Come to Bed with Daddy


Isabella was looking forward to the trip. The town she grew up in was small and quaint and she really hadn’t traveled much. Normally her Mom went with her dad on his business trips. But this time her mom was too busy with holiday preparations at church. So her dad asked her if she would be his “travel date.” Yes, she still lived at home while she was in college, but she was 23 now. It seemed a little strange for him to call her his “date”. They hadn’t had Daddy-Daughter dates since she was 8. What was even stranger was how it had affected her when he asked. She felt nervous but excited. Something deep inside her clenched. But she knew it wasn’t normal to feel this way about her dad.

She walked into the hotel room, her single bag in hand. Her father was in front of her, dropping his bag on the bed closest to the door. Two double beds, in her head there was a relief. Somewhere deeper inside she felt a little let down. She walked across the room placing her bag on a chair in the corner. The curtains were wide open and you could see the pool. “I need to make a few calls before we can head out to dinner. Why don’t you go down to the pool for a little while?” Her father was unpacking his briefcase at the desk. He really was attractive for an older man. “Ok Daddy,” I said. She rummaged in her suitcase for the bathing suit she had just bought. She didn’t know what had come over her, buying a bikini so small, especially with her extremely large breasts. It was the only bathing suit she had packed. She let out a breath and decided that this was a new town, and even if it was only for the long weekend she was going to grab life by the horns and hang on. She would say yes to anything she would normally dismiss in a heartbeat. She would flirt with every man she came in contact with. And she would dress outside of her comfort zone.

She took the suit into the bathroom to change. She left the bathroom door cracked and she could see her father’s reflection in the full-length mirror across from the door. He was sitting at his desk with his back toward the mirror. But if he turned around, would he see her changing? She turned her back to the door and quickly changed. Then she realized she forgot her towel in her bag. She would normally cover up, or even wear a t-shirt swimming. With a brave step, she opened the door and walked across the room. Her father was writing something and didn’t even notice. She grabs the towel from her bag and then walks up to her father. “Daddy?” He mumbled yes. “I’ll leave you to your work then. But if you get done early, why don’t you come and join me?” She leaned down planting a kiss on her father’s cheek. He breasts brushing his arms and shoulder as she moved. He looked up then, face level with his daughter’s barely covered breasts and flat stomach. He couldn’t help, his eyes traveled down to the small triangle of fabric covering the sensitive flesh between her legs. She noticed him looking at her. So she took a half step back and slowly turned.

“Do you like it, Daddy?”

His voice caught in his throat. He swallowed hard as he watched her turn, her round ass just inches from his face. “Yes,” he stammered. “Is that new?”

“Yes, I just bought it for this trip.” She slowly turned back around. He was still staring at her body. “Don’t forget to come and join me.” She walked to the door. He heart was pounding. She made her way down to the pool thinking that maybe the water would help calm her nerves.

He watched her walk out of the room. Her mostly bare ass jiggling with each step. Her hips gently swaying. He could feel that he was semi-hard. When the door clicked closed it was if it broke the trance he was in. He shook his head and turned back to the desk. He was slightly more hurried to make the next few calls. When the next secretary put him on hold for what seemed like forever he got up and started pacing the room. He walked over to the window and looked down at the pool. He didn’t see Isabella at first. Then her head popped up from under the water and she stood up. The water only came to her waist and was streaming down her body as she slicked her hair back and out of the way. She walked over to the stairs, climbing out of the water. Everyone at the pool couldn’t help but watch her because she was absolutely stunning. She bent over to pick up her towel off the chair. He was surprised when he heard the secretary coming back on the phone, “Do you want her?”

“Oh my God forgive me, yes I do,” he said as he stared at his daughter.

“Excuse me, sir?”

“What? Uh…what did you ask?”

“Do you want her to call you back? She’s in a meeting right Şişli Escort now.”

He shook his head again, rubbing his hand over his face. He turned away from the window, “No, thank you. I will call her back in the morning.” He ended the call and sat on the edge of the bed. The door to the room opened and in stepped Isabella, with a towel wrapped around her. “Back so soon baby?”

“It was lonely without you. Are you done your calls?”

“Yes. I just finished.”

“Great, I’m going to take a shower.” She walked into the bathroom, again leaving the door cracked. He heard the water turn on and then the sound of the shower curtain. He walked up to the bathroom door. The shower curtain wasn’t completely transparent but it was enough to see his busty daughter standing there, massaging her hair with shampoo. He took out his phone, so tempted to take a picture. He shoved it back in his pocket. The water shut off and he quickly made his way over to the desk. He didn’t know what to do so he just picked up the phone and dialed the front desk. He was ordering room service from the downstairs restaurant when Isabella came out of the bathroom wrapped in her towel.

“Change of plans sweetie. I don’t really feel like going out. I’m tired so I ordered room service. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No of course not. I’d like to just spend some time with you.”

“Great. Well, then I am going to take a shower myself.” He walked into the bathroom. He then realized he hadn’t brought in any sleep pants or anything to wear after the shower. When he went back into the room he saw his naked daughter bent over at the other end of the room. Her ass looked so nice and round, like a perfect heart. And in the center of that heart, he could see just a bit of her pussy lips. In that instant, he wanted to know what she felt like.

