Fiona – My Friend, My Goddess Ch. 02


The morning light gently streamed in through a crack in the curtains. I didn’t want to open my eyes, content to lay there, the sensation of a warm body pressed into mine as we lay there on the couch, legs entwined.

Eyes opening, I was greeted with Fi’s naked body pressed into mine, her head resting on my arm. Her shoulders rose and fell to the slow steady rhythm of her breathing. I lifted my arm, slowly tracking my fingers down from her shoulders, down her side, running over her hip and down her thigh before winding its way back up her body. I just lay there, savoring the moment, not wanting to disturbed my little goddess. I felt more than heard her breathing change, becoming deeper, as she stretched out, arms extended above her head.

She twisted in my arms, coming chest to chest with me, her arms now pulled in between us as she gazed into my eyes, a small smile on her face.

“Hey,” Fi said leaning in for a tender kiss. My lips tingled from that slight contact as I returned the kiss.

“Hi,” I replied, returning the smile.

Turning around once more, Fi sat up, swinging her legs around and placing her feet on the floor, once more reaching her arms up stretching.

“Fuck that couch is uncomfortable with two people on it,” she stated as she continued to stretch out her upper body, working out the kinks caused from spending the night tangled in each others arms on the couch.

“Well, I wasn’t gonna move your gorgeous butt, you looked too sexy curled up here” I replied, my hands idly running over her back.

“Mmmm, stop it,” Fi murmured, eyes closed as she enjoyed the touch from my hands.

“You really want me to?”

“No, but we do need to get up, I’ve actually got shit to do unlike your lazy ass.” Fi retorted, slipping away from my grasp. Turning around she leaned down to give me a kiss.

“I’m gonna have a shower.”

She wandered over towards the bedroom, not bothering to close the door behind her. I head the sound of water running. Leaning back into the couch, my mind wandered to the previous night, the intoxicating sight of her beautiful body, legs wrapped around my hips, pulling me into her. The look of pure pleasure crossing her face. The sensation of her lips over my manhood, her hands stroking, exploring.

Without realising, my hand drifted over my now hard cock, slowly stroking. Nope, not good enough I thought, as I eyed off the open bedroom door. I sprang to my feet, cock swaying before me as I approached the bedroom, walking into the ensuite.

FI stood under the shower, water glistening over her body, her back to the door and she washed her hair. I opened the shower door, stepping in quickly. I reached out, wrapping my arms around her from behind as I stepped into her, pressing my bodying into hers.

“Hi there,” She said, pushing her hips back into me, “what took you?” She said.

“Oh you know, just thinking about this gorgeous little brunette from last night.”

“Sounds like she was a real cutie”

“She was. She has these stunning hazel eyes, nice full lips that tasted like heaven”

I leaned in, planting soft kisses on her neck, my hands sliding up to cup her breasts.

“Mmmm, I bet she could do some amazing things with those lips,” Fi stated, as one hand reached back to run through my hair, her other reaching behind her to grasp my throbbing cock.

Gently she stroked, up and down the full length. No urgency, we both stood there, enjoying the moment as I played with her breasts, tweaking her nipples as she slowly jacked me off.

The water running over our bodies enhanced the pleasure I felt and I could feel her desire building, her breathing quickening, her body pressing harder into mine. I reached up, putting my hands on her shoulders as I gently pushed her forward. Fi knew what I was thinking, as she leant forward, pressing her chest to the shower wall, lifting herself onto her tiptoes, giving me access to her sweet smooth pussy. With the combination of her already wet pussy, the water from the shower and precum dripping from my cock, I ran my cock up and down the entrance to her honey hole, eliciting tiny little shudders from her body. I rubbed the head of my cock over her clit, her breath catching in her throat, before I pulled back, feeling my cock head slide up and find its home in her pussy. I pressed forward, slowly, gently, savoring every little pulse and twitch from her body as it clenched my cock.

“Ugh…sshhhhhiiiittttttttt you’re so big,” she breathlessly exclaimed as I push my full, throbbing cock into her tight pussy.

“God damn you’re tight,” I whispered into her ear as I held there, not moving, letting us both enjoy that primal, sacred connection of body and mind, lost in the moment.

Tenderly, I started rocking back and forth, lost in the pleasure of her velvet walls as they gripped and let go of my cock as it slid in and out. There was no urgency, we both gently rocked, Fi pressing back to meet my thrusts.

