Diary of a College Cumslut Ch. 02


Dear Diary,

It’s been a couple of days since I put time into another entry, but here’s lucky number eight, I suppose. Things have been hectic. Mainly my new job and studies, but I also decided to embrace new beginnings and change my hair colour – No longer do I suffer the generic mousy-brown with frizzy. Oh no, I shall now be known as a feisty redhead. I only hope that I can fully utilise the confidence this spruce-up has given me! I had my first day at the office yesterday, it was surprisingly hectic – I hadn’t given much thought into the inner workings of a professor’s life before, but believe it or not, there’s a lot of things happening behind the scenes. I booked in various meetings with groups and individuals, pre-booked his transport for lectures ahead of time and, in the very few and far between moments, stole a kiss or two behind closed doors. Naturally I had to, but then it got me thinking… Had I really changed that much simply by coming here? They were all good changes, fun changes, as far as I can tell. The simple act of stealing a moment from your lover – Who is your professor and employer, no doubt – Is surprisingly empowering. I couldn’t imagine myself doing something like this back in my home town.

Speaking of my home town, I called my mother this morning to let her in on the good news in regards to my position as a P.A – Naturally, I skipped the other details of how I got to there, I doubt she’d be pleased to know I’m sexually involved with Mister Duke and would no doubt call me a ‘slut’ because of it – At least for now, this ‘slut’ is having fun whenever she can grasp it. The mere thought of him sends shivers down my spine, even writing this now. I’ll shoot him a quick call and see if he’s free tonight. Will update soon, I promise this time!

Dear Diary,

It’s the ninth entry today! I never would’ve imagined that I’d keep up a diary when heading to college, but I suppose anything is possible now. Many things seem to surprise me these days, I even got complimented on my hair by some of the other girls in my dormitory and apparently Professor Duke likes the colour on me too, at least judging from various wayward glances and occasional butt-slaps as I walked past in his office.

Speaking of the Professor, last night was just as fun as the first time. He really likes to take hold, apparently, moving me and bending me to suit his needs. His strength is incredibly sexy and this time, instead of in a small box bedroom in the dorms, he had me over his desk after hours, ploughing away in the dimly-lit room like nobody else existed in the world. It was amazing to put it lightly, perhaps the janitor heard a moan or two, but I really doubt anyone else was around to witness the whole fiasco. After our passionate love-making, we headed out for dinner, a quick bite at a small Italian corner restaurant and then he dropped me off back at my dorm. Done and dusted. I took a shower and dried in the nude – Another new favourite thing to do, the cool air on damp skin is simply too refreshing to ignore. I fell asleep pretty quickly after that.

This morning went as normal. I had History class first thing, followed by Art Through The Ages and a lecture on Cultural Milestones shortly after lunch, except it didn’t quite go on as long as it was supposed to and we all left the auditorium early. So, I figured I’d take a walk around campus and Börü 2039 izle see if I could catch up with any of the other girls in my dorm. I stopped at a busy coffee shop around two thirty to refuel and came across Melissa, Samantha and another girl with bright pink curly hair and green eyes. It was an odd combination, but who am I to judge? They offered to have me sit by them and then the gossiping began. About what? You ask – Why, boys of course. Who was the hottest. Who had the best dick – That sort of thing.

After ten to fifteen minutes of simple chit chat, the girls began rustling through their purses with a glimmer in their eye. Their voices became much more quiet and they leaned over to me, muttering about a ‘glow up’ for all of us and that we definitely need it at the beginning of the semester especially. Without thinking I agreed and the pink-haired girl, who I came to know as ‘Rachel’, offered up a small business card to me across the table. It was all white, except for a single pink heart and the letters ‘S.G.C’. I tucked it into my shirt pocket, still puzzled. The trio said their farewells and promised to pick me up tomorrow to go with them, that it’ll be fun and good to get to know each other better – Sure, I thought, I can do that.

