Drama queen part two

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Drama queen part twoPlease read Drama Queen part one before starting this storyDrama Queen Part two.About 2 pm on Thursday I heard the door bell, looking through the spy hole there stood Amy again fully dressed and made up. I let her in and took her coat. As I hung it up for her I felt her hands creep up under my skirt and round to the front of my panties and caress my penis.“Steady darling” I said “You’ll have me ejaculate in my panties instead of your mouth”.“What have you got that is poking into me, it’s very hard”. I added.“Just a little something I hope you will enjoy”. Amy answered“If it’s what I think it is, it’s not so little and I will certainly enjoy it. Now let’s go through to the lounge”. I said. As we went through to the lounge Amy noticed I had a better shape under my blouse.“Wow you have breasts darling”. She said“Yes they were in the parcel Cindy delivered and I forgot to put them in my bra, They do look good, don’t they”. I said“Good, they are fantastic, can I feel them”. Amy asked“I hoped you would like to”. I said offering my chest to her.Amy stepped in front of me and unbuttoned my blouse exposing my bra and the filled cups. She put her hands over each cup feeling the shape then under the cups lifting them a little to feel the weight. She looked closely at my cleavage at how the colour of the prosthesis’s matched my skin texture. “Wow they look so real, how do you match the colour”? Amy asked.“Simple the edges are clear latex so my natural skin tone shows through and then the colouring builds to realistic towards the nipple, which are darker and a slightly harder latex. But you can buy these with soft nipples for girls who want less prominence in there bra’s”>.I told her.“Now tell me what happened when you dropped Cindy home” I said.We sat down and Amy told me where Cindy lived. I was in a tower block on the 12th floor. Cindy invited Amy in for a coffee, which she accepted. They got in the lift and before they had passed the third floor Amy had Cindy’s trousers down and was giving her oral sex in the lift. As they approached the twelfth floor they stopped and Cindy made her respectable. As they exited the lift there were a couple of young girls waiting to go down. They left the lift and the girls entered, they heard the girls saying they thought Cindy was gay but obviously with a girl friend they were wrong. They fell in through Cindy’s front door giggling like school girls. Cindy made the drinks but before they could drink them they were kissing and cuddling on the sofa. Amy said Cindy was soon down to her undies as was she and lots of kissing and sucking ensued, until they had both ejaculations; and sat exhausted on the sofa. When they had both recovered they dressed and Amy left making sure she kissed Cindy fully on the lips in the doorway while a couple were passing. Amy heard the side talk that they too thought Cindy was gay but obviously wrong. Little did they know Cindy was like all of us and she bisexual, but found it difficult to talk to real girls. All this talk of sex with Amy and Cindy had really got me aroused which was fairly obvious from the tent in my mini skirt which in turn had lifted it to expose my stocking tops and suspenders.Amy seized her opportunity and flipped my mini up totally exposing my panties and rampant penis contained therein. She leant forward and eased the waist band of my panties and my penis sprang forward, then she took the head of my penis between her lips and licked my pre-ejaculate before sliding her lips down engulfing me in her hot mouth. She sucked me and bobbed up and down. Suddenly I felt her hand delve into my panties and gently caress my testicles then she moved a bit further, soon her finger was at my sphincter teasing me. I lifted my self up as I wanted more of my penis in her mouth; however Amy took it that it was ok to delve a little further. I felt her finger start to penetrate my anal passage and slip past the sphincter into me. “Oh that’s incredible”. I almost screamed.“Tell me to stop, if you don’t like it”. Amy said.“Oh don’t stop, it’s heaven, I never thought it could be so pleasurable” I breathed in ecstasy.All too soon I felt my orgasm approach.“I’m cumming”. I saidIf Amy’s mouth had not been covering my penis I felt that my semen would have shot three feet into the air, as it was it must have hit the back of Amy’s throat with quite some force as it made her choke as she tried to swallow.“How was that lover”. Amy asked after she had managed to swallow what she could and had removed her finger, she had some of my semen leaking from the corner of her mouth and some on her chin. I licked it all off for her; When I had finished cleaning Amy’s face. I said.“That was some orgasm the power and the level of ecstasy was incredible”. I replied.