Finally Meeting Morgan Ch. 02



A sun lit room greets me as my eyes open reluctantly. I feel your warmth against me. I’m on my side facing you; you’re on your tummy covered in your long, dark tresses. I hear your soft, rhythmic breathing as you sleep. Remembering the fabulous lovemaking that was the (I blush as I type) the cherry on a most delicious Friday I smile. I am filled to bursting with lust, wanting to love you again. But I resist and “settle” for taking in the delicious scent that is the remnant of last evening. As I reach out to run my fingers through wandering tendrils of your hair, I got a start as you said, “If you lay a hand on me pet I will assess two misdemeanours. You’ve already accumulated eight. These would bring you to chastisement.”

I can’t help myself; I laugh so hard I nearly pee.


I peel the covers off you, you screech, I rise, lean over and kiss your back, then, still laughing, flee to the safety of the bathroom, locking the door.

I give my bladder relief; finished, I flush. Moving to the sink, I rinse my mouth with water, use the wash cloth on my face to freshen up a bit, and wipe the remnants of last night from between my legs. I spy toothpaste, spread some on my finger, and give it the old what for across my teeth. As I rise to see my reflection in the mirror, I think of a night some time ago when you said to me that I would forever, when looking in the mirror, see myself and flush. I do – again. But there is also an unmistakable glint in my eye and a look that says, “She is well and truly fucked.” Oh my YES!

I unlock and open the door, peeking out.

“Morgan, hurry on over here, my turn for the ladies.”

I saunter to the bed as you rise and pad softly to the bathroom, taking my place. I hear the toilet flush, water run, and a soft hum and murmur. Is she singing to herself? Hmm. Well, it was our first night together. This is our first morning, so everything will be new.

I go to the coffee maker, load it, turn it on, and head back to bed.

You open the door and walk back to the bed. I drink you in with my eyes. “My god Ally!”

“What, Morgan?”

“Just my god, you’re so slender, so absolutely lovely. Please, just for me, stand there a moment while I devour you with my eyes.”

“Oh posh, certainly you had your fill of me last night,” as you stride toward the bed. You stop and look over your shoulder. Turning back, you ask, “You’ve started coffee?”

“Mmm hmm.”

You shuffle over to it, take the carafe, and pour two cups. “How do you take yours?”

“Black please.”

You add sugar and cream and walk back to my side of the bed, (oh my god, you are so sexy) hand me my cup, lean in for a kiss, leaving me smiling, and go round to your side, set your cup down, and climb in beside me, reaching for your cup.

“Morgan, we do need to discuss your chastisement.”

I nearly spit out my coffee as I choke back a laugh. Christ in a bottle. We’d spoken of this in email and chat. I’d always dismissed it as part of our delicious, intricate “role-play.” Hells bells I can’t even remember the alleged “misdemeanours.” Now it becomes clear that it’s more than that to you. I turn and look at you. Your countenance gives no hint of humor.

“Can we puhleez finish our coffee first?”

“Your recalcitrance isn’t earning you any points, pet.”

Maximus eyerollious. I studiously, deliberately ignore you, sipping on my coffee.

“Do you wish to have a say in your chastisement or shall I simply make the choice on my own?”

“Are we having breakfast; room service? Or are we going out? I’m famished.”

“I haven’t decided yet Morgan – either on breakfast or your chastisement. Besides, if we go out I need to take a shower.”

“True that. I think that’s settled then. Where’s the room service menu hidden?” I put the coffee on the night stand, get up and wander to the sitting table. Fumbling through drawers I find it and walk back to the bed.

“Morgan?” I look up to see raw desire fill your eyes. I stop very suddenly in my tracks.

“Yes?” softly.

“How did I get so bloody lucky to find such a glorious specimen of womanhood as you? God save me, I’m completely over the moon about you and your beauty.” You beam a smile that could melt glaciers. I feel myself flush, deeply and completely. My urge is to bring the menu up to cover myself in my completely awkward self-awareness but I resist.

“I have no words, Alison. Thank you.”

You crook a finger. I come to your side of the bed. You point. I sit, flushed, aware of my nudity and your lustful gaze.

“I’ve decided on the form of your chastisement, pet. Please come round to your side of the bed and move to the middle. I’ll be right back.”

I walk to my side, taking another sip, two, of my coffee. I take a glimpse of you moving to the closet. You open it, reach in, grab something, close the door, and return to the bed. I detect the slightest of smirks as I slide to the middle of the bed on my back.

“My pet, do I have your trust?” said in a soft, yet stern tone.

“Ally, I honestly don’t understand the question. Yes! Of course you do.”