After I wandered home to the dorm, I spent the rest of the night lounging around in my slacks, watching gaming streams and fell asleep around midnight.

Dear Diary,

Today is the tenth entry, hooray! I’m up nice and early. Had a great night of sleep and an even better shower. A little flirting may or may not have gone on with me and a streamer last night – But a little flirting never hurt anyone. Plus I have the ‘glow up’ with the girls later- I assume they mean a makeover, but either way I’m looking forward to it. I’ve already made over my hair, I suppose some make up, a massage and maybe a new wardrobe could help out as well, perhaps more skirts. I’m here to live free and wild!

After breakfast today, I came across one of my Dad’s old friends by the campus library, he was looking a little tired. I waved at him, but I guess with my new hair, he didn’t quite recognise me until I spoke. Safe to say, I’m guessing he was a little bit shocked with my new look, maybe it was the low-cut top that helped with that though. Either way, he was looking at me in a completely different light, I couldn’t help but be slightly turned on by it on the spot, so sue me if I flirted a little – I don’t think he minded at least. We chatted for a while, I offered him coy smiles and winks but he didn’t quite take the bait, or maybe he was keeping himself reserved – Who knows. Either way, we parted with a hug and I could definitely tell that the flirting wasn’t doing any harm so I swiftly aimed to kiss his cheek, but he moved too quickly and my lips lingered on his neck – Ooh yummy.

I suppose a part of me wanted him to stay a little longer and play, but the other part of me would probably not forgive myself if I slept with my father’s friend group, then again, the first part of me was really convincing sometimes. I asked him out for drinks later, a little nervous with my proposal, he agreed saying that it’s been a while since he’s caught up with my dad, so chatting with me would be just as great – I suppose I couldn’t ask for anything better, if only I could be more forward… I’d tell him things boys in blue izle he’d never expect to hear from my lips.

Still, a drink and possibly a date tonight, at least a fuck, I’d hope – Don’t worry Daddy, I won’t tell you about this especially, besides after the spa, I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t feel completely fuckable. I’ll change and get ready, the girls will be here soon, so I’ll give an update when we’re all done!

Eleventh Entry

Dear Diary…

Wow, when the girls said a ‘glow up’ apparently I had it all wrong. Somehow I got talked into lip injections of all things, my mouth is numb and drinking is a little hard but… I kind of like them. A little lip gloss and I’ll look perfectly slutty and ready to suck dick – At least, that’s what I hope Johnny thinks tonight when we get drinks in a few hours. I’m going to shower and get ready for tonight. It’s my night off from Professor Duke, I hope he won’t miss me too much, I’ll certainly be missing him if I don’t get fucked hard tonight though. Sad face!

Whilst out with the girls, before the whole ‘glow up’ thing, I picked out a new outfit at least, one of many to come, I imagine. A super-short lemon mini skirt and a low-cut lace shirt that will most definitely hug me tight. No doubt it’ll look fab too, I’m so excited for tonight, both to catch up with Johnny and also to try my hand at seducing someone my Dad’s age. Wish me luck!

Twelfth Entry

Dearest, Dear diary of mine,

Last night was so much fun! My new outfit got looks from everyone that I saw, and hopefully some that I didn’t see too! Johnny kept oggling my thighs and chest and I made sure to put on a decent flirty show around him too, brushing my hand across his thighs and resting against him when the bar was packed. There’s no way he couldn’t figure out that I wanted him, especially not at that point. We got a couple of drinks in the both of us and I tried to drag him onto the floor to dance, he was reluctant at first, but a few minutes of me rubbing and grinding myself onto him certainly got him in the mood too. Safe to say at that point, my mind was being controlled by my lust and nothing else. I felt so bubbly and everything was so fun! Without much hesitation I led him upstairs, licking at the lip gloss on my swollen lips occasionally as we shuffled through the crowd and into one of the bathrooms. The door was pushed closed and locked internally, then like the good girl I am, I dropped to my knees before him. I’m sure he was in awe, but judging by the large bulge in his pants, I could tell he wanted this too.