“Ugh, yes, like that, right there…” She moaned, “Fuck I’m gonna cum, don’t stop,”

I didn’t Maraş Escort change our rhythm, we found our stride, there was no need. Fi was so turned on from the sensation of the water cascading over our bodies, my hands roaming over her body, my cock teasing her depths. I felt her tense up, her cunt lock down onto my cock, as she pushed her hips back as hard as she could, desperately trying to draw every last inch of me into her. I wrapped my arms around her just as I felt her legs give way, holding her up. Not moving I let her orgasm wash over her. She twitched and jolted, as if sparks of electricity ran through her body.

I stepped back, letting my cock slide out of her warm depths as she turned around in my embrace and wrapped her arms around me, my still hard cock pressed between our bodies. I leaned down, kissing her as she looked up at me.

“What’d I do to deserve that huh?” She asked breaking away from our kiss.

“You said hi to me the first day we met,” I said, kissing her again.

“Did you ever think that simple hi would end up like this?” She asked once more.

“I’m glad it did.” Was all I said as I pulled her into my embrace.

We stood there, not moving, enjoying the sensual contact of our bodies on each other, neither one wanting to break our embrace. Reluctantly, Fi pushed us apart.

“Should really get started with the day,” She said simply. I said nothing, nodding as I stepped out, wrapping a towel around myself I left her to finish her shower.

Dry, I quickly dressed and went back into the kitchen, chucking the coffee machine on as I fished out some cups from the cupboards. I was deep in thought, lost in my on mind as I felt a hand rest softly on my shoulder.

“Coffee’s made,” I said, dropping my head to press on her hand in acknowledgement of her presence.

“You read my mind,” came the reply as Fi poured herself a cup.

“What you got on today?” I asked, taking a sip from my coffee.

“Got my assessment centre for the cops this afternoon, then nothing. I was gonna try and unpack the last of my crap.”

“Want a hand? I could swing back around after work if you want?”

“That’d be nice,” She said as she glanced over the rim of her cup. I could see the tell tale glint of a smile in her eyes.

“You know I’m happy to help, anytime I get to spend with you is a blessing.” I replied.

Fi looked down, at her coffee, quiet and lost in her thoughts. No words were spoken for a short while.

“You ok?” I asked, looking at her.

“Just thinking,” she said, “I mean, where do we go from here?”

“I don’t follow,” I said, putting my coffee onto the counter top.

“Well, You know i’m not looking for a relationship, I mean after Tom, I kinda don’t think I want to be in that label ya know,” She said, looking at me before continuing, “And you, what do you want? You not exactly the settle down type are you.”

“I don’t think that’s what ‘this’ is honestly.” I said.

“Well what is this then?” She said, defensively.

“Look. You know better than anyone that I’m pretty open about relationships. I don’t subscribe to that whole idea of only being with one person, or having to be in a formal kinda relationship with someone as being the only way you can enjoy each other’s company. I mean we’ve been closer to each other as friends can be without actually fucking…”

“Until last night.” She interrupted

“…Until last night,” I continued, “You don’t want a relationship. That’s cool by me. I still care about you, a lot, that’s never gonna change. Why put a label on what we have. We’re friends, super close friends, fucking is just another way we express our affection and care for each other. Doesn’t mean we have to fall in love and all that. We like hanging out with each other, and clearly we like to be intimate. Nothing needs to change from what we had. We’re free to do our own things, see and hang out with who we want and when we want to spend sometime with each other, it’s no pressure.” I said.

Fi’s demeanor changed, a smile appearing on her face as she leant forward, elbows on the counter across for me.

“Let be honest, we both love sex, a lot,” We both chuckled at this, “So if that means that we spend a bit of our time together naked and having fun then I say lets’ go.” I finished.

“Sounds fair to me.” She said, leaning in to give me a quick kiss.

We made simple conversation, savoring our coffees. I looked over at the clock above the fridge, 8am, I really needed to be getting home to get ready for work. Not that I really wanted to leave, right now I wanted to stay right here with this little minx, but reality called. Sex doesn’t pay my bills, unfortunately.

I drained the last of my coffee, gathering my keys and wallet as I made my way to the door. Fi stood up and followed. I stopped at the door, turning around to give her a tender kiss, feeling that same tingle as I did last night.

“I’ll see you this arvo,” I said.

“Can’t wait,” She replied as I walked down the hall.


