Cyber-Flashed – Chapter IV


Julia wasn’t on her own long – John returned and sat down beside her. They kissed and he asked her about her day. She made it sound mundane but it was far from that. He told her that there was to be another meeting the following week, the date to be confirmed, but it would involve an overnight stay. “I… I don’t think I would be able to take two days off,” she told him. “With Jane away on maternity leave things are pretty busy at the moment.”He said it was okay. He would probably be busy in the evening as well and she would be bored just hanging around waiting for him. She agreed and though she was being truthful, she couldn’t help but think about the opportunity awaiting her. Charles and Annette got up from their seats as the train began slowly leaving the station and she began to feel more comfortable.“He had his eye on you this morning,” John told her after they left.“W… what do you mean?”“He fancies you. Watched you go to the toilets istanbul travesti a couple of times – eyes fixed on your ass, tongue hanging out!”She laughed.“It looks like he has his missus with him this time.”“Actually I was talking to her earlier,” she said, perhaps preparing him for something more. “She was on her own and we got talking.”“Oh?”Julia explained that they talked about her trip to the States and about shopping. “She told me that she owned a chain of salons and has one where we live,” she told him. “She offered me a freebie.”“You should take her up on the offer.”She shook her head. “I… I don’t like to take advantage,” she said to him to see his reaction.John told her that she was being silly and she should get in touch with her. “Have a freebie while I’m away,” he told her.Julia was already ahead of him there. Everything seemed to be coming together for her. Fate seemed to be putting everything in place for a further travesti istanbul encounter with Annette and Charles and as the journey got underway she began to think about what might lie ahead for her. She deliberated she logged on to her iPad and took a look at Charles’ picture again. It was a fine specimen of manhood and it was cut; she preferred circumcised cocks. They were easy on the tongue and mouth-watering. She wondered about Charles’ stamina; his ability to hold back.John usually got excited very quickly when she took his to her lips. She enjoyed taking a man in her mouth; loved the feel of that hard flesh and enjoyed the slow seepage of cum. And she loved the groans a man made; sounds of approval and gratitude. Charles would be able to hold back, of that she was sure. She also knew that he would recover very quickly. As enjoyable as it was to have an explosion of semen inside her mouth, Julia needed to feel a istanbul travestileri cock inside pretty soon afterwards. John took too long to recover for her. Charles would be different.The feeling of dampness in her panties made her stop her musings and she suggested dinner in the dining car. John was hungry too and so they ate. They sat two tables down from Charles and Annette but apart from a nod there were no further acknowledgements or any conversation. Both Charles and Annette refrained from being pushy and allowed Julia to take her time in making any decisions about involvement with them.Even when they alighted from the train at the same stop when they reached their destination there was still no further contact. But Julia knew that she would be seeing them again and quite soon. Back home, John settled down to watch some football highlights on the television and Julia went for a soak in the bath. Taking a glass of wine with her she undressed and slipped into the hot, soapy water. She liked to take a bath every now and again. Hot, lathered water encasing her body and a glass of wine at her side was her favourite way of relaxing, and to help her unwind was the privacy of being able to masturbate.

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