cousin part II


cousin part IIPart 2.After having a flashing session with my 36 year old female cousin at my parents Cabin. Things had been normal. I was spending more and more time with my cousin and her 7 year old son.One day I told her I was planning to go visit my parents and take in the towns annual festival. She said it sounded fun and that she had that weekend free. So The three of us drove the 4 hours to my folks place.Everything was normal with us and we were trying hard to act as cousins. One evening in particular you could tell she was frisky. She had been like that with me a couple times and I was starting to pick up on her hints but never followed through with anything.I had given up the spare room to her and her son, and I took up space on the basement floor, on an air mattress.Sitting next to me on the couch watching a movie, she grabbed a blanket and pulled it over both of us. After doing so she leaned over and Whispered in my hear. “Can I Kiss you?” and nibbled my ear. blood flowing, excitement building I turned to her. My face must have looked like a red balloon I was blushing so much. Then it happened. She leaned in and I could feel her soft lips against mine. I had never kissed anyone other than my mom or my aunts. This was a passion kiss. It felt good and felt right. I was so excited and was ready for anything. But nothing happened after. She acted like nothing happened.After watching a couple movies late into the night she said she was going up to get ready for bed and to check on her son. Asked if I minded if she came back down in a bit. Of course I obliged. I had seen her in her casual outfits and her pajamas. Nothing new and wasn’t overly excited. But what did excite me was the rendezvous I was going to get latter. She got up off the couch and turned to me, “Maybe we can watch another movie?” Out of the corner of my eye I could see that the button on her jeans was undone and the zipper was down too. Her jeans hugged her well so they didn’t look like they were falling off. “Sure I’ll get it ready!” As I put in another movie, I got to thinking. Why was her jeans undone like that? Was she touching herself while sitting next to me?Being excited and nervously waiting time seemed to stop. It felt like hours. I just sat there, on the couch, thinking about what could come of this and what her intent was. Then I started to dose off, and the excitement was replaced with disappointment. There were times she had made promises and failed to deliver on them so I thought that this was just another one of those times. I decided to pack it in and call it a night. Turned the TV off and got myself ready to go to bed. Stripped down to my boxers and slid into bead and just laid there for a bit.I hadn’t been there too long. Then I could hear her creeping down the steps and feel her slide into bed with me, and whispered. “’Bout kayseri escort time you turned the lights off. I was waiting.” The cold hands and shaking feeling now returned. Adrenalin flowing wondering what to do next. She could feel me shaking. “Are you cold?” she asked. Playing dumb again “It must be because of the air mattress.” I said. She then moved closer and started to snuggle up to me. “Is this better?” she asked and she put her hand on my inner thigh. I couldn’t stop shaking, it was like I was in a tub of ice water. My dick then sprang to life. I could feel the soft warmth of her flannel pajamas against my leg and arm. Then it happened. Her hand moved over my cock and she grabbed ahold of it though my boxers.“Oh my!” she whispered.I couldn’t stop shaking. It was unreal. This was happening. It was a weird feeling, as there was a hand stroking my member and it wasn’t mine.I just lay there frozen stiff. Not moving,not knowing what was going to happen next.She then reached into my boxers from the top elastic and grabbed my now throbbing member. Her hands were soft and gentle. The coolness of them offset the heat my rod was giving off. It felt great but the cold feeling and shaking didn’t stop. She then whispered to me, “I’ve been waiting for this, since the time you flashed me at the cabin.” Oh my god, the signs were there and I never saw it. This all could of happened that night, and I never took advantage of it.She slowly stroked my erect member. Boy did it feel good. It was a lot slower than the pace I masturbated too. It felt good, and so right. I felt her lean closer and she nibbled my ear again.Still shaking uncontrollably. Feeling like I just got out of a warm pool and waiting for the warmth of a towel to subdue the shakes. It just never happened.I turned my head towards her and our lips locked, I could feel her tongue flicking my lips. That embrace was still not enough to warm me. The passion I was feeling was off the hook. The only thing that I could feel that was warm were my ears and my cock. As she continued stroking me, I broke the embrace and whispered to her. “Can I?” I got a soft response, it was like she had just had an orgasm. “Please!” was the the answer I got to my question.As I reached over to touch her, I started on her belly. I could feel her flannel pajamas were warm and soft to the touch. I worked my way down a bit farther. Feeling the elastic of the waist, I knew I was getting close. The shakes continued. I couldn’t believe where this was going. It was almost like a dream.She was still moving her hand up and down over my pole. I was so nervous. This was the first time I had touched a female that far down that part of her body. I lifted my hand slightly and hovered over her crotch for a moment, having second thoughts on going though with this. All of a sudden I felt her hand on top of mine and she mashed my hand down. The palm of my hand was met with the soft flannel of her