Daddy’s House Cunt

Big Dick

Lori sat in her room on the bed running her hands over her large D cupped breasts. She was feeling horny, but it was late and she knew her Father wouldn’t let her go out. She grunted at the injustice of it all. She was 20, and should have been able to do as she pleased at this point, but her parents insisted that as long as she lived in the house she was to abide by their rules. Her mom had gone to visit her grandparents which left just her and her Father. If only he’d gone with her Mother, she would be able to hook up with one of her fuck-buddies.

Thinking about how she was being treated like a child she carelessly put her long blonde hair up into two pony tails. She finally resigned herself to the fact that she’d have to take care of her own needs tonight and stripped herself naked, running her hands over her perfect body. She lay down in the middle of her bed, played with her nipples and smiled. She loved they way her friend Steve sucked on them; the way he was able to bend his tongue around the nipple and massage it with his tongue was extraordinary. Then she touched her fingers to her mouth and thought about Jerry’s passionate kisses. On and on she thought about all the men she had been with as she touched her body. And she fumed that not one of them was there to take care of her.

She parted her legs, slowly ran her fingers over her clit and smiled. All of the feeling in her body focused on that spot between her legs. She was going to go slow with herself tonight. She ran her fingers back and forth over the clit watching it turn redder and redder. She watched it engorge slightly and then moved away from it.

‘I can’t play with you too much or you’ll make me cum’ she thought to it.

She moved her fingers lower and found her slit. She ran her fingers over the wetness she found there. She moved her fingers to her nose and inhaled deeply. Damn, she loved that smell. She felt the lips of her slit throb slightly and returned her hand back to give it attention. She felt the lips swelling as more and more wetness came out. She took a finger and stuck it inside. She moved it back and forth slowly inside of herself. Again her body was responding too fast so she moved the finger out and returned back to fondling her clit. She moved back and forth in this manner for about 10 minutes. She was so focused on her pussy that all of her other senses seemed to have shut down, including her sense of hearing. As her fingers were in her slit again her bedroom door suddenly opened.

“Pumpkin, I was just thinking…” Her Father stood at the door’s entrance in shock.

Both were frozen in place, just staring at each other. Her Father’s eyes roamed over her, taking in the shocking sight. He blinked a couple of times seemingly bringing himself out of a trance.

“What do you think you’re doing?” said her Father. When her Father spoke, Lori became animated again.

“You’re supposed to knock before you enter a room.” She said as she finally pulled her fingers out of her pussy. She moved to pull the blanket over her.

“It’s my house and I go where I see fit.”

Lori looked up at her Father. He was furious, but there was another emotion on his face and she wasn’t sure what it was, or what it meant. He moved closer to her and Lori thought he would start yelling, but he didn’t. He inhaled deeply. Lori realized that the room reeked of her pussy juice.

Her Father looked around as if putting his thoughts together. He crossed his arms and paced as he began to speak to himself. “For too long I have denied myself. Thought her to be an innocent, but look at her, sitting there fingering herself like a common whore.”

Lori looked at her Father questioningly, but said nothing. Then at once he turned and started to scold her.

“So you think that you’re going to do this in my house? Make this room your little pleasure palace for yourself?” Lori didn’t understand her Father. She didn’t understand his anger. After all she’d heard him whacking off in the bathroom lots of times. She moved to grab her t-shirt that lay at the foot of the bed.

“No you don’t.” yelled her Father. “You just stay as you are. You will continue, just one change.” He lay down on her floor.

“Come here Lori.” She sat and looked at her Father in confusion.

“I said come over here now!” Lori got up and stood next to her Father.

He grabbed her ankle and moved it so she was now straddling him. He repositioned himself so now she was standing over his head.

“Squat down!” he commanded her.

She moved down on top of him, as she got comfortable on her knees he adjusted his position so he was right under her pussy. Lori realized his face was mere inches way from her.

“Well go ahead then. Keep on fingering yourself.” Lori was now self conscious and her mood was broken.

“I said do it.”

“But Daddy, I…” Her Father smiled, a wild look in his eyes.

“Don’t want to share, huh? Selfish Bitch, now you to keep going.”

She looked down into her Father’s Esenyurt Escort eyes between her spread legs. She returned her fingers to her slit and started to move it in and out slightly. After a few moments all her senses returned only to her pussy again and she realized that she could feel his warm breath down there.

