, so I could see everything. Without much warning, Z lined his cock up and slid into her soaked pussy. She screamed and came almost immediately. Z sucked on her nipples while he fucked her. I watched helplessly while he gave her every inch of his cock as deep as it could go.

He stopped, and whispered in C’s ear. Her eyes lit up. Without a word, they got up, and sort of pushed me over, onto my back. My arms were still tied, and I couldn’t get free. C positioned her pussy over my face, in eskort istanbul a 69 position. I knew I wasn’t getting sucked, though. “You are going to lick my pussy and his cock while he fucks me, bitch” she said, slapping my cock a couple of times. I moaned, and Z positioned himself to fuck my wife from behind. I reached up with my tongue, running from her clit to his cock, and back, focusing on her clit, as he picked up speed. C orgasmed twice more, before Z spoke again in a grunt “I’m about to fill your wife up, bitch. Get ready for a creamy treat.”

He thrust a couple more times, grunted and moaned, and stayed balls deep in her. C said “oh babe he’s filling my pussy with cum!” and started to moan. Z pulled out, and a flood of cum started to run out. C leaned backwards, firmly planting her pussy on my face as I started to lick and clean. “You better get all of it, and give me another orgasm, bitch!” she said, moaning in between breaths. I lapped at her cum filled pussy eagerly, tasting his salty cum. Z laughed. “When you’re done, come clean your wife’s juices off my cock, bitch.” I felt the ropes being loosened and taken off. Once my hands were free, I spread C’s lips further apart, and tongue fucked her pussy, bringing her to another orgasm. She climbed off. “Now go clean him up, then get your reward.”

I crawled to Z, and licked his cock, tasting my wife on him. I took him in my mouth and sucked for a few minutes. He pushed my head off. “We’ll do this again, its been fun. I’m off to bed.” before leaving the room.

Continued, and finished, in Pt 3

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