Doing the Gardener Ch. 02


“Everyone’s out,” Hugh called from the back door.

Down below in the garden, Chris smiled to himself, and wiping the sweat from his forehead put the hoe he’d been using to clear the weeds from the garden down. Quickly, he paced up the steps at the side of the patio and crossed to the back door.

“About time,” he smiled, pulling Hugh into a brief but passionate kiss. The blonde man returned his kiss with equal desire, breaking away after a second or two.

“Come inside, in case anyone sees,” Hugh said, stepping into the kitchen beyond. Chris followed taking his dirty boots off first, before catching up with his employer’s son.

Hugh turned to face him with a smile on his face, and Chris returned it, closing the gap between them and pulling him close. Their lips met again, lips wide and inviting as their tongues writhed in passionate kiss. They stood like that for moments, Hugh pushed up against to counter, their hands caressing each other, before Chris felt Hugh growing between them and couldn’t hold back.

Dropping to his knees, he quickly pulled Hugh’s shorts and boxers down, allowing his cock to spring free. Taking it in one hand, feeling it pulse and harden beneath his touch, he gently caressed it. Smiling up into Hugh’s eyes he slowly took the tip into his mouth, tongue running gently over Hugh’s slit, causing the other man to shudder with excitement.

Slowly, teasingly he took some of Hugh’s length in, feeling his lips stretch to take as much as he could. Using his tongue to tease and tantalise, he slowly began sucking Hugh off, his head bobbing back and forth, letting the whole length exit his mouth, strands of saliva dripping from its length, before taking it all back in.

Hugh had his hands in Chris’s hair now, slowly guiding his mouth further down the shaft, forcing him to gag slightly as the blonde man unconsciously pushed forward. Hugh had his eyes closed and head thrown back in silent pleasure as Chris continued, slowly speeding up, tongue lashing the cock as his lips caressed up and down its length.

Hugh was bucking his hips more urgently too, and Chris knew he was coming. With a final flourish, he felt Hugh tighten, and then a stream of warm goo filled his mouth. A second wave struck as Hugh was pulling his cock from Chris’s mouth, causing it to drop out of Chris’s lips and onto his chin. It was at this point a new voice spoke up.

“What the fuck is going on here?”

So engrossed had they both been they had not heard Jeff, Hugh’s father, enter the house.

“Dad, erm, what are you doing here?” Hugh stammered, desperately pulling his shorts up to cover his crotch.

“Not that it matters, but I forgot some paperwork so came back to pick it up. Anyway, what the fuck Denizli Escort are you doing? Actually, don’t answer that, just get out of my sight, I’ll deal with you later.”

Hugh didn’t say a word, but clearly terrified of his father, he did as he was told, casting a despairing glance at Chris, as if to apologise for leaving him there. A moment later Chris heard the front door slam.

Realising he was still on his knees, mouth dripping cum he started to get to his feet whilst simultaneously wiping the cum from his face.

“You’ll stand when I tell you to, boy.” Jeff snarled, and such was the intensity of it, Chris obeyed. Worried, he looked up at his employer, or ex-employer as he expected him to be soon, with worry in his eyes. He cast a stern figure, standing over Chris in his business attire, shirt, smart trousers and tie. Despite the situation, Chris found himself appraising Jeff for the first time. The older man clearly looked after himself, he still had a trim figure despite being nearly 50, and whilst not muscular, was well built.

“Now what shall I do with you?” Jeff asked in a calmer voice. “I really should get rid of you for this, but you do such a good job in the garden, and quality work is so hard to find.”

“Mr Smith, look I’m sorry, I’ll do anything, but I really need to keep this job,” Chris pleaded, worried his main income would be taken away.

“Anything?” Jeff mused, a glint in his eye appearing, “well in that case, you better stay where you are.

A look of incomprehension crossed Chris’s face, until he saw that Hugh’s dad was unbuckling his belt.

“What you want me to…” he trailed off.

“For starters,” the older man said, “as a single man you can’t always rely on a good blow job, and you seemed to be giving my son a good time, so why don’t prove how much you want your job?”

With that, he undid his trousers, letting them fall to the floor. His y-fronts followed, letting his cock spring free.

Chris gasped, Jeff was much bigger than Chris, clearly a good 8 inches, and thick as well. Jeff stepped forward, the older man’s dick swinging as he did, until he was right in front of Chris’s face.

“Go on then, show me how much you want this job,” Jeff said, and Chris, dumbstruck complied.

Reaching up with one hand, he took the massive cock between his fingers, running them up and down the giant shaft. His other joined the first, and he began to jerk up and down, feeling the iron rod between his hands stiffen further. After a moment, he left one hand running up and down the bottom of the shaft, before engulfing the tip with his mouth. Even this stretched his jaws, as he ran his lips around, letting his tongue tease the soft sensitive Denizli Escort Bayan skin.

“I see what my son saw,” Jeff moaned, as Chris slowly took more of the shaft into his mouth.