“Oh come on Lori, you were going at it a lot harder than that when I walked in. Now get going.”

Lori was starting to get aroused by this strange situation, and in spite of herself her pussy lips and clit were speaking to her again, each demanding attention. As she continued to finger-fuck herself she realized that any wetness that escaped her would fall on her Father’s face. She wondered if that would get her in more trouble. She looked down at her Father, but his eyes were closed. From the position of his face she’s swear his mouth was open, but she couldn’t be sure since she couldn’t see beyond the tip of his nose. Her suspicion was confirmed when she felt something warm and wet touch her finger. She realized it was his tongue. ‘So he was trying to catch her wetness in his mouth’ she thought to herself. This was naughty, this was all wrong, but that made it all the more exciting to her.

She carefully turned her head, making sure her pussy remained in its exact same position and looked behind her. Her Father had his hands over his cock. He seemed to be gripping the area tightly through his pants. The scene excited her and she came. Floods of wetness seemed to be pouring out of her and when she felt her Father’s tongue again she moved her hand so he could get all the juice. She lowered herself a little more and now felt the tongue lightly touching her pussy lips. Her Father was drinking her. The thought again excited her and a fresh flood started. As her last wave ebbed she looked down at her Father’s face. His eyes were open and he was looking at her. She stood up and sat on the bed. He sat up, his mouth and chin had a gleam on them and she knew where it had come from.

“Did you enjoy that Lori?”

She sat staring at him; she wasn’t sure how she was supposed to respond. When she didn’t respond his face became stern. She just sat looking at his face, when she moved her eyes downward she noticed the large bulge in his pants.

“What are you looking at?” he asked craning his head towards his pants.

“Wanna see it?” Lori’s eyes went wide as her Father began to unbuckle his belt. He pulled down his pants and exposed his erection.

“Look at what you’ve done.” She sat motionless looking back into her Father’s eyes.

“You did it and now you have to fix it. Touch it.” She looked at him surprised and in shock.

“I said touch it.” Lori knew what he wanted, and she wanted the same thing. But the rebelliousness in her made her act defiantly as she stretched forth a finger, lightly touched his cock then pulled away.

“You know what I mean. Now touch it!” Her Daddy was getting angry again and now that they were in unknown territory she had no idea what to expect, no idea what he would do if she didn’t obey. So she reached out her hand and wrapped it around his erection. Slowly she started to pump her hand back and forth.

“Oh yeah, you know what to do.” He said with pleasure coloring the sound of his voice. After a few moments Lori looked at the cock in her hand. She hadn’t look at it before and just started to appreciate its size. It was longer and wider than any she had encountered before. Lori continued to stroke her Father.

“I bet you know how to give a blow job too?” Again Lori didn’t answer.

“Blow me Lori.” Her Father commanded.

Lori leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around her Daddy’s cock. In spite of herself she got into it. She was still impressed over the size and wanted to see how much she could fit into her mouth. Lori was encouraged when she heard her Father groan. She added her hand and began to stroke his balls and play with his shaft.

“Oh Lori, you’re a great cock sucker.”

As he came closer to climax he reached forward and grabbed hold of her pony tails. He used them as guides, speeding up and slowly down the rhythm as it suited him. As he came close he started to pull harder with his cock hitting the back of his baby girl’s throat. Then at once, he pulled out. He looked down at her.

“Here’s your punishment for teasing me all these years.” With a quick stroke of his cock he shot a load all over his daughter’s magnificent tits. His second load went all over her face.

Lori’s brain was still trying to understand what was going on. She was sitting here in her pristine bedroom covered in her Father’s cum. She felt that she should feel bad, it should feel wrong – but it didn’t.

Her Father stepped back and looked at his daughter with her face and tits covered in his cum. His cock was still hard and becoming harder the longer he looked at her.

“Get on your hands and knees, in front of the mirror. Spread your legs apart and stick your ass Esenyurt Escort Bayan up in the air.” She obeyed, then looked at him through the mirror.

“Don’t take your eyes off of me.” Her Father knelt behind her and ran a hand over her ass.

“You can’t do this Daddy.” She voiced a weak protest because she felt she should, but she didn’t mean it.

Her Daddy could see through the bull shit. He smiled at her as he responded.

