Extra Sprinkles for Ms. Lynch


It had been a lousy day for Dorothy Lynch, the middle aged physical education teacher at the local high school. It was the first day of summer recess, and while most teachers and students waited for that day to come all school year, for Dot Lynch it was a day without structure. The gym teacher needed the interaction with young women, and the desire to make them as physically fit as she was always burned within her, even if the students mostly treated the class as a lark.

On this first day of summer vacation Dot had cleaned her stifling apartment even though it was spotless to begin with, and then went to the Y to workout. The Y was pretty deserted because most were out enjoying summer, not giving Dot the satisfaction of putting on a show for the people there, but that didn’t stop the woman from putting in a grueling workout that would shame women half her age.

The locker room was equally unsatisfying, with no one there to watch dress or undress, and the shower room was also frustrating with only a solitary woman about her age in the room. Not only was the other woman visually unappealing, with a belly and floppy breasts, but when she glanced in Dot’s direction the disgusted look she gave the gym teacher was visible even through the steam and the spray.

Funny thing, Dot mused to herself as she showered right in the middle of the room, totally unabashed and unashamed of her body as always, is that although the dumpy gal made a face and looked appalled at her masculine looking body, nevertheless she kept taking peeks in her direction all the time they were in there, so obvious that at one point Dot turned to face the woman and posed for her benefit and the woman’s subtle glances didn’t stop after they exited the showers and went to get dressed.

“I’ll bet,” Dot mumbled to herself as the nosy woman left the locker room, “if I came on to her she would probably go home with me. I bet a session with me and the strap on would straighten her out, probably make her forget all about the flatulence machine she has at home sitting on her couch.”

Dot chuckled at her own joke, glad that nobody was around to hear her talk to herself, and after getting in the car debated with herself about whether she should go home and sulk or go to Daisy’s. the only gay bar in town. It being a Monday, the place would be deserted except for the old and bitter dykes who seemed glued in their stools. Dot wanted some young and innocent girl who needed guidance that only a stern taskmistress like Dorothy Lynch could provide.

After considerable internal deliberation, Dot decided to drop by the local ice cream stand. Although she would never eat any of the fat laden decadent treats they pushed on the weak minded, they did have a few no fat yogurts and the like, so off she went to The Cream Machine where luckily she arrived about 10 minutes before they closed.

After looking at the menu Dot went up to the window, and while it seemed the kids working there were trying to hide in the back to avoid waiting on one of the last customers, one enterprising little girl raced up to greet her.

“Welcome to the Cream Machine,” the girl recited before sheepishly smiling and adding, “Hi Ms. Lynch. What would you like?”

“I’ll have a nonfat frozen vanilla yogurt in a cup,” the gym teacher said, and after a bit of hesitation added with a bit of guilt, “Put sprinkles on it please.”

“Yes ma’am,” the munchkin chirped and as she went to fill the order Dot tried to figure out how the kid knew her.

She looked too young for senior gym classes, but since Dot was a rather well known face in the community despite her best efforts to keep a low profile, it was a mystery.

“Here you are Ms. Lynch. $2.14 please,” the blonde pixie said, and as Dot handed her a five the girl said in a stage whisper, “I put extra sprinkles on it.”

“Oh. Thank you uh…” Dot said, squinting as she tried to read the girl’s name tag which rested on a barely visible swell on the girl’s chest, finally able to see it when the kid returned with her change, “Candy is it?”

“Yes!” the kid chirped happily. “Candy Singleton. I was in your class. Remember?”

“Hmmm,” Dot said as she racked her mental Rolodex for the girl.

“It was a couple of years ago,” Candy added.

“Oh yes, I recall,” Dot lied. “I guess my memory is slipping.”

“You didn’t teach us a lot of the time because Ms. Winkle was your student teacher,” the girl offered, and Dot nodded as she took the change.

The year of Melody Winkle, Dot sighed as she went over to a picnic table on the side of the building. That explained why she didn’t remember the poor girl who obviously remembered her very well, because having a play toy like Melody around made most of that school year a blur. It didn’t explain how that little girl could have graduated from high school a couple of years ago, because she didn’t even look old enough to hold a job legally.