He only took about 3 inches before the sheer size caused him to gag. Pulling back, he took a deep breath and pushed forward again, slowly increasing the amount of cock in his mouth. This wasn’t enough for Jeff, who placed both hands on Chris’s head and slowly guided it forward. Chris had both hands on Jeff’s legs now, bracing himself as more of this monster cock was stuffed into his mouth. Jeff let him pull back, saliva streaming down his face, before pulling him down once more.

The sound of Chris gagging on Jeff’s cock filled the kitchen, but slowly he was able to get over the gag and eventually take the full length in his mouth. He began to rock back and forth, Jeff’s hands gone from his head now, as he sucked the giant dick. He let it flop from his mouth, it leaving a trail of precum across his cheeks it did, before taking it in one hand, and licking it like a lolly, his tongue running first down one side, and then the other. He did this several times, eyes cast up at Jeff’s face as he did, before taking it back into his mouth. Slowly, he increased his pace, forfeiting some of the length in his mouth for speed.

He could feel Jeff building, his hips bucking forward as he did, forcing more of the cock into his mouth. Suddenly, Jeff let out a cry, and Chris’s mouth exploded with warm cum. Wave after wave spurted into his mouth, down his throat, so much that he couldn’t contain it, the sticky goo dribbling from his lips. He returned his hand to Jeff’s cock, pumping it for the last dregs of cum, as he let the pungent liquid swirl in his mouth.

Panting, Jeff pulled his cock from Chris’s mouth, drawing more fluid onto his chin, before looking down at the bedraggled gardener.

“Not bad, for starters.” He said, smiling. “Now up on your feet.”

Chris did, and once to his feet, Jeff spun him around so he was facing the kitchen work surface, his lower body pressed up against the cupboards.

“It’s been even longer since I ploughed a good ass, so might as well take advantage.” He smirked.

Chris was fine with that, the worry about losing his job gone now, replaced by the idea of having that massive cock in his ass.

Deftly, Jeff tugged down Chris’s shorts, leaving him naked from the waist down. His white buttocks almost shone in comparison to his tanned legs, the tan-line ending short of his ass.

“Very nice,” Jeff crooned, as his hands roamed over Chris’s ass. Chris stood there, letting Jeff fondle his ass. He shuffled around, spreading his legs, allowing his ass cheeks to Escort Denizli come apart.

“Eager little boy,” Jeff smiled, letting his hand wander from Chris’s ass, in between the pert curves and nestle on his asshole.

Slowly, he put one, and then two fingers up Chris’s ass. Just this was pleasure to Chris, but knowing what was to come, he knew it was just a starter. The fingers slowly swirled in his ass, probing and prodding, opening the way. He moaned with pleasure and frustration, wanting that cock in his ass, and so he almost cheered when he felt the fingers retreat.

Jeff stepped in close, his cock rubbing against Chris’s ass, as he pushed up against Chris, whispering in his ear, “You’ll never have had a cock this big.”

He was right, and in reply Chris pushed his ass back, grinding it on the once again solid cock. Jeff responded by taking his dick in one hand, and slowly guiding it between Chris’s ass cheeks.

“Ahh,” Chris moaned as he pushed the head into his ass. Despite the attention, he was still too tight for the huge cock, and Jeff just stayed there, head in Chris’s ass, slowly pumping back and forth with little movement, gradually forcing further into Chris’s ass.

“You’re so big,” Chris moaned, as he felt split in two by the cock entering him. Jeff pulled back, and this time thrust forward harder. He met resistance, but pushed through, and suddenly his length slid into Chris fully.

“Ahh” Chris cried in pleasurable pain as Jeff’s crotch slapped against his ass. Jeff slowly pulled out, and thrust forward again. This time he slid in easier, Chris’s ass stretching to take in all of his muscular dick.

The slick dick slid in again, a meaty slap as their bodies met. Chris was doubled over the counter now, his upper body resting on the work surface as his ass pushed back against Jeff’s cock. His arms were splayed over the surface, taking his weight, as Jeff’s thrusts became more powerful as he slid in easier, pushing Chris’s lower body against the cupboards.

Jeff’s hands went around Chris’s waist, and began pulling Chris back onto his dick as he thrust forward, probing deeper into Chris’s ass. The powerful fingers dug into Chris’s thighs, but he didn’t notice, the pleasurable pain of being split in two overriding all other emotions. Jeff’s thrusting became more forceful, even quicker, and he came again, pumping his cum deep within Chris’s ass.

“Ahhh,” he cried as he released, Chris’s ass squeezing and pumping around Jeff’s cock, squeezing every drop from him.

Jeff pulled out, his shrinking cock slipping out of Chris’s ass, leaving a gaping hole. Chris lay panting on the counter for a moment, getting his breathe back.

Jeff grabbed quickly grabbed his clothes, and pulled them on saying to Chris “Right, back to work then, off you go.”

Chris grabbed his own shorts, and pulled them up over his boxers which were starting to stick to his ass from the cum leaking form his ass.

Hurriedly, he exited the kitchen, relieved to still have his job.

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