Compound 238C


“…And you understand that your participation in this research is entirely voluntary?”


The attendant marked off a check box on her clipboard and proceeded to the next question robotically reading the instructions. “You understand that at any point you may opt out of the research study?”


“You are here entirely of your own free will and understand that you may leave the room at any time?”


“You understand that you are entitled compensation in the amount of $500 upon the completion of your participation in this research study?”

“I do.”

“Have you smoked in the last 48 hours?”


Another check mark. The sound of her pen was loud on the clipboard. “Have you drank any alcohol in the last 48 hour?”


Check. “Have you injected any substance in the last 48 hours? Illicit or not. That would include insulin, anabolic steroids, opioids…?”



“One final question. You consented to this on the release previously but we want it for the recording: you understand that this test involves the injection of a cocktail by your administrator followed by a physical examination and that the effects will wear off within one hour of administration.”

“Yes.” I replied nervously. Reality set in. This was no longer an abstract ad to make some quick cash.

“Thank you, Mr. Pierson.” Having completed the form quickly and efficiently she clipped her pen into the clipboard and tucked her short blonde hair behind her ear. From beneath the intake form there was a Manila envelope marked “STEP TWO”. She unsealed the envelope and produced a sheet of paper from inside. She adjusted her glasses and paused as she read the small print on the page. “It appears I will also be your test administrator today.” She seemed surprised but she gathered herself and then continued. “I will step out of the room to give you some privacy.” Her eyes widened as she skimmed the page of instructions. “Please disrobe completely and change into the gown provided on the table. You may fold your belongings and leave them in your chair. Proceed behind the curtain. Once you have entered the partition the test will commence. If at any time you wish to cease the test simply speak this phrase. Your administrator… I… will immediately cease the test and leave the room.”

She handed me a small slip of paper that said “Promise Ripple Sanctuary.” Clearly they were just three words chosen to not have any chance at accidentally being uttered.

“At that point you may change back into your clothing and exit the exam room. Failure to complete the examination will not have any impact on your compensation. The examination will not be unpleasant, but part of the test is to judge the efficacy of administering the process without inducing undue anxiety on our participants.”

I nodded. She handed me her clipboard and asked me to sign and date the bottom of the page. I did so and handed the clipboard back to her. She left the room.

The room looked like a large doctor’s office examination room with a giant shower curtain hanging from the ceiling dividing out the partition.

I followed instructions and kicked off my flip flops, my jeans, underwear and shirt. I had taken a physical before so it wasn’t as if I was uncomfortable but as I reached for the gown, my eyes caught the camera in the corner of the room. Still, $500 is $500, so I put on the gown and pulled back the curtain. It was a standard open back hospital gown. It was short but gave me enough coverage in the front to be modest – about down to mid thigh.

In front of me was a raised platform about two feet off of the ground and about a meter square. On the platform was what looked like a tall standing desk with two leaves flipped up to the sides. The surface of the desk was raised high enough to where when I wasn’t standing on the platform, I could easily walk under it entirely.

Taped to the underside of one of the upturned leaves was a plastic folder containing sheet clearly marked “SUBJECT INSTRUCTIONS” in large red letters.

I stepped up on the raised platform and pulled the sheet out of its sleeve.

“Welcome. Please read all instructions.

1. Stand on the blue X facing the red X.

2. Place your torso against the black rubberized cushion.

3. Carefully pull each leaf down behind you. Each should make a “click” sound when it locks into place.

4. Ring the bell and await your administrator. Your administrator will give you an injection and further instructions.

5. If at any time you wish to exit the test, please use your pass phrase.”

Easy enough. I looked down at the ground, and found the blue X. I stood on it.

The standing desk came up to about my nipple line. I faced the red X on the wall a meter in front of me and pressed into the black cushion built into the desk. It gave way revealing a oval shaped cutout in the wooden surface. With the extra room I was able to reach back and pull Bayan Eskort down each leaf of the desk. Each was equipped with a rubber cushion on the side facing me so when I had locked both in place I seemed to be a disembodied set of shoulders and arms emerging out of a black hole in a giant block of wood.