“I am just going to wash my hands darling then I’ll be back” she said.When she returned she sat down and kissed me. “Now how about you do the same for me, I have practising and you should be able to put two or more fingers in me”. She said. I eased my hand under Amy’s dress and up to her stocking tops then following her suspender strap I felt the top of her leg then, what no panties, I felt across her naked tummy and down to her penis. I stroked it a little before exposing it to my gaze.“You naughty girl you have no panties on”. I said“I left them in your kitchen in my handbag when I washed my hands; I wanted to give you easy access”. She said I took my instructions and slipped my mouth over her very erect penis and with my left hand I slipped it between her legs and caressed her testicles on my way towards her sphincter. I neared her hole and ran my index finger around the rim before pushing past her tight ring then I eased back and inserted two fingers as I sucked I pushed in and out with my fingers. Amy was making little moans of pleasure as I worked on her. Soon she tensed and lifted herself off the sofa, much as I had done when I ejaculated into her mouth. Her semen hit the back of my throat and I choked a little just like Amy had then she relaxed and rested back on the sofa. “For a comparative novice you Ankara bayan escort did that wonderfully, I have had such a powerful orgasm with anyone ever” she gasped.We sat and cuddled each other for the next hour or so talking caressing stroking, each trying their best to arouse the other, but I guess we were too exhausted.“Next time we meet it will be with Cindy, do you think she will like to try a little finger action” I asked.“I’m sure she will; perhaps you and I can go a little further”. She enquired.“Do mean what I think you mean; full penetration”. I answered quizzically.“Yes darling, if you are up for it”. She said.“I’d have to be”. I said with a chuckle.“Oh yes, I see what you mean”. She said also with a chuckle.“Would you like a drink”. I asked.“Yes please, and then I must go. I have lots to do before the weekend. I need to get on line and order some breasts like yours, they really are fabulous. Amy said.We sat drinking and still stroking each others stocking clad legs it was heaven and I felt so relaxed. With the drinks finished Amy stood and straightened her clothes then fetched her handbag from the kitchen. She too out her panties and slipped them on. “Let me tuck you in darling”. I said.Amy lifted the hem of her dress waist high and I slid her panties up tucking her penis back, but not before I had given it a kiss goodnight. I thought I felt it twitch as I kissed it. Then I stood up, and Amy let her dress fall down to straighten itself out. We kissed again and I got Amy’s coat. I opened the door and let her out, just as one of my neighbours was walking by with her dog. She looked at us, and carried on walking.“Who was that”. Amy asked.Oh that’s Alice she is a neighbour”. I replied.“Living next door to Alice” Amy said as she left. I closed the door and went back to clear away our empty drink cups.I stood at the sink and washed the cups and dried them, I was just putting them away when the door bell rang again. I went to the door thinking Amy must have forgotten or left something behind. I opened the door and on the step was my neighbour with her dog. “Hello” she said, “I don’t think we have met, I’m Alice and I live next door”.“Oh hello” I replied, no I don’t think we have met, I’m Carole”“Where is Christopher“? She asked using my male name.“He is on Holiday this week its half term, and I am looking after his house; I’m his sister” I replied.“Can I come in; it’s a bit chilly out here”? She asked.“Oh ok yes”. I said and stood back as she walked in; she took the door handle and closed the door then shrugged off her coat and walked into my living room. She sat down on the arm chair facing the sofa her dog sat by her side; then it lay down. I sat on the sofa I tugged at my mini skirt with not a lot of success to try and cover my stocking tops.“I didn’t know he had a sister” Alice said, “He never said anything about you”.“I’ve been abroad for a number of years and we have not been in touch”. “I really must compliment you on your dress sense, very well matched, but we real girls would not wear stockings and suspenders with a mini skirt, so you had better tell me how long you have been cross dressing and who that girl is that just left, if in fact she was a girl. “Oh, you’ve guessed, what gave me away”? I asked“Well your skirt length as I said to start, also the way you walk, still like a man and there is a faint sign of 11 o’clock shadow, but otherwise dress sense make-up and the way you sit with knees together your rather good”.“Thank you, I did shave very close this morning, but it is a bit of a problem although I’m not very hairy elsewhere”. I said“Interesting, I’ll have to check that out; you may want to try a concealer as a foundation before you apply your make up, it will hide your shadow for longer. More drastic is laser removal, then you would never have to shave again”. Alice said“Thank you I’ll order some on line when I next turn my computer on”. I said.