E066:Donald’s nightmare


Donald’s tears stop by the time they get back to the house.  He is a little embarrassed that he had shown his emotions and cried in front of Emma, but she is acting so kind and understanding right now.  He hurries her to her bedroom, throws off his tuxedo, and helps her out of her cloak and shoes.“Emma lets go take a hot bath, I want to clean you of all this, and as we do I will try to explain,” he tells her.Emma turns and holds him tight for a few minutes, stroking his head and back, kissing his face and neck.  Her attention and caring make him shudder.  She leads him to the bathroom, and for the first time, she fills the tub for them.  While it fills, Donald removes her clips and plug.  Emma sighs with relief from them being removed finally.Donald knows that while they all look lovely on her, he will be throwing them out so not to have any reminders of tonight.  He is glad she gave away her garments at the dinner, so they are no longer present.When the tub is filled, she climbs in first and has him lay between her legs as she continues to hold him.“The water itself will wash me for now, I want you to unburden yourself now Donald, and tell me what upset you so,” she tells him as she strokes his chest.Suddenly, Donald does not know where to begin, and tears again fill his eyes.He stutters out to her, “Emma, I should probably start at the ending tonight, and back up from there.  The throw of the die.  This was a stupid thing started long ago when all much younger and total jerks when we started the game I made you go through tonight.”“The idea was that the woman subject would throw the die first.  Depending on what number she got she had to sleep Escort Anadolu yakası with that many of the colleagues that night.  Most would roll a one to three, so then the six men would roll until there were only that many men with corresponding numbers.  The one conducting the study, presenting the Subject, did not participate.  The number each rolled, starting at one, was the order they took her to adjacent rooms to enjoy her.  All the women who played this game understood it and wanted to.  If they were against it, the evening ended,” Donald goes on.“The game was not even to be suggested tonight, by the stipulations I made for today, but those fools thought it would be a good joke on us.  And then you rolled a six.  It meant you were supposed to be with all of them.  And the rerolling was to determine the order.  They had their laugh on me.  What they didn’t know was last night I had a terrible dream, nightmare, of that exact thing happening, and they then make us go through with it.  And you agree to do so thinking it would please me,” Donald told her in anguish.He rolls to face her, his cock rather soft right now being so upset, but it presses against her slit. “Emma,” he declares, “On the ride home, your telling me about having some reservations about all that happened to you tonight, even if your main concern was about me and my standing, the nightmare came flooding over me again.  I should never have made you do this tonight.  It was selfish and conceited of me.  Too worried about looking good in front of them to truly consider the ramifications on you.”He leans his head on Emma’s neck, and Kurtköy escort she can feel tears again falling from his eyes.  What has happened to Donald to be so overwhelmed with all this?  She comforts him for a while, then starts to wash him.  When she finishes, she quickly washes all the lotion off herself and shampoos her hair to get rid of the hairdo.  She knows she has to remove all traces of this evening for him. She is the one who helps him out of the tub and places a warm robe around them each.  Emma dries her hair quickly into a simple style as he sits on the toilet seat watching her. All traces of make-up or anything from today are gone.“Come, Donald, let’s climb into bed, and I want you to tell me about your dream and why it upsets you so,” she tells him, taking his hand and leading him to bed and under the covers.  Holding him in her arms, his head on her breast as she strokes his stomach, she tells him to start.Donald starts to tell Emma about his horrible dream.It started just how it did at the end of this evening.  The die was brought out, and you rolled a six.  Laughter filled the room as they each in turn rolled, some over and over in competition to have the final order.  When decided, they made me explain what was expected to happen.  I tried to make you understand with my expressions that you did not have to do this, but either you misunderstood and did it to please me as you seem so often to want to do for me, or underneath you did want to be with some other men.Either reason tore me up inside.  Especially the second possibility.You leaned and kissed me, and then, totally naked, how you were Maltepe escort bayan then, you walked out of the room with the first man.  The others drank, laughed and chatted as I sat there in despair.  And Connie just sat there joking with the men like I wasn’t even present.In the dream, it was like I was sitting in the room with you as you were with him.  I watched you slowly begin to undress him, kissing him as you did, running your tongue around his neck and ears.  Every movement filled me with agony.  When you bent down and pulled his pants off and leaned to take his throbbing cock in your mouth, I started to lose it.  But neither of you knew I was there watching.  Rather you just played with each other.  After he was getting rather hard, he pulled you up on the bed and began to suck your beautiful nipples, leaving the clamps on.  You moan louder and louder with pleasure.  Then rolled him on his back and finished sucking him to cumming.  He groaned with pleasure as he does, shooting up into you.I thought it was more than I could take, but the dream was just starting.I was back in the dining room with the others when you both walk back in.  He had not even bothered to put his clothes back on yet, and rather sauntered around like a proud peacock.  In front of us all, you turned, kissed, and thanked him for an enjoyable time.  My blood began to boil.You were offer something to drink again before the second stood and asked if you were ready.  You smiled at him and said yes, and you two left.  Again, I was in the room watching you.  He undresses quickly and helps you to lay down on the bed on your back.  He began to lick and suck your cunt telling you how wonderful you tasted.  The clips are still in place, for now.  He spent his time making you cry out and cum from his cunnilingus skills. Your body was shaking and throbbing as you came multiple times.  Only then did he flip around for you to be in the sixty-nine position so you could suck him to climax too.

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