Cross Country Coach

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It was hot, around 90 degrees and very humid. John finished his five mile workout drenched in sweat, and after pausing for a few minutes to catch his breathe, he went to stretch with the rest of the team. His side ached as he walked through the school parking lot towards the them, as it had the whole run, he wondered why as he hasn’t ever felt pain like this before. He had heard of runners pulling their abdominal muscles before, and he thought perhaps that could be it, but he’d just ignore it for now.

An 18 year old senior in high school, John was on the cross country team. He wasn’t the fastest and didn’t particularly love it, but he liked the team and it kept him in shape. John was average height, almost 6 foot, with an athletic build. He wasn’t very big, but he was cut due to all of the running. Another reason John enjoyed being on the team was the coach. Coach Campbell had started working for the school John’s freshman year, the year he started running cross country, so he had grown up with her as a coach. She was known for being extremely intense, determined, and besides leading the team to three state championships, being young and attractive. Coach Campbell was 27, yet looked like she could be in high school. She was often mistaken for a runner at meets. She was a hardbody, with tan, muscular, toned legs and a tight frame. She had long dark hair which was almost always in a ponytail. She had a very tan completion, with bright blue eyes and perfect straight, white teeth that you couldn’t help look at when she smiled. Somehow, even with all the running, she was able to maintain a nice pair of breasts, easily b cups if not c cups, though she never showed them off. John had always had a little thing for Coach Campbell, and was often very jealous of her husband, whom John considered pretty passive and weird.

As the team stretched, John continued to feel the pain in his abs, but he told himself not to worry and that it would be fine tomorrow. After the stretching was over and the team disbanded to go home, John walked to his car. As he got in, turned on the car, and reached around to pull down the deaf belt, he felt an intense pain in his side. It was at this point he decided he better talk to coach about it. So John got out and made his way across the small campus to Coach Campbell’s classroom. Maltepe Escort She was a math teacher as well as a coach and always stopped by her classroom immediately after practice. John arrived at the open classroom door to find her already there as he expected. As he walked in, she was bent over facing away from him, organizing stacks of paper on the floor. He took a few seconds to admire her firm ass pressed up against the tight Nike shorts before clearing his voice and saying, “hey coach”

“Hey what’s up?”

She said as she turned around with a smile

“As I was running today, I kept feeling this pain in my side and it hasn’t gone away, I was wondering if maybe you knew what it was or what to do about it”

“Hmm..” She contemplated looking concernedly down at his torso. “It’s not a side stitch?”

“No, it feels muscular, but it’s really sharp” John replied.

“Well you may have pulled your abdominal muscles, where exactly does it hurt?”

John pointed to a general area around the bottom left side of his abdominals

“Hmm then again that could be a hip flexor strain..”

She paused for half a second,

“Go ahead and lift up your shirt” she said in the most matter of fact manor. John lifted his shirt up a few inches, revealing his chiseled abdominals as well as his defined v cut, showing quite a bit of his shaved lower ab as his running shorts rid pretty low and he wore nothing underneath them since they had built in netting. For a split second, John thought he saw strange expression flash across Coach Campbell’s face, one of both surprise and of longing, yet before he could even think about it it was gone and she was looking concernedly as a doctor would examine a patient.

“Show me again”

She said, not taking her eyes off of his body as John traced from the top of his left, bottom most ab muscle down his v to the waistband of his shorts.

“Does it go any lower? She asked, again like a doctor performing a routine inspection

“A little bit” replied John

She nodded, still looking at his stomach. She bent down, almost squatting in front of him, so that her face was closer to his stomach. She put her hand around his side and applied pressure with her thumb on the top of the spot John has traced.

“Does Anadolu Yakası Escort this hurt?” She asked, somewhat losing the professional tone in her voice

“Not really” replied John, a little nervous at this point. Still, without looking at him, she moved her hand down slightly and pressed again, this time moving her thumb almost like a massage,

“What about this?”

“Yeah a little”

She moved her hand lower, getting close to john’s waistline, very gently moving her thumb over his muscle.

“And this?”

“Yeah a little more” John replied, becoming nervous due to the fact that his unrestrained cock had started to swell as Coach Campbell got lower and lower. She would surely notice soon as his shorts would do little to nothing to hide his erection.

“And this?” She said more quietly, losing all sounds of professionalism, sounding more deeply concerned and almost passionate as she slipped her thumb under the waistband of John’s shorts, pressing in on the the curve of his v as she looked up at him, looking questioning and needy.

“Yeah” said John dumbfounded, it really didn’t hurt that much at all, but he didn’t know what else to say. His hard on was getting bigger and bigger, but Coach Campbell seemed not to notice it. At this point she got on her knees and while looking at John’s lower abs which were now eye level and said, “flex for me” as she pulled John’s shorts down almost an inch on the spot where her thumb was. John paused for a second, then flexed his abs, making the defined lines of his muscle stand out even more. This time he saw the same look on Coach Campbell’s face clearly, it was a look of lust, of desire. She bit her lip as she slid her hand up and back down his stomach, stopping at the waistband of his shorts and letting out a deep breath, now looking right at his massive erection with an expression of upmost longing. Without saying a word she looked up at him with an expression of sheer lust, not smiling, but with a look of pure desire as she slowly pulled down his shorts. She closed her eyes and leaned in, passionately kissing his stomach, one hand caressing his abs while the other found his now throbbing eight inch cock. She massaged it slowly while she licked him up and down, her tongue sliding over his muscles as she İstanbul Escort kissed his body passionately.

John could tell she was conflicted and knew what she was doing was wrong, but her overwhelming desire for him was evident as she began to let out little moans as she sucked and massaged his body with her mouth. He let out a deep breath of excitement as she began to lick lower and lower. She continued stroking him slowly, one hand on his stomach, one on his straight, hard, cock as she began to lightly caress his balls with her tongue. Looking up at him with that same intense look, she took one into her mouth, sucking on it and swirling her tongue around it in her mouth. John threw his head back in pleasure, he couldn’t believe this was happening. Then he felt her warm mouth around the head of his cock, felt her spit trickling down his shaft and dripping off of his balls as she moved up and down his shaft slowly. Feel her warm hands cup his balls and her lips close around the base of his shaft as the tip of his cock slid across the back of her throat. He moaned in ecstasy as she repeated this again and again, until finally she stood up, pulled him close, his cock in her hand, kissed him deeply and then shakily and desperately whispered in his ear, “I want you to fuck me”

She pulled off his shirt and pushed him back against the wall. Then took off her clothes as she kissed him, her small nipples swollen and hard, her pussy soaking wet and throbbing. Once she was completely naked, her breasts rubbing against his chest, she put one hand on John’s neck, and with the other took his cock and began to guide it into her tight, wet, pussy. She looked straight into his eyes as she guided him, their foreheads touching, until she gasped and threw her head back as his full length entered her. She leaned back and began to grind into him, her abs tightening and pussy pulsating as his long straight cock filled her while she moaned and gasped.

“Ohhh fuck me hard, John!” she screamed.

John flipped her around and slammed her up against the wall grabbing both of her arms and pinning them above her head while he trusted into her rapidly. She screamed and moaned as he pumped in and out of her, slamming her against the wall. He could feel her pussy tighten around his cock as her voice broke with sheer pleasure. Her whole body contracted and shivered as John pumped furiously while he released his massive hot load of cum inside of her. They both collapsed onto the floor, John on top of her, and lay there in pure satisfaction, Coach Campbell’s pussy oozing John’s hot cum onto both of them.

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