College Crush


He was not particularly ripped or muscular, but when he stood in the doorway with just a pair of shorts on, my cock jumped to life. Maybe it was the way he confidently stood with more weight on his left leg, one hand on his hip, the other holding the door frame. I could see a small brown tuft of hair in his armpit and this image of him burned into me. The room was full of college guys, like me, playing a football videogame. He said something to someone else, but I did not hear the words as my jaw slowly dropped. Just as suddenly as he appeared into the bedroom, he was gone and eventually I picked up my jaw and tried to snap out of it. I had not had a fag-like thought in a long time – going back to my early, confused high school locker room days, but here I was all twisted up inside. At the time, I had no girlfriend, but now I was entertaining the thought of having my first boyfriend. Finally, it was my turn to play and I switched my focus to the videogame. I lost a close game and decided to head back to my apartment.

His name was Robbie and I had never really took notice of him before, but now I could not get him out of my head – both heads. On the ride back home, my cock started stirring in my pants and when I pulled into the parking spot, I had to gather myself, lose some of my swelling and put my hand in my left pocket to hide the semi-lump that simply would not go away. As soon as I got in my bedroom, I closed and locked the door, pulled my shorts off and laid on the bed on my back. No sooner was I on my back, that I started stroking my raging hard-on. In less than 10 seconds, I whispered a moan of “Ohhhh Robbie” and exploded all over myself. Long ropes of cum splashing up and down my chest and abs. Some had even hit my neck.

What was going on here? As recently as last night I was looking high and low for a hot looking girl and now I was blowing a load in record time for some guy. For many years, I had seen hundreds, probably thousands of guys in various shapes and sizes – and modes of dress from naked to tuxedoes with no sexual effect on me, but now I was staying hard after a stunningly intense orgasm that made my toes curl after about 6 or 7 pumps. I started to rub my cum all over my tan six-packed belly and soon I was pumping my cock again. This time I started fantasizing about Robbie kissing me, about Robbie getting naked and finally about Robbie getting on top of me…and pow! My dick erupted again all over my stomach and pubic hair. After this I fell asleep and when I woke from the small nap my cum had dried on my chest, belly and cock. I decided to get up and shower so I could go out to the party tonight and maybe hook up with some girl or something.

The night did not go as planned. I am pretty picky about the girls I am interested in and there was nobody there that piqued my interest, but I had a good time anyway and eventually walked the mile or so back home with a slight beer buzz. I was asleep in no time and dreaming. The rest of week went by and from time to time I would see Robbie in the cafeteria at school and I would say hi to him in a normal way even though my insides were all twisted up. College was pretty tough this semester and I was very busy all week. As the weekend approached, I woke up Friday morning with a start…I was soaked with sweat and not only that, my pants were soaked with cum, too. As the wet dream started to fade from my head, the last thing I remembered was that it was about my new fascination…Robbie. As I cleaned myself up, I could not stop smiling for some reason. I suddenly realized that I had a crush, a gay crush, and for some unknown reason I was okay with it. I went to class that morning and when I saw him at lunchtime, the now familiar stomach lurch came on, but this time I gave him a big smile and an energetic “hey there”. It did not seem to register any particular response with him except the normal one, but that was okay. As I finished my lunch with little quick glances in his direction, a little game of ‘do I or don’t I’ was spinning through my head. All of sudden, he got up and started walking away, since there was lots of activity in the cafeteria, my eyes slowly drifted over to his departing ass in shorts – the same shorts he had on the other day and down to his manly, slightly hairy legs. He was gorgeous – how did I not notice him before? It was then and there I decided that I was going to make a move on him and if he rejected me, then he rejected me. If he told people that I hit on him, I would deny everything. I had to take a chance, his tight ass and sexy tan legs were worth it. The vision of him standing in the doorway made my mind hum with frequent homosexual thoughts of him. My dick was embarrassingly rigid and it took 10 minutes before I could stand up to leave. The rest of the day I developed my plan and when the time was right, I would go for it.