You nod assent. There is a small black taksim escort bag. You reach into it and produce silk scarves. Reaching for my wrist, you tie a knot and then loop the other side to the bed post. You climb astride me and repeat the procedure on my other wrist. A penetrating look into my eyes with those blue pools, you kiss my nose, then, “Safe word?”

“Ally! Not necessary!” with feeling.

The pools soften; you lean in and kiss me warmly, your tongue darting. “Thank you Morgan.” You reach into the bag. I see the blindfold. My eyes widen; my heart pounds wildly. I feel the wetness pool in my center. You have reached deep into my fantasy of submission. My breathing shortens. You smile as you pull the blindfold over the back of my head. Darkness descends.

There is a markedly different tone to your voice as you speak. “Pet, I have decided that your chastisement will be a test of your willingness to submit. Allowing me to bind your wrists is a wonderful first step. To deprive you of sight will, I trust, provide you with an abundance of wonder and pleasure. I shall see to it.” With that, you press your lips to mine, there being no doubt in this kiss that it is you who is in charge. I moan into your kiss, mouth open, accepting your tongue, letting you take command. I feel your hands on my cheeks as the kiss (impossibly) deepens. Your body covers mine. The little “chit of a girl” lies upon me, commandeering my mouth. Quick as a whisper you are gone.

The next sensation is multi-dimensional. Your long tresses caress me. I feel feathers coursing over my breasts and my pussy. I am awash in goose bumps and delicious shivers. Your tongue flicks at my lips and I moan my need. Your breath hot over my nipple brings it high, taut; just as quickly you are gone. I hate you with a passion met only by my delight at your erotic playfulness. You had hinted, over time, that you were a practitioner in erotic teasing. I am finding, to my growing delight, that you had spoken the truth.

You are everywhere, you are nowhere. I feel you tease my pussy with your hot breath. Your mouth is suddenly on my big toe, your tongue bathing it, caressing it. Your tongue moves up, down, back again over the sole of my foot. I feel your fingers caress the soft skin beneath my knee. This brings a moan. I feel my leg lifted and your mouth, lips and tongue tantalizing me as I writhe helplessly. While I am tingling I feel your fingers teasing at my pearl. I gasp. You pinch it firmly between your fingers. I put my heels into the bed and lift to meet your assault. Gone! FUCK all.

Your mouth presses to my ear, your tongue darts wetly. “I want you,” said softly and seductively. I moan wantonly.

I feel you clambering about, then I sense your feet on either side of me. My nose tells me what awaits before my mouth feels your sex above it. Heaven!! You lower yourself so that I can plunge my tongue into your depths. I curl it to mimic a little cock, thrusting over and over into you. I hear you moan, you lift, descend, up, down. I take every bit of you that is offered, fucking you with my tongue. You tilt your hips so your clit rests on my nose. You rock, bringing the pearl into delicious friction. Restrained and blind I can only take what is offered and respond. I pant into you, tongue fully extended. You ride my face, grinding, lifting and lowering. The only hint I have is to try to listen to your breathing.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck … yesssss,” as you ride me, pleasuring yourself with my tongue and nose. I can’t see; but I guess your hands are furiously working the hard peaks of your breasts. My hips thrust vainly in the air. Will you crest this way? I sense the tremble in your legs; then your fingers are in my hair, pulling my face deeper into the midst of the heated wetness of you. Your frantic movements give hint to the approaching eruption. I want it all. I now lap furiously as your pearl slides wetly over my nose. You tilt to a seemingly impossible angle. It gives you what you need. I feel you tremble, the explosion close. Your quickening movements are my only hint. Then it is upon you. You stiffen above me. I feel your legs go to steel; you gush as your orgasm takes you over the top. I lap at the scented, sticky slickness, feasting hungrily on each drop.

It continues. I give you every opportunity to ride the wave. I love your pleasure, crave it. Lightening quick, and to my shock, you lift from me. I feel you scurry, and then you lower yourself to me. Oh GOD, your mouth is on my sex. My mouth takes you in, coaxing whatever might be left of your cum from you. Your tongue works feverishly on me. In my heated state this is not likely to take long. And it doesn’t. Your tongue is determined, urgent, hard. I buck underneath you. You moan into my pussy as your own orgasm crests deliciously. You thrust three fingers into me. “OHHHHH!” I have no answer other than to push my hips up to meet your mouth and fingers.

