Exposing Life’s Cruel Irony Ch. 01


This is a continuation of the “Life’s Cruel Irony” series.


As the sun rose on December 22nd Doris was sipping her coffee as she thought about her to do list. The final dusting and cleaning needed to be completed. Much of the vacuuming and dusting was tasked to Royce. She was relieved that he had recovered so well. The prognosis in those first two days was not good, but he was strong willed. He returned to work for half days six and half weeks ago and was back to full days after Thanksgiving. The thought of loosing him haunted her as she knew that he was still at some risk.

For over twenty years she feared loosing him discovering her shameful skeleton and finding herself alone. The first night shook her to her core. She cried in anguish as she gazed upon his whitish form and the all the wires and tubes. Two days before he had his attack she decided that she needed to confess to Royce even if she lost him. Though she was already trying to break free of Vince because he kept demanding more and more, she knew Vince’s hold could not be broken fully until she told her husband. Increasingly Vince wanted to control her and when she fought him she was hit by him.

Three weeks ago she fought to control her frustration when year her daughter-in-law insisted that they were going to stay with them rather than with her parents across the street. Pam said that her mother was going to be in Chicago for several days and would not have time to have the place ready for visitors. Fortunately her daughter Kristy who was six-months along with their first child, and her husband Peter, lived only fifteen minutes away. Betty who was home from grad school was delighted to have the baby in her room. Room was not the issue. She just wanted a quieter home this year because of Royce’s heart.

As the grandfather clock struck eight, Pam joined Betty and Doris in the kitchen for breakfast. Like her mother, Betty had a quiet shy side, but Pam knew from their time together in high school that she had her wild side. Jeff was still in bed as they arrived late the prior evening and he spent time talking late with his father. Betty soon left with a list of items to pick-up at the grocery store early for her mother before the grocery lines got long.

Doris with a fresh cup of coffee in hand excused herself to go to the den to check her email. She was anxious to track Royce’s gift as it was to have arrived the day before. She breathed a sigh of relief when the report showed it as on today’s delivery truck. Checking her other emails her eyes then noticed an email titled “Doris – Your Sin Is Known”.

She did not recognize the sender’s address but her heart was thumping. “Surely not now” she groaned inwardly. Her hand quaked and her heart seemed to stop as she moved the mouse to open the email.

She sat stunned. There before Doris was a message that struck fear into her heart. “Headline – Mother allows brother and sister to wed. Story – A local mother allowed her son to marry his half-sister. Though the brother and sister have different mothers, they share the same father. When approached for a comment the mother was unapologetic saying, ‘so I am a slut. What are you going to do?’ More details to follow. See the attached picture.”

One picture attached to the email showed her on her hands and knees with a cock clearly part way in her. Though his face was turned away it was clear that he was not her husband. Who and when they were taken was unknown, but the pictures indicated the veracity of the sender’s position.

As soon as the initial shock diminished Doris quickly sent a return message asking the sender to identify himself and to know what he wants. She also begged him to do nothing as she loved her husband deeply and was trying each day to show him how much she loved him.

As she tried unsuccessfully to focus on other emails, a second email from the same sender arrived. “Doris – my identity is unimportant at the moment. Watch for an email either tomorrow or Christmas Eve. Oh…if you tell Vince about this I will immediately send an email to all your family and friends. Those two pictures will go with the email. Below you will see I know the email addresses for many of your family members and various friends.”

After reading the messages twice more Doris sat dazed. She wondered who sent it. Who could know? She was not tempted to contact Vince. Since she had been blackmailed all these years, she realized she may have to trade another favor to protect her secret and family for at least three more weeks. She thought, just three more weeks and then I will be free. In three weeks she planned to tell her husband the truth, full and unvarnished. It was the least she could do.

Doris had vowed that if her husband recovered she would tell him, and she meant to keep her word. She just needed to get beyond the holidays and into the middle of January, just a few days before Vince’s birthday on the 18th.