It was disorienting. I could not see my feet or anything below about where my nipples would be. I could only see the desk around me, three walls of the examination room, the red “x” marked out in painters tape on the wall, and a small black camera in the corner up and to my left. The walls were a plain cream color. Apparently the researchers hadn’t thought to decorate them. Maybe that was part of the test.

I stood like that for a couple of minutes, impatiently waiting for my administrator to return when I spotted the desk bell two feet in front of my left hand. I rang it, and the door immediately opened.

“Hello again Mr. Pierson” the familiar voice of the attractive researcher from earlier said. I could hear her rummaging for something in the cabinet behind me. I heard her wash her hands and then the telltale “rubbing snap” of her putting on latex gloves.

“It looks like you found the instruction sheet just fine. You understand that I am going to give you an injection?”

I nervously replied “yes” as I fiddled with my hands in front of me. They were the only thing I could really see so I inspected my fingernails. I really needed to stop biting them.

“Great. This injection will be in your right glute. This is a double-blind study so I’m not sure if you’re getting a placebo or the real dose. Do you understand?”

I nodded and then realizing she couldn’t see me, followed up with a quick “yes.” It was strange taking to someone that I could feel moving around my body but could not see through the wood of the 360 degree table surrounding me.

“Good. Following the injection, I will leave the room for five minutes to allow the compound time to work. Then I will re-enter the room and we will proceed with the testing.”

I nodded in agreement. I was beginning to feel a little nervous and could feel my heart racing. I head a chair roll up behind me, and a package tear open.

“Ok I’m going to pull up your gown. This is going to feel cold. It is only alcohol.”

I heard the office chair being rolled up to my “undercarriage.” I felt her hand lift my gown. I heard a mechanical clicking on the underside of the desk, and did not feel my gown drop back down. I assumed she had clipped it to the underside. I felt very exposed. She was an attractive woman. Maybe only a couple of years older than me. She was probably a grad student. I hadn’t really paid the thought much attention until now, but now I was ashamed. Now my bare ass was in her face and my cock and balls were on full display only concealed by my backside.

I felt the alcohol swab touch my right buttcheek. She wasn’t wrong, the alcohol was quite cold.

“You will feel a slight pinch next. That will be the injection. After I have administered that, I will leave the room.”

It wasn’t a slight pinch, it was definitely an injection followed by what felt like liquid fire being shot into me. I flinched which made it worse, but after a few seconds the pain subsided. I heard the chair roll away and her footsteps lead toward the door.

My ass itched from the shot, but I could not reach down and scratch it. I was suddenly quite aware of how I was bound. From the chest up I was clothed in my gown. I was a head and shoulders emerging from this hole in the desk.

From below, I had to look really ridiculous. I was a naked torso and set of legs dangling out of a portal. The room was cold and I was very aware of my own nudity.

Despite the drafty room, I felt as if I had warmth radiating from inside of me. I could feel the cool air against my skin but I felt like I was glowing.

I tried to focus on the red X in front of me, but my vision was a little blurry. My brain felt like it was engulfed in a soft pillow. I felt my mind start to wander to the events of the last few months – to Kate in the car. To Ashley grinding on me. To being walked in on by Emily as I pumped cum all over Kate’s tummy.

I felt my kegels involuntarily flex and relax and flex again. I felt a familiar tightness in my pelvic area and could feel myself stiffening at the memories. I knew I needed to stop but my mind was fuzzy and I could not. My nethers were waking up. I was Mandy back in high school losing control of my body – even if I had truly wanted to stop it felt so good. I flexed my glutes and thrust against absolutely nothing. It felt relieving to get lost in my sexual fantasies. I tried to focus on the X in front of me, but my vision was no longer just blurry, it was double.

I heard the door open and I had a brief moment of clarity. I panicked. I immediately tried to uncrumple the wadded up safe phrase in my hand. The administrator was going to walk in and would surely Anadolu Yakası Escort see me fully erect. I pathetically tried to cross my legs to hide my shame, but all i managed to capture was my balls. I could feel my member pathetically sticking straight out. The stretch of my defiant cock pulling against the skin of my balls felt relieving like I was able to scratch an itch that I couldn’t quite reach.