I was constantly masturbating about him – alone in my room, driving in my car, whenever I was alone, and always before I went to sleep at night. I had even started to explore my ass Sakarya Escort with my finger, pretending it was him trying to gain entrance to my intimate anal insides. Every time I blew my load, his name was on my lips. It took a couple days, but finally the timing was right. He was alone at the lunch table, his friends had not arrived yet and no one was anywhere in earshot. I got up and walked over opposite him at the table and quickly sat down. Before I lost my nerve, I started to blurt out my rehearsed words.

“Look Robbie, I have a major crush on you and have for some time now,” I paused to catch my breath. My voice was ragged with nervousness and his beautiful blue eyes were making my knees weak. I continued, “anyway, if you are attracted to me in anyway, I will be by your window at midnight. If you want me to come in, keep it unlocked. If not, locked it and I will go away like this conversation never happened.”

With that I shot up and left the lunch room. My body was shaking with nervousness and excitement. The verbal exchange had lasted less than 15 seconds and in that time the only thing I noticed about his face was that the color had drained from his face a bit and his eyes got bigger – from also being attracted to me or being repulsed by my advances, I could not tell and I was way too nerve-racked to stay and find out. I had a feeling, he was watching me leave and I was half-tempted to wiggle my rear for him, but I was shaking so badly I probably would have fell.

The plan was a good one – either his first floor window would be locked or unlocked – cut and dry – either I would have my first boyfriend (making me blush just thinking about it) or I would go back to scoping out chicks.

I drove over to Robbie’s place at midnight and for some reason, I was more hard then nervous. I confidently got out of my car with my keys and “roll of quarters” and walked over to his window through the mulch. The moon was full and my moonshadow was cast on the window and into his room. I paused, bit my lower lip, grabbed the window and lifted up. The window lifted easily – realizing that I had been holding my breath, I let it out and swung my right leg into the room. As my full body entered, I straightened and looked up to see Robbie standing in the middle of the room in just his underwear. In his underwear was a hard-on and if he could have seen my darkened face, he would have seen me blush in gay excitement. My own cock which was straining in my tight, green shorts jumped to the top of my waistband. I almost creamed my pants right then and there. Without a word, we stepped to each other and gently enfolding in each others arms, we started to touch our lips. I had never kissed another guy before, but for some reason this felt so right. I opened my lips slightly and he did the same sliding his tongue in to meet mine. We started to kiss very romantically at first and then our hot bodies came together the kissing became more urgent. He broke the kiss and quickly lifted my shirt off of me and dropped just my shorts, so we were both in our underwear. He was back in my arms in a flash and we continued our kissing. He broke the kiss again, bent slightly since he was a little bit taller than me and started kissing my neck. I moaned – my first of many that night. I hooked my thumb and forefinger in the waistband of his underwear and he did the same to me. Ever so slowly, we lowered each others last line of defense. My dick popped out of my underwear and pointed straight up at the ceiling. When my underwear got to about the half-thigh, they fell the rest of the way and I stepped out of them. For some reason, Robbie’s got stuck and we broke the kiss, giggled like little school girls and he knocked his underwear down the rest of the way. He stood there for a moment in the moonlight, naked, and utterly gorgeous. My eyes were immediately on his gorgeous, fully-engorged manhood and I think his eyes were on mine, but I was too focused and mesmerized to notice. His cut cock was also pointing straight up and like him was long and of average width. It slightly curved to the left and I wasn’t sure if I could fit something that big into my little college-aged ass, but I so wanted to try. He was more than I had imagined and I am surprised that I did not gasp (or blow) as I took him in with my senses. He even smelled good. Without moving my gaze, I picked up my jaw and whispered thickly, “thank you for leaving the window unlocked, Robbie.”

“It has been unlocked since I got home this afternoon in case you decided to come over early, Brian.” His voice was low and sounded nervous. For some reason, I was not nervous anymore, just excited. He followed up with, “so how do we do this, I have never been with a guy before?”

“Me either…how about we measure up against each other and whoever is bigger, gets to call the shots?”