With much haste, I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and got to work tugging his cock from the confines of his boxers, it was slightly longer and a little bit thicker than the Professor’s but being a trooper, I made my new lips quite useful. My mouth slipped on the tip of his cock and I slid him into me, suckling quietly to begin with, at least to set the mood. It didn’t take long for him to buck his hips forward; my eyes wandered upwards as my thick, puffy and glossy lips surrounded his fat cock head, burrowing it deeper into my mouth and almost hilting at the back of my throat, I gargled, whimpering quietly and watched the man that is my Father’s closest friend. I could feel an intense heat and throbbing coming from between my legs, only naturally as I’d break point izle been gagging for a cock all day and simply sucking on one wasn’t going to cut it.

Slipping my tongue around his shaft and dancing it across the tip a few times, I withdrew my puffy lips from his meat stick and merely lapped at the head, eyeing him hungrily. The only words I said were, well, rather straight forward. “Fuck me, Johnny.” He obliged, helping me up from the floor – My dusty knees lifting, ingrained with the pattern of the floor tiles. Swift movements, fluid but rather rough as he positioned me above his cock and he hovered above the toilet. I re-arranged myself for a moment, arriving at the best angle to take his juicy, thick dick and then pressed it to my entrance, sliding down on it very slowly. I shivered. My body was accepting this huge cock and I could feel my pussy stretching as I slid down it, not a care in the world, just the one that wanted to be filled up and used like a slut. A quiet exhaled moan escaped from both of our lips and now the predator had become the prey as Johnny eyed me hungrily. His fingers firmly gripped at my hips, trying to drag my slim form down on his large and throbbing penis, watching every inch with the eyes of a sex-deprived hawk. Licking his lips as he slowly lifted my body up with ease, then back down again.

“If your Father could see you now…” He mused at one point, reaching his hands upwards to grab and grope at my tits whilst he fucked me. Pinching my nipples, leaning forwards and biting at the hardened, aroused nibs. All the while he fucked his best friend’s daughter bareback and had every intention of filling her with his load. I leaned towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck, positioning myself closer to him, allowing his cock to plunder deeper into my soaking wet pussy. As usual, in the throes of lust, I cared not who heard us fucking, especially as it was so damn good.

I bounced up and down on his cock, feeling it twitch within me, coated with a slick glaze of what I can only imagine to be a mixture of his pre-cum and my vaginal fluids. Feeling a heat wash over me, tingles flooding across my body, I pushed myself down on his dick and groaned, instinctively biting down on his neck as my orgasm washed over me like a wave of pleasure; my insides gripping him and pulsating, trying to milk every last drop of his thick sperm into my youthful womb. I was greedy. My body was being greedy. But I felt the best I had since the first time I’d taken cock, slutty and soaked, it was exhilarating. We both panted. Caught our breath and then laughed quietly, his huge throbbing cock still spilling its warm and goopy fluids inside me.

“Give Dad my regards when you next see him.”

I mocked, Johnny’s cock still buried deep within me. I knew he wouldn’t mention this part exactly, but perhaps he’d tell my dad we met up for drinks and chatted – After all, we did, it’s just the latter part of the evening that Father wouldn’t be best pleased to know. That me, his only daughter seduced and fucked his best friend, taking every dribble of his spunk into my womb and loving every single second of it.

We cleaned ourselves up, I tugged up my panties and could feel the cum that was once within me seeping out and sloshing about on the fabric, tickling my vaginal lips. It felt… Arousing – Still, we decided to part ways for tonight and with that now typed up, I do believe it’s time for me to get some sleep. A ‘glow up’ today really brightened everything up. My new lips are excellent for sucking dick, I might get more done in the future if it has that effect, but for now, I bid you adieu Diary. Until next time!

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