“Charlie Maraş Escort Bayan Uniform Sierra, Wind is 220 at 12 knots, runway 28 cleared to land”

“28 clear to land, Charlie Uniform Sierra” I replied as I eased back on the throttles of the Embraer 300 I was currently piloting.

I felt the wheels clunk down on the runway, pulling the throttles back to idle, pushing my feet forward onto the brakes to bring my aircraft down to taxi speeds before turning off the runway. It’d been a long day, flying corporate customers between hubs. I worked for Platinum Jets. A small corporate jet hire company. We built our business flying between the major cities and smaller regional areas. It was a chilled job. Single pilot I was my own boss, sailing though the skies, enjoying a freedom not many people will ever get the chance to experience.

I taxied in towards out company bays outside our passenger hanger, my thoughts drifting to the sudden change in direction of my life over the last 24 hours.

I felt my phone buzz, looking over as I pulled into the bay I saw it was a message from Fi.

“Assessments done. Think I went ok. Gonna swing past the gym before heading home. Text me when you land.”

I grabbed my phone, quickly typing out a reply as the passengers disembarked

“That’s awesome. I just landed. Gotta check my flights for tomorrow then I might join you at the gym.”

“Can’t wait,” Came back the reply.

I finished gathering my gear from the cockpit, putting it all into my flight bag as I walked down the stairs, giving a quick wave to the ground handlers who were quickly securing and closing the plane up for the night. I strolled towards the office terminal, mind on autopilot I tuned out from the world around me.

Twenty minutes later, paper work complete, schedule for tomorrow checked I headed for my car. Tossing my bag onto the back seat I grabbed my phone from my pocket, shooting of a quick message to Fi.

“Leaving work now, I’ll be at the gym soon.”

I tossed the phone onto the passenger seat, driving out of the car park, a bit of Sam Hunt playing out of the stereo (What, I like a bit of modern country, sue me) as I headed to the gym.

My mind drifted. I imagined what Fi would be wearing. She knows she has a killer figure and isn’t afraid to show it off. Her favored gym outfit usually consisted of tight 3/4 length yoga pants, a tight sports crop top that always seemed to defy the laws of physics by containing her 38DD boobs, Midriff showing her toned stomach and hair tied up in a pony tail. Fi had worked hard for her body. She wasn’t a naturally toned woman, having being a bit more curvaceous a few years ago. She was proud of what she had achieved and was more than happy to show it off. She knew guys would be looking, and in her own words, felt a little rush knowing guys were undressing her with their eyes.

I was still envisioning her getup as I wandered through the doors of the gym, strolling across the floor towards to change rooms. Our local gym wasn’t huge (there’s a few in town but this was the only non-chain one so we preferred the atmosphere here) and I spied Fi over by the squat rack, facing towards the mirrors, working through a series of squats.

“Yup, yoga pants for the fucking win” I thought to myself as I watched her tight ass as she dropped down into a squat, the fabric of her pants leaving little to the imagination.

“Looking good,” I said as I wandered past, giving her a little wink.

Fi stood up, not racking the weight as she looked me dead in the eye.

“Bet this is even better,” She said, as she squatted back down, leaning forward ever so slightly giving me a stunning view of her plunging cleavage, a quick wink before standing back up.

I shook my head, giving a little whistle.

“I’ll get changed, back in a tick.”

“Hurry up, we’re wasting time here.” Fi joked as I disappeared into the change rooms to get into my gym gear.

Returning to the rack and platform I dropped my bag onto the floor.

“What’ca training?” Fi asked, changing the weights on the barbell.

“Deadlifts tonight, nothing heavy.” I replied as I setup the bar for my warm up sets.

We spent the next hour going through our respective programs. We made small talk, both content to be training together, but focused on our workout. One of the things that made us click was our focus on getting our workouts done with minimal of fuss, and sheer hate of people who spend more time shooting the breeze than actually working out.

Workout over, we retired over to a bench on the side of the gym near the lockers as Fi got her bag.

“You still happy to give me a hand getting the last of my stuff sorted?” Fi asked as we headed to the car park.

“Shit yeah,” I said, “I’ll head home and shower then head around.”

“You could bring you stuff around and shower at mine if you want?” Fiona said, “I’ll chuck together dinner while you shower.”

“Yeah, that’d work.” I said, my mind threatening to drift Escort Maraş to thoughts of that morning.

“Ok, I’ll see you at mine soon then,” Fi said, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek as she turned towards her car.

I couldn’t help myself, her tight ass bouncing just in front of me I reached out and gave her a playful slap on her butt.