“You can turn a computer on as well as turning me on; can I come and sit next to you”? She said.“Yes of course you can”. I replied and scooted sideways a little; accidentally on purpose flashing my panties as she stood up. I saw her eyes widen as she caught the glimpse.She sat down next to me and we were soon in an embrace, our lips met and I felt a tingle in my tummy, this was magical. One hand was running up and down my back while the other was stroking my stocking clad leg getting higher with each upward stroke. She quickly got to my stocking tops and suspender clips and her hand was on the bit of bare flesh there, then on she went till her hand was caressing my penis through my panties. I put one of my hands on her leg and although she was wearing trousers I could feel the warmth of her vagina as she parted her legs to let me get closer. “Can I take your panties off”? she asked.“If I can take your trousers and panties off as well”. I replied.“Right answer” Alice said with a grin.I stood up and she put her hands under my mini skirt, finding the waist band she eased them down my legs past my knees to my ankles then I stepped out of them. “My turn”. I said.She stood up from her crouched position and said. “There’s a clasp and zip at the side of my slacks”.I found the clasp and released it then slid the zip down I eased her slacks down till she could step out of them then returned to remove her panties as I slid them down I noticed she was wearing a very lacy thong. I slid it down and she stepped out of it. She was now naked from the waist down. I still had my mini skirt, stockings and suspender belt on. So I removed my skirt and was about to remove my stockings when she stopped me.“No, leave your stockings and suspender belt on, it looks so sexy”. Alice stated.She moved in close and started kissing me again. Her tongue was making its way inside my mouth. She broke off the kiss briefly and said,“I guess that answers my other question, the other girl that just left was also a cross dresser, as I can taste semen in your mouth, and it tastes nice. I hope yours is as tasty” “There is only one way to find out”. She added. Escort bayan Ankara Then she knelt down and took my penis and purposely slipped it into her mouth. Her nose was touching my tummy as she took the full length of my penis. Stroking my stocking clad legs and suspenders she sucked me. It was so intense I soon felt my semen rising from my testicles up through my erect penis and spurting into Alice’s waiting mouth. Alice gulped as the semen hit the back of her throat and swallowed the first few spurts then continuing to suck the drained me of all my available semen. “That was fabulous, you are very tasty”. Alice said. “Can I give you oral sex as a reward”? I asked.“Please do”. She said as she sat down on the edge of the sofa with her legs apart enough to see her glistening vagina secreting her fluids.“Let’s go to my bedroom where we will be much more comfortable”. I said.“Lead the way lover”. Alice said.We left our discarded clothes on the floor where we had stepped out of them. Alice followed me upstairs her hands caressing my bottom as she was behind me. We arrived in my bedroom.“How do you want me”. Alice asked.“I don’t know, I have never given a woman oral sex before, I’m new to it”. I admitted“Ooh goody, I’ve got someone to train that I can make into a world class cunnilinguist” She said. She lay on her back and lifted her bottom up while sliding a pillow under her bottom. Then she lifted he knees and moved them as far apart as she could. “Now kneel on the bed between my feet and lean forward on all fours until your nose is resting at the V of my vagina, now with your weight on your elbows use you hand to open my vagina and expose the pink inside. Can you see a little growth”? she asked.“Yes” I said admiring the lush pinkness of her insides “That’s my clitoris and that is what your tongue is going to play with which will make me squirm a lot so you had better keep a close fix on it” She said.I lined up and flicked my tongue out stabbing her clitoris first shot.“Wow, Bulls eye. You can keep doing that and alternate it with pushing your tongue as deep as you can into my vagina”.I did as I had been instructed and Alice was thrashing around each time my tongue licked her clitoris. She held my head to her vagina so I could keep licking and penetrating her with my tongue.“Oh I’m cumming she said. She gripped my head with her legs as well as her hands. Suddenly my mouth was awash with her juices, which I lapped up as fast as I could. I continued my licking and penetrating even though she had released some of the pressure of her legs. Alice was squirming again as I continued. “I’m cumming again she said. Again she squeezed her legs and trapped me. This time she relaxed her legs completely but I stayed were I was enjoying lapping her juices. “Oh not again”. Alice said as she tensed on the bed and rewarded me with another mouthful of juices.