Emma Pt. 02: Christmas Break


Christmas Break

(Part 2 of Emma series)

It had been six months since Emma had seen Avery. The last time they saw each other was in June at the beach house in Ocean City, New Jersey. The last night there they had one amazing night. Ideally, they would have loved to continue to see each other but reality was they lived eight hours apart. The next day before leaving they exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch. What started out as casually talking ended up them talking every day and realizing the feelings they had for each other. It was now December, two weeks before Christmas. Emma was on winter break from school and she was flying out to visit Avery for a long weekend. Emma was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to see Avery again.

Once again Emma boarded a plane and headed to Philadelphia. In just about three short hours she would finally get to kiss Avery again. She landed in Philadelphia at seven and when she got off the plane, she basically sprinting to baggage claim where she was to meet Avery. There was a lot of people around but it didn’t take her long to find Avery among the crowd. She ran to Avery and jumped right into her arms more than glad to finally see her again. The two embraced in a full-on passionate kiss not caring who was looking.

“I missed you so much!” Emma exclaimed.

“I missed you too! I’m so glad you are here. You hungry? Want to go to Gino’s?”

“Do you even have to ask?” Emma said with a smile on her face.

The two set off to Gino’s in Avery’s car holding hands and laughing the whole way. It was like no time had passed at all. The pizza was amazing like usual but the company was even better. After Gino’s they headed back to Avery’s apartment in Camden, New Jersey. By the time they got to Avery’s apartment it was approaching ten o’clock. Emma was exhausted but she knew there was no way she was going to waste a night with Avery by just sleeping.

“You tired?” Avery asked.

“A little but not ready to go to bed yet.”

“Ok, what do you want to do?”

“You!” Emma said while biting her lip.

“Wow! Wasn’t expecting that!” Avery said smiling.

“We have to make up for lost time. Lots of catching up to do.”

“You definitely have a point there!” Avery said walking slowly over to Emma.

Avery took Emma into her arms kissing her passionately right there in the kitchen. The spark between them was intense. Avery found her hands wondering up Emma’s stomach and under her bra caressing her breasts. Emma moaned into Avery’s mouth as her nipples hardened under Avery’s touch. To make things easier Emma removed her shirt and bra and tossed them to the side. Avery took one of Emma’s hardened nipples into her mouth licking and sucking it gently then doing the same to the other one. Avery started to caress Emma’s thighs pushing her skirt up to her waist. Avery knelt down in front of Emma to remove her black lace panties and as she did, she kissed the folds of Emma’s nicely shaved pussy. Emma was on fire then and needed a release. Avery stood up kissing Emma again.

Avery started kissing Emma’s neck, which she learned from their night six months ago it was her weak spot. She then turned Emma around so her back was to her and gently bent her over the table.

“I have been waiting six long months for this!” Avery said into Emma’s ear.

“Please take me, Avery! I need your tongue on my clit and your fingers inside me!”

Standing behind Emma, Avery slid two fingers into the folds of Emma’s pussy and began to fuck her slowly. She wasn’t going to rush this but instead wanted to savor every moment. She began to increase her speed giving Emma what she was begging for. Right when Emma was about to go over the edge Avery pulled her fingers out of Emma and knelt down. She dove right into Emma’s pussy lapping up all her sweet juices. Avery then slid two fingers inside of her. Emma was so wet Avery didn’t go slowly this time but rather started fucking Emma instantly. Emma threw her head back in ecstasy and moaned out loud.

“Oh baby! Yes, right there! Lick my clit! Fuck me harder baby! Don’t stop!”

Hearing Emma say that drove Avery nuts. She did fatih escort exactly what Emma asked of her and fucked her harder. Within no time at all Emma was shaking intensely, moaning out loud, and orgasming.

Avery stood up and turned Emma back around. Emma kissed Avery tasting her juices on Avery’s mouth. She pulled away and said, “We should get you undressed too!” with a sly smile on her face. Emma grabbed at Avery’s shirt and pulled it over her head. Then she helped Avery remove her shorts and boxers all the while kissing each other. Emma stepped back and said, “There much better. Now go sit on the table for me.” Avery did as she was told and hoisted herself up on the table. Emma made her way over to Avery and knelt down before her. Emma was in the mood to tease Avery instead of just jumping right in. She started by kissing the insides of Avery’s thighs making her way to her mound kissing her outer pussy lips. Emma slid one finger in between Avery’s folds slowly moving it around over her clit and hole but not entering her just yet. Avery couldn’t take the teasing any longer and took matters into her own hands by nicely guiding Emma’s head into her pussy. “Fuck me Emma! Please!” Avery said. Emma complied with Avery’s demands and began to suck and lick her clit. First taking it slow but then going faster as she slid two fingers inside Avery. Avery was grinding Emma’s face while grasping the back of her head. Avery was begging Emma to make her come, to give her that sweet release and that is exactly what Emma did. Before Emma knew it, Avery was shaking and gripping her thighs around Emma’s head.

