Dana Goes Clubbing


Dana Goes Clubbing

Dana had broken up with her longtime boyfriend a few months ago and was finally ready to start dating again. Tonight she was going clubbing with her best friend Sarah and her boyfriend. Even if she didn’t meet anyone tonight, she would have a fun time. She had gone out with them since the breakup, but she really wasn’t ready to start actively looking for companionship until now. What the heck, she was only twenty-five; there was plenty of time, right?

After another day pushing paper at the office, she drove back to her apartment and bopped along to the music on the radio, a little giddy at the prospect going on the prowl to find Mr. Right. She got home, threw off her clothes and hopped straight in the shower. She didn’t have much time to waste because her friends were going to pick her up in just over an hour.

The shower took far too long and she had to race through her makeup and drying her almost waist length wavy brown hair. Her outfit for tonight consisted of a brand new light blue dress which came down to about mid-thigh and showed just enough cleavage, but not too daring. Underneath she wore lacy blue panties tied on the sides and a matching bra which pushed up her double-D boobs perfectly. A pair of black leather boots that stopped just below the calf finished her outfit. At five foot one inch and measurements of 34DD-25-28, she could easily shift from office cutie to smoking hottie in minutes.

As she finished pulling on her boots, she heard the car horn blow. After a quick glance in the mirror to admire her new dress, Dana ran outside and hopped in the back seat. Sarah was in the passenger seat, with her boyfriend Tom at the wheel.

“Dana, I’m so excited that you’re finally ready to climb back on the saddle.” Sarah was sitting sideways in her seat so she could talk to Dana better. “Are you going to get laid?”

“Oh lord, give me a break.” Dana rolled her eyes. “I haven’t even met anybody yet, and you already have me in the sack.”

The two girls giggled as Tom drove. He was never able to get a word in when these two were together, so he stopped trying months ago. But he really liked Sarah’s friend, because when Sarah wasn’t looking, he would steal glimpses of Dana’s beautiful breasts. He was sure they were implants, but Sarah assured him they were quite real.

There was a line at the club. That was good. Dana loved when the dance floor was full. Not wall to wall, but enough people out there that she felt she could let loose a bit without being noticed. Once inside, the three of them grabbed a table and ordered drinks. Dana eyed up the dance floor. It was a little more crowded than she preferred, but she could work with it.

After she finished her drink, Sarah grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the dance floor with Tom following close behind. The DJ had a pretty good mix going and the floor was thick with people. They wormed their way through the crowd into the middle and started dancing.

They weren’t dancing for five minutes when some guy about twice her age started dancing rather horribly right next to her. His shirt was just a little too tight, and it looked like he had spray-on hair. It was obvious he had a few drinks in him. He turned to her and extended his hand like he was in a business meeting.

“Hi, I’m Mike.” She looked up at him only to see his eyes were almanbahis not looking at her, but right at her cleavage. She bent down a little so he would see her face.

“Yeah, maybe you can be Mike somewhere else,” she said and turned her body away, delivering a very clear message. Mike got it and turned to seek out his next victim. Dana glanced over her shoulder to make sure he was going away, and resumed dancing.

The dance floor was getting a little more crowded and people started bumping into each other. The three of them were really having fun so they stayed. Occasionally someone might brush up against one of them. Dana kind of liked it. She would feel a hand touch her back, or the bolder guys might run their hand across her ass. Normally this wouldn’t be tolerated, but Dana was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol and enjoyed the occasional grope, and even leaned into them from time to time.

After a while Dana left the dance floor to get another drink. When the waitress brought it to her she told Dana it was paid for, and indicated a gentleman sitting alone at the bar. Dana raised her glass to him with a polite nod, thanking him for the drink. He was pretty decent looking, she thought. A good looking guy, about her age, and looking pretty fit.

He took the nod as an invitation so he started to walk towards her. She judged him to be about six feet tall. As he came closer, he got even better looking. “Alright!” she thought. “Things are starting to turn around.”

He introduced himself as Rob as he assumed a seat at her table. They had a nice conversation as they finished their drinks. At least, as best they could over the relentless beat from the dance floor. Rob invited her to dance, and extended a hand as they walked to the dance floor. He was a pretty good dancer and Dana was thinking he really had some potential.

Rob moved in a little tighter to her. Maybe it was because of how crowded the dance floor was. He was just a few inches from her. She could feel the heat of his body, and he smelled delicious.

Just then, she got a tap on her shoulder. “It’s time to go,” Sarah said. “Tom’s worn out and has to get up early tomorrow to catch a flight.”

Dana felt a little disappointed because she had to go. Rob offered to drive her home. Maybe it was the booze talking, but Dana agreed and gave Sarah a kiss on the cheek. After Dana reassured her she was going to be fine, Sarah finally gave in and left with Tom. It made Dana a little nervous because she just committed to a guy she just met, but at the same time, he seemed like a gentleman, so she felt safe.

As they continued to dance, Rob moved in tight, putting his arm around Dana’s waist. Dana looked up into his eyes. They were bright blue, and she let herself get lost in them. She put a hand on his chest and continued to stare into his eyes. Rob took it as a signal to make his move, and leaned in for a kiss.

Her tongue mingled with his as they continued to bump to the music. Rob pulled her in tight against her body. He felt so good. She ran her hand over his chest as they made out on the dance floor. His hand dropped down and caressed her ass. Dana could feel the heat building up between her legs. She never acted like this before, but he tasted so sweet.

She broke their kiss. “Take me home,” she said. “It’s too loud here.” Rob wasn’t sure, but he almanbahis yeni giriş thought she might have a suggestive look in her eye that gave him the impression the evening was far from finished.

