Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 05

Lady Boy

“Just sit down and relax, daddy,” Keri said with a sparkle in her eyes after we unloaded the car. I didn’t miss the fact that the bad that she had bought in private at our last stop had not left her hands since we had left the store.

“What’s going on?” I asked in confusion, wondering what she had planned.

“You’ll see,” she said with a seductive smile as she bit on her lower lip. I did not resist as she pushed me down into the center of the couch. She was such a sex woman. They always said it was the quiet ones you had to watch. “Now just sit back and relax.”

With my curiosity piqued I did not argue and watched my little girl’s seductive form glide around the room. She seemed so alive, so electric. She silently lit candles on the end tables and throughout the room, closing the shades as she went. The room was left in a soft iridescent glow. It was warm. It was sensual.

“Give me just one minute, daddy,” she said with a saucy grin on her face as she turned and walked up the stairs. I could tell she felt my eyes burning into her back by the way she swayed her hips as she walked. She was so sensual. She was budding like a rose finally in bloom.

I tried not to get impatient in the dim light in the room as I checked my watch. Becoming impatient I slid my sidearm off my belt and laid it in a drawer in one of the end tables and then slid my blazer off my shoulders and tossed it over the arm of the recliner. The house that we lived in wasn’t rich but it was home. It was the home that I had lived with my wife in. It was where I raised my children.

It was home.

“Close your eyes, daddy!” Keri called down excitedly. Silently I rolled my eyes.

“What the hell is going on?” I asked gruffly, more because I hated surprises than anger at my little girl.

“Please!” she begged with exasperation that made my laugh to myself even as I rolled my eyes and closed my eyes as I leaned back into the couch. I would play along with her.

I could sense her movement in the room as she padded in. She was barefoot, I knew. I could smell the aroma of a light perfume that she put on. Jasmine, my favorite. I heard a slight ruffle and then nothing. Wicked thoughts of my girl flitted across my mind as she tantalized my senses.

“Okay, master,” she said softly, meekly.

When I opened my eyes my heart skipped a beat as adrenaline raced through my veins. A light sheen of sweat covered my forehead immediately; I was so overcome with desire for the girl standing before me. Never before would I ever have believed my little girl was such a woman, such a divine, prized and sensual woman. But there was no denying it as she stood before me, dressed in a deep red belly dancer’s outfit. Her bare sex was glistening under the silk as her swelling breasts pushed against the thin material that wrapped around her, gripping her curves.

With a shake of her head, Keri threw her hair over her left shoulder and looked right into my eyes with a brazen look as she struck a seductive pose. She held the backs of her wrists together, touching one another and bent her right knee so that she stood on the balls of her feet with all her weight on the left foot. To me this was an extremely erotic presentation to me. The backs of a woman’s wrists are naturally erotic. They are very sensitive and a true man, I think, know this, which is why it is erotic, the extreme sensitivity to a man’s touch. It also outlined the curvature of her hips very well, exaggerating her womanly charms.

I leaned forward silently, drinking in the sight as my heart pounded. Adrenaline surged through my veins. I could not even speak I was so enraptured with her sight. There is so much about a woman that I love. I am speaking of the natural traditional beauty and sensuality of a woman. I’m not speaking of the modern ideas of beauty with the flat hips, flat chest, tall and without the beautiful lines of her womanhood.

I love the small cuddliness of her form, the flaring of her womanly hips and the outline of her curves as she stood before me. I loved the sensual lines of her legs and the natural strength of her calves as she presented herself to me. I love the fullness and sensuousness of her lips, poutingly, waiting to be used and kissed, anticipating and desiring, ready and waiting. I loved the soft sensitive flesh of the backs and insides of her thighs tantalizingly waiting to be touch. I loved her eyes and the seductive shine that they took, knowing, partly, what was in store for her.

Yes, there was much I loved about a true woman, open to her sensuality. There was much about Keri that I loved, now that her sexuality had been unlocked and the door locked behind it, never to allow her hide it again.

So long as her sexuality was under my power.

