Feng Shui: Okay!


My name’s Nicole. I live in Silicon Valley, California, where I work for a tech company that’s been around long enough to not really be considered a start-up anymore. In fact, we broke even for the first time last year, so we’ll probably be around for a while yet. I’ll leave you to guess which company I’m talking about- I wouldn’t want this to be too easily recognizable, and you’ll see why!

I’m 5’7”, a little taller than average height, and I have the legs to prove it. My ass sticks out just enough to be worth a second look, and my tits are big enough to balance my figure out. I have typical “California girl” blond hair and a surfer’s tan (I spend most weekends out on the beach).

I’ve always been a sexual person. From the time I was ten I knew that remaining a virgin till marriage wasn’t for me, and I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend when I was sixteen. I was way more into sex than he was, actually, which was why we broke up soon after: I hear he and his boyfriend are very happy together. Men usually stare as I walk by.

Anyway, this story starts when the company where I work hired a feng shui consultant to “improve employee performance” by “harmonizing the flow of positive energy within the workplace environment”. This is interesting for two reasons. First, it gives you an idea of what it’s like to work for a medium-size software company in the Bay Area- they’re always hiring some crazy consultant to come in and disrupt our lives for three or four days and then leave again with (usually) no noticeable chance in either employee performance or happiness. Second, this consultant suggested a change that Management actually implemented: curtains in the doorways of our cubicles.

The curtains sure did improve this employee’s “performance.” Before the curtains were in place, if I ever felt the need to “relieve some stress” in the middle of the workday I’d have to sneak into the restroom and prop myself up on one of the toilets (butt on the seat, high-heeled cebeci escort shoes wedged in each corner of the stall, fingers in pussy… you know the drill). Now I can pull the drapes over the opening and fuck myself silly in the comfort of my very own desk chair. As long as I’m quiet, no one can tell what I’m doing.

I’ve really gotten used to this arrangement. I even started bringing some of my not-inconsiderable stock of sex toys to work. One of the other consultants Management brought in a while back advised the purchase of filing cabinets that actually lock for the employees. Management is supposed to have a key to these, of course, but it turns out that the locking mechanism is very easy to take out and replace, so I went and bought myself another lock and installed it late one night when everyone else had gone home. Now I have my own private store of goodies that I take out on my lunch breaks when the curtain’s closed and I’m alone.

If they hadn’t hired six-foot-five Jim, this could have gone on forever (as far as I was concerned). But one day I was sitting in my chair with my feet on the desk, my head tipped back in ecstasy, fingers on my clit and dildo in my cunt as usual, when I hear this polite throat-clearing noise. Of course I assumed it had nothing to do with me, so I continued thrusting the toy in and out of my pussy while rubbing my clit with two fingers. Then it happened again. I finally opened my eyes and looked up to see Jim’s nose poking over the wall of my cube.

“Fuck!” I quickly threw the dildo under the desk while re-buttoning my shirt and pulling my skirt over my exposed crotch. “Oh, shit, Jim, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize you could see, I swear I don’t do this often. Please don’t report me.”

He leaned over the wall separating our cubes and grinned slowly. “Don’t worry, Nikki. I promise I won’t say anything… as long as you let me watch.”

Hearing him say those çukurambar escort words sent a jolt through my dripping pussy (I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist at heart). Slowly, I leaned back again, pulling my skirt up over my thighs and spreading my legs to show him just a hint of my juicy redness. “Sure, Jim. Why don’t you come on over here so you can see better?”

When Jim entered my cubicle he perched on my desk so that he wouldn’t be visible from the outside. I continued pulling my skirt up until he could see my naked cunt. I unbuttoned the top four buttons on my shirt so that my perky tits were visible, spilling out of their sheer lacy bra. My dark brown nipples poked out proudly, trying to rip through the fabric imprisoning them. Jim’s breath quickened.

“Nikki,” he moaned, “Take it off.”

“You take it off,” I suggested, drawing him closer to the front-fastened bra. When he knelt at my feet, he reached out and softly caressed my restrained breasts before taking hold of my bra and gently pulling it off. My breasts bounced free and I moaned with pleasure as Jim bent down and took one of my nipples in his lips, rolling it around before pulling it into his mouth and sucking on it.

After a moment I pushed him away. “You were going to look, remember? Maybe later you can touch, but for now sit back and watch me.” He groaned softly and started stroking the growing bulge at the front of his trousers.

While he knelt before me, I placed my feet on the desk on either side of his head and let my fingers wander down to my dripping pussy. I used the middle finger of my right hand to tease and rub my clit, nearly making myself cry out in pleasure at the feeling. I continued to play with my throbbing clit, and Jim unzipped his pants and brought out his cock. I gasped at the sight of his hard-on. It was about seven inches and thick enough to do its job well. As soon as I saw it I decided demetevler escort that I would have it inside of me.

I reached under the desk and brought out the discarded dildo. My pussy was so wet I had no need of external lubrication. While my right hand kept teasing my clit, I used the left to slowly push the toy in and out of my throbbing cunt. Jim watched avidly, his eyes fixed on the sight before him. His hand worked up and down his expanding dick in time with the thrusts of my dildo.

As I became more and more excited my hands sped up. Jim kept time with me, fisting his dick faster and faster as we both came closer to orgasm. It became harder and harder to keep quiet in the packed office building, but we both knew that the slightest sound could bring Management down upon us, so we bit our lips to keep from making noise.

Just as I was about to cum, I grabbed Jim and dragged him closer to me, discarding the dildo and placing his cock at the opening to my dripping pussy. He understood immediately what I wanted and, pausing only to shift to a more comfortable position, thrust his rigid prick into my cunt. I couldn’t keep myself from moaning softly at the feeling of him filling me, thrusting into me, in and out until I couldn’t take it any longer and let my eyes close as I concentrated on the feelings emanating from the union of my wet pussy and his hard cock. I continued rubbing my clit as he drove in and out, faster and faster until I exploded in ecstasy as he filled me with his hot cum.

He continued pushing in and out, more slowly now, as he finished squirting his juice into my wetness, his face buried between my breasts and his hands wrapped around my back. We remained like that as we both came down, my breath coming slower as I rested my cheek in his hair, drinking in the scent of his hair and his sweat and his maleness.

When we had both recovered he drew himself out and reached over to pull some tissues out of the box on my desk. Carefully, he wiped my pussy clean before holding out his now-soft dick and performing the same office on himself. Noticing some cum stains on the crotch of his trousers he shrugged ruefully, and we both smiled.

I put my mouth next to his ear and whispered, “I know just how to get those out. Why don’t you come by my apartment this evening and I can show you?”

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