Still, Dot sighed as she nursed her frozen yogurt while looking through the glass at beyoğlu escort her admirer, she is cute in her own way. Little pug nose with a smattering of freckles around it and a very trim, boyish figure, not to mention braces. Braces! The see through kind, but still braces. Dot told herself to eat the damn ice cream and go home, but 20 minutes later as she pushed the last spoonful of melted goo and sprinkles around the bottom of the cup, she was still there like a vulture circling over the ice cream stand.


“Still here Ms. Lynch?” the perky girl asked when she went out the back door of the ice cream shop as the inside lights went out, and as the gym teacher appraised this youthful Candy whatever her last name is, she fought to remember her.

Five foot nothing and 100 pounds soaking wet, there was nothing noteworthy about the girl except for the brightly colored knee high socks, a spectrum of pastel colors that reached just below her knobby knees. The socks, combined with khaki shorts and the red and white store uniform top, made her look goofy in an adorable way.

“Just enjoying my sprinkles,” Dot noted, the comment getting her a complete view of the braces. “It’s Monday night and nothing to do.”

“Tell me about it. Even though it was hot tonight business still stunk,” Candy said. “I like it when it’s busy. Helps the time pass.”

“So is this your occupation?”

“Here? No,” Candy giggled. “I work here every summer. I get a lot of hours and that helps with the expenses at college. I’m going to be a junior at State this fall.”

“Good for you,” Dot encouraged, and as she looked at the kid things started to go into place. “I hope you forgive me but there are so many girls and my memory isn’t what it was, but I’m beginning to remember you better. You used to wear different colored knee highs, a red one and a green one sometimes.”

“Yes!” Candy chirped happily. “That was me.”

“Now I recall,” Dot said. “I seem to remember you hanging around this other girl all the time, a tall redhead who was on the basketball team?”

“Jessica,” Candy responded, and judging by her tone of voice Dot sensed she might have hit a sore spot. “She’s gone to college out of state, but we’re still buds.”

“That’s good,” Dot replied in her rarely used soothing tone. “We all need friends.”

“Yeah,” the shaggy haired blonde agreed as she pawed at the ground. “Guess I better head home.”

“No car?”

“No, but I live just a block down,” Candy said.

“I can give you a ride,” Dot offered. “I’m in no hurry to get home.”

“Same here.”

“Well in that case, would you like to go out for a drink?” Dot suggested.

“Yeah but I’m only 20 – will be next month anyway – and I think even when I get old enough I still won’t be able to drink at bars,” Candy explained. “I’ll always look like a kid, or at least that’s what my Mom says.”

“I was suggesting we have the drink at my place,” Dot said. “I know the difference between a woman and a child so you’re old enough to imbibe at my apartment. Of course, it’s hot as hell in there and there’s no…”

“Yeah. I’d love to,” the once again bubbly blonde answered, and when Dot asked if she had to let anybody know where she was going the kid interrupted.

“No. I’m a woman. You said so,” Candy reminded her former teacher, and after Dot nodded she got up, tossed her empty cup into the trash and led Candy to her truck.


“So tell me, were you born Candy or is it sort for…”

“Candace,” the girl on the other end of the love seat said as she made a face, although whether it was from the name or the strong drink Dot couldn’t tell.

“Not so bad,” Dot suggested. “I know it’s hot in here, and that fan doesn’t do anything, so if you want to take that messy uniform top off go ahead. I can see you have something underneath it.”

The gym teacher noticed the girl had seemed fascinated by her forearms even out in the kitchenette while she made drinks, and as Dot looked at her own impressive arms she wondered how much more muscular they would be if she ended up putting in workouts like tonight all summer. This made Dot think of a comment that a student had made a few years ago when she thought the teacher was out of earshot, something about her having forearms like Popeye. And the girl thought that was an insult?

“As for me, I’ll pretend you aren’t here,” Dot announced as she peeled off the short sleeved shirt she had on and casually cast it aside while enjoying the effect the compression tank top she wore underneath it had on her young friend.

Charcoal grey and skin tight, the skimpy spandex top had skinny straps that were meant to showcase her ripped shoulders and arms, features that Candy’s eyes kept going back to as she pretended to fiddle with her drink. The teen’s gaze also drifted to the gym teacher’s chest where the fat nipples stuck out proudly from her broad and virtually flat chest.

“That’s a little better,” cihangir escort Dot proclaimed. “I really should get the AC fixed if summer is going to be like this.”