“I need you to make love to me, please move up the bed and put your penis in me now”. Alice commanded. Not being a person to disobey orders I did just that. I slid in with great ease due to the juices she was still producing. Alice moved under me so we were making love her legs were wrapped around my back hold me in place. I could feel my ejaculation starting to build and told her I was about to cum. “That’s ok lover I’m on the pill so it’s safe”. She replied. So carry on I did and ejaculated deep into her until I was spent. I withdrew and moved back down the bed. Her Vagina was still glistening invitingly, so I knelt down again and proceeded to give more oral sex until she once again orgasmed. This time her juices were mingled with mine. The taste was pure nectar, and I kept licking lapping and swallowing until there was none left. “Thank you lover” Alice said. You are wonderful; I have never had four orgasms in one hour before. You’re incredible. “I’m worn out”. I said. “I think we both need a sleep, but I have to get my dog home and feed him”. Alice said.“Why don’t you take him home feed him then come back and you could stay the night if you would like to”. I offered.“That sounds wonderful, and you can finish telling about how and what made you start and when you started and who the cross dresser was earlier and where you met. I want to know it all”. Alice said. As we descended the stairs she also told me she had had a rough time with her last boyfriend so was not looking for another relationship like that. But with me it was different. I recognised my feminine side and had the attributes of a male to make sex good kind and gentle. We went to the lounge and she picked up her thong and slipped it on the she turned and bent over to pick up her slacks. The view of her rear was fantastic with her thong running down her crack. I stepped forward and stroked her bottom. She stayed bent over as I caressed her bottom cheeks.“I’ll give you 12 hours to stop that”. She said “Lets not get carried away too soon, you have your dog to feed and water”>. I saidHer dog was still laid on the floor where she told it to. I stopped stroking and she stood up with her slacks in her hand. She stepped into them and zipped them up and closed the clasp. “I’ll be back in about 20 minutes”. Alice said.“You don’t have to rush, I have had 3 orgasms this evening already, so it will be some time before I am ready to try for a forth, that is if you would like to make love with me again”. I said.“I certainly do want you to make love to me, but I have had four and I am not ready for number five yet”. Alice said. She clipped the lead on her dog and she left. I slipped my panties back on and refastened my mini skirt. I looked in my mirror. Oh my make up was a mess I need to sort that out. I went back upstairs and using my make up remover I cleaned every thing off. Then I went to the bathroom and had another close shave. I patted my face dry then back to the bedroom and apply my make up again. When I had finished I went back to the lounge to await Alice’s return. I looked the clock. It had taken me 35 minutes to deal with my make up. Then the door bell sounded. I checked it Bayan escort Ankara was Alice, it was.I opened the door and let her in. I took her coat and hung it up, Last time I done this tonight Amy had fondled me. Sure enough Alice was right behind me cupping my breasts then down with one hand to caress my panty clad penis.“To the lounge with you”. I said.I turned and when I saw how she was dressed I gasped. She had changed her slacks for a mini skirt quite as short as mine and I could see she had put stockings on. Hold up or suspendered, is what I aimed to find out.We went into the lounge and sat together on the sofa.“Now tell me all about Carole and your friend“. Alice said The next couple of hours I told her about finding the lingerie in the school kit bag, Trying it on, buying lingerie and other items on line, Shopping at the centre, meeting Amy, sex with Amy including tonight’s finger fun. Also meting Cindy the delivery guy. Then being seen as Amy was leaving. “The rest you know” I said.All the time I had been talking Alice had been stroking my leg and stocking tops and suspenders, as I had been doing the same to her. When I finished talking Alice took my head in her hands and kissed me passionately. When we broke apart for air Alice said.