Confessions of Daddy’s Lover


I had been visiting my grandparents’ farm for the past five summers. My life changed the summer I turned eighteen. I had been slow to develop, physically, led a sheltered life and my parents made me promise I would not date until I was twenty-one.

That summer was the year I became sexually aware, thanks to my aunt, who was a year older. The old farm house was small with only two bedrooms, so Aunt Mitzi and I slept together. The routine was to watch TV after dinner. Whenever there was a scene of a couple in the story making love, Grandpa took great delight in saying,

“You know Granny and I do that too.”

“You dirty old man… look, you’re making the girls blush,” Granny responded with a smile.

My grandparents’ exchange about making love, piqued my curiosity. That night I told Aunt Mitzi I wanted to learn more about sex. She took me by the hand, and we tiptoed down the hall. We held back our giggles, as we listened to her parents fuck. Back in her room, Mitzi explored my body and sucked my puffy nipples. Her hand slid between my legs, piercing my slit. I jumped when she wiggled her finger. It felt so good. We repeated the routine each night.

On the last night of my visit, Mitzi parted my legs and inserted her tongue in my pussy. Thanks to my aunt, I experienced my first orgasm. She asked me to return the favor. I sucked on her big erect nipples. She pushed my head down to her smooth shaved pussy. I nestled my nose her clit and thrust my tongue deep into her cunt. Licking and sucking, I made her cum several times. It was so empowering. I became a sexual animal.

Back home, I began playing with myself, and tweaking my blossoming nipples. After listening to my grandparents fuck, I began sneaking to my parents’ room and listened to them screw. Sometimes the door was ajar, allowing me to observe the outline of their bodies as they ‘did it.’ I became immensely attracted to Daddy after hearing and watching him fuck Mom. I wanted him to do that to me, not Mom.

From the sounds outside my bedroom, I suspected Daddy was spying on me. I began to leave my door open. Putting on a real show; I positioned my naked body on a pillow, spread my legs, and played with my pussy. When I made myself cum, I panted and moaned, making sure Daddy heard me. I found out later he did spy on me and jacked off, catching his cum in a tissue.

I attended a Catholic high school. The girls’ uniforms included short skirts. One day after school, I discovered Mom was out and Daddy was home alone. I entered their bedroom and took off my uniform in front of Mommy’s full length mirror.

When I got down to my bra and panties, I noticed Daddy standing in the doorway. I unhooked my bra and let it drop to the floor. Daddy came up behind me. Reaching around, he played with my ample boobs and touched the wet crotch of my panties. I turned my head toward him and received my first and best French kiss. I felt his enormous hard on grind against my back. I moaned with delight.

“Shari, we can’t be doing this,” Dad said, abruptly.

He rushed out of the room. I was so bummed, I cried. I wanted him to fuck me then and there. I was ready to be fucked. I was so horny. Shortly after, I lost my virginity to my boyfriend Lee. He was two years older than me. I fucked Don, my husband to be, a year later.

The seduction of Daddy

By the way Daddy stared at my body; I knew he wanted to fuck me. I couldn’t wait any longer for him to make the first move. My opportunity came the week Mom was Halkalı Escort visiting her parents on the farm. I had a job interview and needed to purchase a suitable outfit. I bought the proper business clothing; jacket, plain business blouse, knee length skirt and plain heels — all boring stuff. I also purchased; an extra tight black mini-skirt, matching black see-through bra and panties, as well as an ultra-sheer black see-through blouse. I owned a pair of four inch black heels that made my legs look fabulous.

“Daddy, I bought a new outfit for my interview and want to know if you think it’s appropriate,” I asked, after Mom left.

“Sure, Sweetie, anyway I can help,” Dad responded.

I put on the new ‘hot’ outfit, with the conservative jacket. You could see my cleavage, and tell I was wearing a see-through bra. My hair was in a long ponytail. Dark rimmed glasses gave me a sexy ‘librarian’ look. I strutted into the family room, where Daddy was mixing a drink.

“What do you think, Daddy?” I asked in my best little girl voice.

Turning around, his jaw dropped.

“Honey, you can’t wear that outfit to an interview!” Dad said with concern.

“OK, Daddy, I’ll change and be right back,” I said, giving him a pouty look.

