Cindy, Me, and her Brothers! Ch. 01


My wife Cindy was from a tight knit Mormon family. She was a bit unconventional. That may be why she married me. My religion was “Heathen Fucking Methodist” at the time. News of a cute guy not being Mormon gave Mormon females a deer-in-the-headlights look. They would look at your face and then down at your dick. No slow once-over either, it was eyes, and then straight to your dick. Apparently Mormon dick leaves the ladies searching for more.

The first time I meet Cindy my gaze went from her eyes right to her tits. I’m always looking for a set of big knockers. and there weren’t any D-Cups on Cindy. I later asked her out because I thought I could fuck her. Turns out I could fuck her, but it was after I married her. I thought she was going to cave after I put the engagement ring on her finger. Instead I tried the line about making sure we were compatible.

“Whip you dick out and we’ll see!”

To which I got the answer I wasn’t looking for.

“Yeah, I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t fit!

I stood there with it sticking out in it’s full seven inches of glory.

“Okay, you can put it away now.”

There was a lot to learn about Cindy. The wedding came before I got to lay a finger on her. Guys can be so stupid some times. I tried to discuss birth control with her. When I’m fucking my wife I wanted to be fucking my wife, not the inside of some condom.

“Oh, birth control. I’ve been on the pill since I was fifteen to regulate my period. It’s the kind where I only have a few per year.”

Well that wasn’t so bad. At least my sex life wouldn’t be fucked up with her having a rag tied to her ass several days per month.

So, the wedding bells chimed and I finally got some pussy. That was after what I thought were B-Cups turned out to be overflowing and packed in hard. These things were a C-Cup and maybe then some. Instead of immediately going for some pussy I was enthralled with kissing her tits and sucking nipples. Turns out she had the boobs of the girl of my dreams and I didn’t know about it.

She practically had to distract me to get me to her sweet little snatch with some words I never expected from my little Mormon bride.

“I really need you to fuck me!”

“Fuck me!” My brain was screaming. I could not believe she’d say fuck me!

I got in position, she had my cock in her hand. I looked down to watch her put it in her when I saw that she had a shaved pussy. What kind of a Mormon girl would make a guy wait months for sex and then show up with a shaved pussy? As much as I wanted to fuck her I wiggled away, slid down the bed and buried my face in her just married twat.

I mean my tongue was going everywhere. Licking baby smooth lips, then deep in her slit, licking and sucking her clit. I looked like a hog rooting for truffles.

She felt it coming and I could tell I had her at the edge of an orgasm. I slid my hands under her round little ass to raise her pussy tighter to my face. After months of being under her control it was now me calling the shots. She squirmed to get away and I held tight. Her trying to get away heightened everything for both of us.

Once she was near the edge there was no stopping her. She had been leaking her juices from the first time my tongue went in her, Now she had arched her back and her whole body was trembling when she screamed as a pool of her girl cum puddled onto my tongue. I had never felt that kind of control using my dick in some woman.

“What the fuck did you just do to me? I wanted your cock in me!”

Apparently I just didn’t marry the church lady after all! I was still on my stomach with my hands under her ass. I looked at her over her pussy mound, between her tits and onto her face? She had a rather amused, yet desperate look on her face. I looked back at her now open cunt where another gob of girl cum clung between her outer lips. I lapped it into my mouth causing her to flinch and knock her snatch into my mouth. I ran my tongue up her slit and tried to suck more of her juices to swallow.

“Oh, God. That’s too intense. Put your cock in and fuck me!”

Look who was begging who this time. I could wait to cum in her. I liked this and I could do it all night.

“Sometimes intense is good!” I mocked her.

I snickered a little as my face became part of her again. After a short struggle she gave in and whimpered and wiggled through one little orgasm after another. I looked up at her and she was working her nipples. Welcome to married life, bitch!

Then soon I brought her over the top again even more violently. She laid there not mentioning fucking her. As she was coming down I kissed her pussy and swallowed even more juices from her hard orgasm. I’m not sure she knew who she was at that time. Words came out incoherent and at random. I started her into another journey. This time I let her cum time and time again while not giving her the ultimate release. I could see the bedside clock, an hour and twenty minutes of my wife Cindy having her cunt eaten.