Candy seemed to do a double take before she finally took off her uniform top, grinning self-consciously as she set it aside. The girl was wearing a tank top of her own but Candy’s was yellow and not tight, and as the white straps on her shoulders revealed the girl also had a bra on underneath it.

“Much better,” Dot declared as she grinned and added, “You’re like an onion though with all your layers.”

“Onion?” Candy asked, not hearing the whole comment, and she lifted her arm and sniffed while asking, “Do I smell?

“No honey,” the gym teacher sighed as her eyes took in the sexy sight of the girl’s underarm. “I was referring to the layers of clothing you have on. I’m sure there’s some Candy Singleton underneath all these clothes though and I’m sure you smell fine.”

“Good. I was scared because I worked a full shift today,” Candy explained with an exaggerated exhale.

“Well, I can make sure for you if you’d like,” Dot said with an evil grin before reaching over and taking Candy’s little wrist in her hand, lifting the blonde’s arm up over her head and then brazenly leaning over and inhaling deeply.

The aroma from the diminutive girl’s was neutral, much to Dot’s relief, with any caustic chemicals having been worn off from the sweat caused by work, but the real delight was seeing the tiny patch of peach fuzz in the center of the otherwise creamy recess. Candy giggled when Dot sniffed her underarm but then gasped when the bold woman leaned closer and placed her tongue on the downy hairs and licked the moist armpit up and down before leaning back into the love seat.

“You smell and taste wonderful,” Dot deadpanned, her spine still tingling from the sensation of the down against her tongue, while the girl blushed and acted flustered. “Something wrong?”

“No,” Candy lied. “Just wasn’t expecting that.”

“Oh well, it was an educational experience for me,” Dot said. “Shows you’re never too old to learn. I discovered that not only did you smell fine, but that you’re a natural blonde too and that’s also good.”

“Sorry. I haven’t shaved in a few days,” Candy mumbled.

“Why is that?” Dot wondered aloud.

“I dunno. Guess I forgot, and sometimes I’m running late.”

“No,” Dot clarified as she leaned back into the couch and brought her muscular arm onto the back cushion to make her point. “My question was more along the line of, why do you shave at all?

“I – uh…” Candy stammered as she followed the gym teacher’s arm up from the prominent bicep to the tuft of brown curls that filled Dot’s muscled armpit, and after she made a difficult swallow she added, “I guess Mom would freak if I did anything that made me look any way but the way she wants. She wants me to find the boy of my dreams, one who will give her the grandchildren she thinks she deserves. Not something I’m thinking about right now.”

“I gathered that,” Dot mused. “Judging by the closeness you seemed to share with that Amazon of a basketball player back in school.”

“It was that obvious?” Candy nervously tittered.

“To me it was, but I’m tuned in to that sort of thing,” Ms. Lynch nodded. “Then again, there’s you coming home to my apartment with me tonight. Why would a cute young girl like you come here with me, a middle aged woman whose sexuality, while not flaunted, is hardly hidden.”

“I thought someone like you would be tuned in to that sort of thing too,” Candy said in a halting voice, the sweat beading up on her forehead only partly due to the heat as she repeated Ms. Lynch’s earlier remark. “Ever since high school, before I even had you as a teacher, I would look at you and just melt. It was the crush to end all crushes.”


“I would almost stalk you out in the halls from a distance, and it was so easy to pick you out because of your broad shoulders and short cropped hair,” Candy continued. “That and your knee highs in the school colors. I was tempted to wear them too but was afraid it would be too obvious so I just wore other colors.”

“Interesting,” Dot replied as she swung her left leg up onto the cushion between them. “I suspect people think I just have one pair but I assure you I have a drawer full of them. Help me off with these won’t you?”

Candy nodded and reached down, grazing the older woman’s knee which was all that showed between the baggy shorts and socks, and then slowly peeled them down. Dot heard the stifled gasp as the knee high came down, the reaction likely not from her thickly muscled calf because that was hidden under the rich coating of dark brown hairs, especially dense on the inside of the leg.

To her credit Candy got the sock off her former instructor’s size 8 foot and even tugged it back into its regular shape before setting in on the coffee table in time for Dot to put her other leg up okmeydanı escort on the love seat. Without waiting the teen rolled down the other sock as well, with a drop of sweat falling from Candy’s brow and onto the gym teacher’s furry ankle providing a bit of comic relief.

