Dressing in Leather


I grip my junk and slide it through the hole, pulling up the straps and snapping the first button behind my back. It’s a bit of a reach, but that’s okay. I quickly slide across the rest of the snaps, hearing each click. I grab the pouch, push my junk down and start snapping the sides, careful to avoid pinching. Once the pouch is all snapped, I grab the pouch, admiring the black leather bulging from my body.

Then it’s the shirt, I slide my arms through, admiring the soft leather as it slides over my shoulders, snapping each button together. Pulling it down nice and tight, running my hands over it, my pouch definitely pushing out a little more, good thing it’s contained. For now.

My favorite part is next, the pants. They’re about a half a size too small, which makes them nice and tight. Sliding them up over my thighs, over my pouch, and snapping the buttons together. Sliding the zipper up to the top. Inhaling my scent as the power of leather slowly over takes me. I grab my belt, sliding it through each loop and tighten in. Admiring myself in the mirror even though I’m not even close to done.

Next, giresun escort I sit down, slide on my socks, and push each foot into the boot. I’m not much for boot shafts outside pants unless they’re knee high, or higher. These are simple harness boots, so inside they’ll stay. Sliding each pant leg over them, and standing tall once more. The sound of the heels clicking on the ground with each step.

I grab my black tie, flip it around my neck and tighten the knot just the way I like it, nice and tight. I set the tie down my body, pushing it against me. I grab the jacket, sliding my arms through it, the way it hugs me as it too is a little snug. I slide the zipper up as far as it will go, then push out the collars of the jacket a little. I tighten the waist strap as far as I will go. Secured and held tightly by my favorite material.

I then grab the gloves, sliding my hands into them, the nice, tight, leather of a good pair of gloves, covering my hands, and I put them up against my face, inhaling their scent of mostly leather, and a little cum from the last time I yalova escort blew a load with them on.

I grab the baseball cap, a Master’s cap doesn’t look right on me, plus, I’m a bottom submissive, so a baseball cap works. It took me years to find one that I liked, and now I’m ready for the day. I’m ready for some relaxation, maybe some horny fun, or maybe just sitting around admiring my outfit, the smell, and every…subtle…creak…it…makes…when…I move. I can hear it now, I can smell it now, and I can feel it now. This is bliss.

Now as I drive to his house, wonder how he’s going to use me tonight. He’s instructed me to wear this exact outfit to drive to him, to service him, to be his boy for the evening and night. I was instructed to bring only a pair of shorts and t-shirt outside of my full leather uniform.

I arrive at the house and as I sit in the driveway, I’m admiring my scent that’s trapped in the cabin of my car, the sound, the creaks of my leather as I shift around in my seat. I often fantasize about this moment, the moment where I enter the yozgat escort door, and he stands there, hopefully dressed in his Leather outfit himself. But maybe he won’t be, as we’ve discussed how I have a kink for watching a man get dressed in his leather. I fantasize that he’ll usher me in the door, but before I walk too much further, I take my place where I belong.

At his boots on my knees, hands placed behind my back, head pointed down, waiting for his instruction, for his demands, his commands, his needs for pleasure that I will spend the next 12 hours satisfying. If I’m a good boy, he’ll reward me in return. We’ve discussed for weeks and weeks what he expects from me, I’ve been allowed to tell him my fantasies, with the response of, “That’s hot boy, but we’ll see what happens, it’s about what I want, and you’re there to provide for ME boy.”

I’ve waited for this for years, I’ve spent so many hours in my mind, thinking of what this would feel like, thinking of how I’m going to act, will I tremble or shake? Will I be nervous? Or will it truly be as natural as I hope it will be to physically place myself exactly where I wish to be?

Here it is, the time to actually get out of the car, the fantasy becomes reality, I’m supposed to arrive at 6:00 PM and my car clock flashes 5:55 pm. I refuse to be late, so I open the car door, I walk to the porch, I ring the doorbell, and as the door opens, the night begins.

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