“That was incredible such a turn on I really want you right now, I think you can manage with what I could feel growing in your panties. She stood up and then faced the sofa leaning forward she clasped the back of the sofa. “Make love to me right here right now”. She said as she flipped the back of her mini skirt up to her waist and spread her legs. “Just move my thong to the side and Get your wonderful penis in my vagina” she demanded.I stood and lowered my panties to my mid thigh and taking my penis in hand aimed and entered her. “Ah that’s wonderful, you are a perfect size I can feel all of you in me. Now make love to me slowly” Alice breathed.I slowly moved in and out. It was sensational I kept the slow strokes going for about 15 minutes. Each time I was fully inside Alice gave little sighs of ecstasy. “Now speed up a little but not too fast, I want this to last” She instructed.I sped up a little and Alice was now giving out ecstatic moans constantly.“Faster” She said.I increased speed again. “Oh that’s wonderful I want to orgasm, are you nearly ready to fill me with more of your semen” Alice enquired.“Not far, I have the orgasm tingle building”. I replied.“Go for it, as fast as you like, just fill me with your semen.So I did go for it I kept up the speed constant but concentrated on full and deep penetration.“I’m cumming” Alice gasped. Breathing heavily through her open mouth.I kept my speed and penetration going soon I felt my approaching orgasm. I pushed fully home and held myself still as I ejaculated deep into Alice. As I finished Alice fell forward onto the sofa and I popped out her vagina, my semen leaking from the head of my penis and from Alice’s vagina. I knelt and spread Alice’s legs and lapped up our mingled juices until I could find no more. I stood and started to pull my panties back up before I could Alice’s mouth was latched on to my penis sucking and cleaning our mixed juices. I looked at the clock and saw it was about two am. “Have you got work tomorrow, or should I say today”? I asked“I did have but I can take a day off with no trouble” She replied.“Then let’s go to bed and get some sleep” I said.We went to bed I undressed down to my bra with the prosthesis still in the cups slipped my baby doll over my head and stepped into the matching thong. Alice just undressed and got into bed naked. I must admit she had beautiful breasts, as we lay in bed I had to lean down and take her nipple between my lips and tease it with my tongue and her other nipple was getting treatment from my fingers. Then I swapped sides and kissed and teased her other nipple.“If you keep that up I’ll have another orgasm, my nipples are very sensitive”. She saidI kept it up and soon Alice moaned into my ear as she once again orgasmed. Then we lay back and fell asleep cuddled up like spoons; my hand cupping one of her breasts.When I awoke in the morning I had my usual erection that was tenting my thong pressing the back string into my bottom groove. My hand was still cupping her breast I tweaked her nipple a little which caused Alice to wriggle back into me. I tweaked a little more and a sleepy voice said.“Someone is feeling fruity, I hope that’s your penis poking me and you are not teasing me. I moved my other hand under her to tweak her other nipple. Oh goody it is. Alice reached behind her back and freed my penis from my thong, then lifting her leg she aimed my penis at her vagina and wriggled back on to it. She moved back and then forward making her little moans of pleasure. Until I whispered in her ear. “I am about to cum”“Me too and with so little effort, I do so love making love with you”. Alice said.I ejaculated into Alice as her juices started to flood over my penis. When we had both finished I slipped my penis out of her vagina. Amy turned round to face me and kissed me saying good morning lover. Then she wriggled down the bed and took my penis in her mouth licking and sucking my remaining semen and her juices. I got her to turn into the classic 69 position and proceeded to perform the cleaning procedure on and in her vagina, making her shudder every time my tongue touched her clitoris. “We had better shower then I must go and see to my dog, he has been left all night”. Alice said. We got out of bed I slipped out of my baby doll and thong, then reaching behind my back I unclipped my bra and let it slide down my arms, with the prosthesis’s still tucked in the cups. We walked through to the bathroom and showered together. I made sure all her special places got good attention, as Alice cleaned my penis thoroughly. We dressed and Alice asked.“When are you meeting Amy and the other girl again”?“About 6pm Saturday evening, the other girl is Cindy”. I answered“Oh yes I forgot Cindy, I’ll try to remember, I was wondering if I can join you or just visit on Saturday evening, I promise to be good”. Alice said“If what we did last night and this morning is your interpretation of being good, then you are more than welcome!. I replied.We kissed passionately and Alice left to go home and take care of her dog.The end for nowUnless more is called [email protected] Message on this site or as above

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