He drove Dana home and she invited him in for a nightcap. Once inside, Dana needed to get out of her boots. Although they were fashionable, the high heel took its toll on her feet.

“Ugh”, she exclaimed. “My feet are killing me.” She sat on the couch and started removing her boots. Rob sat down beside her.

“Before that nightcap, let me rub your feet,” he offered.

“Oh my God. Are you for real?” she asked. “They would love a few minutes of attention, but you don’t have to do that.”

Rob insisted and reached down to pull a foot up onto his lap. Dana quickly spun her body and put the second foot up as well. Her dress was a little too short and might otherwise give him a view she wasn’t necessarily ready to give. She leaned back and closed her eyes, basking in her own slice of heaven.

After a few minutes, Rob moved to the other foot. Dana let out a little sigh in her exhale. He concentrated on his task, but looked up to see her peaceful face. After he completed the other foot, he repositioned her leg, bending her knee, and rested her foot on his lap. He then moved his hands up to her naked calf, and worked that muscle.

Dana wasn’t really thinking that he could see right up her dress. Somewhere in the back of her mind she may have realized it, but she wasn’t about to do anything to stop the attention. It had been quite some time since she had a good massage, and she was going to enjoy it. Rob shifted his body to face her more directly, and placed her second leg into his lap. She moved the first leg out of the way, onto the other side of his body.

Dana lost herself to Rob’s hands. She didn’t realize that her foot was now directly on his crotch. She also didn’t realize that she was slowly stroking his cock with her foot. What she suddenly DID realize was that Rob was no longer working on her calves. He was massaging her upper thigh with one hand, and stroking her pussy through her panties with the other. She must have dozed off.

Oh, but it felt so good. She had been wet for hours, and the wetness had come through her panties. She parted her knees, inviting him into her. As Rob leaned down to take his prize, Dana wrapped her legs around his upper body, linking them together at her ankles. She wanted this so bad.

Rob kissed her through her blue panties, and then slowly licked her dampness that soaked through them. He pulled the strings on either hip of her panties and released her beautiful bald mound from its confinement. He leaned back in, wrapping his arms around her legs and held them. Dana had generated copious amounts of lube and he treated himself to it, running his tongue up the entire length, scooping it from between her lips and savoring it.

He flicked her clit expertly with his tongue, causing her to gasp. He would switch between sucking her clit and attacking it with his tongue. Dana reached down, grabbed two fistfuls of hair and pulled him tightly against her. He was quickly driving her to orgasm.

Rob quickened the pace with his tongue, and slid a finger into her. Dana moaned as he moved it in and out. His finger was joined by another and Dana raised her hips, urging him on. Her face almanbahis giriş became flush and her breath quickened as Rob continued his vigorous attack.

“Fuck! Fuck! Don’t… Stop! Fuck! Fuck!” she repeated through her rapid breaths.

Her orgasm built to a level she had not previously experienced, and then exploded. Dana started bucking her hips uncontrollably as her orgasm ravaged her body. Rob sucked harder and faster, increasing the intensity. Her orgasm raged on, harder and harder. Again she pulled his head tighter agaisnt her pussy, wringing out the very last of it. Every muscle in her body was tense as her incredible orgasm washed over her.

Dana finally passed her climax, and collapsed. There was nothing left for her body to give. Rob wasn’t finished however, and gave her as much time to recover as was needed for him to drop his pants. As Dana lay on the couch, her body still twitching, Rob mounted her and slid his cock easily into her well lubricated hole. She was steaming hot and wet inside. He slowly moved in and out, giving her a little more length with each thrust.

Dana ran her hands across his chiseled chest as he pushed into her. He was a perfect fit and she spread her legs a little wider to accept his full length. Rob leaned in and kissed her passionately as he glided in and out. Dana’s pelvis moved to meet his with each thrust and they found their rhythm together.

Dana had not completely come down from her first orgasm by the time Rob penetrated her, and she was quickly building up another. She wrapped her arms around his body, and slowly slid them to his ass. It was firm and she grabbed on with both hands, pulling him in tight with each plunge.

Rob lifted his upper body from her, and increased the pace of his attack. Their hips slapped together as he rammed home, faster and faster. Dana was a little sex machine and she kept time with him until her second orgasm hit. It was overwhelming and she froze in place.

Rob was no longer able to contain himself once her pussy clamped down on his rod, and with his final thrust he deposited his load deep within her velvety walls. His cock throbbed with each spurt. Rob held her hips in place tightly against his, until he was spent.

Dana felt him unload into her. Her body quivered as she started to come down. Rob collapsed onto her and held her tight. She held his body tight to him with one hand, and ran her fingers through his hair with her other. It felt so good to have him inside her, slowly stroking in and out as he started to soften.

As Dana’s orgasm finally subsided, she said “I didn’t know how good you were at foot massage.”

Rob looked at her for a second, and then the two of them started to laugh. “Maybe I can massage them again for you tomorrow night,” he said. He withdrew from her and sat on the couch. His hand slowly caressed her lower leg. Dana rolled her body to the side and closed her eyes. He had such a wonderful touch. She couldn’t wipe the slight smile from her face as they just stayed on the couch with Rob still sliding his hand up and down her silky skin.

When she opened her eyes next, it was daylight and Rob was gone. Dana was a little embarrassed that she fell asleep. She sat up and realized that she didn’t have any way of contacting him. She didn’t even know his last name. She guessed she would have to wait to see if he ever came around.

When she stood up, she saw a note on the floor. She read it. It said “Foot Massage Hotline” with his phone number below. Dana’s smile returned to her and she headed off to the shower with a slight spring to her step. Today was going to be a great day.

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