By Any Means Sexeccary


She wasn’t someone he’d ever given much thought to. They’d met in passing a few times and they’d been cordial to one another. But in actuality, they weren’t ever meant to go any further.

She was a close friend of a guy he worked with. He’d met her for the first time by accident. He was managing the restaurant they co-owned while his buddy had taken a trip to the liquor store to restock the bar when she sauntered in. He looked up and his heart skipped a beat. She stood maybe 5’5 with long flowing auburn hair that cascaded past her shoulders. She walked in wearing a yellow sundress that barely covered her to mid thigh. Her beautifully sculpted legs were a shade of tan that immediately made his cock stir in his pants. He could tell her tits were naturally perky and he guessed somewhere around a C cup.

She looked around and when her gaze found him, she smiled and walked toward him.

Her smile captivated him. “I’m sorry. I was looking for…”

“He went on a liquor run,” he replied absently wiping a counter top. God she was beautiful. When she smiled her dimples were very noticeable and they gave her an almost teenage look.

“Well,” she said nervously biting her lip. “Maybe you can help me?”

He looked up and noticed she was checking him out. And from the look of it she was liking what she saw. At 39 he didn’t consider himself to be in such bad shape. He was about medium build, 5’11. If he had to guess he’d say he weighed around 180. But he’d been getting back into exercising recently. The cigarettes…

Long story.

“Sure,” he said. “What can I help you with?”

She bit her lip and finally found the nerve to look him in the eye. “I really need to go to a meeting…” Her voice trailed off. “He usually gives me a ride…”

He appraised her again. She definitely didn’t look like the drug using type. She was absolutely gorgeous.

“Excuse me for saying, but I’d never have picked you as a drug addict.” He stated.

Her eyes met his again and this time a nervous grin tugged at her lips. “I’m…not.” she said softly. “I’m…a sex addict.”

She hoisted herself up onto a bar stool facing him.

He blinked. Did he really just hear her say that? She could definitely have her pick of any man she wanted. She was so strikingly beautiful, with big green eyes.

“Holy shit,” he muttered.

“I’m sorry,” she began but he cut her off.

“Don’t be,” he replied. “it’s just one of those paradoxical things. Such a beautiful woman, yet you’re a sex addict. I bet you’ve fucked a lot of men. Any man would be lucky to fuck you.”

After hearing himself say it, he winced slightly. It sounded awfully unprofessional and uncourteous but he shrugged. He was a man after all.

He saw that she was smiling and she’d leaned in closer to him, her perky tits touching the countertop. “I just can’t help it,” she admitted. “I’m horny all the time. I wake up needing a cock inside me, and if I can’t have that, I at least need to cum. And it’s all day. Everywhere I go, every man I see, I mentally fuck him. Sometimes more than once. But no man has ever been able to keep up with my sex drive. I want to fuck anytime I’m… alone…” She looked up Çankaya Escort at him. “anytime we have a few minutes I want to at least suck his cock. I play with myself almost every chance I get. I can never completely satisfy myself no matter how intensely I cum!”

He was smiling at her. “Did you mentally fuck me?” He asked.

When she looked back at him, sheepishly now, he made a bold move. He didn’t think about it, he just leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. Softly.

He waited to feel resistance but she gave none. Instead she returned his gesture hungrily and within seconds she was over the countertop and they were kissing passionately. His hand snaked it’s way between her beautiful tanned legs, and he was slightly surprised to feel the thinnest cover of fabric. He hadn’t imagined she was wearing any panties, but she was on her way to a sexaholics anonymous meeting.

He could immediately tell they were a very thin and most likely transparent pair of silk thongs, which he deftly pulled to the side with his fingers. Her pussy was freshly shaved and smooth as one could get. Finally, he said “fuck it,” and swept her up in his arms, as she squealed with delight. Walking around the counter he locked the door to the restaurant and carried her to the break room in the back.

He sat her down and she immediately pulled her sundress over her head revealing a matching purple bra. She undid it as well using one hand and as it fell to the floor a magnificent pair of bell shaped breasts tumbled free.

“C34” she said, sensing his unspoken question.

Her nipples were a dark purple and covered most of her tits. If he had to guess he’d say she had Desi indian in her, or some ethnicity like that. Perhaps vietnamese or Pakistani. And only in a small amount, but it definitely showed in her breasts. Her body just completely captivated him and she was standing before him completely naked while he fumbled with his belt buckle, her petite waist with just the smallest pudge of belly right beneath her perfect pert tits. Her tits were so full and fat, he couldn’t help leaning down to kiss her nipples.

She gave him a hand and in seconds he was as naked as her, and he silently thanked himself for man scaping the night before last. He’d shaved his cock and balls and chest area. She approved, obviously, in the way she sank to her knees, grabbing his erect seven inches in one hand. Looking up at him from beneath her eye lashes she parted her lips just enough to engulf his cock head.

When she closed her lips around the most sensitive part of his cock he almost blew his load into the back of her throat. And as tender and tight as his balls were he knew he would have probably shot cum out the back of her head.

Letting out a throaty groan, he took a deep breath and looked down at this dark skinned absolute beauty, this sex fiend, who he’d just met, that was on her knees eagerly sucking his cock. He realized he didn’t even know her name.

“Oh my god baby,” he groaned. “what’s your name?”

She pulled his cock from her lips long enough to huskily exhale “Nitika” before she took him back into her mouth. Cebeci Escort Such a sexy and kinky name.