He responded by closing the distance and putting our hard cocks together – obviously he did not want to waste any more time with this issue. When our cocks touched both Adapazarı Escort of them jumped and we giggled as a chill went up my spine…he was slightly bigger than me by about a quarter of an inch and I was okay with that. In fact, I was more than okay with that…I realized that I was hoping for it. I wanted him to be the man in the relationship and I wanted to be taken by him. Without my even thinking about it, my body and mind started to transform. Even though I was more muscular and stronger than him, I started to feel more and more feminine. I blushed and this time he saw it. Then I blinked my eyes and my jaw slackened as my new role became apparent to me.

I said in a rather feminine whisper for me, “it looks like you are bigger than me, Robbie.”

He met my eyes and said, “I guess so.” His gaze was penetrating and I wonder if he was transforming into his new role also. He put his hands on my hips and I instinctively put mine around his neck like a girl. I bit my lower lip and let him take the lead. Our hard dicks touched again and I sighed.

“Robbie…I am all yours,” I whispered. It came out more like a whimper…I was already whipped by him and completely helpless to his commands. Within a minute, we went from man-on-man to man-on-boy/girl. I would fulfill whatever role he wanted me in. He moved in for another French kiss and this time I just opened my mouth and let him slide his tongue inside of my mouth as I moaned into his embrace. My fingers slid into his hair and his hands dropped to my ass. Within moments I was swooning in his arms as he gently squeezed and spread my ass. Our cocks were rubbing together and all of sudden I shuddered and a wetness splashed up between us making our bellies sticky and wet.

Robbie quickly stepped back surprised. I quickly blubbered in a hushed whisper, “I am so sorry. It just happened.” I was embarrassed by my premature orgasm, but not surprised by it. Robbie looked at my cum dripping down his lower torso and then seemed to slowly collect himself. I lowered my head like a naughty puppy hoping that I had not ruined the night.

“It’s okay, it just startled me a little bit.”

“Do you want me to clean it off of you…,” I paused for a moment, collected myself, and then in a husky voice I finished, “or lick it off you?”

He said nothing. He just closed the distance between us, mashing our bodies together and started kissing me furiously. My one hand went back to his hair, the other now went to his ass and pulled him close to me. His hands were all over my ass again…I stayed hard, as he started grinding against me. My prematurely ejaculated cum was getting sticky, yet our hard dicks were sliding easily between us. I was gone – at that moment he was my everything and all I wanted to do was to pleasure my new man.

He spun me around like we were slow dancing so my back was to his bed and he slowly walked our entwined bodies backward. My heart started to pound when I realized where we were headed. I was well on my way to getting laid by Robbie in Robbie’s bed. As my ass met with the bed, I slowly bent at the waist without taking my eyes off of his eyes and sat as femininely as I could and started to swing my leg over the sheets, when he stopped me with his hand and moved me back to my sitting position on his bed. I was so hot for this guy. He then stepped forward and his cock was right in front of my face…I knew exactly what to do. I smiled up at him, slid my hands behind his ass eagerly and pulled him the extra inch toward my mouth. I was practically drooling when I started my lick from the bottom of his balls, to the base of his shaft and then up to his purple cockhead. Then I made an “O” with my mouth and slowly slid down on his hardness so I could feel every curve and vein as it passed my lips. It was my first experience with cocksucking, but I had been on the other end plenty of times to know how I liked it and this was what I was doing to him. My cock jumped and slapped my belly to let me know that it was happy with what I was doing, too. As my mouth reached his pubes, I tried to inhale his manly odor. His big cock was dangerously close to making me gag, but I fought off the urge. His pubes smelled strange, but I found myself liking it. I slowly started to slide my mouth back up his shaft and Robbie moaned – much like I used to do when I was getting blown by a girl. Except now I was the girl and could not think of any place I would rather be than blowing my new man (I would change my mind about this later when I was on my back, but at the moment it was wonderful). It was wonderful – his hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth – the only thought in my mind was wow. I decided at that moment that I would swallow him whole when he came, but then realized that he was the man in this newfound relationship and I was his boy. As I got to the top of his beautiful manliness, I opened my eyes, looked up at him with my head thrown all the way back, smiling and asked with a new gay whimper I had been working Serdivan Escort on for all of 5 minutes.

“I love how you taste Robbie…do you want me to swallow or do you want to blow your cream all over my face?”

