Desire Becomes Reality Ch. 05


Anna’s story.

After that first time with John almost a week ago, he did not touch me again. Lately, he was busy at work and came home only very late at night. It was the year’s end and closing account time at the company he works in.

I kept my bedroom door locked. We saw each other in the mornings but never brought up the subject. I sensed a change in him. He does not look me in the eye and I kept out of his way. I still prepared him breakfast every morning. We were civil but the closeness between a mother and son we had before, was lost forever.

I had made up my mind regarding my relationship with my brother, Mark. I arranged to meet him at the local library and it was heartbreaking when I told him that it was over between us. What sins we had committed before was so wrong. I said I had come to my senses and I just could not cope with incest. I pleaded with him to continue will only destroy us. Mark begged, telling me that his life was not worth living without me, but I was adamant. I told him that we must be strong, to forgive and forget. He pleaded one last time but I walked away from him. Mark was devastated and my heart cried out for him. I love him as my brother and I had loved him as my lover.

What made me decide to reject my brother? Was it my son’s threat to expose everything? Deep inside, I knew that was not the reason. A shiver runs through me when I recalled how John had taken me. His masculinity and lust for my body had made me cry out for him in my need. But I could not encourage nor show him that I wanted him. It was best if things gradually work itself back to normality.

As I lay on my bed, reading with the small table lamp on, the door opened. The light was low and I could see John’s silhouette, standing there, looking at me. I put the book down. He closed the door and stepped in. I could see he had his shower as his hair was wet. He had his bathrobe on. My heart was beating furiously. It had been a week since that last time he was in my room.

He untied the sash of his robe and dropped it to the floor. For the second time I stared at my son’s naked body. His penis was stiff. He climbed on my bed and knelt beside me. I just looked into his eyes.

He touched my face, his finger lingering along my lips. I wondered if he could hear my heart pounding. His lips were gentle as he brushed them against mine. He entered my mouth. I almost died as I kissed him back; it had been a week and my need for him was torture.

He moved between my legs and placed his fingers on the elastic of my pajama bottom. John peeled it down and put it aside. He pushed my top up to my belly, exposing my satin panties. He pressed his head between my thighs and sucked me through my panties.

God, he was doing things to me that I had never experienced before. After sucking me for awhile, he raised his head. I could feel the complete wetness at the crotch of my panties. John peeled them off.

“You are so wet and soft,” he said as he again mouthed my naked flesh and worked his way, covering my matted pubic hair. As he ate me, my body trembled erratically and my hands reached out to grip the headboard behind.

John put his hands on my buttocks and raised my bottom so that he could gain more access to my womanly secrets. I placed my legs on his shoulders. He opened me up and sucked deep into my vagina. I felt a tremendous erotic urge and my orgasm started. I uttered incoherent words as the floodgates of my vaginal secretions flowed out into John’s sucking mouth.

My body shook as he kept eating me. When I passed through the shockwaves that racked me, he put me down. My eyes opened to see my son’s wet face, smeared with my love juices.

“Did I make it good for you, Anna?” he said.

“Oh God,” was all I could reply.

“Take off your top Anna,” he said urgently.

I unbuttoned and slipped off my top.

“Hold your breasts and press them together,” John said.

I did as he said as he moved up to straddle me. He placed his penis between the hillocks and fucked my breasts. His hot penis was slippery with his saliva. My son held my nipples, tweaking them. Esenyurt Escort Bayan This went on for some time and then he said.

“Please Anna, I’m going to cum,” he said.

He moved towards my face. His hands cradled my head; the bulbous head was at my lips. As I opened my mouth, my son started ejaculating. His sperm dripped out onto my tongue. I sucked him, taking more of him into my mouth. As he pushed deeper into me, droplets of his semen dripped out of my mouth to wet my neck and breasts. The smell of his semen was strong. He filled my mouth. I closed my eyes and swallowed my son’s sperm. I could not imagine that my body could respond to such acts.

John was insatiable. He rubbed his semen on my breasts and when he tweaked my nipples with sticky fluid, I came with a deep sigh. His lips were on mine as he tasted his own cum. My face was a mess and my hair was matted. I thought John had finished after he climaxed but he slithered down my body and his mouth was on my sex again. I felt him sucking my vagina. It was so incredible.

He bent my knees until they touched my breasts. John inserted his thick penis and fucked me. His balls were hitting my buttocks with a flapping sound. I knew he ejaculated inside me as he gripped my thighs firmly. My son was fucking me like a dog in heat.

