First Time


Sitting in the kitchen of my old friend David’s house and sex was the last thing on my mind. A couple of hours before I had been between my wife’s soft thighs, I had shot my load as she moaned and bit my ear. I had watched her beautiful round arse disappear into the bathroom, showered and left to check out a couple of jobs I had on my books. I bumped into David for the first time in 5 years. He looked tanned and relaxed, I presumed he had been away with a lover but evidently not.

David admitted he had split with Paul, the last of his partners some two years ago. He laughed about not having had any fun since. I commiserated that I felt the same way after a couple of weeks, if not just a couple of days. David was sure Alice couldn’t stay away from me for very long and smiled at me adding, “who could?”

We chatted for half an hour about mutual friends, holidays, politics, the usual stuff until David brought up the topic of sex again. I teased him saying that he ought to go out and find a toy boy, he replied that that was the problem, he didn’t want to take risks and what he needed was someone he could trust.

His comment that he was unlikely to get his cock sucked ever again drew some consolation from me and it was then Bakırköy travesti that I noticed his cock had begun to raise itself, just a couple of feet from me I could clearly see the outline of it as it stretched the material of his trousers. More surprising for me was the feeling that my cock was uncomfortable in my own pants and I could feel a buzzing in my head and an excitement rising in my chest. I blurted out “could I help you out?” Without waiting for an answer a leant forward and ran a finger over his bulge, he hardened noticeably as I ran a second finger along his length. I continued to trace the outline of his cock with two fingers; my own erection was obvious to David and he took the opportunity to stroke it with his thumb and index finger.

I was now gasping for breath and decided I wanted to taste what a cock was like, taste what my wife tasted. I knelt down in front of him and unzipped and unbuttoned his trousers, they slipped down to to reveal his briefs vainly trying to restrain his erection. I ran my fingers up and down it, unsure about taking that final step, but I had to do it, I pulled down his briefs to reveal his manhood, 5 inches at a guess with his glans half covered by his foreskin.

I Beylikdüzü travesti looked up at him as I curled my fingers around his shaft, he smiled nervously, my smile was a trembling one, half from nerves, half from excitement. I licked the length of his shaft before pealing back his foreskin to reveal the swollen head. When I rolled my tongue around it like Alice had done to me so many times David gasped, I pulled his foreskin up and down as i flicked and rolled my tongue over his glans. Lifting up slightly I moved my lips around his purple head and moved down slowly with my lips relaxed and then up, sucking and licking firmly on warm skin. David was trembling, two years was too long to wait, my soft warm tongue was becoming too much for him. My own cock strained against my pants wanting release but I had one hand on Davids cock and the other caressing his firm buttocks.

I felt dizzy, what was I doing? What would Alice think if she saw what I was doing? I couldn’t stop now, my slow rhythm was building in intensity, David’s hands were on my head as I stroked his cock, his foreskin moving backwards and forwards over the ridge of his cock head. My tongue slipped over the tip, then I followed the contours Bomonti travesti of his glans with lips and tongue. I tasted his pre cum as it seeped out, Alice would have approved, she loved the taste and I had to admit it excited me as did the slurping sound and David’s increasing moans.

Then all hell broke loose, David shouted out, I sucked hard as my head moved up and down on his shaft, my mouth filling with hot creamy liquid as he came, his cock jerking, spasming on my tongue. I swallowed but some of his cum trickled out and down my chin. I didn’t stop, I loved having my cock licked and kissed after cumming and it was obvious that David enjoyed that too.

As his cock softened I pulled away and wiped my chin, David said thanks over and over again. I stood up and unzipped my pants and took out my hard cock, it pulsed in my hand. “Let me” said David and he dropped to his knees, his mouth was warm and the feel of his tongue just too much, I let out a gasp and sent my cum shooting into his mouth, the shortest blow job I had ever had. David wasn’t going to release my cock that quickly as he gently slid his lips and tongue over my circumcised shaft. I was shaking with pleasure, nerves and just a little embarrassment. David finally stood up, smiled and leaned forward and gave me a soft kiss on the lips. I was too far gone to resist, he cupped my balls in his hand an squeezed my arse.

“That was as good a blow job as I remember, my compliments to Alice, I’ll put the kettle on” he said with a smile.

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