“Oh yes, I can and I will. This is what happens to naughty girls who play with themselves all alone. Make sure you keep looking at mirror I want you to remember who’s fucking you.” And with that her Daddy mounted her.

He held the tip of his cock at the opening for a few moments as he ran his hands over her ass. He appreciated the softness of her skin and the firmness of her body. When he decided to turn his attention back to entering her he did it slowly, savoring the feeling. Lori groaned as her Father entered her the first time, his cock was so wide and it stretched her just right. Once he was all the way inside he started to move back and forth inside of her.

Lori smiled in spite of herself, she was enjoying this. Her Daddy worked her pussy nice and slow. That was just the way she liked it, and it didn’t hurt that this was also her favorite position. She started to moan with pleasure. Then her Father bent over her so that he was resting against her back as he continued to fuck her.

“You like this don’t you?” Lori looked at her Father through the mirror

“Yes Daddy, I love it.” He grunted slightly and rested his weight on one hand. He reached up the other and started to play with her big tits.

“You’re a little slut, you know that?”

Lori responded “Yes, Daddy. I am.” He leaned over and kissed her shoulder.

“But now you’re Daddy’s little slut. You’re Daddy’s House Cunt.” Lori just moaned her response to him.

“Yeah, your Momma won’t let Daddy take her like this. Said this position is for whores. But now you’re here to take care of Daddy, aren’t you?”

“Yes Daddy, anytime.” Her Father leaned back up and took hold of her hips.

“Good baby.”

Now he was ready for some hard fucking, and so was his little Cunt. He sat up and started to ram himself hard into her. He looked in the mirror and smiled as he saw her tits swinging with each thrust.

“Oh yeah, Daddy’s baby like’s her cock, doesn’t she.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Do you like it hard baby?”

“Yes Daddy, very hard.”

“Good, because that’s how you’re going to get it.” He started to ram her even harder, her knees slightly lifting off the floor with the thrusts.

Lori began to moan and scream. With all the men she’d been with, it was never like this. She realized it was because of the special bond between a Father and Daughter. She was so full of his cock, his scent, his power, she was on the verge of the biggest orgasm she’d ever had.

“Fuck me Daddy, Fuck me.” She began to scream.

“Do you want Daddy to cum in you?”

“Yes Daddy, I want your cum. I want it deep inside.”

And finally they came together, hard. He leaned forward again and kissed her on the cheek. He pulled out from her and sat on the bed. Lori got up moved to sit next to him, but he motioned for her to sit in his lap. He reached out for her blanket and rubbed the cum and sweat from her face and tits. He looked at her and stuck out his tongue. She immediately leaned over and the kissed long and deep. When they looked into each other’s eye he smiled because he knew she belonged to him completely.

“You’re going to be like my second wife Lori. My little House Cunt.” He said as he ran his hands over her tits, squeezing them. He stood up and put his clothes back on himself properly. He reached for her hand and walked her to his bedroom. He rested his hand on her naked ass as they made the walk down the hall.

“When you’re Mother’s not here, this is where you sleep.” He said pointing to his bed.

“Now any time you’re horny come and get me and I’ll take care of it. Don’t sit in your room and keep your body all to yourself. Understand?”

“But what if Mom’s here?”

“We can always find someplace to go. Take a nap now and I’ll be back shortly with a surprise.”

She didn’t regret what happened at all, but that didn’t stop the shock of it all. Her Daddy had just become her lover. At least she would be getting laid whenever she wanted it. And the fact that her Daddy was a good fuck was the icing on the cake. Lori lay in her parent’s bed with a stunned feeling, but she eventually drifted off to sleep.

About two hours later her Father arrived back at the bedroom. “How’s my House Cunt?”

She smiled at him, “Fine Daddy.”

“Here’s the surprise I promised you.”

Lori’s eyes went wide as her uncle Phil walked in. For the second time that night she tried to cover herself from eyes that she thought should not see her. Her Father walked over to her and snatched away Escort Esenyurt the blanket.

“Now is that the way for a House Cunt to act?”

She looked at her Father “But this is Uncle Phil?”

“Yes, me and my brother have shared many pussies. Now be a good House Cunt and go greet your uncle.”

“Hi Lori.”

“Hi Uncle Phil.”

“Come show me that you’re the woman that your Father claims you are.”