At last, he heaved a sigh and fell on my chest, squashing my sperm painted breasts. My legs were crossed around his back as I stroked his head. I wondered if this was what I would go through the days ahead. John could not want me with this staggering intensity forever. He was my lover and I could not live without him.

He moved into my room and every night he mounted me until we fell asleep in total exhaustion. When I had my period John would either fuck my breasts or made me suck him till he came in my mouth. I must have swallowed so much of my son’s sperm.

Even in the mornings John would track me in the kitchen.

That day I was dressed, ready to go to my editor’s office. I was preparing a cup of coffee for him before I leave. He walked in and stood behind me. He gave me a kiss on my neck and I felt his hardness against my buttocks. I told him I had to hurry. I was already late.

He raised my skirt and pulled my panties down. Before I could stop him, his face was on my buttocks, his wet tongue between the cleft where my thighs met. He pulled me to the sofa and took off his trousers. Pushing me to lie prone with my head on the sofa’s end, he straddled me. I waited as John placed his turgid head against my lips. I let him slid in and he fucked my mouth. When he was about to come, John pulled my head up as he held his penis and began to stroke. I could see his face contorting to hold his climax but he shuddered as his semen dripped out. It wet my lips and John rubbed his pulsating organ and entered my mouth. I felt the splattering of my son’s man juice on my tongue as I sucked him until he stopped quivering and heaved a sigh of satisfaction.

I squirmed from beneath him and rushed to my room. I cleaned up and changed into a new outfit, the former already soiled with cum. When I was ready, I walked briskly out. John was still lying on the sofa and he gave me a weak smile. I left him and rushed to the car.

After 2 months of constant ravishment where both mother and son succumbed to uncontrollable desires, Anna was still not completely abandoned to showing her very true feelings towards John. She still retained that little dignity within her inner self even when her son made her come in intense orgasm.

In the 3rd month of their incestuous coupling, Anna’s father and mother paid them a visit, staying for 2 weeks. During this period, Mark stopped by a few times for dinner with the family. There was a strained atmosphere which Anna’s mother, matter of fact mentioned the other day. Anna avoided both Mark and John’s eyes. Dinner together was a time for reflection and Anna felt terrible and guilt ridden.

Two weeks was a long time and John could only steal glances at his mother. His need for her was overwhelming but there was nothing he could do. When Mark was Avcılar Escort Bayan around, John pretended not to notice anything but his eyes were always on his uncle searching for any signs if he still had any involvement with Anna. He did not notice anything which could make him feel hostile towards his uncle.

On the last day of their visit, John was still at the office when his grandparents left for home. Anna kissed them and bade them bon voyage. As their car receded in the horizon, she felt the chillness as the cold autumn breeze gently reminded her to get indoors.

The house was quiet, now that she was alone. It was time for her to evaluate her situation. She had allowed events to overtake reality. Anna decided she had to relocate and be incognito for a long time. Time always has a way of healing.

It was late and Anna dozes off on her bed. She thought she was having a wet dream. The gentle tweaking of her nipples made her take deep breaths when she awoke to John’s tender manipulation of her breasts.

“Oh John,” she cried softly.

She felt his nakedness and his hard organ between her thighs. In the dim light, she looked down to see her pajama bottoms pulled down to her knees. Her top was still on but were spread open. John’s hands were cupping her breasts.

“I missed you so much Anna,” John whispered in her ear as he caressed her.

“We have to talk John,” Anna said.

She wiggled away from him and sat holding her knees to her chest. John looked at his mother and he lusted for her, sitting there like a woman waiting to be fucked. He could see between her thighs, at her furry channel. It had been two weeks since he touched her. He could only masturbate in the secrecy of his room when his grandparents were around.

Anna saw the look in his eyes and said, “No John, please, we have to talk.”

“We cannot go on like this. What do you want from me? Am I just to satisfy your desires?” Anna said.

“God, how can you say such things, mom,” John replied. “I love you more than life itself. Of course I want you, yes I admit I want you every time I look at you,” he continued.

“Tell me John, what you see in the future for us,” Anna said.

“If you want the truth mom, don’t be shocked,” he replied.

“The truth, son,” Anna said, her heart beating in anticipation.

“I want to marry you. I want you as my wife. I want you when you are pregnant with my child in your tummy. I want you when your breasts are filled with milk. I want to suck your milk. That is what I want mom,” John said, looking at Anna.

She stared at him flabbergasted. What monster have I created, she shuddered.

“There is one more thing I want from you,” John continued. “It will be our secret and one day, you will know.”

Anna trembled at her son’s erotic visions of her. Looking at John, she could see the longing and love in his eyes. And she loved him, both as a son and as a man to whom she had surrendered her body and soul.