The look in her eyes was completely sensual. How could a woman not feel sensual and sexually charged posing as Keri was? It had a physical effect on her just standing as such. I think she realized that she was beautiful and was an object of desire for men to view and want. Ataköy Escort The way that the candlelight danced on her flesh was mesmerizing. Her eyes shone as she held her pose. The woman knew that I was viewing her for my pleasure. She reveled in that presentation. She basked in the attention and would hold the pose until I was finished with her.

The silk seemed to make her even more naked. It was a mockery of clothing which revealed more than it hid. I believe that was the whole idea behind the garment. She must have felt giddy putting it know, wondering about the reaction it would cause in me. She must have felt fear donning it, knowing the ferocity of the desire and passion that it would unleash upon her body. A shudder visibly ran down her spine as she suddenly realized the animal-like lust that I held for her.

“Find me pleasing, master,” Keri whispered through slightly parted lips, attempting to break the moment.

I remained silent.

Slowly, she began to dance with only the beat of her heart striking a martial rhythm. Her hips swayed in cadence to the underlying lust that swirled around the room, encompassing both. My eyes pierced her, silently, looking through her. She moved her arms seductively, moving her breasts from side to side, the feel of the silk against her swelling nipples sending shocks through her whole body.

Keri moaned in arousal and threw her head back, arching her back and moving her body in synch with the woman inside. The dance was instinctual to woman, basic to their urges and their desires. She danced her desire. She danced her needs. She danced in all of her beauty and sensuality. A light sheen of sweat covered her body, the silk plastering itself against her bronzed skin as she moved her body.

Silently, she begged to be found pleasing. Without words she made known her desire to serve me. Her lips were slightly parted and her eyes nearly closed as her body moved. Her hips shook and her breasts swayed from side to side as she danced. For all the world she danced her desires. For only me, she danced her needs. Standing on her toes she swirled around, sending the silk swaying behind her in a rush of movement as she danced.

Without warning, she fell to her knees before me, her head to my feet. “Find me pleasing, daddy!” she yelled as her needs swelled within her.

Throwing her head back she danced close to me, so close I could feel the heat from her body. She maintained eye contact as her hips moved upon my knee. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned as her clit made contact with my knee and she shook as the desire raced over her skin and through her body. Throwing her head forward, raking her hair down my chest and stomach.

Still silently, I watched, not speaking.

She danced, teasing me with light touches, passion in her eyes as she swayed before me. Her hands ruan down her quivering belly to her warm thighs and I watched intently as she moved her hands down her thighs and back up the insides of the tender flesh to her sex. I leaned forward even more intent on watching her.

With a swirl of silk and hair, she twirled away from her and then starting a few feet in front of me began the game again. She tantalized me with her movements, her scent heavy in the air. Keri was already oiled well, the glistening lips her sex scarcely hid by the silk garment that she wore; it clung to her sweat soaked body as she moved closer and closer to me. As she approached me, stamping the balls of her feet in rhythm to our heartbeats, she took the silk scarf from around her neck and wrapped is around my neck and pulled me into her. I was drunk with the intoxicating scent of her breasts as she pushed the tender flesh around my faced.

“Master!” she said as I growled and pushed her away.

Silently, my eyes pierced her as she stood there, fearful. I could see the ragged rising and falling of her quick breathing. Still sitting down I regarded her silently. She danced toward me, swaying her hips from side to side with an ethereal look in her eye, as if she was in another place or another time. Her tongue licked her dry parted lips while her eyes shone at me. As she danced to me her tiny fingers trailed and touched over her supple skin, tight with desire. She was dancing her desires.

She was dancing her desires for me.

Soon she stood before me, dancing between my parted knees, rolling her nipples between her breasts, the silk harsh against the sensitive buds while her hips rocked and moved in a primal way, speaking of her needs. She gasped when she felt the silk being toward apart from her body. When she saw the dark look in my eyes, she stepped back with fear in her eyes. Keri knew what she had ignited in me.

“Dance for your master, naked slave,” I said harshly, my dark eyes upon her, not letting her go.

With fear, she began to move a slight shudder with her movements as she danced naked for me. She was completely exposed to me as she moved her hips and breasts, her hands and arms swirling about her. She raked her Ataköy Escort Bayan fingernails over her skin leaving an angry red trail that led to her dripping sex. Her scent was heavy in the hair, flaring my nostrils as I watched her juices running down her legs.

