Enjoying Your Work


The shower felt good. We had just finished a rather long day of shooting scenes. The producer and director wanted to get as much film in the can as possible since they could only have the use of this place for a couple of days. It was nice place with a nicely landscaped deck and pool. Very private.

The producer was a friend of the caretaker. The owner was out of town and the producer had talked his friend into letting him use the place as a set for some scenes. I doubted if any money changed hands and I was sure the owner didn’t know anything about what was going on here at his home.

I had never worked with the two guys who were in the film with me. I knew of them as actors and I had seen them around, but this was the first time we had worked together.

Most of the action took place around a couple of sturdy chaise lounges that were next to the pool. Did I mention we were making an X rated film? Not only X rated, but Gay.

It had been a long day of man-on-man sex. There were all the usual setup scenes, but there a been a lot of physical stuff too – rubbing, sucking, rimming, and lots of penetration of mouths and asses. The pay is pretty good, the sex is always Kadıköy travesti good and the work isn’t too hard.

The most difficult part is cumming several times and cumming, more-or-less, on demand.

Between the little makeup we wore, plus the body oils, sunscreen and sweat from working in the sun most of the day, all of us needed a shower. The shower was an outdoor one in an alcove off to one side of the pool.

Freddie, the director, appeared with a hand held camera, ‘Why don’t you guys play with each other a bit. I’ll shoot some footage that I might be able to use sometime. ‘

Chad, Charlie and I just looked at each other and grinned. I’m sure those weren’t their real names, but then they knew me as Randy, which isn’t my real name either.

‘I guess we ought to do something for our pay.’

‘Yeah, we could soap each other and grab some ass and dick for Freddie.’

We started soaping and washing each other with lots of attention given to washing and rubbing dicks, balls and asses. I was on my knees lathering Charlie’s crotch.

‘Hey, Randy, while you’re on your knees there, suck some cock.’

Charlie turned to Kurtköy travesti rinse the soap from his dick and balls. As he turned back to me, I caught his dick in my hand, lifted it and licked and sucked one of his nuts before running my tongue up the underbelly of his dick to the crown.

His cock wasn’t even halfway hard. After running the tip of my tongue around the sensitive rim and teasing his piss hole, I opened my mouth and let Charlie’s cock lay on my extended tongue for a minute so Freddie could get a close shot before I sucked him into to my mouth.

Charlie’s swelling cock filled my mouth. The head of his cock rested at the back of my mouth, It was poised to enter my throat. My lips were wrapped around the base of his cock shaft and my nose was in his curly hairs. I love feeling a guy’s cock get hard and fill my mouth as I suck him.

Charlie touched my head as I began to work his cock in and out of my mouth. When his cockhead was just inside my lips, I would swirl the tip of my tongue over it before pushing it deep into my mouth.

‘Oh, yeah, that’s good! Yeah! Suck my cock, Randy!’

Charlie’s cock got more rigid and his balls Pendik travesti tightened when I touched them. I smiled to myself. He was going to cum again. Probably for the fifth or sixth time today.

I stopped sucking and took his cock out of my mouth.

‘Don’t stop now!’

‘Beat your meat and squirt into my mouth.’

Charlie frantically pumped his cock over my open mouth and extended tongue. He squirted a short stream that landed on my nose and upper lip. A couple more short squirts landed on my tongue and chin. I closed my lips over his cockhead and let him squirt away.

Chad had been standing beside me stroking his cock as I blew Charlie. He shot a stream onto my cheek and nose. I pulled back from Charlie and turned towards Chad. He shot a long stream into my open mouth. Then he painted my face with a second stream before I captured his cock with my lips. Alternating between the two, I sucked them until they were almost limp.

They helped me to my feet. Chad gripped my cock and began pumping it. Charlie got on his knees. I took over from Chad and he got down beside Charlie. I had forgotten about Freddie and his camera.

‘Ah, fuck! I’m almost out of film!’

I shot my wad across both of their faces as I milked my cock over their open mouths.

I wondered if Freddie had gotten it all before his camera had run out of film.

If not, I’m sure the three of us would be happy to do it over for him again.

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