When she first decided to confess to Royce she Kütahya Escort also knew she would loose her friendship with Tara. She would walk through fire to make amends with Tara but knew it would do little good.

When she confessed Doris had already been preparing her heart for the worse. Her heart hoped her husband would understand but she knew how she would react hearing the news. She was preparing herself to loose her family and friend, but for her it was the right thing to do and loosing them would be appropriate justice.

She knew a motel where she could rent for a month and had already been looking for a one bedroom apartment. For a year she had been putting some money aside, and since July she had been putting even more aside. She had enough twenty and fifty dollar bills in her bedside drawer to cover start up costs on an apartment.

She had pieced together that Lois, who she had meet, had been blackmailed into helping this out of control twosome seduce young ladies from Lois’ high school. After Thanksgiving she mailed an anonymous letter to the District Superintendent indicating that a female teacher was being blackmailed into helping a middle aged couple to seduce high school students. Wanting to still protect herself she did not sign the letter or give names.

Doris hoped the she had given enough information in the letter to get an investigation started. Even if Lois, Jill and Vince were not exposed, the investigation and the interviews of teachers could be enough to end Vince’s using Lois for an unrighteous purpose. Just last week the rumor was that an investigation into in appropriate teacher conduct was underway that all four district high schools. Word was that one volleyball coach was already being charged with sex with a minor.

When Doris emerged from the den Pam noticed that her mother-in-law looked shaken. When Pam asked if she wanted to join her mother shopping Doris just walked past silently.

Doris could not make eye contact with Pam for fear of what her eyes would show. Clearly Doris was nervous and upset as she rushed down the hallway to her bedroom, but Pam remained silent.

For the remainder of the morning and early afternoon she was so distracted that Betty asked if something was wrong. Though she said she was fine, her daughter did not buy it. When Betty pressed, Doris explained that she was thinking in what to get as another gift for her husband when she went shopping with Tara and Pam.

Initially Doris did not intend to go with the two ladies but did so. It was a means to avoid Betty asking any more questions. She had already decided to go the extra mile during the holiday season to assure her husband of her love for him and a few extra special gifts would help.

Tara had been distant from Doris for months. In October she wanted to claw her eyes out and never see her again. As she learned more details and as the weeks passed she softened her position. After Royce had learned about the details of his wife’s affair she and Royce had numerous long conversations and emails. Tara agreed to allow Royce the opportunity to redeem his wife and agreed not to complicate matters by avoiding her.

For weeks Tara recalled how Doris has been by her side. Tara recalled her friend’s unwavering support during when Tara recovered from an accident. Recollections like this one enable Tara to dig deep down into herself to find strength and courage to act as if nothing was wrong.

Her heart softened a little further when she returned home in mid November for five days. Tara found Doris raking the leaves in her backyard. Doris knew Vince was not going rake the leaves. So to help her friend, Doris took over the task while Tara was visiting Jeff and Pam.

In the last five weeks Tara continued to recall the good times with Doris and her kindness. She really hoped that Royce’s theory was correct that Doris found herself in a quagmire from which Doris did not know how to extract herself. Royce felt that if Doris was given the opportunity Doris would break off the relationship and maybe even confess.

By Christmas, Tara really hoped Royce was right. Everything she knew about Doris fit with Royce’s theory. If Royce was willing to do act like Hosea, the least she could do would be to support him.

That afternoon Tara and Pam too could tell Doris was distracted, but they said nothing. Tara pulled them into a lingerie store. When Tara was holding up a bustier Doris looked away as it was almost identical to one Jill wore that horrible day in August.

Minutes later Pam had looked at various items and asked her mother and mother-in-law, for their opinions. “What about this naughty thing?” Pam would ask.

A few minutes later Pam said, “What do you think my lover would like more?”

Doris was speechless. Doris was shocked that her daughter-in-law just suggested that she had a lover.

Seeing the pained expression on Doris’ face Pam added, “my husband silly is my lover.”