She knew he had walked in on her bent over. Her heart was racing. What should she do? She was too scared to stand up and let him know that she caught him looking at her. But she secretly loved it. She wanted him to just come over to her and make her do things that she only wished to do. She grabbed a tank top out of her bag and stood up, sliding it over her head and down over her bare breasts. Her nipples were hard. And she could feel the wetness between her legs. She then picked up a pair of panties and slid them on. As she stood up again her father cleared his throat.

“I thought you were in the shower Daddy.” She turns to look at him and his face is slightly flushed.

“I just needed to grab my pajamas.”


“Do me a favor? Put something on over that before the guy delivers the food.” He turned back toward the bathroom with his clothes in hand.

“Sure Daddy,” she smiles. She picks up his button down business shirt that was hanging on the back of the chair for the next day and puts it on. It’s too big for her so she rolls up the sleeves. She doesn’t bother buttoning it, though. She hears the water turn on. She walks over to the bathroom door and sees the door is shut but not latched. She pushes on it slightly just to make a crack. She sees her father in the shower. She’s surprised to see when he turns in a profile that his cock is standing erect in front of him. She pushes the door open just a bit wider. Now she has a much better view and can see her father’s full outline behind the thin shower curtain. He squeezes the bottle of body soap into his hands and then starts to run them all over his body. She watches as his soapy hands travel down to his erection. He starts sliding his hands up and down his shaft, throwing his head back and slowly thrusting in and out of his soapy hand. Isabella’s nipples harden and start to rub on the door frame where she is leaning. She moves one hand inside her panties as she watches her father stroking himself. She can hear his very soft moans over the sound of the water. She gently rubs her clit. Her other hand gently on the door knob holding on. She hears him muttering something but she can’t make it out over the sound of the water. His thrusting is getting faster into his hand. She turns her head so she can hear better but she cannot see what is going on.

“Oh yes baby girl. Show Daddy how much you like that cock.” Isabella gasps in surprise. Her heart is pounding. But she’s so turned on. “Take that cock, let me feel my baby’s tight little pussy.” She had never heard her father say anything like this. “That’s right baby girl. I’m going to fuck your ass now.” He starts frantically thrusting into his fist.

There’s a knock at the door which startles Isabella. She loses her balance just Şişli Escort Bayan slightly but that pushes the bathroom door open all the way quickly. Startled her father yells out and turns toward the wall.

“Sorry, Dad! Dinner is here!” She shuts the door hard. She hears the shower turn off and she opens the door, forgetting completely that she had never buttoned the shirt. The waiter looks her up and down and stops at her large breasts. He can see her hard nipples through the tight fabric. He never takes his eyes off her boobs as he brings in the cart and leaves it. When her father walks out of the bathroom in a t-shirt and pajamas there is no evidence of the raging hard on he had been stroking just moments earlier.

They put on a movie and settled down to dinner. It was dark outside already. When the movie ended Isabella’s father said they should tuck in for the night. He had a long day of meetings the next day. They crawled into their respective beds and said goodnight. But neither one fell asleep. Isabella could not stop thinking of the words she had heard from her father. Would he really make her do that? The thought should have been scary or disgusting but it wasn’t. She looked over at her father, lying so still on his back. She couldn’t tell if he was asleep or awake but she thought he was awake. She stood up and walked over to the window. They had closed the curtains before it got dark outside. But now she opened them just a little to look outside. The lights over the pool were casting light across her bed. She crawled back into bed, her body now highlighted by the light from the window. Her father turned his head slightly to see what she was doing. Isabella started lightly running her fingertips across her breasts, making the nipples hard. She cupped and massaged her breasts through the thin fabric but it wasn’t enough. She wanted to feel skin touching skin. She peeked over at her father and his eyes looked closed. So she lifted her tank top up and slid it over her breasts, exposing them to the cool air in the room. He could feel his cock getting hard. He knew he shouldn’t watch his daughter touch herself like this. But he couldn’t stop looking at her beautiful body. She ran her hands all over her breasts and then down her stomach and between her legs. He couldn’t see exactly what she was doing because of the sheets but the way her body was writhing told him that she was making herself feel good.

One hand probing between her legs, the other hand pinching her own nipples, she looked over at her father, just laying there. She could see he was getting another erection. She could see the bulge under the sheets. He was obviously awake and watching her. She wondered how far she could go before he would stop her. She took her fingers from between her legs and licked them. She heard her father in the next bed roll over on his side facing her. She had never tasted her own juices before but they tasted so good. A very soft moan escaped her lips. She cut it short and put her fingers back between her legs but this time conveniently pushing the covers off of her. She was exposed from mid-thigh to breast. Her father was just laying there with his hand on his cock, watching this surreal moment. He started rubbing his cock. She could see his arm moving ever so slightly. She pretended that she didn’t notice and just kept playing with her clit with one hand. She bent her knees up and out, opening her pussy so the fingers of her other hand could penetrate her. Her movements were getting faster. Her breath was getting quicker. She could see her father was pumping his cock harder. He had stopped pretending to be asleep and wasn’t even trying to hide what he was doing anymore. She couldn’t take her eyes off his hard cock when he pulled the blankets off. She felt her first orgasm starting to wash over her. Her body was spasming. She could feel the warmth coming up from her feet and tingling all over her body. She cried out, unable to keep quiet any longer. They locked eyes. For an instant, all they could see was each other’s eyes. All they could feel was the pleasure they were giving their own body. And in that instant, they both lost all fear.