Returning to my room I took off the coat and blouse, removed the bra, and put the blouse back on. I looked in the mirror, took a deep breath and told myself, ‘it’s now or never.’ I walked back to the family room. Daddy’s jaw dropped, again, but he didn’t say a word, he just stared.

“Do you like this better?” I asked with a seductive smile.

I sashayed across the room, my tits swaying back and forth. My hard nipples strained against the sheer material of my blouse. I could see Daddy getting a bulge in his pants. Moving to him; I put my arms around his neck, thrust my boobs into his chest, and kissed him. His hard on pressed against me.

I opened my mouth as an offering, his tongue rushed in. it was the most delicious French kiss I had since the one Dad gave me in front of Mom’s mirror. After swirling our tongues I stepped back, took off my glasses, and kicked my heels to the floor. Neither of us said a word. I stripped to my panties and stepped toward Daddy.

“Daddy, do you remember when you touched my wet panties?” I asked through my puckered lips.

“Oh yes, Baby, oh yes!”

“Will you do that again for me, Daddy?”

He reached down and rubbed my bald pussy through my drenched undies. I knew I ‘had’ him. We kissed as he fingered me. Our kissing was more like tongue fucking. I shimmied out of my wet panties.

“Daddy, have you been looking through my doorway and watch me play with myself?” I asked.

“Yes, oh yes, Baby!” Daddy responded enthusiastically.

l thought to myself, ‘I was right’.

“Well, that was for you Daddy, and l’m going to do it again, while you get undressed.”

I lay down on the carpet, and spread my legs. As he undressed I fingered my pussy and clit.

“l’m doing this for you Daddy, just for you! Fuck me, Daddy. Please fuck me,” I said, breathlessly.

As Daddy moved toward me, I was mesmerized by his cock. I knew he was big, but up close, I hadn’t imagined his cock being so big. It was a monster, I was getting a little afraid. It’s not that I was a virgin. After Lee broke me in, Don and I were fucking regularly. I just had never seen anything like Daddy’s cock.

He dropped between my knees and put the head of his cock against my clit. I Halkalı Escort Bayan gasped. He reached up with one hand and squeezed each of my tits in turn.

“Oh, baby girl, you are so beautiful. I have been dreaming about this for a long time,” Daddy said.

“Me too, Daddy… Me too!” I responded.

He grabbed his cock and swirled the pre cum over my opening. I was plenty wet on my own, but welcomed the extra lubrication.

“This is for you, Baby, just for you,” Daddy offered.

Dad slowly worked his cock into me, oh so slowly. He slid in an inch, pulled back a half inch, and repeated. He was so big, l was being stretched. When he was in about three inches, I couldn’t hold back, I convulsed with my first wild orgasm. Somehow he kept still. When I settled a bit, he renewed his effort to go deeper.

He was in another two inches when I begged him, “Fuck me, Daddy. It feels sooo good! Fuck me, please!”

With one motion, he pushed his cockhead against my cervix. We stayed motionless for a brief moment, I was breathless.

“This is for you, Baby, just for you,” Daddy said.

It was a fucking flurry. He rammed me so hard and fast, I wasn’t able to meet all his thrusts with my own. It was clear he had a pent up desire to fuck me. I don’t remember how long it went on. I came at least twice more while he fucked me. Then l felt ‘it’, his body stiffened as the head of his cock expanded even bigger, deep in my pussy. I knew he was getting ready to cum. Afraid he was going to pull out, I threw one leg around his backside.

“Cum for me, Daddy, just for me! Cum inside your baby girl, cum in me, Daddy!” I screamed.

He exploded. I was flooded with cum. Hot semen kept flowing and flowing.!t was the best first fuck of my life. A half hour later we fucked again. Dad and I fucked four more times that night. We have been fucking ever since that wonderful night. I hope it never stops.

My Wedding

I haven’t fucked anyone other than Daddy and Don since our engagement. That is until Lee came by, to wish me luck, the day before my wedding. We ended up fucking once more, for old time’s sake. It was the only time he didn’t use a condom and came inside me. It felt wonderful.

Okay, so I cheated on Don by letting Lee give me a goodbye fuck. The day of the wedding, Dad and I were alone in the priest’s office. With a half hour before we were to be called, we talked about how it was time to end our affair. We cried, hugged, and kissed. Soon our tongues were intertwined and we realized we wouldn’t be able to stop.