She danced, hips undulating, darkened nipples bouncing in the air to the beat while she whimpered and moaned, the dance building to a passionate crescendo. My own heart pounded like a drum, loudly enough to mark time for the naked dancing slave.

With a swirl, Keri ended the dance before me, close enough for me to feel her heat against my skin. She seemed to small as she concluded the dance on her knees, looking up at me, like the child that she was. Her chest was heaving and I could see her firm breasts rising and falling, her eyes pleading. Her whole body was pleading to be touched. I could hear her soul crying out for pleasure, to be touched. We spoke silently to each other.

And yet, I remained silent. Not a single word, not a single sound would encourage her. Tonight, she would please me fully as a slave, using all of her skill, passion and sensuality. I would not give any notion to my satisfaction. Always guessing, and never fully knowing if she was pleasing me, Keri would serve with extra effort, desiring to please, fearing not to please. Tonight she would know what it was to be a full slave. Tonight she would know herself owned.

She crawled to me and kissed my shoed feet. I felt her biting at the socks and pants that I wore. She growled hungrily, the needful slave that she was. Without looking up, she untied my shoes with her teeth and gently removed them from my feet. She removed my socks with her teeth. I felt tears on my feet as she sobbed and kissed them in servitude.

Her head snapped up and her glistening eyes met mine. “Let me please you. I beg to please you.”

My silence only drove her mad as she kissed up my calves to my knees and then the insides of my thighs through my pants. Silently, I felt a chill as her tiny hands unbuttoned my shirt and my pants. I held her hands and shook my head without speaking. She shuddered, eyes pleading, thinking that she would not have permission to touch me.

I felt her hair against the skin of my stomach as her lips lightly kissed my stomach and my abdomen. Her sweet warm tongue trailed up to my chest and I felt it next swirling around first my right nipple and then the left. Her hands moved up to open my shirt more.

I held her hands and pushed them down. “Do not use your hands. Use only your mouth and tongue.”

I felt her nose pushing my shirt open, raking my chest with her chin as she kissed and lightly nipped back to my nipples, alternating between the two. She used her mouth and tongue to arouse me, kissing and licking at my chest. The sensations coursed through my body as she lightly sucked at them.

Sensing my building desire, Keri kissed and licked down my chest to my abdomen and then to my pelvis. Using her teeth, she looked up at me deliberately while she unzipped my pants with her teeth. I heard her growl as she tugged at the seam to open them. Finally, she pulled them down and she was rewarded with my hardened cock which caused a visible chill to race through her as she licked her lips hungrily.

But she knew that it was she would be please. Her pleasure would be secondary to mine. My eyes spoke to her. Keri realized that her satisfaction and sexual pleasure would be directly related to mine. She knew herself a slave. In her service, she tenderly kissed the right side of my pelvis and then the left.

Next, I felt her wet lips kissing the tip of my cock. It jumped at the touch. She stared at the cock while she took a deep breath and swirled her tongue around the head. She tasted pre-cum and lightly sucked the head into her mouth, begging silently for more. Still, I silently watched without speaking or encouraging the slave.

She pleasured me long and purposefully with her mouth, first running her down the length of my cock to my pelvis, burying her nose into my pubic hair and then licked around the base of my cock. I felt my balls being enclosed by her warm wet mouth as she lightly sucked on them, moaning as she felt them tighten beneath her touch.

I could hear her lips and tongue as Keri licked and kissed back up the length of my shaft. Looking into my eyes, she devoured the head of my cock, sucking lightly. Her tongue lapped over the head of my cock before her soft lips slid down my cock, engulfing all of me. I could feel her hot breathe against my pubic hair as the head of my cock passed into her tight throat and she moaned, causing the reverberation to surge through my cock.. I lifted my hips up to meet her thrust, forcing more of my into her hot mouth.

She sucked lightly on my cock, keeping me tucked into her throat while she moaned and whimpered before sliding her wet lips back up my cock. I was driven with mad lust as my cock throbbed inside her mouth. She thrust her lips down on my cock, Escort Ataköy over and over again, hungrily sucking at the meat as it grew even harder in her mouth.

She locked eyes on me as she moved her lips over me, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock and teased the sensitive underside with her tongue. I shivered in sexual arousal which only drove her on. She was a cock-sucking fiend as she worked to please me as the sensations shot through my body.