Lori got up very tentatively and approached her uncle. He smiled at her and she could almost believe that were at a family barbeque or something, but when she got closer he reached forward and took a massive tit in one hand and started to caress it. He took his other hand and put it around her slim waist and pulled her close. He covered her mouth with his and began to kiss her hard. He shoved his tongue in her mouth and Lori opened willingly to him. He took what he wanted as he deeply explored her mouth. He pulled away from her and began sucking on her other tit. He sucked at it greedily like a baby that needed milk. With a final squeeze he let her go.

Lori’s Father had removed his clothes. “Come her Cunt and lay down next to me.”

Lori walked over to the bed and lay down next to her Father. He rested his semi-hard cock against her thigh and lazily began playing with her pussy hairs as they both watched Phil get undressed. His build was very close to her Father’s. He was slightly shorter but his cock was just as big.

“I liked watching you with him. Did you like him touching you?”

“It was good Daddy, he’s a good kisser.”

“I could see how excited you were getting. It will be a pleasure watching him fuck you. You’d like that would you Lori, your Uncle’s cock deep inside you?”

“Yes Daddy, I would.”

“I knew you’d say that. I knew you were a little slut. My slut!”

Her Daddy leaned over and took the closest tit in his mouth and began to suck. Uncle Phil walked over when fully nude and played with the other. Lori moaned, she was so ready for this.

“Damn Jason her tits are sweet. We’re gonna have great fun with her.”

“Phil, wait until you fuck her. She’s got a nice tight pussy.”

“Yeah, I bet. I’ve been wanting to stick my cock in her for years.”

“Me too, I only wish I’d walked in on her sooner. So many times I’d have to whack off in the bathroom after seeing her walk around the house in those little shorts. But never again.”

Lori was slightly perturbed that they were speaking about her like she wasn’t even in the room, but it totally turned her on too. And to know that the both wanted her so much and for so long made her want to do everything she could to live up to their expectations. The last thing she wanted to hear was that she wasn’t as good as they had imagined.

The brother’s took their time caressing and exploring young Lori’s body. She was so aroused. At this point both men were hard and each pressing a cock against her thigh. She was tonguing her Father while Uncle kept trying to get milk from her tits. She reached her hands down and started to give them both a hand job. Her Father stopped kissing her and looked at what she was doing to them both. He kissed her on the forehead.

“Good baby. Daddy’s very proud of his little Cunt.” Lori smiled at her Father’s praise as he resumed kissing her.

“We’re going to do everything with you that your Momma and your Aunt won’t. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Lori nodded

“Yes Daddy.” Uncle Phil’s mouth finally let go of Lori’s now bright pink nipple.

“Hey Jason, are you done. I need some pussy.”

“No problem Phil. How about number 8?”

“Yeah I could go for that one.”

Lori spoke up “What’s number 8?” Jason smiled at his baby girl.

“Just follow our lead and try to remember for next time. Over time you’ll learn all our positions.”

Uncle Phil lay down and Lori was instructed to sit on his cock. He was just as filling and satisfying as her Father. He pulled her forward for a wet kiss. As she did she felt her Daddy fingering her asshole. He reached under her and covered his cock in her juices and then entered her ass. Meanwhile Phil pinched her nipples. Once her Daddy’s cock was deep inside her ass she felt like she was gonna cum. She’d never been with two men before and the sensation was dizzying. Then at once they started to move together, two equally large cocks moving in and out of her holes together.

“Jason, you weren’t lying. Her pussy is perfect. Not too tight, not too loose.” As if on cue they started speeding up together in perfect time. Her Uncle kept playing with her bobbing tits, sometimes taking a nipple in and holding it as long as he could before it bounced out. He was definitely a breast man. The fuck started getting faster and harder. The brothers were grunting and sweating all over their fuck toy. They seemed close to cumming.

Then Uncle Phil yelled out “Howabout number 3?”

“Phil, you read my mind.”

They both pulled out of her, leaving Lori feeling empty. Her Daddy pulled back and Uncle Jason tossed Lori off of him. Her Daddy sat down on the edge of the bed. He motioned for Lori to come over. She sat next to him, but Uncle Jason pulled her up by her arm.

“All right Cunt, sit on your Daddy’s cock. Then open your mouth and suck.”

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