I unwadded the paper and tried to focus my eyes on it. I heard footsteps walking towards me. Despite my impending embarrassment I flexed my thighs pulling on my balls which in turn stimulated myself slightly.

The letters on the page twisted and flipped over each other. I couldn’t make sense of them.

I tried to speak but no words came to me. I had gotten lost in my fantasies and now I had no excuse.

I heard footsteps walk around to my right side. I tried to twist in my socket, but had no room. I tried to angle my hips away from the sound. I heard the scribbling of pen on paper on clipboard.

I felt a rubbery hand tighten around my cock and electricity shot through me. It began to pump slowly and my hips bucked into it. Once, twice, three times.

I closed my eyes. In front of me as clear as day I could see Kate’s naked body laying crosswise across my bed. Her legs were spread wide open hanging off of the side of the bed below her knees. I was standing between her thighs, my hard wet dick protruding out over her belly. I could feel the pressure of my hand slowly and deliberately pumping my dick above her, but neither my hand nor my arm had any sensation of movement. Her sex was red and swollen as if I had just fucked her for an hour. Beneath her and down the side of my bed my sheets were soaked. Her dark nipples were hard and her naked breasts were raising and falling quickly. She had one hand tucked behind her head and the other fondling her left breast.

I saw her speak the words “cum for me, baby” but I could not hear her voice. As if I was under an enchantment, my balls tightened and my pelvic floor clinched. I obeyed her. Orgasm shot through my body and my mind went blank as my hips thrust forward into my phantom hand.

As the tingles spread my eyes flew open and I was back in the white room with the red blurry “x” in front of me. It was silent in the white room but my insides were screaming in ecstasy. A grunt escaped my lips against my will. I was so far past the point of no return there was nothing to do but hold on. I pumped my hips forward and my dick throbbed against the attendants hand. Her pace never changed. The electric heat of my orgasm turned to cool shivers as my orgasm reached its final moments. My dick began to throb with each of her strokes and I buckled forward. My forearms slammed into the desk in front of me as each throb let loose another shot of cum.

Her stroking ceased and as my body relaxed a wave of horror and emotion rolled over me. All pretense of this being a test went out of the window. I thought to the camera in the room and to Kate waiting for me at the coffee shop just a block away off campus. I felt like I had just had an accident in my pants. I felt like somehow I had betrayed Kate by letting some other girl jerk me off. My higher brain knew neither of these feelings were actually real. I knew that somehow this was all in the name of science but I also felt guilty towards just how good I felt.

“I… I’m so sorry.” I finally managed, regaining my composure. I had to say something. Staying silent just seemed wrong. “I didn’t mean to…” but I knew that was a lie. Didn’t I mean to?

“Well done Mr. Pierson.” I heard the attendant say. Her latex hand released its grip on me and air hit my skin which had previously been covered by her touch. The air felt cold against my dick. The sound of the metal clips startled me, and not a second later I felt the touch of my gown as it fell over my still hard member. I heard foot steps click around me, and the swish of something hitting the trash bin. I heard the attendant remove her latex gloves and another swish of the trash bin.

“I’ll give you five minutes to gather yourself and get back into your street clothes” she said with a hint of a smirk on her voice “then I’ll come back in and we’ll go over the out brief questions. You may exit the platform.” There was a loud click directly behind me as she released the leaves of my restraining apparatus.

I heard her walk away and then the door open and shut. The red “x” on the wall, the camera in the corner and the desk bell were all still incredibly blurry. I rubbed my eyes to try to clear them and the echo of Kate’s naked body was still there. I blinked and shook my head but I couldn’t focus.

Alone in the room I questioned my own sanity. Everything had happened so quickly that it felt surreal. My head spun in circles. Had I just imagined the entire encounter?

I fumbled behind myself and found where the leaves had popped up slightly. I lifted them and nearly Pendik Escort stumbled off of the platform, catching myself before I went over the edge.