Combining the Şirinevler Escort three sessions all she had known for over three hours was the sensation of my tongue in her cunt and my lips sucking her clit. This wasn’t the same woman that I had dated for months that wouldn’t let me fuck her. This woman was wild and out of control, constantly moving in reaction to having her twat teased and devoured.

I didn’t care about fucking her any more. Matter of fact at the time I didn’t care if I ever fucked her. Who would have thought completely destroying a woman by eating her cunt could be so much fun?

My mouth would suck one outer lip into my mouth and gently chew and run my tongue along it, then the other. In developing the pattern that would blow her mind I would lunge at her clit and be sucking it hard into my mouth teasing and nipping at the explosive little bud.

Her head would flop uncontrolled side to side, she was attacking her tits, her mound was humping into my face, and her legs were in the air and flailing. This time I would not move away from her clit. She heaved violently and lay still on the bed except that her legs were still jerking as the orgasm continued in my now unconscious new bride.

I moved up to kiss her mouth. Her face was contorted into a very weird expression as if she was frozen in an orgasmic state. Instead I checked the pulse in her neck and went into the bathroom. In front of the mirror I pumped my cock a half dozen times and sprayed a big load of sperm in the sink.

Then I sat on the toilet to piss and thought about how my wedding night was far from what I had expected it to be.

Cindy was out. Dead to the world. I could hear her breathing in sleep breaths. She didn’t stir when I got into bed. She lay in a fuck position with her legs spread. Her nipples were hard and her tummy had little trembles while she slept. Her little shaved pussy was tightened back up to a slit of pink.


I spent a lot of my wedding night awake next to my new wife. The smell of her pussy was still on my face and her taste was embedded in my mouth. Around 3:00 A.M. I went into the bathroom and jacked myself off in the sink rather that waking her to fuck her. Cindy had just gotten the wedding night to remember if she could remember it at all.

Morning came. I got up and opened the drapes on the hotel window. My new wife reacted to the light by murmuring something indistinct and cuddled herself into the fetal position.

After a few minutes she raised up to look around the room. Her wedding dress was laid out on a chair and the clothes we wore to the hotel were neatly piled on the floor. She turned towards the window, squinting at the light.

“Good Morning, Mrs. Baxter!” I greeted her.

“Oh, My God … “

That was it! She wrapped herself in the sheet to go into the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and the shower come on. I let myself in and opened the shower to join my new wife. She put her arm across her boobs and the other hand over her pussy.

“I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

She came out wrapped in a towel and reached for the clothes we had worn the night before. Still with the towel around her … “

“You can go in there now.”

Motioning towards the shower. She seemed frightened and confused.

“We need to get dressed and get downstairs while they are still serving breakfast.” She added.

“I’ve got the breakfast I want right here.”

She clutched at the towel. I pulled on it until she let go. Even though she was pretty average she looked beautiful standing there with her nice tits and shaved pussy in plain view.

She gave a little smile.

“You want to eat my pussy for breakfast?” She giggled.

I smiled at her.

“Okay, but this time when I say stop we stop!”

She laid back and spread her thighs to give me access as if the wrapped sheet and towel and the ban from the shower had meant nothing. Her little slit opened slightly as I moved forward and kissed it. The concept of a bald pussy is an amazing thing. Kissing was all I did for several minutes, Usually kissing her shaved lips, but an occasional dip of my tongue inside and a quick lap over her little clit.

She was into it. I still had my hands locked under her ass to pull her to me, but she had one hand, fingers in my hair, pulling my face in a little tighter. Her hips started to roll and her pussy flexed towards me. Instead of trying to get away she wanted me deeper. I pushed my tongue to full depth and licked deep. Little noises of appreciation were coming as little grunts from my new wife.

Her juices were flowing. A nectar I knew of which I could never get enough. I took it into my mouth and savored the flavor. Cindy was stepping it up towards an orgasm. I went for her clit and sucked the little button between my teeth. No biting, just enough pressure that she knew I wasn’t letting go as my tongue lapped and encased it.