“We have to move away, far, far away where nobody knows us,” Anna said. “We have to start a new life.”

“Oh mom, do you really mean it, you will be my wife?” John said incredulous that his mother had accepted his wishes.

“Come here,” Anna held out her arms.

They kissed like sweethearts.

Anna’s fingers reached down and clasped her son’s penis. It was so warm and so firm. The tip of her finger rubbed the slit and it was sticky with his dripping pre cum.

John’s finger rubbed against her opening and penetrated her moist channel. He finger fucked her while she stroked him, their mouth clasped together. He pushed her slowly to lie on her back, his finger still moving in and out of her. When he felt she was ready, he pulled out his finger and mounted her. His thick phallus penetrated and he held it motionless deep inside her. He pulled out till his knob was at her vagina lips. He pushed in again, deep and fucked her with a few strokes. John pulled out, his penis soaked with her secretions.

He wet his fingers with her juices and rubbed it on her anus. Anna eyes widened at her son’s touch. John’s finger kept circling the tiny hole and the sensation that shot up her flesh was exquisite. It was a new experience and she had never been touched there that way before.

“Mom, this is our secret,” John said, “is it nice for you?”

Anna could only nod her head.

“Just relax, I will not hurt you,” he assured her.

Anna’s mind was already lost as strange sensations washed over her as she felt her son’s finger pushing gently against her anal opening.

She gasped as her anus opened and his finger entered her rectum. It felt so different, something foreign in her behind. The sensitive nerves made her anal muscle gripped his finger as he lodged in. Once he had penetrated her to the first knuckle, John did not move and just allowed Anna to get used to his finger. He pulled out slowly and wet his finger in his mouth. Anna watched him almost in awe as he again placed his finger at her tiny hole and pushed in. This time he moved his finger in and out in slow motion until his finger was sunk completely inside her.

It would be easier and more comfortable for Anna if John had made her lie on her stomach but John had only one thought in his mind. He wanted and needed to watch his mother’s face when he took her anally. John made him mother sit so that her back was against the headrest. He kissed her and lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders. He sat between her upraised thighs, his finger with clear access to her vagina and anus.

“Are you going to….” Anna asked John apprehensively.

“Yes, my love, I am going to fuck here,” placing his finger against her tiny hole. A spurt of pre cum dripped onto the mattress when he said that.

John closed onto his mother’s anal opening and he rubbed his velvet head. He had taken the tube of lubricant earlier and had pressed it into Anna’s opening. The cold gel filled her rectal channel. Anna watched as John held his shiny lubricated hard rod of flesh and he pushed it against her.

She cried out in fear of the impending pain. Her hands pushed out against his chest but John crowded in and his bulbous head gained entrance as Anna emitted a strangled scream as her anal muscle surrendered its tightness. Once the barrier was breached, John’s penis gained more access into her rectal canal.

She felt the sudden fullness; the pain was dulled by the smoothness of the entry as John had lubricated her well. He let her adjust to the fullness as he kissed and caressed her breasts. For almost a minute he did not move. When he began fucking her slowly, she felt warmness and tightness in her rectum. The feeling was so different and it sent sparks of sensuous sensation exploding in her racked mind.

The son fucked his mother’s bottom as he placed his hands beneath her buttocks to raise her for deeper entry. It could not last as John cried out.

“Oh Anna, here it comes,” he gasped.

In the tightness, she felt the throbbing of his thickness. John stopped shaking and his penis popped out of her anus. She breathes deeply. John watched his mother’s anus gapped into a round hole which closed until there was remained only the crinkled opening. His semen flowed out in thick gobs.

Anna felt a mild cramp in her lower abdomen and tried as she did; she could not help but released a tiny fart. This caused a spray of cum from her closed anal opening to spurt out.

She touched her buttocks. She belonged to John completely. He had taken her virginity, the final one from her body.

John was very tender with her. He cleaned her and kissed her inflamed anus, telling her that she had made him a complete man. That night, he claimed her back passage twice more, the final time at early dawn, with her lying on her stomach while he pumped her deeply from behind.

After John left for work, Anna got up, and walked gingerly into the bathroom. Sitting on the commode, Anna pressed her stomach to constrict and released the accumulated cum that her son had deposited inside her rectum the whole night. It was a new feeling of wonder and she had a series of orgasm herself during the final anal fuck.

They had to plan fast for the future. She shivered remembering what John said earlier. He wants to marry her, to bear his child or children; and he wanted to feed from her breasts. It was simply incredible but possible.

“Should there be a final chapter?”

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