pajama bottoms. I could feel her wriggle as she ground my hand further. She was pushing on my fingers deeper. I could feel everything. In the dark I could imagine what I was feeling. I had seen it in the porn movies and knew what I was touching. I could feel the warmth and then she paused. I felt her twitch and she let out a soft Moan. I could feel her pajamas getting damp, under my fingers. She then lifted her hand. I paused, thinking I had done something wrong. Then I could feel her hand move under her waist band and under the palm of my hand. She clearly was touching herself, likely finishing off what I couldn’t. She then pulled her hand out and I felt her fingers touching my lips. Were these the fingers she just had in her moist pussy? Then I had those fingers in my mouth gently caressing my tounge. Exciting my taste buds. Then the tangy taste hit me. This was pussy! This is what it tastes like? It was glorious. What seemed like hours was really a matter of minutes. She was still gently rubbing my throbbing member. She whispers to me. “Your turn. Let your fingers do the walking!” My hand still on the crotch of her pajamas I started caressing the wet spot. “Under!” she then whispered. This was my go ahead to turely touch her in ways I fantasized about. I slid my hand under the waist band. There wasn’t a second band and new she was commando. She had prepaired for this, was wanting this.Still shaking and so nervous. I was having second thoughts about doing this. What if someone found out or if someone hears us? That thought quickly left when I started to feel the little outcrop of pubic hair. She clearly groomed herself on a regular basis. I had seen so much 70’s and 80’s porn to know that she trimmed and shaved. Then my fingers felt what I had always thought about. Warm and sticky. She wriggled a bit as my finger passed over her clitoris. It was heaven. It was a first, I was truly touching a female in a sexual way. When is this cold shaking going to stop! I was so nervous words can’t describe it.I could feel the lips of her labia and caressed them a bit. With two fingers I managed to spread them and found the clitoris again. With slight pressure I ran my finger over it. She twitched. I thought it was over. She just orgasmed! I thought. Young and full of cum, I was awesome. I did that fast, almost too fast.She then moaned “More!” so I did what I had done once more. She twitched again. So she hadn’t orgasmed, but I had found a sweet spot. Once more I did it and got the same twitch. Lets just not over do it I thought and started to feel around some more. She was enjoying this and squirming around a little. Whithout skipping a beat she was still gently stroking me. What felt like hours of rubbing her and her stroking me, I started going soft. What the hell!!! I was focusing so much on what I was doing to her that my dick started to lose interest. If only I could make her orgasm, that may get me excited again to bring my cock back to life. I went back to the spot that made her twitch, and every time she twitched. This time I went a little slower and paused just before the spot that made her twitch. All of a sudden I could feel her hand mash mine into her crotch and she lifted her hips grinding my hand farther. This was her orgasm. I had done it on my own. This was my time, and I was able to deliver. Now if only that respose had triggered my dick back to life. It was limp in her hand. I felt her shake it a bit, like holding a dead snake, shaking it thinking it would come back to life.She let go of my cock and pulled her hand away. My hand was still in her pants and she grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand out. I could feel her moving my hand up higher, until I felt her lips touch my fingers. Her tongue was wildly going around my fingers and she started to suck my fingers. Lapping up her juices that were on my fingers.I felt her reach down and feel my shorts. Still limp. I couldn’t believe I was still shaking and still felt cold. Why wouldn’t this feeling stop?“Ahhhh” She moaned in disappointment. “Next time is your turn!” and she kissed me passionately again. And said “Thanks for that!” as she got up out of bed, and tip towed across the concrete floor towards the steps.I could hear her creep up the steps. That was it? It’s over? Oh God, did it feel ever feel good. She was moving at this with a slow pace, and that made me feel good. I realized that the shacking had stopped. What the Hell!?!? Why now? Why not earlier? As I dosed off I kept replaying in my mind what just happened and was it real or did I just dream this.The next morning at the breakfast table I was sitting there having coffee and talking with my parents and she walks into the kitchen with her son. He sits at the table and starts helping himself to something to eat. I look up at my cousin who is getting herself a cup of coffee. Fully dressed she looked hotter than ever, if no one else was around I would have grabbed her and ripped her clothes off and taken her right there like a porn star. Oh the daydreaming fantasy stage was on over drive.After filling her cup, she turns around and with both hands on the cup she takes a sip just like they do in the commercials. When she brings the cup down our eyes lock, and she winks at me with a smile on her face. I could tell that this was the beginning of something. I could only imagine what was yet to come.Just like at the cabin nothing was said or talked about what had happened the night before. Like nothing had happened. It was our dirty little secret. Nothing else happened that weekend. We carried on like normal. I didn’t look at her like my cousin any more there was something more something deeper.

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