Keri took the head of my cock out of her mouth and caressed my cock against her cheek and lovingly kissed the tip. “Find me pleasing master. Find me pleasing.” I remained silent. She growled hungrily and went back to work licking and sucking my cock. She made slurping sounds as her tongue and lips moved over my cock sending shivers of sweet delight to my balls which were filling with hot cum just for her.

As she sucked on the head, I could feel her tongue teasing my piss hole before her lips plunged down the shaft of my cock again. She began to deep throat me with a ferocity which took me by surprise. I could see her nostrils flaring and a small trail of spit from the corner of her mouth down her cheek as she mouth fucked herself, impaling my cock into her hot wet mouth.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground.

“Master!” she exclaimed with a pounding heart, looking up at me with wild eyes. I did not speak as I tied her hands behind her back with the silk scarf that she had used in her dance. “Ouch! That’s too tight, master!”

Still I did not speak. With her hands bound behind her, I threw her to her back. This thrust her breasts up even more because of the position of her hands behind her, in the small of her back. I lusted after this woman. I needed this woman. I needed to be inside with her. She had driven me mad with desire and would now know the consequences of being so desirable, so lovely, so sensual.

She would be used.

“Daddy!” yelled as I kicked her legs apart, splaying her thighs for me. Her glistening cunt was begging to be used.

I wasted no time, plunging into her hot core as her juices gushed from her, coating both of us with her sweet nectar. She lifted her body and tensed as an orgasm raked through her body. Her eyes closed and she stopped breathing for a moment as she convulsed. I pushed my cock into her to the hilt and felt her opened cervix spasming around me as her walls clenched onto my cock, sucking me in, milking me.

“Ohhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Master!” she squealed with her eyes still closed. “Master! I’m yours! You own me! Oh, God, Master! I am here only for your pleasure! Oh God! Use me! Rape me! Rape me!”

She would not be unsatisfied. As the aftershocks of her orgasm washed over her, I moved my cock into her, plunging into her depths, using her body for my pleasure. Sexual need coursed through my veins as I used her hard and fast. Her cunt was still clutching me as I forced my full length into her. My balls slapped into her as I lifted her ass off the floor, leaving only bound wrists and shoulders on the floor. I held both of her ass cheeks up off the floor as I fucked her hard and fast.

“Master! Master!” she moaned over and over again as her head rolled side to side. I used her body and I used it well. I felt every inch of her sweet cunt as I drove into her taking her for my own. “You own me more with every thrust! I am more yours every time you make me cum…..make me cum!” I thrust into her hard with a ferocity that surprised even me as my hips slammed into her, pushing her head up on the carpet. I showed no mercy. “I’m cumming again master! I’m cumming! I’m yours! I’m your slave! I’m your slave!”

Her cunt gripped my cock as another orgasm rocked through her body and her body convulsed in sexual ecstasy. I growled low and did not care except for my own release. I could hear the wet sounds of her cunt as I slammed into her, slapping my balls against her ass cheeks with every move into her. I drove into her core. I owned her core. I was nothing more than an animal who was using what was his.

The orgasm that seared through her lasted and lasted as it washed over her in aftershocks, which alighted every nerve in her body as she responded. Even as I held her ass cheeks possessively, her body responded to mine. “Yes, master. Take me. Take me. Use your slave. Fuck her good, master. Fuck her good. Rape her body. Rape her cunt. Oh, God master, use her.”

I threw her ankles up on my shoulders, bringing her ass even more off the ground and I ploughed deep into her, driving into her hot depths over and over again. “OH, master! So deep! You’re so deep inside me! Oh, God! I can’t take it anymore. No more! Oh God, I’m cumming again! I’m cumming again!”

Her body shook in orgasm as my cock forced itself into her cervix and her depth as her walls clutched my meat that was using her body. She was a vessel for my pleasure. She was my slave and I was using her as such. I continued to fuck into her with long hard thrusts as the orgasm continued to hold her tightly. “No more, master, no more. I can’t take any more. Too much. Oh God, too much. You’re so deep in me. I can feel you in my womb! I can feel you so deep. Never before have I thought. Never before could I feel such pleasure. God, master!”

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