cuckold lifestyle 8


cuckold lifestyle 8It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I had just finished working on a friends Chevy van. It is one of those raised roof vans with a TV and all that stuff. I was just about to go inside and get cleaned up when guess who drove up. TIM, yeah my wife’s steady fuck buddy. He and I talked for a few minutes before my wife came outside to see who I was talking to. She was wearing her bikini and had been out by our pool sunning. I told her I was finished with Bob’s van and was about to clean up when she said lets go for a test drive in it first. I don’t know about that I said, she said come on it’s OK. Ah what the Hell, I opened the drivers door and got in as she headed over to the passangers side with Tim following her. The next thing I hear is the side door opening and they both got in the back. I started it up and backed down the drive way , I was looking in the mirrow to see what was going on back there. My wife said doesn’t this back seat lay down? I told her it was that switch on the right side, just hold it down and the back lays down. I heard it being let down and they climbed on the bed and started kissing. I said those window shades pull down if you want it to be privite. The wife said no, let them watch too. and then her bikini bottom hit the back of my head. I adjusted the rear view mirrow so all I could see was the back of Tim’s head between my wife’s legs. She ordered me to hit the interstate, we live about eight miles from I-20 so I headed that way. The Service road to the interstate has about twenty red lights on it and I think I was stopped by everyone. Most cars set to low to get a good view but the pick up guys and big rigs could see everything real good. As I got on I-20 I stayed in the far right lane for a long time , that way only one side could see, but my wife was Escort wise to what I was doing and said get over in the faster lanes. I did and soon as I did she climbed on Tim’s hard dick and started riding. I looked back and she still had her top on , good I thought that don’t look to bad, I don’t want to get pulled over. After a few minutes a big rig got right beside me and kept his speed the same as our’s. I told my wife that she had an onlooker , she laughted and pulled her top over her head and threw it at me too. She said let him see eveything. I sped up just enough to keep him from seeing for to long, I didn’t want the fellow to have a crash for not looking where he was going. I said how far do we need to go ? she said till I’m done fucking. But that could be Alabama I said, she said so go to Alabama. I got over into the fastest lane and hammered down. I looked back and she was on her back with her legs high over Tim’s back and his white ass bouncing up and down very quickly. After few minutes I heard Tim say he had come , what did she want to do? Pull off at the next exit she told me, I did and pulled into a McDonalds parking lot. It was about four in the afternoon and they where busy! She said Tim you drive hubby is going to clean up this mess you made in my pussy. Tim swapped places with me and as he pulled on to the highway I took my place between her legs. I had never had a pie this “fresh” before and man was it messy. I took my dear time so I could could enjoy it as long as I could. After what my wife thought was long enough she said Tim, can you get that dick hard again yet? He said OH YEAH …he pulled off at the next exit. I swapped places with him and my wife said turn around and head back , I did just that. On the way back the sun was behind us so I couldn’t see real good. It Escort Bayan was so bright. The van was bouncing down the interstate with my wife flat on her back and Tim trying his best to drive her through the floor. I gotta give it to him that boy can last on the second go round. I drove for just over an hour to get home and he fucked her as hard as he could for the whole trip. I guess he got his nut because when I pulled around to the back yard they where getting up. As soon as I parked I opened my door and jumped out I walked over to their side and opened the side door. Out they both came naked as the day they where born. My wife headed stright to the pool and dove in, followed by Tim, As she came up she said AHHHHHH my pussy was about to burst into flames. I was still all greasy from all that work so I went in to shower. When I got out of the shower I looked out at the pool and they where floating around still naked. I was about to go join them when the phone rang. It was Gary , if you read my other stories you’ll remember him from Christmas time. He wanted to talk to my wife, I told him she was a little busy and to come on over if that’s what he wanted. I spun me a batch of drinks in the blender and went out side. I was setting in the swing sipping my drink when I heard Gary pull up out front. I went to the side gate and hollored for him to come around back. He walked toward the pool and saw them two naked sun bathers. I said they are tired, they fucked all the way to the Alabama line and back just a little bit ago. He said in what ? that van ? I said yeah I drove , he patted me on the back and said you are one HELL of a good sport , I said yeah I guess so. I watched you and her in front of the Christmas tree back in December. He smiled and said yeah that was a wild night , and the Bayan Escort first time I got that. I said well as soon as her batterys are charged go for it again. I want to see her double fucked. And if I’m lucky I can get head at the same time.. Gary smiled and said yeah, we’ll make her air tight. I went inside so it wouldn’t be awkward for them. I gave them an hour and I looked out. Bingo, a towel on the diving board ( Just like Eric did ) and Tim on his back my wife on top of him and Gary hammering her ass. I sat my drink down and went out side to watch. Gary busted a nut first and pulled out of her ass. I saw the cream start to run out. Hurry get that pie my wife yelled at me. Oh man that’s ass pie I thought, then she said I said get that pie! I went right in to it. It wasn’t any worse than pussy pie. Tim made a point to hit my chin with his hairy balls and that I didn’t like. I got up and watched Tim finish, he got up and the wife laid on the board and told me to clean her up again. I did and after I was done Tim said he had to get so he got his cloths out of the van and left. It was starting to get dark and the bugs started to bit. we all came inside to get away from them. I went to fix another drink and the wife and Gary went into our bed room and locked the door! And that’s where they stayed untill eight o clock Sunday morning. I slept in the spare room listening to the head board hit the wall all night. I was up fixing breakfast when I heard them coming down the hall. In walked my wife in a sexy nighty , her hair was a mess and she had a hicky on her right tit. Gary was dressed and hollored he had to go, and thanks for the use of my wife’s pussy for the night. I didn’t know what to say to that, so I just said OK see ya later. I turned to my well fucked wife and asked if she was hungry? She said yeah and sore too. I fed her and then bathed her in a warm bubble bath. She put on a little tight pair of shorts and a wife beater t shirt. She laid down on the couch and rested all day… after all she was a busy little girl yesterday.

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