“If you don’t mind, Brian, I would like to blow my load all over your pretty face,” he said. He sounded like a man in charge and if I could have swooned anymore I would have. I also noticed that he called me pretty and I gushed with joy inside. My smile could not have been any bigger and when I got my lips back onto his luscious cock I was still smiling as I slid my mouth masterfully down on his fully engorged dick. My dick jumped again and my body got tingly all over. After going down slowly a couple more times, I kept one hand on his ass and with the other one I made a ring with my forefinger and thumb and encircled the base of his shaft. Then I started to pick up the pace, moaning around him as much as a could. I also started sliding the hand on his ass down his sexy leg and back up to his ass. It did not take long when I felt his cock getting even bigger and harder than it was – I knew what this meant and the butterflies in my tummy started up again. Just as he started to command me to pull my mouth off of him, I quickly disengaged him completely, sat back and pulled my head back so he would have full access to my face. Just as quickly he brought his right hand to his cock and started to feverishly masturbate. I realized, almost too late, that I was back too far and shimmied my body forward so my chin was positioned a couple of inches under his balls. I whispered urgently, “Robbie please cum on my face, make me your little slut.”

With that he grunted rather loudly and shot out his first load. I actually heard it come out of him – there was a lot of force behind it. I have no idea where it landed, but the second shot found its mark right on my nose. I hissed my approval as a third, fourth and then fifth load erupted from his majesty. Each hitting my smiling face and making me flinch a little. I was fascinated how one of his testacles was hanging low and the other was up tight pumping sperm over and over because of my blowjob. I was being paid for my hard work and it was sooooo hot. My gay-flushed face was covered in his cum and I loved it. As he started to milk his cock he stated through gritted teeth, “suck the rest of it.” I moved as fast as I possibly could and took him into my mouth to get the last few drops of his salty nectar – moving both hands to his warm ass to make sure he could not escape my lustful clutches. It tasted salty, but I found myself liking it.

As I swallowed the remaining cum out of his shaft and felt some of his cum sliding down my face, I realized that I was completely and totally gay for my new boyfriend Robbie. As he slowly softened, I released him and sat up straight on the bed feeling proud of myself.

“Do I look as claimed by you, as I feel?”

Robbie replied, “you look very beautiful with my cum on your pretty face. Just curious, how long did you have a crush on me?”

“Since that day that you were standing in the doorway to Marc’s room and we were playing football,” I said in a gushing whisper.

“I wished you not have waited so long, because I always thought you were cute too – from the moment I met you and the way you said hi to me the other day got me thinking. I never would have had the guts to approach you though.”

I just closed my eyes and moaned my satisfaction of his words for a couple seconds. When I opened my eyes, Robbie was on his knees and in between my legs. I spread them wider, so he could have better access to whatever he wanted. Any prior resistance I had was completely and utterly gone. He masterfully grasped my cock and started to jerk me off, leaning down to kiss my throbbing cockhead a couple times. His other hand pointed at me and he slowly proceeded to move it to my ass. I rolled my hips slightly and he started to finger my hole. It felt great and within 2 minutes I started to squirt cum again moaning his name over and over while cumming. I was starting to get louder and louder – hopefully his roommates did not wake up. His one hand slowly came to a stop on my cock, but his finger never stopped sliding in and out of me.

“I have a special surprise for us tonight,” he said suddenly.

Since my eyes were still squeezed shut, I now opened them. In his hand was small bottle of KY Jelly. He was more prepared than I was tonight – I was much more focused on the window being locked or not. Pinched in between the tube of lubricant and his finger was a 3 pack of condoms.

I simply said in my gayest voice possible, “Ohhhh Robbbbie” and started to slide back onto his bed on my back like a helpless turtle. I bent my knees and put my hands on them and spread my legs as far as I could. He climbed on the bed at the foot and shuffled forward on his knees. I immediately noticed that he was hard again and I gasped in delight blushing gaily again. I was nervous because I never had a dick in my ass before, but with Robbie I was willing to try anything. He smiled down at me and noticed the deer in the headlight look on my face. His cum was starting to drip off my face on to the sheets and dry, but he didn’t seem to care, so I didn’t either. It was a reminder that he was in charge.

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