Though Kütahya Escort Bayan Doris was relieved Pam and Tara kept commenting about their “lover” as they examined various items. Soon she too got into doing the same except she avoided using the word “lover.”

At one point when Pam kidded her about not dressing for her lover but only for her husband.

Doris shot back in somewhat of a testy manner, “I dress to please and pleasure my husband. He is and always be my husband and the only man I will ever love. I have already brought harm to my marriage and I will not treat it lightly by playing around with double entendre.” With that she walked outside and waited by the car in the cold.

While both Tara and Pam understood the context of the statement they were still in shock. They heard in Doris’ voice and saw on her face anguish as she hinted at a confession.

As Doris waited outside, she did not realize that Pam and Tara decided to purchase along with their own items two items that Doris favored and in her size. It was Tara’s suggestion because in that outburst she saw a hint that she was reaching out.

As they drove home Doris sat in the back seat quietly looking out the window. The other two women could see that she was deep in thought and that there was a tear in her eye.

When they pulled into Tara’s garage and Pam started to open the door Doris spoke up, “Pam wait a moment. I need to apologize to both of you for my outburst. Neither of you deserved it. I am totally at fault and asking for your forgiveness would be to make light of what I said and have done, and am about to say.”

Pam and Tara looked at each other with surprise and each almost smiled. They noticed Doris’ hand taking hold of the hand Pam had resting on the armrest. They both remained quiet to allow Doris to continue, “Pam, I have brought you and your husband great pain by opposing your marriage. It had nothing to do with your love for each other or that I thought your marriage would fail. It was my issue alone.”

Doris paused, took a deep intake of air. Then she continued, “One day I may be able to tell you more but suffice it to say, I am very happy for both of you. I will say this in front of your mother and the woman who is dear to me in the world as a sister. Pam, I love you deeply. I love you as if you are my own daughter and am proud of you. I will be there always for you. I will defend you and your marriage to my last breath. If my son ever lets you go, he will be a fool.”

She stopped for a moment, but suddenly Doris continued, “During my ranting I said I put my marriage at risk. What I am about to say I ask that hold in the strictest of confidence. I will not bind you to keep your silence beyond January 19th. After then you can tell anyone.”

The eyes of mother and daughter were wide with surprise. They nodded and said they understood.

Breathing a sigh of relief Doris continued, “Good. I know full well that your respect for me may well be lost by what I am about to say, but if that happens, then it is just punishment for what I have done. I am deeply ashamed that I have been unfaithful to my husband. While I would like to blame the man, I must accept responsibility.”

The adulterous mother continued her confession, “I will not go into details but I am telling Royce in mid January. Part of me wants to confess all to him now, but I do not want to ruin the holidays for us all. I want the wife of the man with whom I had the affair to never have Christmas or New Years saddled with such news. These are precious holidays that must be free of such issues. When the details do come out I know you will both understand more clearly and that you will experience some hurt.”

Doris continued on, “yes, I will be confessing to her. I know her as she lives in our subdivision and I see her often in the market and mail. One of her children was in one of my classes. The pain I will bring to her life will haunt me for the rest of my life. I know she will never forgive me. Every time she will see me she will look at me with loathing. Seeing that look every time I see her will be a just punishment.”

With a quivering voice Doris continued on, “this is my shame. I will not tell you exactly how long the affair has been going on but it has been well over eighteen years. I made a mistake one day. I then allowed the man because of my cowardly nature to bed me several times a year.”

Doris’ eyes dropped as she quietly said, “I have behaved in a disrespectful manner. I have tried to end it several times but in various ways he has found ways to keep under his control. Fortunately this evil man is moving out of state in the near future. You may wonder if he is moving out of state and if no one will know then why am I going to tell my husband and family?”

The other ladies sat quietly as Doris continued to confess and go through her cathartic process. They had kept glancing at each other.

Barely above a whisper Doris continued, Escort Kütahya “I have finally found the courage do the right thing. It is that simple. It will likely cost me my husband, family and friends. Fear of being alone and friendless will no longer keep me silent.”