Just as I feel your legs shiver and your sex move, ever so slightly, my mind shatters in ecstasy as I am blinded in bliss. I cry out; my body arcs, thrusting wildly. I pull wildly at my bonds wanting to touch you. Furious etiler escort now at my capture I scream – both at my cum and in frustration. You are relentless; somewhere deep in the recesses I thank you. Every last bit of me is en fuego. Finally, it slips away. I surrender to my exhaustion – from pleasuring you and from my own bliss.

You lift from me completely. The absence is stark. Your body was my north star in the darkness. Again I feel you testing my last nerve – that damn feather. I groan; two of them. Jesus Mary and Joseph assist me in my last agony; now your hair, tantalizing. I smile through my frustration. You are an accomplished seductress.


“Yes pet?”

“Was I breakfast? Or are we dining out?”

Your laughter echoes through the room. “Yes and yes.” I feel your lips pressing to mine. Surely you taste yourself on my lips. You cover me with the slip of yourself. I feel your head lay between my breasts; your arms circle me. Can you feel your heart beating in my chest? I smile. Yes, Ally – I know full well what I said. No, Ally, I’m not a fool. I’m not in love. I just know that, intimacy or not, I want more. It’s early Saturday and I already am regretting your departure tomorrow evening. I want every minute we have to be special. They have been so far.

I feel you release my bonds; one, then the other. The blindfold is last; you kiss me first; my arms circle you, holding you close. I am the taker in this kiss, my tongue lashing, darting. You remove the blindfold. My eyes blink in the sudden, brilliant morning

“I think your chastisement is complete pet,” with the brilliant smile.

“Thank you ma’am; may I have another?” Peals of laughter fill the room as we both laugh, arm in arm.

“A shower, then breakfast; I shall relish the thought of you without panties.” I blush furiously, smiling.

Showering together sounded like a grand adventure but we settled for separate and solo. You went first as your long hair needed more time than mine. I towel dried mine and came out the bathroom in a towel. My clothes were lying neatly on the bed. You, dressed, sat, head bent, the dryer noisily doing its job. It’s pointless to talk with that racket. I dressed quickly and quietly. You flipped your head up, turned off the noise, and had a start as you saw me standing and dressed. A smirk crossed your face.

Eye roll. “Quit it.” The smirk stayed.

“Let me quick check the weather,” and I turned the television to a local station that constantly updated the temperature and the rest. “Not bad, 37, sun, light winds. We should be able to wander around some if you care to.”

“Do you have a preference? Stay in the hotel for breakfast or is there something you know nearby?”

“Hmm, it being Saturday we might do well to stay here. Some of the other spots are likely closed.”

You were completely dressed and moved to your purse for your makeup. I moved to you; you turned. I took you in my arms and kissed you. It was a delicious, warm kiss. We molded together as best we could. It was so wonderful. I don’t think either one of us wanted it to end.

Finally you pulled away, “If we don’t leave, we may never.” I could only laugh at that truth. You headed to the bathroom to do your face. I stood in front of the mirror. Yes, I blushed. Satisfied? Quick applications of liner, a bit of blush, color on my eyelids, and soft gloss for my lips. A spritz or two deftly applied … done.

A few moments later you appeared looking fabulous. I went to the closet, grabbed your coat, and held it for you. A quizzical look crossed your face. “A pet should help her miss with her coat.” “Say what?” I giggled. Flummoxed, you turned and let me help you put on the coat.

I threw mine over my arm and we headed out. An empty elevator was a temptation but we held hands.

“My lord Morgan I didn’t know till now just how famished I am.”

I nodded. “Ditto.”

A quick look around the lobby; there was a restaurant off on our far right. No rush in our steps as, hand in hand, we moved to it. A young hostess asked, “Two?”

With a smile, “Yes please.”

You shrugged off your coat and threw it on the chair. We sat next to each other on the bench.

A very young male appeared. “Ladies, care for something to drink?”

You asked, “Earl Grey, if you have it, with milk on the side please.”

He turned to me. “Coffee please.”

“I’ll be right back then,” and sashayed away.

“Should I have made you tea this morning? I just did coffee out of habit. Sorry about that.”

“Not to worry Morgan. I go b … I drink either.” We both smiled at what nearly slipped out.

I took hold of your small, delicate hand and kissed it, then slipped my fingers with yours back between us.

“What occasioned that?” softly.

“Oh, it’s another in what I hope will be a very long line of shared firsts,” with a bit of a shrug. “I am just enjoying the company.”

“Are you now? I took license with some of your comfort zones I believe,” with an arched eyebrow. Your very soft blues told me how much at ease you were.

Lance (I do not lie. That’s what the name beşiktaş escort tag said.) appeared with our drinks. “Are you ready to order?”

You smiled and said, “I’m sorry dear we’ve been gabbing a bit. Another minute please?” He nodded and moved away.

