Exciting Ch. 3


Chapter 3: No Ties

The next morning I woke up at about eight, and I found everybody had gone, except … Rani. A nice smell came from the kitchen. I went there and she smiled, “Good morning, ‘Tuan’!”

“Good morning, Rani” I stand on the doorway and look at her. She’s wearing a blouse and a dress, and it’s easy to see that she wear no bra. I moved up behind her, and put both my hands on her breasts and started massaging them.

“Mmmhh…’Tuan’…I’m cooking!” She wriggled her body trying to get loose.

“I know. And you can still do it, can’t you?” I rubbed harder and felt her nipples hardening, I press my lower body on hers. “Both your hands are free, aren’t they?”

“Ahhhhhh … y…y…yes…but I can’t concentrate on what I’m do…ohhhhh…I’m doing,” her face and neck turned pink, and she moved her bottom against me. “Ooohhhhh…just let me finish this, will you? Just a … aahhh … Tuan!” She yelled as slide her dress down … along with her panties. “Just a few minutes, pleeeaase? Aahhhhhhh…” I rubbed slowly between her legs. “I…I’ll join … mmmhhh … you … in the bathroom, sssssshhhh!”

I kissed her earlobe and turned her free, “That’s a deal!” I went to the bathroom, opened the tap and laid on the tub.

She joined me a few minutes later, and we made we rubbed each other with soap, and made love until we collapsed on the tub with satisfied smiles on our faces.


On the campus things went as usual, and at about two p.m. I went to my “office.”

I had a part-time job in a distributor company, programming their database and training their EDP staffs. At that time dBase III+ was still a new program, and it happened that my girl was working there. She went to a secretarial academy and had graduated ahead of me, because it’s a 3-years program.

I greeted everybody, went into my girl’s room, kissed her cheek hello, and then went straight into my own room. The three girls inside greeted me and we started working. Wanti, Rina and Diah were all high school graduates, and previously worked as salesgirls before I was hired and they were transferred.

I worked seriously until I finished a program that was needed that day, and then leaned back on my chair and asked, Kütahya Escort “Ok! I’m finished with mine. Any of you girls have a problem?”

Wanti and Diah stood up together, looked at each other and laughed. “You first, Diah,” Wanti said. She sat again and Diah came to my desk and pulled a chair and sat beside me. She inserted a diskette, opened the program and we waited a while. I looked at her, and to my surprise, I can see the upper-side of her swelling breasts through her low-cut. She still looked at the screen, so I continued to stare, and started getting an erection. I looked down, and hmmm … she also wore a short skirt, and her white legs were so nice!

“Ok. Here we go …” I listened to her explaining the problem, but it was a simple one, and my eyes were still wandering while I explained to her how to solve it.

But I’m not fast enough to turn my eyes when suddenly she turned her face to me and said, “Ok …” and she noticed where I was looking at. “…thanks!” Her face had turned red, but she still sat there looking into my eyes. I said nothing but stared back at her. Suddenly she seemed to came out from her trance, looked down to the bulging on my jeans, smiled embarrassed and stood up. I said nothing.

Next came Wanti. Now, this girl had been trying to catch my attention for quite a time, and I got a good time looking through her scanty clothing. While Wanti was clearly a tease, Diah was a shy girl, and I was wondering a little about the way she had reacted. Anyway, I didn’t really give much “attention” to any girl at the office. My girl, Susan, is working there, and I didn’t want to take any risk.

At about 4:00 Susan came into my room and said to me that she had to go to the head office with the company car, and asked me to call her later on that night. We said goodbye and she went with a stack of papers in a hurry.

The girls finished ahead of me, and I stayed behind for about half an hour before I too went out. Just before I entered my car, I was surprised to see that Wanti was still standing at the gate. I walked to her and asked. She said that her sister was supposed to take her, but obviously she’s not coming. I offered to take her home, and we left together in my Kütahya Escort Bayan car.