He pulled a chair to him and sat down spreading his legs wide. His dick stood straight up and throbbed it’s arousal. She took his entire length down her throat but mainly kept only the head in her mouth, looking him in his eyes the entire time while stroking his thick shaft. She sucked his balls into her mouth and in minutes he realized he was about to blow his load!

Quicky he pulled his cock from her vaccum of a mouth. As fiercely as he wanted to sit her on the table and just fuck her like a slut, he held himself. He wanted to ensure that he pleasured her. After all she was a sex addict. Giving his painfully throbbing cock a moment to quit pseudo cumming, he appraised her at around 110 pounds.

He easily lifted her off her feet and she squealed in surprised delight as he flipped her upside down and positioned his face in between her legs. Hooking her shins over the back of his shoulders he began to flick his tongue over her tiny swollen nub, using his fingers on her ass cheeks to part her tiny tight lips.

He felt her mouth wrap around his cock once again and groaned into her ass as he held her in a standing 69. He suddenly realized that he’d have no way to stop her if she brought him past that point. So keeping that in mind he feasted on her pussy, savoring the taste of her arousal. He backed up against the wall for leverage and continued. She had become this wet just from giving HIM a blowjob and that meant that she took pleasure from giving a man pleasure.

He shuddered with lust and as a wave of pleasure washed over him he felt her legs begin to shake on his shoulders. She squealed but never let his cock leave her lips. He sucked on her nub pushing her orgasm through and she squealed and moaned around his dick, her legs squirming over his shoulders. Finally he put her back on her feet. Gripping her buttocks he lifted her off her feet again and as her legs wrapped around his back he guided his cock, dripping with precum, into her tiny, tight cunt.

After they both exhaled a groan of pleasure, before he thrust up into her, he realized what he’d done and said, “I’m so sorry. I don’t have a condom, Nitika baby.” as he silently prayed she wouldn’t care. Her pussy was the clearest definition of perfection that he had ever felt. How it clung to his stiff cock as he held her.

“It’s ok, just pull out,” she said wrapping her arms tighter around his neck as he lifted her and brought her down onto his cock. As he held her buttocks and they looked at each other’s face, he closed his eyes. This woman was absolute perfection. Her body. Her pussy and breasts. The way she could take control and then be submissive, but how she knew when to allow either one.

It’d been a couple months since he’d been inside a woman and then, out of nowhere, here was this vivacious little vixen with a sex addiction, who had just relapsed, he thought, and he was holding her in his arms in the break room, pumping into her with all he could.

He turned and held her back to the wall and thrust into her pussy with reckless Çukurambar Escort abandon until he lowered her to the ground, his cock begrudgingly sliding out of her with an audible wet sucking noise.

The look of sexual satisfaction and desire on her face, her eyebrows narrowed challengingly, she lifted herself up onto the table and spread her legs wide as she sucked her two fingers and then slowly forced them into her tight dripping snatch.

He saw the look of need on her face and in her eyes. She NEEDED him to fuck her. She craved to have a thick cock pumping in and out of her little pussy. Her eyes urged him to put it inside and when he slammed his seven inches balls deep into her, he sucked the gasp from her mouth In a kiss.

She was tighter than anyone he’d ever been with, and her vaginal walls clenched and unclenched his shaft with each thrust. He closed his eyes imagining all the cocks that had gotten to feel the rapture he felt inside of her pussy. He wondered how any of them could have possibly lasted more than a few minutes.

Already he felt the familiar tingling of cum rising up from his balls but he slowed his thrusting to a crawl.

“God your pussy feels so fucking good Nitika baby,” he rasped. “You’re so fucking tight baby.”

His lips were in her ear. And suddenly he felt two small hands plant themselves on each of his ass cheeks. She was pulling him into her, PULLING his cock deeper inside of her. And suddenly he heard her whispering in his ear.

“Yes daddy. Such a tight little fucking pussy ain’t it? Mmmm fuck. Pump that little pussy like it’s yours. Make me yours daddy.”

Suddenly he felt his load entering his shaft. As his cock swelled preparing to blow, he heard her whisper in his ear again. But this time what she said…

“Blow your fucking load all up in that tight little pussy daddy. Mmmm fuck. Just fucking let it go. Bust all up inside me daddy!”

He barely got the words, “I’m gonna…” out of his mouth before his cock exploded inside her pussy like a fire hydrant. Immediately he felt cum pooling around the base of his cock and he knew he had already flooded her little tunnel. But his cock just kept pulsating over and over as deep as he could bury it. The pleasure was so intense he almost passed out from the sheer sensation. He felt every thick spurt of his cum being sucked from his cock and pulled deep into her greedy pussy, her vaginal walls contracting forcefully with each spurt of cum. Little did he know many of his sperm had already forced their way past her cervix and into her womb.

It felt like it lasted forever and when his cock finally went limp inside her, he let it fall out, a thick creamy stream of cum with it.

“Oh fuck,” she whispered scooping his cum into her fingers. “Oh fuck.”

“What?” He breathed as he sucked on her neck.

“Oh fuck.” She whined a little louder now. “God you came so much inside me…” And he could see her mentally calculating something before she said, “Oh God.”

“What?” He said again.

“You probably just put a baby inside me.” She cried, a tear streaming down her face. “But it’s my fault. I got carried away. I’m so sorry. I never let anyone cum inside me.”

The reality sinking in, he looked her in the face. “If you’re pregnant we’ll take care of it.” He assured her.

“No!” She wailed. “They said if I got pregnant one more time they’d make me get my tubes tied!”

With tears in her eyes, she hurriedly dressed herself and left the restaurant. He never saw her again

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