“Sorry,” Candy said as she wiped the droplet of perspiration away with her hand, and as her palm grazed the hairy ankle it was Dot who let out the sigh.

“Was that just a tease?” Dot asked the nervous teen, and when the girl made a tentative swipe upward with her had the gym teacher squirmed in the cushion and watched the hairs on her calf flutter after Candy’s tiny pale fingers went up against the grain.

“I give you credit,” Dot noted as the girl began sliding her hands up and then back down her muscular calves. “You fluster easily but recover quickly.”

“That’s not what the guidance counselor told me back in high school,” Candy confided. “I told him that I wanted to be a gym teacher like you – well I didn’t say just like you but you get the idea – and he told me that because I was so meek that I would never cut it as a phys ed teacher. Also said that I shouldn’t get involved in a profession like that because the woman are all ‘that type’, you know?”


“Yeah. I was dying to tell him that I was that type too. Asshole,” Candy snapped.

“Please don’t tell me which one of those amateur psychologists said that because I have to go back there in the fall,” Dot replied. “The temptation to kick his ass might be too great.

“I’d pay to see that and I’m sure you could do it too,” Candy responded. “I used to go to the faculty/student basketball games and watching you dominate the girls made me so hot. One time I left my keys in the gym locker and I heard some noises in the gymnasium. I peeked in and saw you at the end of the gym doing chin-ups.”

“You should have joined me. Boring working out alone all the time.”

“I would have embarrassed myself dangling on the bar trying to do more than one,” Candy grinned. “When I saw you doing the chin-ups so effortlessly, I stepped behind the bleachers and watched you. Your school shirt was drenched with sweat and stuck to your back, and I so wanted you to drop to the floor and turn around to face me. I didn’t even realize I had moved my hand down between my legs and – I got scared and scurried back out before I got caught.”

“Is this your specialty? Telling erotic stores?” Dot suggested, her long fat nipples straining so hard against the spandex that they looked ready to pop through the fabric.

“I dunno. All I know is that while I have to admit that what I’m doing right now – massaging your calves – might not have been in my many fantasies about you, I’m living a dream right now,” Candy confessed, and as she spoke Dot swung her legs.down and took the little lady in her arms, pushing her back and kissing her hard on the lips before kissing her way down the girl’s neck.

“We’ll see how you feel when I’m done with you,” Dot hissed as she grabbed the bottom of the girl’s t-shirt and yanked it up and over her head before casting it aside and eyeing the padded bra that was beneath it.

Dot’s hands went over the cups of the harness, trying to find some flesh beneath the cotton before using a deft finger to release the single clasp in front, and as the bra parted she roughly yanked it over Candy’s shoulders and grinned at what she saw. As the dyke’s eyes devoured the tiny morsels the blonde’s hands started to go up to cover her breasts before she changed her mind.

Dot reached up and ran her hands around the orbs that weren’t much bigger than limes, avoiding the boyish pale pink nipples as her hands rubbed around Candy’s collarbone. The blonde had her eyes closed as her chest heaved, and the gym teacher’s hands went down and grabbed the girl’s wrists, pulling her hands up behind the blonde locks and holding them there with the iron grip of just one of her hands.

This stretching of the girl backwards had the effect of making the girl’s already diminutive breasts even smaller, but still Dot leaned over and let her mouth envelop the entire swell, sucking hard on the tiny teat and enjoying Candy’s whimpering in response. Back and forth Dot went, nursing hard while the teen writhed into the cushions.

“Sensitive, aren’t they?” Dot chuckled as she saw that after a minute or two the tiny tits were dark pink compared to the rest of her creamy white body, and when the blonde’s body shivered Dot noticed the droplets of sweat that were trickling down from Candy’s underarms and tickling her ribs.

The gym teacher leaned down and after stopping a few drops with her tongue, followed the trail back to her exposed armpit where she licked and sucked on the salty hollow while the little lady tried to levitate off the couch. Dot’s left hand continued to hold down her arms while she used the other to press on the crotch of her shorts, where the heat was pouring out through the fabric like a furnace.

Dot kissed Candy, her tongue dueling with hers, and the gym teacher stopped rubbing the teen’s sex through the layers of fabric and deftly undid the teen’s khaki shorts. Right away the scent of Candy’s pussy rose up and seemed to fill the room, and after Dot worked the shorts down far enough she slipped her hand onto the panties.

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