“Can we get something on my ‘kost’, before you take me home? I have an exam tomorrow but I left the book at the ‘kost'” [Kost is something like a rented room for students].

“Of course,” I smiled. “I’m in no hurry.”

“Oh, thank you, Adrian. You’re so nice.” I can tell that she was teasing again, and I only smiled.

She showed me the way and we arrived in a nice neighborhood where she rented a small bungalow separated from the main house.

“Come inside, Adrian. Please have a can of coke before we left.” I nodded and I followed her inside.


The room is only about five-by-five meters, containing a bed nicely made up, a desk stacked with books and magazine, a TV, a table with a few dishes and a freezer. She take out two cans of Coke from the freezer, hand one to me, kick her high-heeled shoes to a corner and say, “Do you mind if I take a shower? “

“Go ahead. I don’t have anything to do this evening.”

“Thanks” she smile and went into the bathroom.

I sit on the rug in front of the TV and turn it on. About five minutes later she come out of the bathroom … wearing only a towel around her body! My eyes widened and I nearly drop my Coke.

“What’s the matter?” She laughed, took a hair brush, and sit on the rug in front of me. “Never seen a woman naked before?”

“Uh…not really…just surprised I guess” I shift my body and try to hide my erection.

She look at me with a naughty smile for a while, saying nothing.

“It’s obvious that you’re not queer, I know you have a hard-on each time we sit together in the room … just as you do now. But I can’t figure out why you never make a pass on me. Is it because of Susan?” She reached behind her head to brush her hair and her nipples showing through the towel.

“How old are you, Wanti?”

“I graduated a year ago. But I guess I’m old enough to get that bulging inside your pants inside me…and I also am old enough to keep my mouth shut.” Her smile turn mischievous.

“Do you really know what you’re saying?”

She chuckled and … take of the towel! Golly! Her body is a body of a teen Escort Kütahya girl fully budding. She is truly well proportioned, and her body glistening from the shower she just took. “What do you think?”

I move to her and embrace her in a deep kiss. Her tongue shooting into my mouth, and her hands take off all my clothes in no time at all. We embrace again fully naked.

I take my time licking her neck, her ear and her chin before I suck her firm breasts. My hands explore everywhere, and finally my fingers reach her clitoris. Her body shaking, and she lift her back, pushing her breasts into my mouth, and, “Aaahhhhhhhhh………yessss…oohhh…I’ve been waiting sooo long … mmmmhh.”

“Wanti … are … you … really … sure … you … want … to … do … this …?” I asked her while continuing my sucking and wandering hands. No answer … her body keep moving erotically, eyes shut, and lips parting slightly with soft moaning and hissing. My lips reached her lower vagina, and I parted the lips, licking her clit while repeating my question for the second time. Still no answer.

When I repeat the question for the third time, suddenly Wanti bellowing, “Eeeeech!” She suddenly spring up, and before I realize what is happening, she turn my body roughly and sit straddling my hips. She take hold of my fully erect organ, put the tip on her opening, and lower her body till I am all the way inside.

“For such … hhh … a won … derful guy…hhh… you have mmmh … such a lousy mouthhhhhh…” she said breathlessly while rotating her hips wildly. I really have to restrain myself from laughing out loud. So I start to meet each of downward movement by lifting my hips, and Wanti become more excited.


We made love two more times before we finally dressed and on our way to her parents’ house. She turned on the stereo set, reclined the seat, closed her eyes and sighed contentedly.

We said nothing along the way, but Just before she got down from the car, she pulled my head, kissed me softly on my lips and said, “Emmmmh, thanks Adrian! I still couldn’t believe to be able to get you.” She looked at my eyes. “Susan will never know about this. But I expect a regular visit from you. No ties, no obligation … and everything will be the same in the office. Can you promise me that?”

There’s no way I could answer that, so I just nodded. Her smile widened. She kissed me once again and stepped out. She blew my a kiss from the window and ran to the door.

To Be Continued…

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