I wasn’t expecting Şirinevler Escort Bayan her to let me go a half hour at her pussy. I was beginning to think she was trying to control the situation when her cunt crashed into me and her cunt lips widened and rubbed hard against my mouth. Her back arched and her stomach started convulsing like the night before. I looked up at her face. She was trying to hold her head up to watch as it flailed from side to side. Her free hand was mashing her tit, then pinched and pulled her nipples out from her chest. Her eyes rolled back a little as both hands were quickly dispatched to the back of my head to slam me into her wildly lubricating cunt.

There was a flood of that tasty nectar. I didn’t let any escape and she broke into a string of profanity, then relaxed. I had gotten her again. I didn’t even think about fucking her. I was thinking about a real breakfast.

Cindy was quiet. One hand came down and manipulated her cunt, sliding over her clit and along her slippery opening.

“Wow! No one has ever done to me before!”

What an odd thing to say for a new bride that implied virginity. Was she a virgin? I don’t know. I still hadn’t tried to fuck her. What did “No one has ever done to me before” mean? As opposed to what? What had been done to her?

I decided to get another taste of her. She had said she would be the one to say no! I slid my tongue up the length of her tiny little gash. Cindy sighed and gave a wiggle like she was trying to settle herself down into the bed. One hand came down to tighten my face into her crotch. She was a bit more touchy this time. Reactions came a little more quickly and severe. She let herself cum. I could taste it. Her ass was moving a lot challenging me to keep my face lined up with her cunt. It was another orgasm. I could taste it flowing onto my tongue.

She relaxed. I pulled her ass closer and buried my tongue deep in her. I guess the term would be that she came unglued. I thought she was going to take us off the bed. I thought about what she said about that never being done to her before.

I watched her come back to reality and regain some composure. She seemed spaced out.




“Oh, sure …”

“Love you.”

“Let me get dressed.” She countered.

That fell flat. No I love you ,too. She picked up her clothes. She threw her panties and bra back onto the floor and put on her shirt and shorts. She looked at me and smiled.

I gave her a puzzled look.


For months you’ve been all buttoned down and had your boobs strapped into a military grade bra too small for you.

“Can you tell I’m not wearing a bra?”


“How do I look?”


“Okay, I’m a married woman now, Let’s put on a little show!”

She brushed past me to the door. I followed behind her. I could tell she wasn’t wearing panties. We hit the breakfast buffet with minutes to spare. The remaining people were scattered about the breakfast area. All noticed the pretty bride enter. Those that gave more than a glance could see her boobs jiggle unrestrained. A lower glance would reveal a hint of a camel toe as her shorts nestled into her outer lips.

It was the wildest thing I had ever seen. I stood back and watched as she grabbed a plate and moved to the nearest food station with a flounce of her hips. Claiming my prize I moved in beside her. Every step would make her tits jiggle. We loaded up and moved to a table. She got my back to the room and then proceed to eat in a way that every bite she took would move her tits around under her shirt. It couldn’t go unnoticed. All of a sudden I wanted to fuck her. My plain little bride was a sex symbol.


Our honeymoon spot was in St. George. We had three days off before I had to be back at work. I offered to take her to Mesquite, Nevada to look around.

“There’s nothing there but old people gambling. Let’s go to Vegas!”

Las Vegas was about 125 miles, less than 2 hours away.

“You ever been there?” I asked.

“No, let’s go!”

We gassed up in St. George and took the pretty drive down I-15 through Virgin River Gorge. Then the boring desert drive to the Vegas Strip. I got her into a strip hotel room and went after that pussy. I wasn’t ready to fuck her yet. I loved the power my tongue had over that bald cunt of hers.

She wasn’t saying stop this time either. Even though having her pussy eaten totally destroyed her senses I ate her through endless orgasms. Three times we ended the session with a crescendo of motions and each time she’d lay and wait for me to eat her out some more.

Finally with her out of it and more unconscious than sleeping I fell asleep with my arm around her. When we awoke it was dark and the Vegas Strip lights were on. The millions of lights made the view spectacular from our 35th floor.

“Let’s go get in the crowd.” Cindy squealed.