The next day Emma woke up and rolled over to see Avery sleeping peacefully. She felt content and like she was at home being there with Avery. Emma didn’t want to disturb Avery but she couldn’t help herself and kissed her gently on the cheek. Avery stirred a little then slowly opened her eyes.

“Good morning, beautiful!” Avery said still half asleep.

“Good morning baby!” Emma said with the biggest grin on her face. “Sorry to wake you up.”

“It’s ok. I have a big day planned for us. I want to take you to my favorite diner for breakfast and then we are going to go to New York City.”

“Really baby? That sounds amazing.” Emma was all giddy now.

They laid in bed for a few more minutes cuddling until Avery suggested they get up to get ready. Emma was loving being in bed with Avery but the excitement of going to New York drove her out of bed. They got ready and at around ten thirty headed out of the apartment.

The diner was small but it was such a cute place. It was decorated in a 1950/1960s theme down to jukeboxes on all the tables and all the waitresses in poodle skirts. Emma absolutely loved the atmosphere of the place. They each ordered pancakes and coffee which ended up being the best pancakes Emma ever had. After they finished breakfast they headed to the big city. Avery told Emma that the trip would take them roughly two hours. Emma didn’t mind though because she truly enjoyed Avery’s company and knew the drive wouldn’t be boring. Emma never been to New York City before. The whole drive she couldn’t help but smile and be giddy.

It was a little after two when they arrived at a parking garage not far from Time Square. They wouldn’t need the car as they would be walking everywhere. When they finally got to Time Square Emma was in absolute awe. There was so many people walking around going in and out of stores.

“Our afternoon is open to do as you wish. We can venture into all the stores and go shopping. There is definitely a lot to look at and keep us occupied till six o’clock.” Avery told Every.

“What’s at six o’clock?”

“That is a secret. You will just have to wait and see.”

Emma loved surprises so she didn’t ask any more questions. They spent hours going in and out of stores buying a few things here and there. They even visited a museum and an old Catholic church. After their day adventures they decided to grab a quick bite to eat at a local sub shop. It was getting close to six so Avery suggested they head out. The walk wasn’t long to where they were going and as they got istanbul escort close Avery asked Emma to close her eyes. Emma didn’t hesitate to do so because she trusted Avery. Avery guided Emma around the corner and they walked a little further till they stopped.

“Can I open my eyes now?” Emma asked.

“Yes baby, open your eyes.”

Before Emma was the biggest Christmas tree she had ever seen. It was all decorated with lights and bows. It was memorizing. Emma had heard about this tree before and realized they were in Rockefeller Center.

“It’s so pretty baby. Thank you for bringing here. Thank you so much for today. I’ve never been as happy as I am right now!” Emma said to Avery.

“This is only part of your surprise babe! The other part is on the other side of the tree.”

Emma and Avery walked around the block to the other side of the tree where Emma saw a huge ice-skating rink. She instantly felt a little nervous as she had never been ice skating before. What if she made a fool of herself? Avery must have realized Emma was nervous because she grabbed her hand and said, “It’s ok baby. I got you!” That helped Emma feel a lot better. As they waited in line for their turn they cuddled. With being next to the ice and the fact the sun went down they were a little chilly. Finally, it was their turn to get on the ice. At first Emma was a little wobbly but Avery never let go of her hand. It didn’t take Emma long to get the hang of it. The two skated around the rink for a little over an hour stopping every so often to take a break and steal kisses.

On the way home Emma’s eyes were very heavy. She was exhausted from their long day of walking around and night of ice skating. She really did have the best day she thought to herself. She felt so content and like she was on cloud nine. By the time they arrived at Avery’s apartment it was past eleven. Emma didn’t want to miss out on a great night with Avery but she could barely keep her eyes open. Avery could tell so she guided her to the bedroom and helped her get out of her clothes and in to her night tshirt.

“I don’t want to go to bed yet. I’m not tired” Emma lied.

“Baby you are exhausted. It’s okay if we go to sleep. Crawl into bed.”

Emma did just that while she watched Avery strip down to her boxers. She couldn’t help but think about how she wanted to strip Avery out of the boxers but Avery was right, she was beyond tired. Plus, there is always tomorrow. By the time Avery crawled into bed Emma was half asleep. Avery snuggled up against Emma throwing her arm around her and pulling her close.

“Goodnight beautiful! Sweet dreams!” Avery whispered in Emma’s ear.

“Goodnight baby!” was all Emma could get out before she fell into a blissful sleep.

The next morning it was Avery who woke up Emma with a kiss. Emma rolled over and kissed Avery right back.

“Good morning baby!” Avery said.

“Good morning!” Emma said smiling.

“I don’t have plans for us today so what would you like to do?”