“OW!” she exclaimed in mock pain, dancing away from any further assaults on her backside.

“You love it,” I joked as I wandered off, smiling at her.

“Mmmm, true,” She laughed back.



“Coming!” I heard Fiona yell from inside her apartment. I leaned up against the wall outside her apartment, bag over my shoulder. The door opened as Fiona let me inside, wearing short denim shorts and a t-shirt and clearly braless.

“Jesus what smells so good,” I asked as she close the door behind us.

“Laksa, haven’t had it in ages so I figured we could smash on down before we got to work. You’ve got time if you wanted to have a shower now.” Fi said as she walked back into the kitchen, checking the pot on the stove.

“Yeah I’ll jump through one now.” I said as I made my way towards the bathroom.

I quickly dropped my clothes to the floor, stepping under the rainfall showerhead, feeling the hot water running over my body, releasing the tension from the day and the work one muscle at a time. I quickly washed myself down and jumped out, a small part of me (well, not that small) disappointed that I didn’t have a visitor while I was in there. Toweling off and getting dressed I walked back out into the living room just as Fi was putting two bowls onto the breakfast bar.

“Perfect timing,” She said, as she pulled up a chair across from mine.

“Fuck that looks amazing. Dinner looks good too,” I said with a wink.

“Smooth Romeo, real smooth,” Fi said rolling her eyes.

We tucked into dinner, both hungry after gym. I collected our bowls once we were finished and headed to the sink to wash up.

“I checked with Jeff on the way out. I’ve got a 2-day trip tomorrow. Heading to Queenstown with the bosses.”

“Really?” Fi said

“Yeah, oh well, I’ll have to annoy you on messenger while I’m away.”

“You better,” Fi said, semi serious, “You never know if you’re a good boy you might get a few special snap chats,” She finished, giving me a knowing look.

“Oh really?” I said eyebrow raised, “Anyways, What needs doing?” I asked as I dried off the bowl and put them away.

“Umm I was gonna finish putting the last of my clothes and stuff away in my room, would you be ok setting up the new TV unit for me?” asked Fi.

“Sure thing, shouldn’t take too long.” I replied.

“Thanks, I hate that flat pack crap, I always end up mad with it.” Stated Fiona.

“No shit, I saw the aftermath of your attempt at putting a side table together, wasn’t it held together with a fuck ton of tape by the time you replied you threw the screws out?” I said laughing.

“Hey it’s not funny,”

“So why are you smiling?”

“Shut up!” Fi said as she pranced off towards the bedroom.

I turned toward the living room, noticing for the first time the flat pack box in the corner.

“Guess I was a fair bit distracted yesterday when I was here” I chuckled quietly to myself as I ripped the box open to assemble the TV unit.

Time passed. Before I knew it I had the low line unit set up and pushed into the corner. The apartment was designed that you had an unobstructed view out to the mountains with the TV placed off to the side, you could sit and watch the TV or stare out the window at the amazing views.

I dropped down onto the couch, admiring my handiwork when I heard a rustle from behind me. Twisting my head around I saw Fi standing in the doorway to her bedroom, leaning up again the frame.

So much for sorting out her clothes. She was dressed in a dark maroon bustier that hugged her body, accentuating her figure. I ran my eyes over her sensual body, drinking in the view. Her long hair was down, flowing around her shoulders, Bustier pressing her boobs up to good effect. Eyes trailing lower she was wearing a simple black thong, the same maroon coloured lace stockings.

“What do you think?” She asked, as she seductively twisted on the spot, knowing exactly how to show off her body best.

Actions speak louder than words right? Without a word I stood up and made my way over to her, taking her in my embrace, I pulled her in for a kiss. Our tongues met, instantly sharing our desire and urge to be with each other. Lost on the moment, I could feel Fiona’s body melting into mine as our hands wandered across each other’s backs.

I let my hands cup under her butt, lifting in one strong steady motion.

“Goddess.” I said as I picked her up as she wrapped her slender legs around me. I carried her into her bedroom, placing her on the edge of the bed. Fiona grabbed at my pants, ripping them to the floor, leaving no doubt in my mind what she wanted. Pants gone, I pulled my shirt over my head as I felt her reach into my boxers, pulling my cock free. There was no hesitation as Fi took my hardening cock into her mouth. She sucked, one hand fondling my balls, the other reaching up my chest, fingernails causing me to twitch slightly as they traced over some ticklish spots.

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