Emma’s Coming Out!


We went into the city for breakfast rather late so it was more like an early lunch, I guess what is called a brunch here now. She looked good and I felt good and she quizzed me about our love making, and did I enjoy what I did to her. I must have blushed something fierce as I had trouble talking about my sexual feelings face to face. Still it was a little titillating talking about it as it brought back memories of the night before.

After a leisurely lunch we left and Emma drove us to a ladies lingerie shop, I never knew such places existed, one of the advantages of being in a big city. It was quite large and had quite the selection of ladies apparel, from Edwardian styles to the latest fashions on underwear, very sensuous lacy bras and knickers, including French Knickers in a variety of colors, stockings and even had a section for the lady with the ‘more mature figure’. Emma was in her element here, picking up articles of clothing and asking my opinion of them. I began to feel more comfortable discussing that with her and told her what I thought was nice, and what I liked in answer to her questions that were related more towards more modern bra’s and knickers, in stead of the full bra and cotton bloomers she normally wore. At least Sakarya Escort she hadn’t worn her panty girdle as they were considered passion killers, being made out of thick rubberized material.

She bought me two very pretty ensembles with nice matching under cup bra, garter belt and knickers made of silk, I’d never had silk knickers before and was thrilled with the gift. For herself she bought a couple of under cup basques as well as bra’s with front fastenings, including one open faced one. A few pairs of more modern knickers including a couple in silk, black as well as the standard white. She was like a teenager getting her first training bra, her excitement showed as she sought my approval for each item she choose, before making her final selection. Myself, I always agreed with her choices as I was still to introverted to offer any criticism, she made it seem like she wanted me to suggest to her what to buy.

We also went to a couple of book stores, where she browsed through a number of books by authors she knew of, writers who as I was to discover wrote the pornography allowed in those days. She even found a large store that also sold used books and magazines and she was in her element there, she Sakarya Escort Bayan looked through a lot of foreign magazines. The woman who ran the bookstore watched her carefully for a while then sidling up to her started talking to her.

I was waiting just inside the door so couldn’t hear what was being said, although occasionally they would glance in my direction. Emma indicated for me to wait there and the two of them disappeared into a back room and were gone for quite a while. I almost jumped out of my skin when the bell above the door suddenly jingled as it announced another customer coming into the shop. Now the shop keeper emerged from the back room and waited, then after served the customer returned to the back room. They emerged a few minutes later with Emma carrying some magazines and after paying for them we left.

Once in her car she handed them to me to hold while she drove and I glanced through the magazines and saw they were in foreign languages, I recognized German and Dutch and there were others too, and they all were mildly pornographic containing a lot of pictures of lesbians in various stages of undress and in the act of making out with each other, as well as others tied Escort Sakarya up. There was a section in each of them where women would advertise for partners, and a few of them were in English.

Back in the cabin she quickly stripped off her clothes and put on some of her purchases, she was so excited as she ran her hands over her own body, and kept talking to me as she admired herself. I realized I wasn’t the only one coming out of my shell, Emma’s innermost feelings were surfacing as well, she wanted to become a ‘porno queen’, or a slut who wanted to be made to do things. I was chosen to be the one to make her live the fantasies that her so called dreams were revealing to me.

That night she took me to a variety concert in the city that was most enjoyable, she was excited wearing her ‘whores’ clothing although they were covered up by her dress. In the theater we had our coats on our laps and she took my hand and placed it on her thigh so I could feel her garter strap. She held onto my hand and rubbed it quietly up and down her thigh and occasionally dipping it down between her legs.

I was now feeling more secure in doing to her what she wanted me to do, although I was supposed to be ‘forcing’ her to do it, still it gave me a thrill to play along with her pantomimes. That weekend was the start of a new relationship between us, and she wanted to do it again only that was the only time she could book a cabin for the summer, so we had to wait till August when I went home for a week before my school year began.

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