She Escort Şirinevler got into her suitcase and pulled out a simple t-shirt. Once pulled over her head her nipples poked into the fabric and the soft cotton hugged her boobs. Then a tight pair of shorts that were really short complimented her ass. Me as a dumbass in a button up shirt and gray slacks was ready to go show off my new wife.

We got jostled in the crowd a lot and Cindy got felt up when groups of revelers got pushed into a tight space. She posed with a fake Elvis and the photographer offered free pictures if Cindy would pose with other men. About ten quick guys later my Cindy was photographed with drunken men and felt up. Some went for a hand against a tit, one annoying asshole rubbed his hand over her pussy from behind as the camera flashed.

The fake Elvis hustled the guys for $25 each for a picture with Elvis and called Cindy a hot wife. The photographer handed me a copy of each and told me I should be proud of my little slut. I shoved them in my pocket and not realizing until later how receptive my wife had been to being handled. The were some pretty hot shots of her with total strangers.

In the wee hours of the next morning we returned to the room.

“I never came to Vegas because I thought I’d hate the crowds. It was fun.” She smiled and winked at me.

We undressed and got on the bed. I was going to eat her out and then fuck her.

She scooted right into a spot for me to eat her out. As usual she didn’t stay stop and orgasmed until it did her some damage. After an hour of over the top cumming and cumming she went limp on the bed. We lay there with me in position to give little kisses to her still lubricating little snatch.

She wiggled away from me and sat up in the bed and made a move towards my crotch.

“Here, let me do you this time!”

Next thing I knew she had a sturdy grip on my cock and popped the head into her mouth. For a newbie she sure knew what she was doing. My balls were churning and ready to give her a load when I decided to do that little thing when you clench you ass and your dick jumps a little. She pulled her mouth off it and looked at the end as she jacked my dick.

“What’s wrong?” I laughed at her.

“They always do that right before they cum!”

My brain made four left turns and went into neutral. “They always do that!” Suddenly my marriage was having buyer’s remorse. Confused but horny I sent a load of sperm down her throat. The bad thing was that a load of sperm down her throat didn’t bother her. She swallowed and smiled at me.

I laid there suddenly enlightened. After fighting months of virginal innocence instead of the Virgin Mary I may have married a fucking prostitute. I laid there with disturbed thoughts in my mind and she went to sleep and still hadn’t fucked me.


The next morning things were taking a different bent. After hugging and kissing me things went in the right direction, I think.

“Want to fuck me before we go to breakfast?”

She grinned as she turned and wiggled her hips at me. Without answering I let her get in position and started fucking her. It sure beat jacking a load off in the sink while she slept. My experience wasn’t wide spread and it was the best pussy I’d ever had. An early on comment caught me off guard. I had stroked into her several times and when I was getting in my seven inches in the last two seemed a little tighter her brain let her mouth leak again.

“Oh, that place is new!”

Cindy gave a little gasp and hunched into my full length.

I was getting a new perspective. I was fucking my wife with the biggest cock she ever had. She knew a dick would expand and jerk a little before cumming, and from the night before with all the attention I thought cum in her mouth was something she wouldn’t want. It didn’t bother her at all.

Now, all the church shit didn’t matter. All the fake virginity didn’t matter. I had a wife that liked the attention and loved to suck and fuck. Was that exciting? I don’t know. A minute or so later I dumped my load in her. She came once while I was fucking her and again when I was cumming in her. Everything considered I was having a good run.

We went to breakfast and I admired her moves in the breakfast room as did all the men there admiring her as well.

As far as the word blunders, I have no idea if she realized she fucked up. I don’t think she knew she revealed some staggering truths. Maybe it was an unintended heads up. We finished up Las Vegas with a flourish and I took home a new version of a wife.


At home I was both disturbed and aroused as I watched my wife’s every move. Every thing went fine for months. The sex was great, blowjobs often and in unexpected locations. I ate the hell out of that little pussy and we fucked every day at least once.

Then her oldest brother got out of the Navy and needed a place to crash while he looked for a job. That seemed fine. He was a pretty nice guy. I met him when he came home on leave for our wedding. Ted was polite, helpful around the house, chipped in on groceries and paid some on our house payment. It was a win-win situation. Even more so than I thought.

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