The next thing I knew, I was leaning over the priest’s desk with the top of my strapless gown lowered, my knockers hanging down. The gown and trail was pulled up over my back, and my panties were down around one ankle. Daddy was pounding my pussy from behind as fast as he could. I love to be fucked doggie style, and Daddy knew it.

We both came wildly, muffling our sounds as best as we could. Cum streamed down to my garter. Daddy pulled his kerchief from his tux and gave it to me to wipe up his love cream. I put it inside my panties, as I continued to leak Daddy’s semen. No one noticed that Daddy didn’t have a hankie in his pocket. I married Don with Daddy’s fresh cum in my cunt. At the altar, I realized I was going to be Daddy’s whore the rest of my life.

Fucking my father made me so hot that on our wedding night, I fucked Don like an animal. We screwed at least four times. Between fucking my old boyfriend the Escort Halkalı day before, and Daddy on my wedding day, I realized I had become a real slut. It was too late to change. Since the wedding I have only fucked Don, and Daddy. I do get hit on by Don’s friends and Daddy’s older friends. Being in a constant state of horniness, I love letting a few guys tongue kiss me and get some bare titty play.

Daddy’s Visits

After our honeymoon, Daddy visited me while Don was playing tennis. We didn’t even make it out of the entry hall. I gave him a hello kiss, he rammed his tongue in my mouth and away we went. We fucked on the hallway floor. We sucked and screwed another hour or more, in my bed. Daddy now visits regularly.

I need time after he leaves to wash the sheets and clean up the ‘evidence’ so Don doesn’t figure out what’s going on. Daddy’s cock is bigger than any other I have fucked. After that first time, I’ve had no problem getting it all in my cunt. I cum, as soon as he enters my pussy. I cum again when he’s ready. He hits my G-spot and cervix every time, it’s a real thrill.

Almost Caught

On one of Daddy’s visits, we fucked longer than normal. Don came home before I could change the sheets. He saw the dried cum and asked what it was all about. Fortunately we had fucked two times the night before, so I told him what a great time we had and how much cum he had spilled, like a real stud. He bought it.

Another time I visited Daddy at my parents’ house when Mommy was to be away for the afternoon. I wore a short skirt without panties and was bra-less. Daddy put me on the kitchen table and ate my pussy. He lifted my shirt and opened my top to play with my titties. I pulled his pants down. I was giving him a blow job when Mommy came home, sooner than expected. Daddy couldn’t stop himself and flooded my mouth with cum. I gulped it all down as we fixed our clothes as quick as we could and sat at the table.

“My, you two look all flushed. What’s going on?” Mom asked with a curious look.

“Hi, honey, we had just taken a brisk walk and are trying to cool down,” Daddy replied. She bought it, I think.

How I Like It

Daddy’s cock is nine plus inches long with over a four inches in circumference. It is covered with large veins and curves slightly upwards. I usually just lick the head and jack his shaft with my petite hands. I can feel his cum when it surges up his shaft. When he cums, I close my lips tight and gulp it down as fast as I can. I just love being fucked doggie style, my tits swaying and my nipples being tormented while I make girlie cum all over the cock that happens to be in me at the time.

In the beginning, I was only interested in Daddy. Now I realize just how hot Mommy is. She’s a knockout with a great body. I’ve never been with a woman, except for my episodes with Aunt Mitzi. I wonder if Mom ever listened to her parents fuck or if she and Aunt Mitzi ever ate each other’s pussy. Now I’m curious about having both Mommy and Daddy. I could give them such a good time, but I doubt Daddy would ever go for it.

I’ve been told by the guys I fucked and I let play with my tits, that my boobs are fantastic. My nipples are eraser like and stay hard most of the time. Daddy and hubby, love to suck and bite them, the harder, the better.

I keep myself totally smooth at all times, no piercings, except for earrings, and no tattoos. My pussy is shaved bald. My guys like eating me better that way. I have a schoolgirl outfit for sex play, but only with Daddy. You have no idea just how sexy I am. Yes, I love cock, anyway I can get it. My husband and I still fuck once or twice every night. Daddy and I fuck as much as possible, at least twice a month. Yet, I still need to masturbate. Is that normal or am I a Nypmhomaniac?

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