Looking out the front windshield Doris said, “Unfortunately the man I have been with has given information of my affair to another man. Through a recent email this man told me he knows. It appears that he too will try to blackmail me. I will play his game through the holidays, but his goal will not be achieved. I will not meet with him. I will control my life not him. I will just delay him until for three more weeks. By then I will have told Royce.”

With tears streaming down her face Doris quickly exited and ran across the street.

Seeing tears starting to flow down Tara’s face Pam hugged her mother, “Mom you controlled your anger. It is okay to let your anger out now.”

Her mother turned to her and not much above a whisper said, “dear, these are not tears of anger. My love for that man is long dead. He killed the marriage long ago. It just took me over twenty years to be able to recognize it and to pronounce the last rights over it.”

Pam’s face showed she was perplexed as her mother dried her tears. “Pam, these are tears of happiness for my best friend. Royce was right, she is coming home and is doing so without our other promptings.”

“How can you have forgiven her?” Pam asked.

Looking her daughter in the eyes Tara replied, “Pam, I wondered about if I go do so in these last weeks. I realized that your mother-in-law has been like a close sister to me. She is part of my heart. Yes I am angry about what she did. Yes, she betrayed my trust, but she is my part of my heart. It is hard to explain exactly how or why, I love her as a sister and as she in taking steps to correct the harm I find I can only find forgiveness and love not anger. Do you remember that July weekend when that man was out of town and I went to visit his sister Cathy for the weekend. I came home Saturday night. What did I find?”

Pam nodded. That night was far from being a high point in her life. After allowing her daughter to recall the night, Tara continued, “Though you and your brother were not allowed to have anyone in the house, you had thrown a party. I came home to find beer cans all over the house, party food ground into the carpet and drugs being consumed.”

“Where did I find your brother?” Tara asked and then said, “I found him along with two guys, he was having sex in the den with their girlfriends for all to watch. And where did I find you my sixteen year old innocent flower? I found you on my bed, high on drugs and booze with one boy between her legs and about to take another in her mouth.”

After a pause to gather her thoughts and to search for the right words Tara continued, “now remember how I responded. I was angry, I was disappointed, my trust was betrayed and you party ruined carpet and furniture. Yes you were sincerely apologetic. Did you pay a price? You were both grounded for the rest of the summer and helped to pay for the carpet to be replaced.”

Tara then said, “We are just fortunate that I discovered the party before the police did or there would have been legal problems, particularly for your brother as he was eighteen. Did I forgive you? I could do nothing other as I loved you. You recognized the error of your ways. I was proud how you corrected the errors of your ways and the changes you made.”

Then Tara smiled, “I only wish you had dumped that jock right away until waiting until spring, but you did. How I feel about Doris is something like how I felt about you. I will express my rage at the appropriate time and I will extract a consequence, but she is part of my heart just like you. She is coming home on her own and yes I have forgiven her. The question is will she be able to forgive herself and move on.”


With no email coming that day or on the 23rd Doris’ awoke Christmas Eve morning at 5:40 with a great deal of nervousness. She hoped to delay her new blackmailer from taking action. Doris slipped to the computer to find the expected email. “I suspect you are now anxious. Good. Do you not think that you should suffer for what you have done? Do you not realize the difficulty you put your son and daughter-in-law in if they knew, or worse it became known by your friends? I will keep my peace if you follow instructions. I suspect you are willing to do so to protect yourself and your family from scandal. At the right time and in the right way I will reveal myself, but not until you are ready and showed that you will cooperate. It is up to you to convince me to keep your secret.”

The email continued, “You say you love your husband, but an affair for over twenty years says otherwise. You say you love your husband; prove it! Prove it by giving him Christmas morning your choice of 10 of the following 13 coupons.”

The email continued, “You will see that several of them are common male fantasies. Are you willing to give him these gifts? Take erotic pictures of yourself and include them with the coupons. If you do not have a digital camera, buy one. The coupons are to be given to him as the family unwraps their presents.”

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