County Park Meeting


Lately, I have had an obsession with older men, preferably over the age of 65. I have been married for over 20 years. As a traveling salesman, I have time to “cruise” parks, etc. for some older men. (You know those old “trolls” that you see in parks, theaters and other places? That’s who I want to have anonymous sex with.) I go into the johns and read the writing on the walls, imagining I am going to meet one of these guys and suck some cock.

I was parked in a back part of a county park one day, when a car drove by. The man inside looked to be about 70ish. He was rather large, just who I was looking for! He parked a little ways ahead of me and tapped his brakes. I waved my hand at him. He then tapped his brakes again. I got out and walked over to his car. I walked over to his passenger side and got in.

“Are you looking for some fun?” I asked. He just nodded and moved his seat back.

I rubbed his leg. He reached for my crotch. I was hard as a rock! Sakarya Escort I moved my hands up to his cock and rubbed it through his pants.

“Show me your cock.” I said.

Smiling, he unzipped his pants. Nothing underneath! His cock was limp. “I hope this old guy can get it up.” I thought to myself. Even if he couldn’t, I had already come this far. I was still going to suck some cock today.

I had him take his pants off. He took them completely off for better access. I started playing with his soft cock. It wasn’t real big, but it was thick. I played with his balls, slowly rubbing between his sac and his ass.

He put his hand on the back of my head and slowly pulled me toward his lap. His cock was getting harder and it was right by my lips. He smelled musty, just like the bathrooms at this park.

I gave it a lick. Salty. I doubted that he had bathed lately. He moaned and pushed my head down. He was hard now, Adapazarı Escort maybe 6 inches long. I took him in my mouth, slowly moving up and down. His hand ran through my hair, putting gentle pressure on my head. We were both getting into it! I had one hand on his cock and 1 hand on his balls. They felt so good in my hands.

I ran my lips up and down his small shaft, worshipping his cock. He spread his legs farther apart. I knew what he wanted, but I also wanted this to last.

Suddenly, his hand forced my head all the way down. “A car’s coming! Don’t get up”.

Shit! Here I was, a married man, with my mouth full of old cock, in a park. How would I explain this? My heart was pounding. But it was now more excitement than fear. My face was mashed in his gray pubic hair. His cock twitched in my mouth. I started really sucking on his cock.

I heard the car drive by. “The car’s gone.” he said. “But damn, you are great! Serdivan Escort Don’t stop.”

I started playing with his big balls again, while still bobbing up and down on his shaft. I moved my finger down to his asshole and rubbed the outside. He slid farther down his seat to give me better access. I tapped the pucker hole, teasing him. “Please” was all he said. I slowly slid my finger in his ass. In and out of his ass I went, until my finger was completely inside. I played with his prostate. This drove him wild! He started pumping his hips and really moaning. He had both hands on my head. My face was getting the fucking of my life

“Oh fuck yes! This is the best!” he yelled. “I’m gonna come! Oh fuck! Here it comes!”

He shoved my face into his pubes and shot his load. Damn, this old guy had alot of jizz. I couldn’t swallow it all, but I tried!

After a few minutes, I pulled finger out of his ass and sat up, kissing his cock on the way up.

“Damn, you’re good. I came here looking to suck cock, not get sucked.” He said. “It’s been a long time since I had a blow job. Can we meet again?”

“Next week, at this time.” I said with a smile.

I got out of his car and drove off, stroking my cock the whole way home.

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