Although my vision was blurry, I could see that my penis was fully tenting my hospital gown. By instinct my hand went to my shaft. When I made contact with it an aftershock shot through me that was nearly too strong to handle. My knees buckled hard and I almost fell over. I decided touching myself was out of the question. I fumbled my way over to the dark splotch on the counter that I deemed to be my pile of clothes. I untied my gown and shrugged it forward off of my shoulders. The tip of my dick stuck to it as I pulled it away. The sensation of pulling the sticky fabric away from my tip was nearly unbearable. I stood naked for a few moments just gathering myself.

I pulled my t-shirt on over my head and was immediately aware of the hem tickling the top of my shaft. I began to wonder if I was ever going to start to deflate. I put one leg, and then another into my boxer briefs. I pulled them up to mid thigh, and then paused to consider what the pressure was going to do to me when I pulled them up.

There was a knock at the door.

“Mr. Pierson? Are you ready for me?”

“N-no!” I stammered back, “not just yet!”

“Ok, I’ll be right out here, just open the door whenever you are ready!”

Embarrassment flooded over me. I knew I had better control of my body than this. Why was I being a whimpering fool? I decided to rip off the bandaid. In one motion I pulled up my boxer briefs, tucking my still rock hard shaft into the waistband. The sensation immediately knocked me over. My knees went limp out from under me but by dumb luck I fell into the chair I had been sitting in while answering the attendants prescreening questions earlier.

I heard myself moan. My knees came to my chest and my eyes snapped shut.

Kate was sitting next to me in the passenger seat of my car. Her legs were spread as wide as the car would allow with her feet propped up on the dashboard. Her right hand was down the front of her unbuttoned khaki shorts working vigorously. I vaguely knew I should be watching the road as the desert zipped past us outside but I was fixated on the space between her legs as her hips gyrated. My pants felt so incredibly tight against my crotch and I felt as though I couldn’t catch my breath. The gusset of her shorts darkened beneath her hand and wetness trickled down towards her butt as she silently squirted into them. I felt my pelvic floor flex and the telltale early signs of orgasm start to take hold of me.

I forced my eyes open and I was back in the blurry examination room. I took three deep breaths and started reciting baseball stats, which was somewhat ridiculous as I don’t know hardly anything about baseball. I sat as still as possible meditating and trying to avoid any stimulation. Tingles were spreading from the tip of my dick reaching through my body against my will, but I knew that if I could just concentrate and tune out the world I might be able to keep myself from pumping cum into my shorts. I fought every instinct I had that was telling me to flex my kegels, and eventually my orgasm fizzled out. I felt a little damp, but nothing catastrophic.

Another knock came at the door. “Mr. Pierson, is everything ok?”

“Just fine!” I called back, somewhat out of breath. “I’ll be ready in a moment!”

I did my best to gather my senses. I reached for the dark spot on the counter that I knew must be my jeans and managed to get them onto my legs. Every time my weight moved I was made excruciatingly aware of my state of arousal. It was like the gain on the sensation at the base of my shaft was turned up to eleven. Every time I blinked I was presented with a split second vision of my most intense sexual memories.

After a minute of struggle, my pants were up and buckled. I slumped in my chair and finally called out with a shaky voice: “alright I’m ready!” In actuality, I wasn’t ready in the slightest. The room was still blurry. My brain was still dominated by a primal need to empty myself, but it was for that reason I called her in – I needed to get this test over with so I could be out of this room and find myself some privacy.

The door opened and a blonde shape walked in.

“How are you feeling, Mr. Pierson?”

I shrugged and nodded. I suppose that wasn’t really an answer. She took a seat in front of me, crossed her legs and scribbled something on her clipboard.

“This is the last segment of the trial. We’d like to ask you a few questions about your experience today.”

I did my best to not blink as I nodded. I sat in my chair with both feet planted squarely on the ground and my ands on my knees. Straight back. Everything I could do to not stimulate the throbbing monster between my legs.

“Is… that ok with you?”

“Oh. Yes.” I tried to sound as normal as possible. “Go ahead.”

She paused and wrote something on her clipboard.

“So for the purposes of these questions I would like you to think back to how you felt during the… procedure.” She paused to let that sink in. My eyes were beginning to water from needing to blink. “You we’re given an injection. On a scale from one to ten, how painful was it?”

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