Her father swung his legs off the bed and stood up. “Get over here and suck this cock.” He pointed to the floor in front of him. Isabella didn’t hesitate. “Yes Daddy,” she said as she got down on her knees. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed his large cock in as far as it would go. She gagged. He pulled back and then slowly thrust forward again. She gagged again. Spit was running down his cock. “That’s it baby girl. Show Daddy Escort Şişli whose cock you want.” She started thrusting her head forward, taking his cock in and out of her mouth quickly. “Oh yes, your mouth feels so good.” He grabs her hair and starts fucking her mouth. Then he pulls her mouth off of him, pulling her hair so she has to look up at him. “I want to taste that sweet pussy before I fuck it.”

Isabella’s eyes get big and she just stares at her father’s face, his wet throbbing cock just an inch from her mouth. “Stand up and bend over like you were earlier today.” She stands up and bends over, putting her hands on the mattress. Her father drops to his knees behind her and licks up her pussy lips, up the crack of her ass. She shivers. She has never had anyone touch her like that before. He does it again, this time pushing his tongue deeper into her folds, brushing past her clit, up her slit and asshole. “Oh my god,” she whispers.

“Louder baby girl.”

“What?!” She tries to turn around to look at her father.

“I said louder!” He smacks her ass and she squeals. “Bend over!”

She bends back over the bed, “Yes Daddy.”

“Mmmmm,” he licks her slit again, “That’s my good girl.”

“Oh My God Daddy!”

He licks her again this time sucking her clit into his mouth and sticking two fingers into her virgin pussy. Instinctively she bends even further into the bed, going up on her toes to expose as much of herself to her father’s face as possible. Plunging his fingers inside of her, and licking her clit makes her start to quiver again. She then feels his thumb massaging at her asshole. She startles.

“I never said you could stop this. You are mine baby girl. Daddy is going to take what he wants.” She knows she should be upset by this but she is so turned on.

He shoves his face back into her pussy and starts to probe her ass with his thumb. She leans back into it. It feels so good and scary at the same time. He starts pumping his thumb in and out of her has, his hand ramming into her pussy. She’s hit with another orgasm and nearly collapses on the bed.

Her father pulls her back up off the bed by her hair, but not hard enough to hurt. “Now come and sit on Daddy’s lap.”

He sits at the head of the bed, propped up by pillows. She stands next to the bed and looks down at his erection still standing tall. She straddles his legs and he guides his big cock into his daughter’s tight pussy. She’s so wet he just slides right in. He takes her massive tits in his hands and massages them. He leans forward and sucks on them. It feels so good Isabella starts rocking her hips back and forth, her father’s dick sliding in and out of her. He wraps his arms around her back, pressing his face into her breasts and sucking on her nipples. One hand he reaches up and grabs the back of her neck, supporting her as she leans back a little. His other hand he massages her clit with his thumb while she grinds on him.

She starts bouncing up and down on him, faster and faster she rides until she feels her third orgasm wash over her. This one wasn’t as intense but he could feel as her muscles tightened around his shaft.

“Now clean me off.” She gets up and goes to get a wash cloth. “No, with your mouth.”

“Oh!” She comes back over to him. His cock is throbbing now. She licks up and down his shaft, tasting her own juices all over him. The more she sucks on him the more she wants. He grabs her ass and pulls it around to him so he can finger her ass while she sucks her cum off his cock. She releases him from her mouth to scream out in pleasure. “Oh My God! YES DADDY!”

“Get on your knees on the edge of the bed.”

She gets on her knees and she feels his huge cock now pressing at the entrance to her ass. He puts his hands on her hips and pulls her back slowly onto him. Her father lets out a deep moan. Slowly, inch by inch, his long cock disappears into his daughter’s tight, virgin ass. He reaches forward and pulls her up toward him. He plays with her tits and pinches her nipples. “Play with your clit baby,” he whispers into her ear. She reaches down and starts rubbing her clit as he thrusts deep into her ass. His arms are wrapped around her, clutching her breasts as they bounce. He looks down and the vision of his cock disappearing into his sweet daughter’s jiggly ass is almost too much. He’s so close to cumming. He slides his left hand up to circle loosely around her throat and slams his cock into her ass. “Scream out for Daddy.” She starts to scream “Fuck me Daddy!” and he loses control. His hand squeezes tighter around her throat for leverage and he slams his cock in and out of her, his balls slapping her hand that is frantically rubbing her clit. He starts to spasm, shooting hot cum into his daughter’s ass.

He pulls out of her, turns her around and kisses her deep on the mouth. “Come climb in bed with Daddy.”

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