We opened the menus and looked.

“Another little secret about me; I must confess I’m a whore for hash browns.” You just smirk.

After preparing your tea; two Equals and a healthy dose of milk, you look and say, “What are you having? And do NOT say ‘You’ pet or I shall be forced to impose a misdemeanour.”

“Heavens.” Your eyes slit; I smile. “I’ll have eggs, sausage, hash browns, English muffins. You?”

“I thought I might try the lox and bagels. I need something filling I think; and no, I’m not Jewish.”

When he returned we placed our order.

“What sort of business did you attend to before we met yesterday Ally?”

“A new client of the firm had some issues with software. I came down to hold hands and get some of the employees up to speed on nuances and the like. Not an emergency but they thought so.”

“I know! The trip came about rather quickly.”

With a shrug, “Yes and they’ll pay for it, what with the short time fees and such. It all gets expensed out. And you? Friday is a late day as I recall. How did you manage to get out early?”

“Well, first, I planned a bit. I stayed late Thursday, clearing up some leftovers. I got in a bit early Friday to catch anything that came in. I’d made plans with staff to leave just a bit after lunch. That, as I suspected it, didn’t go as planned. But I got out early enough and got home to primp a bit.”

“Oh did you now! You did look smashing, Morgan.”

Our orders came and were set out. More coffee was poured. Your hot water was refreshed.

It would be impolite to say we inhaled the food – but, essentially, it was the truth.

I sat back with a sigh. I turned slightly. “So are you pleased with your choice miss?”

Caught off guard a bit you flushed. “That is one misdemeanour. Not in public. Yes; it was quite lovely.”

Damnation; you don’t let me get away with anything. I see that I’m going to have to be more creative.

The usual mindless banter from the waiter; the check is left. I reach for it. You stop me. “Morgan you paid for dinner last evening. I can simply put this on the room.”

“Well, it being the both of us I didn’t want you to get any questions or in trouble.”

“Thank you for that. It’s not necessary though.”

A few more sips, we both rise and take our coats.

“I suppose it’s best if we both go to the ladies before we go out shopping.” I nod.

As we leave I ask directions of the hostess. We find it, do what’s needed, and finished, put on our coats and head out.

“This being Chicago we’ll have a wide choice of where to shop. Nordstrom, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret. I imagine you’ll want to be in charge of picking out my unmentionables.” I could not hold back my smirk.

“I am most pleased pet. I shall reconsider your misdemeanour. You are, in fact, quite right. Where to then?”

“Well, from where we are, Macys is closest. But it would also probably be the last choice.”

“Lead the way Morgan.”

We head north on Michigan Avenue. It’s a treat for you, this “Magnificent Mile.” We peek in every window; stop in a few, and make our way north. I’m impressed with your – umm – discipline as you do not fall all over yourself buying things here and there.

The Water Tower is home to VS. You take it all in; this particular block is quite impressive. We enter the rather famous building, locate the store, and ride the appropriate elevator. Inside we are surrounded by row upon row upon row of the most gorgeous, luxurious, delicate little nothings. A little sprite of a girl comes over to ask if we need help. You decline.

“Morgan, why don’t you have a seat and let me roam and look?”

Glum, I find a seat.

You return a few minutes later with an armload of panties. “Follow me pet, I’ve located the dressing rooms.”

I grab my purse and coat and follow you. You open a door, enter, and beckon me to follow.

My eyes widen and I blush furiously. “What?” You respond with what I believe to be a chuckle. “Ally … if oth…” That’s all I’m able to stammer out as you take my hand and pull me in; closing the door behind us.

“Now just step out of those slacks and we’ll get going, pet.” I stare at you, mouth open. Buttons undone, the slacks slip to the floor.

You smile slyly, “Oh my yes, you’ve gone commando! Well I suppose that’s right, yesterday’s pair was quite useless.”

You hand me a pair. These we will have to buy; there are rules. This is how I know they are your first choice.

I step into them and slide them up my legs and over my hips. I lift my head to find you staring. I feel the flush begin and it spreads. Finally you lift your eyes to mine, a grin, and, “She is blushing; my pet is blushing under my gaze – how extraordinary.” You look as if you want to clap in delight at the sight of me. “Do you like them pet?” I see myself in the mirror. They really are a perfect fit. Unlike many crotchless panties that simply have a slit, these have an opening. No fabric covers my lips or clit. My god they do fit me perfectly and they are a lovely shade of blue. I gasp as I realize they are the same blue as your eyes. As I turn I see the twinkle and the nod of your head. “Yes pet; exactly right.”

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