“Well first I would love to go back to that diner. Then how about we come back to the apartment, watch movies, and cuddle?”

“That sounds like a perfect day!” Avery said. “I’m going to go get in the shower.”

“Can I join?” Emma asked biting her lip.

“It’s like you read my mind!”

Before getting out of bed Avery pulled Emma in for a passionate kiss. “Let me go get the water hot and meet me in there in five minutes.” Avery told Emma. Emma laid there for a few minutes then got up to get undressed. She made her way to the bathroom where she found Avery already in the shower. She stepped into the hot steamy shower behind Avery. Emma’s breasts where pressed against Avery’s back and the sensation made her nipples harden. Emma wrapped her arms around Avery first placing her hands on her hips, slowly moving up her stomach, until she had each of Avery’s breasts in her hands. Emma could feel Avery’s already hard nipples get even harder. Emma rolled her fingers over Avery’s nipples gently squeezing and pulling them. She removed her hands from her breasts and slowly started to move her hands back down south till she taksim escort got to Avery’s mound. She slid a finger inside Avery’s already wet pussy to find her clit. Avery’s clit was swollen begging to be touched. Emma moved her fingers in a circular motion over Avery’s clit until Avery moaned out loud. Emma then removed her hand and Avery quickly protested. “Please don’t stop baby!” Emma chuckled a little and went back to playing with Avery’s clit. She then ever so slightly bent Avery over so she could insert two fingers inside Avery’s pussy from behind. “Oh baby! That feels so good!” Avery said. “I love the way you fuck me!” Avery was grinding against both Emma’s hands so close to climax. “Don’t stop baby, I’m about to cum!” Emma started rubbing Avery’s clit faster and fucking her harder until Avery’s body started to shake and she was in a blissful orgasmic state. Avery turned around grabbing Emma and kissing her so passionately in made Emma weak at the knees. “Let’s take this into the bedroom. The water is getting cold.” Emma told Avery.

Both girls got out of the shower and grabbed towels. Avery couldn’t keep her hands off Emma. She pulled Emma in close and kissed her again. She then grabbed Emma’s hand and led her to the bedroom. Emma dropped her towel and climbed into bed. Avery stood there for a minute admiring Emma’s beauty then dropped her towel and made her way over to Emma. Emma straddled Avery and they started kissing.

“I want you to do something for me!” Avery said.

“Anything baby!”

“I want you to ride my face!”

“I don’t know baby. I mean…” Emma’s thoughts hung in the air.

“Trust me Emma!”

“Ok.” Emma said quietly.

Emma scooted herself up till her legs were on either side of Avery’s head. She was nervous. This was something she had never done before. Avery grabbed Emma’s hips and guided her up slightly so she could taste Emma’s juices. She tasted sweet and Avery moaned into Emma’s pussy. “I can’t get enough of you Emma!” Avery said. “Hold your pussy open for me baby! Let me see you!” Emma did as instructed and before she knew it Avery was sucking her clit. Slowly Emma was becoming less nervous with every passing second. Avery was flicking her tongue against Emma’s clit know and Emma moaned out loud. Avery then moved her tongue down to Emma’s hole and started fucking her with her tongue. It felt so good Emma found herself grinding against Avery’s face now losing herself in the moment. Avery was lapping up all of Emma’s juices like she was parched. She moved back to Emma’s clit, sucking and licking. Emma couldn’t take it anymore. She looked down into Avery’s eyes and said, “Please don’t stop baby. You’re about to send me over the edge!” With that Avery reached around grabbing one of Emma’s nipples while licking her clit. It was just then sensation Emma needed because in that moment she threw her head back and screamed, “Oh God!” as she came all over Avery’s face. Emma scooted down back to Avery’s hips so she could kiss her and taste her juices all over Avery’s mouth.

They laid in bed for a while holding each other, both in an euphoric state. Emma hated she had to leave the next day. Why did they have to live so far away? Emma had another semester left of school before she graduated. It could be another six months before she saw Avery again. The thought of that made Emma sick to her stomach. She had fallen even harder for Avery this weekend. Avery looked over at Emma.


“Yea babe.”

“I love you!”

Emma sat up and looked into Avery’s eyes. She didn’t say anything at first and Avery thought she messed up. Emma leaned down and kissed Avery. She sat back up and said,

“I love you too baby! I don’t want to leave tomorrow!”

“I don’t want you to leave either.”

Emma leaned down and kissed Avery again.

“Emma move in with me. I know that probably sounds crazy. You can move after you graduate of course. You have a better chance at finding a job and I can’t stand being away from you!”

Did Avery just ask Emma to move in? Would she be crazy to say yes? She really did love Avery and the distance was killing her. She was right though she did have a better chance finding a job up here.

“Yes baby. I’ll move in with you.”

Avery grabbed Emma all excited and brought her in for a kiss. She couldn’t believe she said yes. In just six short months they would finally be together for real.

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